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Canajane - College AU

Based on this beautiful picture by @zelkams-art.

Summary: Mirajane Strauss, a new freshman at college, has finally moved into her own apartment, and is ready to tackle the world with her own two hands. Complications, however, arise when her neighbor, Cana Alberone, invites herself into her life. 
Word Count: 2.3 K
Pairing: Canajane
Fandom: Fairy Tail
Rating: K+, but will change to T later due to eventual mentions of death, alcohol and drugs
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A/N: Hey guys! After a long time, I finally struck up the motivation to write something fandom related, thanks to the amazing work of @zelkams-art. Thank you for making the art you make! It’s beautiful :)
I know the fic might seem rushed, and might have a few errors here and there, but I’ve been writing this for the past 4 hours and I just wanna post it already rip. What can I say…it got a bit too long. I’ll edit it later, but for now, this’ll have to do. Please let me know if you liked it/ hated it/ have constructive criticism for me (that’s the best.) I hope you enjoy it!

There. Perfect.

Exhausted, Mira planted herself face-first onto her new sofa as she finally finished decorating the last part of her new apartment – the living room. She’d spent the last hour and a half arranging and re-arranging furniture and paintings and antique pieces and although it’d been really satisfying, her legs now felt like they’d fall off if she stood for even a second longer.

The last painting, in particular, had been a pain in the neck to place. It was a vintage map of the world with a mythical feel to it – each country was colored in with a faded dark, brooding color, and at every other corner were tiny pictures of mythical beasts and sea-creatures from the past. It was one of Mira’s most prized possessions, and she’d decided long before she’d even picked her new home that it would be one of the first things to go up. But if ensuring the map wouldn’t tear until it was on the wall had been a daunting task, placing it had been a trying life experience not unlike a trial in hell. Making sure that it was right in the middle of the wall behind her 3-piece sofa, that the other paintings were the same distance from it, and that everything had been aligned together in a straight line…ugh, perhaps this what was really meant by the phrase “beauty is pain.”

But that was just the living room. Mira had actually spent the better half of the past two days setting up the rest of her apartment at the expense of her own time and energy and therefore, by extension, social life. The first Friday and Saturday of college were the two days meant for freshmen to rid themselves of the remnants of their old lives, make some new friends and party their hearts out. Things would change, come the following Monday – classes would begin and each student would be thrown into the maddening haze of courses, bills and general self-responsibility. It was therefore an unspoken given that if one was to secure themselves a solid friend circle for the years to come, they would have to willingly join the battlefront these two days and make alliances with whomever they could.

But Mira wasn’t very keen on participating in any battles to begin with, and it wouldn’t have mattered even if she had been, because the apartment came first. The apartment would always come first, no matter what. How many wishful nights had she spent dreaming of this exact day? How many miserable days had been endured with the promise of a new life fresh on her lips? How many tears had she dried with hopes of newfound freedom? It wouldn’t have mattered, no, because this – her newfound chance at self-actualization – was far too important. Even if it came in the form of deciding where to place old maps on bare walls.

With the ghost of a smile on her lips, Mira shifted to her right, so that her back was to the sofa, and pulled her legs up to her chest. Her second night alone in her new home. What were her two younger siblings, Lisanna and Elfman, doing right now back at their parents’ place? Were they done eating? Were they fighting over who had control of the remote tonight, or were they dining in silence? Who’d cooked dinner? Elfman loved cooking food, and would make dinner whenever Mira couldn’t, but now that she wasn’t there anymore, maybe he’d take over completely. Or maybe, she mused, Lisanna had decided to give it a try.

Lisanna would make a wonderful cook. She’d baked a cake for her boyfriend Bickslow once, and it’d been delicious. It’d also been a miracle. Lisanna, who’d adamantly refused to even enter the kitchen on countless occasions, had simply woken up early one morning and baked an effortless cake all by herself. All by herself! Oh, if God did exist, he’d definitely had a helping hand with the whole thing.

Then again, there was no underestimating what that girl could do once she put her mind to it. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” had said the man who clearly hadn’t had his butt kicked by her yet. Hell hath no fury like Lisanna, that was simply it.

Chuckling to herself, Mira shifted a bit to her left and stared at the ceiling. She’d known her solitude would inevitably lead to loneliness, but who would’ve thought it would be so quickly?

She was about to close her eyes, for a much-deserved nap, when someone knocked loudly on her door. If it was even possible to jump in fright when one was lying down, Mira’d done it just then. She hadn’t been expecting visitors today…what the heck? Jumping to her feet, Mira quickly smoothed her hair down before rushing to the door. Whomever it was probably wanted some directions or something, she could send them back in a jiffy and go back to sleep. She was new to the area too, after all.

But what greeted her outside was something else entirely.

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Sunshine and Misty

Fandom: Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson

Pairing: Solangelo

Genre: fluffy domestic (kinda) fluff

AU where Nico and Will have been going to college “together”, while still visiting Camp Halfblood.

Nico and Will rent a small apartment together. They are both finishing their college studies while working each their own job and running back and forth to camp. One day Will brings home two dogs from his work at the shelter.

Tell me if I should make more of these college AUs.

It’s been 3 months since Will and Nico have started living together in a small apartment, both of them finishing their college studies, while trying to balance a normal and demigod life. So far they only had a couple of incidents which were mostly related to building furniture.

They planned to wrap up their studies, get jobs and try to have a normal life.

Their apartment was small and crowded but they loved it. They had a small balcony, just big enough for one person, in their bedroom, that Nico adored. He could stay there for hours reading or watching over the city. He and Will didn’t look for much in an apartment but they really wanted a nice view.

There was a couch, a television and a table by the window for studying in the living room. There were also multiple closets and some boxes still lying around. The couple had been so busy, that they haven’t had time to unpack everything.

On the left from the living room there was a tiny room they called the kitchen. They fixed their problem with space by putting there a bar instead of a table. Will insisted on putting it together himself and after three days of fighting he finally let Nico help him. After they were finally finished with it, it was too late to go sleep, so they stayed up sitting on the floor and waiting for the sunrise, while drinking coffee and stealing kisses from eachother.

Their bedroom was on the right from the living room. They had a double bed, a closet and a small bookshelf in there. The door to the bathroom was also in their bedroom.

They both had a part time job, Nico at a cafe and Will in a dog shelter. They were always busy, running from the campus to work and to Camp Half Blood as often as they could, even if they were exhausted. But they enjoyed an occupied life, having demigod blood and all.

It was a typical friday, Nico finished early from work and was reading on the little balcony. Will was still at the shelter, returning home soon.

Nico closed his book and stretched. It was a beautiful April afternoon, so warm that he decided to open all the windows so the apartment could breathe.

He got up and closed the windows after a while and then started making his favourite pasta. Nico denied it every time, but he loved cooking and he particularly enjoyed making italian meals, that reminded him of home.

The whole place soon smelt like the most delicious tomato sauce you could ever imagine. As Nico set water on the stove to cook the pasta, he opened a bottle of red wine, pouring himself quite a large glass. They didn’t have any plans for that weekend, so he decided to treat himself.

Nico slowly drank the glass, watching over the pasta. He mixed it all together and set it aside just as Will unlocked the front door and let himself in.

A smile spread on Nico’s face, he removed his apron and put his empty glass on the counter. He already felt a bit tipsy but only to the extent of laughing too much.

“Nico?” Will called out for him.

“Hi!” Nico answered and made way to the front door. He hugged Will from behind and started placing small kisses down his neck.

“I missed you,” he said with a smirk.

“Hello to you too,” Will smiled and turned around kissing Nico on his lips.

“I see you started the party without me,” the blond boy parted from the kiss.

Nico laughed and pulled Will into the kitchen. He pushed a glass of wine into the golden boy’s hands and poured another glass for himself.

“Oh, wow. You did all this? Maybe I should leave from work later every day,” Will took a sip.

“Don’t you dare!” the dark haired one exclaimed.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” the other one laughed.

Nico smirked and pulled Will into another kiss and then pushing him against the wall.

Will gently parted them again.

“Nico I have to tell you something,” he said.

“Can’t it wait a bit?” Nico stared at his lips.

Will set his glass on the counter and took out a chair, suggesting Nico to sit down, he sat down next to him.

“Fine then,” Nico said suspiciously.

“Okay, so, you know how I work at the dog shelter? So, uhm, there were these two dogs and they are so cute, Nico! Anyway, there’s no room for them at the shelter, we’re literally overflowing with dogs, and, uhm, sometimes the employees can … “ Will scratched his back.

“Will you didn’t, did you?” Nico cut him off.

“They had nowhere to go and it’s only for the weekend, I promise!” Will got up.

“We barely have enough room for ourselves and we never have time, not even for each other and …” Nico started listing reasons.

“Nico, just look at them, please?” Will stopped him.

The dark haired boy sighed and made way for him to go get the dogs.

This was never going to work out for them. How could they take care for two dogs, even if only for the weekend, it’s never only two days with Will. Nico wasn’t pleased with the idea.

Will got the dogs from the hallway and into their apartment.

Nico stood in the kitchen doorway with his hands crossed, but as he saw the dogs his expression softened.

Next to a grinning Will sat quite a big golden retriever and a small black pug.

“So, what do you think?” Will asked.

“I, uh …” was all that Nico could manage. He went to them and then sat on the floor next to the dogs, gently patting both.

The blond boy sat down next to him: “That’s a yes then?”

“I know that if we keep them for the weekend, they’re going to stay with us forever. Are you sure we have enough room and time?” Nico answered still looking at the dogs.

“I promise we do. I’ll take them out every morning and we can go on evening walks together and I’ll train them both so they’ll be on their best behaviour. In the weekends we can take them with us to camp and if we ever need someone to take care of them for us, I’m sure my siblings would be up for it,” Will said excitedly.

The other boy was still looking away from him and at the dogs, deciding what to do. Will got closer to him and started kissing his neck: “C’mon, Nico,” he said in between kisses.

Nico was still stubborn and looking away.

“Nico?” Will called out. He cupped Nico’s face, making them face eachother,  and put his forehead on top Nico’s.

“And I’ll make more time for you too. I know these past few months have been crazy, but now that we’re properly settled I have more time and I’m planning to spend it all wiith you,” he kissed Nico.

“Alright then,” Nico smirked.

“Really?” Will grinned ear to ear.

“Gods, yes, Will! I would have said yes anyway,” he added and Will threw himself onto him.

They both laughed and got up.

“Do they have names?” Nico asked.

“Uh, not yet …” Will started.

“The golden retriever is a girl right? She looks like a Sunshine. She should be Sunshine,” Nico cut him off and the dog looked at him approvingly.

“I like that,” Will smiled.

“Oh, gods. Will, do you realize that they look like a dog version of us?” Nico looked at him.

“Oh, they do, don’t they?” Will stared at them and laughed.

“Sunshine soothes her name even better then!” the dark haired boy exclaimed.

“I think the pug should be Misty? They’re both girls …” Will looked down.

“I love that!” Nico laughed and smiled widely.

They hugged again, pet the dogs some more and started making new living arrangements, letting their dinner go cold and the room around them get a golden color from the sunset peeking through the windows.

You Were Never Lovelier (Cartinelli)

(based off of this post)
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Angie carefully replaced the telephone on its cradle, drowning out the last few heavily accented words of her mother before turning to meet Peggy’s amused smirk. “Six bedrooms,” she muttered under her breath, the phrase having slipped over her lips at least a dozen times during her phone call, though it still held an underlying sense of awe. “I might just sleep in a different room every night until I figure out which one is my favorite.” It was clear that her head was still spinning in a thousand different directions, and knowing Angie as well as Peggy did, she knew that the waitress was still attempting to come to grips with the idea that she’d have to pay no rent, which meant that she could cut down on her hours at the diner, which meant that she could go on more auditions -  

“Angie, I can practically hear the gears beneath those curls of yours still spinning,” Peggy teased from across the room, still carefully watching her best friend attempt to process their new living arrangement. “Get yourself settled into one of the rooms, and we’ll work it all out from there.” Uncrossing her arms, she reached for her coat, sliding her arms into the sleeves with practiced ease that Angie knew she would never possess. “Now, I need to run out for a moment because of a rather time sensitive errand, but I imagine your excitement has you ravenous. Mr. Jarvis, as I hear it, has made sure the kitchen is fully stocked, but I don’t much feel like cooking, so I’ll bring back dinner from that pizza place you love so much in Brooklyn.” Her casual monologue kept Angie’s attention away from the slight tremor in Peggy’s fingers as she mentally prepared herself for an overdue trip to bring Steve home.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that, English. You’ve done enough, really – “

“I insist,” she countered immediately, grabbing her clutch and turning toward the front door to escape any possible questions about her errand, feeling far too exhausted to concoct a believable lie. “I’ll be back within the hour.”  

“Double pepperoni!’ Angie shouted from the living room, the look of unmitigated awe crossing over her features when her voice echoed back at her, filling the vast, rather unoccupied space, “and don’t forget the Italian sausage!”

Peggy shook her head, laughing quietly to herself as she stepped through the doorway, making sure to secure each lock behind her before walking away. She would never forgive herself if Dottie inflicted the same pain upon Angie that had been exacted on Colleen; she’d spent far too long muddling through the ocean of grief Steve’s passing had drowned her in, and she staunchly refused to allow another wave to engulf her when she’d only just begun treading water again. The desire to protect her roommate only grew when Angie had grabbed her hand at the end of the night, pleading with her in a small voice to try out each bedroom with her. “I don’t like sleeping alone in new places, and this house is so big it gives me the heebie-jeebies.” 

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“Woah, this place is huge, look at this shit.” Keeps his hand in Zayn’s as they walk into the large villa, looking around at their new spacious living arrangement. “Do we get our own room or do we have to share with people? I wonder who’s even here..” Looks back at his boyfriend nervously before he pulls away, moving his hand to roll up his sleeves as he heads toward a clipboard sitting on a table nearby. “I think I just found the list of who checked in so far. I don’t know a single one of these people.. the fuck. Where did you bring me?”

roseticolesbian  asked:

for the ask game: destiel!! Hope i'm not late


Who leaves their dirty clothes on the floor?

Castiel does. Everyone assumes it would be Dean, but in fact, Dean is actually very neat and organized, and it’s Cas who is the one who tends to leave dirty clothes, wet towels, and other things on the floor. It drives Dean crazy. 

Forgets to the run the dishwasher? 


Even though Dean doesn’t leave a lot of dirty clothes or dishes around, he’ll fill the dishwasher and forget to run it, because Dr. Sexy is on or Sam is calling. It drives Cas nuts when he goes to look for a clean plate, they’re all dirty. 

Pumps gas for the car?

Dean, since he’s the one driving :) 

Drives when they’re going somewhere?


Mainly because he refuses to let Cas drive Baby, even though Cas would love a turn behind the wheel. At one point, Dean gives in and allows Cas to drive Baby… for five minutes, until Cas accidentally (almost) scrapes Baby’s side against a mailbox and never again is Cas allowed behind the wheel. Emergency situations included. 

Rearranges the furniture?

Oh my gosh, Castiel

Cas would rearrange the furniture as much as he changes his underwear. He’d see a magazine and a new arrangement, and immediately go home to fix the living room to be the exact replica. Dean hates it, because when he comes home from a hunt, he never knows if he’ll trip over something as soon as he gets through the door. 

Falls asleep with the TV on?

They are both guilty of this :) Sometimes, Dean is just so exhausted from a hunt, he stretches out on the couch, turns on some Dr. Sexy and only means to close his eyes for a moment, but soon finds himself completely out. Cas joins him usually, intending to stay up and watch whatever is on, as well as keeping an eye on Dean in case of nightmares, but he also falls asleep with the TV on. 

Sam hates it because their electric bills are so damn high. 

Gets to use the bathroom first?

Dean, since Dean is up way before Cas is… however, if they both have to be up at the same time for whatever reason, Dean allows Castiel to have the bathroom, so his grumpy butt can take a shower, wake up a little, and then go and forage for coffee. 

Decides the temperature for the AC/Heater?

Castiel is always changing the AC/Heater. He’s always cold, so he’s always jacking the heat up, no matter what time of year it is, which drives Dean up a wall. 

Sets up the holiday decorations? 

They share this duty. Dean sometimes lets Cas make their ornaments, but then the tree is covered in cut-out bees and too much garland, so one year, Dean decides to help Cas out, thus sharing the duties was born :) 

Dean does like to put the Christmas lights so Cas has no risk of falling off of the roof or a ladder. 

Leaves the lights on?

Castiel. He’s always leaving the lights on. Dean follows him around sometimes to make sure all the lights are off and they’re not running up the electric bill anymore than they already do. 

Uses the bathroom with the door open?


Dean acts really annoyed with it, all, “Damn it Cas! No one wants to see that!” 

But in reality, Dean doesn’t mind it too much, especially since it means Cas is very comfortable with him enough to do so :) 

Fixing the plumbing (or calling a plumber) 

Dean does his best to fix stuff, but in the end, he either asks Sam or calls a plumber in defeat. He’s not so great with pipes. Cars he can do, but pipes and plumbing are another story. 

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