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lockscreens of harry as his father mick 

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Since its early days, Disney used the technique of rotoscoping / live-action reference, in which they filmed real actors performing a scene and then traced over it frame by frame to create the animated version. While the animators did not copy line for line, the footage would help them visualize the postures and movements of the characters, resulting in a more realistic sequence.

Sebastian Stan has a frankly uncanny ability to know when I’ve spent any significant amount of time focused on someone else and that’s always when he shows back up to remind me to stay Loyal

I love new years. I love the fact that I’ll be leaving a whole year behind me, no matter if it was good, bad, or average. I like that kind of closure. I love this feeling of starting over again and having a fresh year ahead of me, filled with new chances, new experiences. - Unknown

When everyone else is out celebrating New Years but you’re stuck inside watching Netflix because you don’t have many friends