new litas


“I sure miss AJ Lee, because to me, she was the new Trish Stratus of the Divas division, as Paige is the new Lita. I feel without AJ, the division is missing one of its two centerpieces, leaving it in disarray. The NXT 3 are not ready to fill AJ’s spot, just look what happened to the talented Charlotte this last half of 2015, and I had predicted she would be Divas Champion very quickly when she got on the main roster. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be for AJ and Paige to have a rivalry like Trish and Lita. Before Paige came along, AJ was having great history with Kaitlyn, who she seems more of best friends with. Now as we look toward the future, I either see Sasha Banks, Bayley or Nikki Bella becoming the new AJ and hopefully bringing order to the division.“