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The New Addition || Lita & Heather


Lita waited just outside the security area at the San Diego Airport to receive her winnings from a high-stakes Blackjack game she’d played while in Vegas the previous weekend. She’d been there for AdultCon; an annual convention for sex workers and porn stars. Although the BBW cam model wasn’t a big gambler, she fulfilled her responsibilities to at least make an appearance and play one game. Just because the buxom blonde didn’t gamble regularly, she was still mathematically gifted and could actually count cards. It was during that game that an arrogant man placed what Lita assumed to be his yacht on the line. She certainly wasn’t going to snub that opportunity.

However, she was made aware later that evening that her prize wasn’t a yacht named Heather; no, Heather was a gorgeous submissive blonde with legs up to her neck and a smile that could melt the polar ice caps. At first Lita resisted, but once she and the loser hashed out the legalities of the deal (Heather had to be of legal age and give her informed consent to the arrangements,) Lita was on board.

A week later, Lita watched as a crowd of people poured out into the lobby from their flights. She glanced repeatedly from the photo on her phone to the passing faces in search of Heather. She wore the white blouse like planned in order for Heather to recognize her easier and when she finally spotted her new pet, Lita closed the distance between them with a welcoming grin. “Heather? I’m Lita,” she said fondly and stuck her hand out in introduction.