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Day #36

Really feeling myself today….
George & I actually started a new routine.
We woke up together at 4:30 am, George did some crunches and push ups, I shaved and put just a touch of make up on (Mascara & lip gloss) We decided that even though we have to get up early, its worth taking the time to do the things you need to do to feel good, look good and be healthy. We also go to bed at like 9 pm so we do actually sleep, hahaha.

My boobies hurt like omg, wow.
I can not stop hitting them, and aparenlty I have a habbit of holding things under my arm up against my chest, well… I keep squeezing my bood and huuuuurrrttttssss. Okay ya’ll know my boobs hurt by now.

It is gradual, but each day I am feeling more and more motivated. I have noiced subtle changes in my skin, but also my hair growth is getting slower (yes, omg, yes!) so shaving is becoming less of a curse. The exfoliation is REAL! It is the best feeling though, showering and scrubbing all the dead skin away, and when you get out, underneath was this soft glowing skin… bliss!

Well that is it for today! I started off slow with these HRT selfies due to kidney stones 2017, but I am gradually working it more and more into my daily routine!


el-matador-del-mar  asked:

do you have anything for a vampire and human? thank you! love seeing your blog on my dash! have a great day/night :)

-Vampire A Is all stoic and cool and Person B (when they find out) practically fANGIRLS over Person A. 

-”LOOK AT YOUR TEETH THEY”RE SO COOL” “That’s nice Person B” “SAY RAWR PLEEASE” “Why don’t I stab myself in the heart with a stake instead”

-Person A is emo/goth and Person B is all about flowers and pastel things. Nobody would ever suspect that is was Person B who was the vampire.

-Vampire A accidentally eats a piece of garlic. Person B flat out panics and carries Vampire A to the emergency room (all while Vampire A tries to explain through a swollen face that they’re not going to die they just need their epipen) 

-Since Vampire A can’t see themselves in the mirror, they go to see a painter in the hopes that they’ll finally get to see what they look like. After a while of modeling for the stunning Person B, they suddenly decide that they need at least 200 more paintings.

-Vampire A finally plucks up the courage to tell Person B that they’re a vampire. Instead of the expected response of betrayal, Person B begins researching everything there is to know about vampires in order to help Vampire A be more comfortable. They start carrying around SPF 100, cooking food other than italian (which is their specialty), making sure to verbally invite Vampire A into their home, finding ways to travel without crossing bridges, destroying every bit of silver they own, ETC.

-Vampire A wooing Person B with their VAST knowledge of history (and bat puns)

-Person B telling everyone that they bought a pet bat so that Vampire A can ride on their shoulder all day and sit in their jacket pocket

-Diva/pastel newly turned Vampire A is appalled at the idea of being a vampire. Do they really have to wear black?? This whole bat thing doesn’t fit with their flower crown aesthetic. Why can’t they check their sparkle lip gloss in the mirror??

-Person A taking Vampire B to a house of mirrors, just to laugh as Vampire B runs into everything

-Vampire A traveling with Person B to a new place because they know almost every language in the world and Person B has been too scared their whole life to try and cross the language barrier

-Tol Person A holding an umbrella for Smol vampire B to protect them from the sun

-Vampire A seeing Person B dance and being like “NONONO that’s not dancing! Let me show you how we did it in the 15th century! 

-Person A doesn’t understand why their partner Person B has been avoiding them lately.


-Person A insisting that Vampire B dress up as a vampire/dracula for halloween 

-”That’s really insulting you know” “Babe I’m just teasing you” *Vampire B grumps* “How we make blood lollipops?” “yES”

 (sorry that i took so long to finish this, I had to take a couple of mental health days) 

(got some help from @starry-eyedyouth on 1,2,3, and 9!) 

FTM Makeup Tutorial

hello, im reese!!! today i am going to make a sorta useful tutorial on how to use makeup to help you achieve more traditionally masculine features and hopefully help pre-t trans boys and nonbinary people pass better. i hope you find this helpful!

first thing we’re gonna work on is EYEBROWS, which is usually the first thing people work on to achieve a more masculine face, but its not just about thickening eyebrows, in fact, its not about that at all. The only reason male’s eyebrows look thicker is because plucking them isnt standard, and their eyebrows are not ARCHED like feminine ones.

this is the difference between male and female eyebrows. Also, More straight eyebrows make the eyes appear more deep set, another masculine feature.

we’re going to want to make the eyebrows less arched, and more straight, by drawing over them in a way similar to this (excuse the microsoft paint)

already a bit more masculine! and you dont need to thicken up the eyebrows very much, coloring in the arches thickens them up wuite a lot.

eyes are very simple and optional, try some brown pencil eyeliner on either side of your waterline to make them smaller and more narrow, and apply some VERY LIGHT eyeshadow under your eyebrows to make your eyes appear more deep set

this will also make your eyes look slightly more far apart, but the difference is minimal and completely optional.

feminine and masculine lips are more similar then theyre made out to be, but you female lips have a more traditionally pink tint, whereas male lips are more flesh toned. 

so applying a little bit of foundation over the edges of your lips should do the trick, along with some clear lip gloss so you dont look too washed out


but wait, theres more!

now for the best part, countouring. masculine faces and feminine faces are extremely different shaped, with women’s faces traditionally more triangular, and men’s faces more angular

this is a fantastic reference, but definitely tone down the features and dont exaggerate as much as the images seen here, just follow the basic idea. Mens bones stick out more, with less smooth contour and more sharp angles. Also note the ridge above the eyebrows.



// In which Antonio Alejandro Bartholomew IV mixes business and his women //

part 3 of the sugar daddy series (part 1)

*Contains Mature Content*

I took my time as I carefully poured the new formula of lip gloss into the little tube. The bright pink and gold glitter liquid beautifully filled the custom designed containers for my brand. Just as I was about to pour into the next vile, a knock at the door made me jump.

“Hailey, can you please get it!” I called for my roommate as I mixed some more glitter into the formula. Even though I was in the kitchen, right by the door, I couldn’t stop what I was doing. I was on a time crunch.

“Really?” Hailey scoffed once she saw the mess I was making in the kitchen. Not giving her a reaction, she opened the door without looking through the peep hole.

“Oh…wow you really are the Justin Bieber,” I heard her stutter.

“Hello. Bailey isn’t it?” I heard Antonio’s voice, making me stop what I was doing.

“It’s Hailey,” her voice turned to venom as she swung the door open and walked away in annoyance. Her bedroom door slammed close by the time Antonio walked through the front door.

“Holla, Diosa,” Antonio pulled me in from behind to give my neck an affectionate kiss.

“Hey, why are you here so early?” I started pouring the matte lipstick as fast as I could, not focusing on the beautiful Antonio who was currently in my presence.

“I’m not early. I told you, I was coming at twelve,” He hummed.

“Twelve? Fuck, I thought you said two. I’m so sorry I’m not ready,” I quickly apologized as I screwed the lids onto the lipsticks.

“It’s alright, we just can’t keep the plane waiting too long. Are you packed and everything?” Antonio asked.

“Don’t be mad. I’ve been working on the formula and filling orders once I got off of work. I’ve been working all night. I meant to take a break to pack but there was so much I already needed to do,” I tried to explain while I did my best to keep up.

“Está bien. Por favor calmate. Just take a shower and get dressed as quick as possible. Don’t worry about packing anything except the make up samples you want to bring. I’ll take you shopping once we land,” He took my hands into his so that I would stop working.

“Thank you, baby,” I mumbled without thinking. “Oh I’m sorry! My bad, I didn’t mean to-“

“Mean to what?” Antonio was very confused, looking at me with one of his bushy eyebrows quirked up.

“I didn’t mean to call you baby. I mean we haven’t talk about about it- us I mean. I don’t think,” I began rabbling, feeling flustered.

“Shhh. We can talk about titles later. Go get ready, baby,” Antonio reacted to my premature affection better than any guy I’ve ever been with. “Chop chop! Vamonos!” Antonio called since I didn’t make a move.

“Vamonos,” I repeated after him. “You can wait in my room. I don’t want Bailey trying to get at you,” I took Antonio’s hand and led him into my bedroom.

“I’m done with gringas,” Antonio condemned any advances Hailey would make towards him.

“Me too, gringo,” I joked.

“Prepararse!” He disregarded my comment and gently nudged me into the bathroom.

I came out of my bathroom twenty minutes later feeling a little more revived from the all nighter I pulled. Going into the bathroom without clean clothes, I exited wrapped in only a towel.

“El avión puede esperar si me dejas hacerte el amor,” Antonio loved me up and down and licked his lips.

“You know, Antonio, even though I don’t know exactly what you’re saying, I assume that all your spanish is vulgar,” I cooed while pulling on panties and a bra, “What should I put on?”

“Algo que puedo quitar fácilmente de ti.”

“Something you can take off? Classy, Antonio,” I was able to translate.

“Your spanish is getting good. I wonder what’s been motivating you,” He said with a smug smile on his face that made me heat up. Since our first date, Antonio and I have spent almost everyday together. Antonio made it his mission to teach me spanish but, I wasn’t very successful until he brought it into the bedroom. I had to ask and follow instruction in Spanish in order to get what I wanted.

“Please don’t start, we need to go,” I groaned as I pulled on some white linen pants and a yellow top.

“Pero siempre hay tiempo para que yo coma tu coño,” Antonio licked his blessed lips.

“You’re truly filthy,” I laughed before rethinking his dirty words. I quickly changed outfits and decided on a casual grey dress that he could get off of me easily.

“Vamonos,” I spoke once I grabbed my purse and the box of samples I did manage to pack up for the trip. Antonio kindly took the box in my hand and carried it for me as we made our way out the front door. Instead of seeing one of Antonio’s many cars, a stretch limousine was parked in the street. Other students who lived at the apartment complex, stared as they walked by, wondering who in the hell had the money for a limo while trying to pay for education.

“I didn’t know you had someone waiting for us,” I spoke as the limousine driver opened the door for us. “I’m sorry about taking so long,” I apologized directly to the driver.

“It’s quite alright ma’am,” He shook my hand and helped me into the car. Antonio followed after me with a smile on his face and plopped down beside me on the fresh black leather.

“Why are you smiling?” I couldn’t help but smile while I asked.

“Even running on no sleep, you are polite to people who most would disregard. Tienes un buen corazón, bombon,” Antonio complimented, giving my hand of sweet kiss.

“Tienes un buen corazón… también? I said that right, right?” I tried my best to make and pronounce a coherent sentence.

“Si,” Antonio confirmed my success. “The plane is at a private airport half an hour away.”

“Then shut up and let me sleep,” I laid my head in Antonio’s lap and snuggled into him, getting comfortable. “Let me sleep so we can join the mile high club when I wake up,” I murmured with my eyes close, making Antonio laugh so hard his body was shaking with joy. “Shhh,” I smacked his leg to get him to stop moving.


“Oh my… fuck,” I moaned while rocking my hips to the rhythm Antonio was eating me to. At my whimpered words, Antonio’s brown eyes fluttered up to my face as he pleasured me. Looking in his eyes made it so much more erotic I couldn’t help but latched my fingers through his soft blonde hair. Antonio moaned against me as I pulled him farther into me.

I let out a little gasp as Antonio easy slipped two fingers in my heat. His eyes did not leave my face as his fingers plunged in and out of me all while sucking on my clit. He moved his way up my body with kisses. Two between my thighs, one of my stomach, two on my breasts, and finally my lips. I tasted myself on his lips.

“Cómo te sientes?” His finger moved deep inside of me making me shudder as his lips left love bites on the top of my breasts. When I couldn’t even get a word to leave my lips, he fingers sped  up inside me.

“Dime quien te sientes,” Antonio urged me on.  

“Me estoy corriendo,” As soon as the words left my lips, Antonio made it his mission to hit my g spot with every stroke. I whined Antonio’s name like it was my own as my legs shook and clenched through my orgasm.

“Good girl,” Antonio said smugly as he pulled away and sucked me from his fingers. I hazily pulled my dress back down and leaned back in the seat. We were only on the private plane for twenty minutes before I ended up on my knees for Justin. And now an hour later, Antonio wore me out more than I originally was when he picked me up.

“I have a gift for you,” Antonio spoke a few minutes later as I was drifting off into sleep.

“Why do you have a gift for me?” I hummed, not having the energy to feel some type of way about Antonio providing so much for me.

“Here,” He handed me over an iPad.

“I already have an iPad,” I scoffed.

“It’s about what’s on the iPad, bombón,” Antonio unlocked it for me and handed it back to me.

“No way…” On the iPad was every episode of Spongebob created. “I’m really about to cry,” I giggled while my eyes watered. This was as thoughtful as when he had all that bread for me on the first date. Antonio pays attention to the details of me like no other person ever has.

“But you need to sleep the rest of the flight so you are revived when we land. Jeffery and Jeanine want to take us out to dinner once we get settled in our hotel,” Antonio notified me.

“Fine, but were getting a little drunk tonight and having a marathon,” I made a compromise that he agreed to with a chuckle.

We landed in San Fransisco four hours later glowing from a second round of sex. I tried to sleep but by the end of the flight we had a quickie on the table. Getting dressed quickly before the any of the staff came into the private seating of the plane, Antonio and I couldn’t help the happiness on stuck on our faces.

“C’mon, baby,” I said the word for the second time on this day. With his hand in mine, we walked off the plane and shook hands with the pilot before getting into next limo waiting for us.

We got to the lavish hotel Antonio’s investors had for us within in ten minutes. A six thousand bottle of wine was waiting for us in the foyer of the penthouse suite of the hotel. I walked up to the large window that allowed me to see the view of the whole city as the sun was disappearing behind the skyscrapers.

“The view is amazing isn’t it,” Antonio wrapped his arms around me.

“It is. Thank you for inviting me,” I said gratefully.

“I wanted to do this for you. To show you a new city and give you this opportunity,” He spoke sincerely as he took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Like on the yacht, another rack of clothing was set out for me, along with one for Antonio as he didn’t bring clothes either.

“Tonight’s dinner isn’t that formal. We’ll just be catching up with the Iverson’s then we can sneak out afterwards. Tomorrow morning we’ll be golfing. You can choose to join or stay, which ever you prefer. And finally there will be a dinner party. The Iverson’s throw this every year and there are a lot of top dogs there. As a warning, Jeanine and  Jeffery love to pry, as do the rest of their friends. Please don’t take anything to heart if you get offended, it’s just the way that they are,” Antonio prepared me.

“Okay,” I absorbed all the information and Antonio threw at me. I picked out a sleek little champagne colored silk dress along with some gold scrappy heels to wear to dinner.

“You look beautiful,” Antonio complimented as he tried to put on his gold plated cufflinks. I turned around to help him get them on and unbuttoned the top three buttons of hii shirt that matched my look. Antonio had on a tan colored shirt that was made of almost the same fabric of my dress, along with white chinos and a matching white suit jacket.

“You’re really the one stealing the show,” I spoke affectionately as I frazzled his hair up a bit.

“I think you may need to cover this,” Antonio pressed down on a sore part of my chest, right below my collarbone. I looked down to see one of Antonio’s not so gentle hickeys just now making an appearance.

“You’re not touching me the rest of this trip,” I scolded as I ran to the bathroom to grab some foundation and color correcting concealer.

“What about the handcuffs I brought?” Antonio cackled from the bedroom.

“I’m going to use them on you if you keep playing with me,” I called back.


“So you’re a make up artist?” Jeanine asked with judgment in her voice before taking a sip of wine.

“No, I mean yes but-“

“So what’s the answer?” she interrupted me rudely. Antonio place a hand on my knee under the table as to comfort me. Throughout the dinner, the Iverson’s barely acknowledged me and focused the conversation on old memories that I was never a part of. They made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

“I’ve had my cosmetology license since highschool-”

“And when was that? Last year?” Jeffery made his joke next.

“I’m graduating from the University of Miami this spring with a double major in marketing and finance. My plan is to use the education I gained in order to start my own make up brand and then expand into other skin and hair care. Right now, I have my small but successful business for two years now. My best asset is social media. I have 400,000 instagram followers, 48,000 twitter followers, and 150,000 youtube subscribers. My personality goes hand and hand with my brand. Because of my quality products, affordable prices, and way of advertising, it takes an average of two days for my new stock to sell out,” I sold myself as best as I could.

“That’s nice for such a small project. But let me ask you….what make your brand any different than the hundreds of other already established and successful makeup companies?” Jeanine asked condescendingly.

“Don’t pester the girl,” Jeffery lightly scolded his wife who was more than annoyed with his words. Just as I was about to explain my agenda, I jumped when I felt a hand that could only be Jeffery’s was on my thigh that Antonio wasn’t already touching.

“The difference it that Aaliyah’s brand is meant to focus on the makeup needs of black women and then expand into the needs of other women of color,” Antonio explained for me as I pushed Jeffery’s disgusting hand away from me.

“Doesn’t that sound a bit, I don’t know, racist?” the white woman scoffed.

“No, it’s not racist. In most makeup brands their shade range is horrible. And when they do create shades dark enough for black women, there is usually only four variation shades and the undertones make us look washed out,” I explained the need for a black focused brand.

“That’s not true,” Jeanine laughed, shocking me.

“It is true. I know this first hand how difficult it is to buy make up as a black women. Finding a matching foundation is hard enough and then trying to find something even darker than that to contour with is even harder. The truth of the matter it that, black women are neglected when it comes to beauty products and my goal is to fill that void in the market,” I tried to explain my side as respectfully as possible.

“I guess I just don’t agree,” the woman continued to be ignorant.

“I guess you just don’t get it,” I said in my most nice nasty voice.

“Well, I’m sure you will find success in you company,” Jeffery wrapped up this portion of the conversation as the waiter brought out desserts. Agitated that this white woman attempted to tell me how it is for black women, I stayed mute the rest of the evening.

“See you in the morning for me to whoop your pompous ass in golf,” Jeffery spoke animatedly while shaking Antonio’s hand. We were now outside waiting for the valet to come around with both of our vehicles. “Will you be joining us, Aaliyah?” He directed the question at me.

“Growing up, my parents sent me to golf camp for two weeks every summer. Not only will I be in attendance, my goal is to dominate,” I spoke confidently. If there was one thing I knew how to do was to kick some ass at golf.

“I look forward to your attempt,” Jeffery took my hand into mine and gave it a kiss. I tried my best to keep a smile on my face as his crusty lips touched me.

“The car is here,” Jeanine snapped as a white Rolls Royce pulled up in front of the restaurant. Antonio and Jeffery said a second round of goodbyes before we got into the limo that had been waiting for us.

“I didn’t know you played golf,” Antonio hummed with my hand in mine.

“And I didn’t know your friends were such racist pigs,” I mumbled.


“It’s okay. Even though I obviously won’t get anywhere with Jeanine, at least I got a vacation out of it,” I pulled my phone out and started replying to all the messages I missed during that excruciatingly long dinner. Antonio didn’t say anything to me but instead rolled down the partition and called out an address that wasn’t our hotel to the driver.

“Where are we going?” I finally asked.

“You can’t be on vacation without seeing where the locals go,” Antonio opened the door once we came to a stop. When I stepped out the car, I was surprised to be at an outdoor hole in the wall bar. Colorful lights lit up the trees and between the two buildings was a dance floor set up. Tons of people were dancing to the Spanish music that surged through the speakers that lined the bars.

“Sabes salsa?” Antonio asked after paying the entry fee for us and pulling me towards the dance floor.

“You’re going to have to teach me,” I hummed.

“Te puedo enseñar muchas cosas,” Antonio took his coat off and tossed it onto one of the hammocks that lined the floor.

Antonio and I danced.

We danced for hours, only stopping to get drinks. When my feet were finally tired enough, I took a seat at the hammock we claimed. Antonio continued dancing until a woman who must have been at least sixty walked up to him. I heard Antonio’s laugh over the music and then him and the woman were walking over towards me.

“Hello, young lady. I saw your boyfriend who is just too cute and I was hoping you’d allow me to have a dance with him. He wouldn’t agree unless you approved. Can I dance with your boyfriend?” The woman asked, making me laugh as well.

“Oh, well I’m not his girlf-”

“It’s just one dance, baby,” Justin interrupted me before I could finish my sentence.

“Go right ahead,” I gave my approval causing the woman to wink at Antonio. Antonio gave me a bright smile before taking the woman to the center of the dance floor. I laughed as the dj just so happened to start playing Gasolina. The woman bend over and tried to dance like a 16 year old girl, causing everyone to cheer for them. Antonio tried to keep up but the old woman had moves.

“Alright alright! Keep everything PG over there, gringo,” A man on stage with a microphone pointed to Antonio causing everyone to laugh as the song came to a close. “Alright were going to stop the music and start up karaoke! If you like to perform put your name on a list over there and get the chance to sing your heart out,” The man pointed to the woman with a sign up list beside the makeshift stage.

“You want to go up there?” Antonio asked as soon as he parted ways with the old woman and joined me again.

“I’m not about to go up there an make a fool of myself,” I nodded towards the woman on thee stage that was butchering That’s What I Like.

“I’m going to go sign up,” Antonio announced. I’ve hear him hum a little bit and he did sound good from what I heard. The other day he mentioned that he used to be in a band but I thought he was joking.

“You can sing?” I questioned him.

“I can sing,” He confirmed then gave me a kiss and put his name on the list. We cheered on the various drunk people who tried their best to karaoke songs while the band played the instruments and background vocals for them.

“Alright next up we have Antonio,” The dj called him onto the stage four performances later. “Oh it’s the gringo! Where’s your girlfriend?” The dj referred to the old woman and who started cheering. The dj shook Justin’s hand and handed over the mic.

“Hi, I’m Antonio and I’m visiting from Spain. When I was a young, I wanted to be a singer. As a teenager, I started singing and performing. I wrote a song that became pretty popular in Barcelona back in 2008… I don’t know if anyone remembers the song Despacito,” at the title of the song, the whole bar started cheering. “Well, I’m going to be singing it for you all tonight for the first time in years. This is dedicated to that beautiful woman sitting in the blue hammock over there. My bombón makes me feel happier than I’ve felt in a long time,” Antonio pointed me out and some more cheers broke out. Antonio flashed a smile then nodded for the band to start playing.

“Come on over in my direction. So thankful for that, it’s such a blessin’, yeah. Turn every situation into Heaven, yeah. Oh, you are…” Antonio started the verse and his voice was a smooth as honey as he looked me in the eyes before closing them, really feeling the music. I had no idea he was this talented

“Despacito. Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito. Deja que te diga cosas al oído. Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo. Despacito. Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito. Firmo en las paredes de tu laberinto y hacer de tu cuerpo todo un manuscrito,” the crowd sang with him making him smile as hard as I’ve even seen him do.

When Antonio opened his eyes, he looked at me and motioned for me to come on the stage with him. I shook my head no but everyone started cheering for me to comply. Feeling embarrassed, I walked up and took Antonio’s hand regardless. He help me unto the stage and turned his full attention to me.

“Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito. Nos vamos pegando, poquito a poquito. Cuando tú me besas con esa destreza. Veo que eres malicia con delicadeza,” Antonio sang as he swirled me around on the little stage. I happily danced to the music as Antonio serenaded me to his own song. All too soon the song was over and it was time for the next person to perform.

“Alright! That was the prince of Spain, Antonio Alejandro IV. Nice to have you here,” they dj took the mic. “Let’s have one more round of applause for Antonio and for his beautiful girl…”

“Aaliyah,” I spoke into the mic. The crowd cheered one last time before we got off the stage for the next performance.

“That was amazing, Antonio. You told me you could sing but not like that,” I gave him a kiss.

“Excuse me, can I get a picture?” A woman walked up to us. Antonio nodded and I took the woman’s phone to snap the picture of the two of them. She thanked the both of us and soon enough three more people came over to get a picture with Antonio who happily obliged.

“Let me get another drink for the superstar,” I hummed once all the pictures were taken. Just as I was turning to go to the bar, Antonio grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him.

“Novia,” He spoke with his hand in mine and his arm around my waist.


“You wanted a title and I want your title to be my girlfriend. ¿Serás mi novia?”

“Yes,” I nodded half a second later without a second thought.


“Nice to see you again!” Antonio spoke as he gave a woman a hug and then shook hands with who I assumed to be her husband. “Mr. and Mrs. Charles, I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Aaliyah.”

“So nice to meet you,” I shook both of their hands with a smile on my face.

“Aren’t you just gorgeous! I love the way you two are matching,” Mrs. Charles complimented the white and navy blue pattern on my ball gown and Antonio’s suit jacket.

“Thank you! Antonio picked it out for us. He really has an eye for good taste,” I made conversation with the woman until Antonio s swept me off to meet someone else. This dinner party the Iverson’s threw was almost as exhausting as the Iverson’s themselves. It was difficult for me to keep up with all the people Antonio was introducing me to and which ones could help shape my future.

“She runs her own makeup line catering black women,” Antonio told the only other black woman I saw at the party who wasn’t a part of the waitstaff. Shawna and I really hit it off as we complained about all the white foolishness occurring at this party and the lack of opportunities in the black community.

“That is so importantant. I know it seems like a feminine and fragile goal but that is a great marketing point. Focusing on melanin gives access to beauty in a way that black women haven’t especially been given. We need to stick together in order to do well for own community and become successful as black women. You let me know if there’s any help you need with anything, alright. I find your company interest and predict that it will reap success,” Shawna handed me her business card.

“Thank you so much Ms. Jackson,” I took the card and shook her hand.  She nodded before turning to engage with another conversation. Spending so much time talking with Shawna, Antonio had left my side, trying to cautch up with everyone who he rarely gets a chance to see. Trying to work my way to the ladies room, I was distracted on my mission by Jeffery who was calling me over to the group of men he was speaking to.

“This is the woman I’ve been speaking so highly of. This is Aaliyah who absolutely demolished me at golf this morning. Her form is just beautiful when she swings the balls,” Jeffery slid in a dirty joke making all of his little friends laugh.

“Thank you, sir,” I tried to keep it as cordial as possible.

“So you’re Antonio’s girlfriend?” The oldest man in the group asked, looking at me like a piece of meat.

“Yes, I am,” I agreed proudly.

“Such a shame. I would love to get to know the form that Jeff talks so highly of,” He laughed

“Jeffery, are stealing her away again?” Antonio suddenly came to my rescue.

“I can’t help how beautiful she is,” Jeffery held up a toast and all the men joined in on.

“I can assure you that she is more than just beautiful,” Antonio tried to stop the blatant objectification of me.

“Excuse me gentlemen,” I spoke once I wasn’t the center of  the conversation.

Justin nodded in acknowledgement and gave my cheek a kiss before I walked away and another conversation was started. I exited the large banquet room of the venue, trying to find a bathroom. Soon enough found a ladies room and rushed into one of the stalls. I carefully maneuvered out of my ballgown trying to relieve myself. Just as I was getting back into my dress, the door to the ladies room swung open.

“Gerald wife looks absolutely terrible tonight,” I heard Jeanine’s voice. I rolled my eyes as I re adjusted myself.

“She always looks like a wreck with that nasty cocaine addiction she’s battling. The real talk of tonight and that girl Antonio brought,” Another woman brought me up, making me freeze in the stall.

“I know! That one he brought this year is definitely the worst he’s affiliated himself with,” Jeanine laughed, making my blood boil.

“She comes in here like we owe her something. The bitch probably won’t make it another month if were honest.”

“Poor thing, doesn’t even know that this is what Antonio does every year. He finds a new girl with a dream and tells her that someone in the room can help her. It’s a joke. A source of entertainment,” Jeanine spilled the information I didn’t know that I needed to know.

“Let’s do the count off. There was that Yovanna girl that wanted to be a dancer. Ashley who wanted to model. Madison who wanted to sing, that one couldn’t even hold a note. Sophia, the ugly one. And Chantal who wanted to be a doctor. The only experience that she had with doctors was the cheap the plastic surgery she payed for. And now that black girl,” the other woman listed off all the women they have met.

“At first, I was so surprise he would stoop so low but we all know Antonio. He loves a sob story. He probably took her black ass out the ghetto. She could be a crack baby for all we know,” Jeanine made her jokes. Stopping myself from coming out the stall that moment and dropping her ass, I kept listening.

“Can we talk about her dress. In white like she isn’t Antonio 2017 whore. And those red lips.”

“Doesn’t she know red lips don’t look good on blacks,” Jeanine’s hate spewed from her mouth.

“She could never pull it off the way Selena was able to. She the only one that I liked,” My ears perked at the name of a women I have not yet heard of.

“They were a beautiful couple. He’ll never look that good again. Hopefully he isn’t only going to bring around black girls from now on. We already get enough Coming to America and Soul Train with Shawna,” At the mention of my new friends name, I opened the stall door, making my presence known. She looked at me through the reflection in the mirror and her eyes bulged instantly.

“Is that so? You think there’s too many chocolate chips in your cookies. You want more cream than coffee? Well you got the right bitch to put you in the wrong motherfucking place,” I started, king the two women back away from me with fear in their eyes.

“You think your shit don’t stink because your white ass got yourself a husband who can pay for you lip injections and fake titties? You’re trying to dictate what lipstick I should be wearing but you put plastic in your lips so that yours can resemble mine. It’s okay girl, I know why you’re talking your shit. It’s because obviously Antonio and your husband both know the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Do you know who is the main one wants the chance to get a taste of me? You’re grimy ass husband who had been trying this whole time to feel up some real curves.

“I will never apologize for my blackness. Despite the stereotypes that you assume about me, I am not a crack baby from the hood. My family lives in the suburbs and can afford to sent me to golf camp and college without taking out loans. I may not have the same amount of money and opportunities but, I know my black ass is better than you in every way shape and form.

“Also, you can try to sit here and compare me to all the other girls Antonio has been with but, that’s the gag. They aren’t here yet my black ass is. So before you try to speak on me and the relationship I share with the Antonio, your best bet is to be worried about the women your husband has been cheating on you with.

“But anyway, thank you for this lovely evening. It was nice to get to know exactly what type of honkey trash you are. But I must say that the food was a bland as your personality. Also your friend here didn’t let you know that your implant is completely lop sided right now. Oh and one more thing, remember that the next time you talk shit, you will get hit. Have a good night, Jeanine,” I walked out of the bathroom with my head held high.

Instead of going back to the dinner, I walked outside and went through the parking lot until I found the limo we arrived in. “Miss, you’re back earlier than I expected,” the driver spoke once I knocked on the window.

“I don’t feel too well but, I didn’t want to hold Antonio back. Can you take my back to the hotel please?” I faked a fever. The driver nodded and took me back to where I wanted to be: alone.

When I got back to the room, I immediately popped open the bottle of wine that was waiting for me. Drinking straight from the bottle, I pulled off the dress I allowed Antonio to buy for me. I am a stupid, stupid girl. Once I got into some sweatpants,my phone was ringing so much to the point that I turned it off. I did not want to speak to Antonio. I was a stupid, stupid girl for falling for his bullshit.

It took 26 minutes after I turned my phone off for the hotel door to swing open. By this time, most of the bottle was gone and I was trying to book a flight back to Miami.

“Aaliyah!?” Antonio screamed my name as he made his way into the bedroom.

“Get the fuck out, “ I spat back back.

“What did you say to Mrs. Iverson? Aaliyah what did you say?” Antonio didn’t even ask about how I was.

“I said everything that needed to be said Justin. That woman is a racist hag and was disrespecting my name and relationship with you,” I explained.

“So you tell her she’s trash and that her husband is cheating on her?” Antonio was more than angry as he questioned me.

“That’s exactly what I did. I was defending myself.”

“From a harmless woman?” Antonio scoffed.

“You don’t get it Antonio,” I pushed past him and walked back into the living room to get the rest of the wine that I forgot.

“You’re right because I don’t get it,” Antonio followed after me and snatched the bottle away from my mouth. Just as we were standing each other off. Antonio’s phone started blaring.

“Don’t pick up that call,” I told him making him roll his eyes as he answered the phone. Immediately he was engaged with an argument in spanish. It was so intense that Antonio’s face was turning red as he screamed into the phone. The call last for two minutes before Antonio was hung up on.

“That was my father,” Antonio notified me in a voice so much softer than his previous tone that I was shocked. “Jeanine is talking about taking all their investments out of the company. She has no real say but I need to go. I need take jeffery out and do damage control.”

“She called me a crack baby, said that you took me out the ghetto and that I’m the worst thing thats ever happen to you,” I calmed down to Antonio’s level.

“That’s obviously all lies,” he sighed and took a seat beside me on the couch.

“Was she lying about all the other women who you have brought to the gala before,” the hurt was evident in my voice.

“Aaliyah,” He reached for me but I moved before he could touch me.

“I really don’t want to here it, Antonio. You got me out here like boo boo the fool being your 2017 trophy for your investors,” I spat.

“You and I both know it’s not like that,” Antonio said carefully.

“It isn’t? Did you not bring me out here to ‘connect me to the top dogs’? You did the same for Yovanna, Ashely and all the others. What makes me different than them?”

“You’re my girlfriend,” Spoke like that cleared up the whole situation.

“Of one day, Antonio. Probably not even a full 24 hours yet. Fuck out of here with that,” I took the bottle back and chugged the rest of it.

“They were all mistresses and you’re my girlfriend.”

“What’s the fucking difference?“ I laughed.

“We’re not about to do this right now,” Antonio got up and started moving towards the door.

“Then when the fuck are we doing it?” I got loud again making his stop in his tracks.

“I’m about to take Jeffery to a strip club, mend the investment, then order him a prostitute. You, you are going to stay here and sober up. I’ll be back in an hour and then we’ll talk,” Antonio’s voice was cold and the door slammed shut behind him. Cursing Antonio’s name after him I pushed over a chair on the way to the bedroom where I waited.


“Are you awake, bombón?” Antonio quietly opened the door to the bedroom in case I fell asleep within the hour he was gone.

“Don’t call me that. Don’t call me anything if you’re just going to sit here and lie to me,” I rolled over in the bed, turning away from him. I heard him sigh and then a moment later the bed was dipping beside me.

“I have never lied to you,” He had the audacity to say, making me turn to look at him.

“You lied when you said I was special, that I was different. You’re just lying through your teeth just so you can have another pretty girl on your arm. Well you know what, Antonio? That’s not me. I’m not going to let anyone disrespect me and if you can’t respect that, then this can be the last night we see each other,” I broke down the terms of our relationship as clear as possible.

“You know that’s not what I want,” His eyes pooled into mine

“No I don’t know what you want,” I sat up. “You said I’m different but then treat me the same way you did all the women before. You say you like the way I handle my business and then you yell at me when I defend myself. Your words don’t match up with your actions. So, no. Since you don’t have the same energy when it comes down to it, I don’t now what you want,” I summarized my issues with Antonio.

“I want you,” He said the same thing he’s been saying since the night he met me.

“You say you do yet, you can’t tell me why? That’s enough bullshit,” I expected Antonio to leave this situation and me alone.

“There’s not words created to tell you why. When I first met you, you were all I thought about from that point on. And when you made me wait for you, I didn’t know what to do with myself. When you let me take you out on our first date, I was nervous. I’ve never been nervous with any woman. And after our first day we spent everyday together. You’re the reason I became so good at my job. You inspired me to be as effective and productive as possible so that when it was time for me to see you, work was never interrupting our time. I just want it to be us. I always want to be with you and I don’t know what to do and how to describe it.

“But I need you to know that I’m sorry about tonight, about everything. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, I should have defended you the first time the Iverson’s tried to undermine your success. I believe in your dream and I knew you believed in yourself when you declined my investment. Every other girl I have dealt with not only took my money for their dream but, tried to sell themselves. When the investors tonight, didn’t accept your dream you didn’t switch up or sell out. You defended your own because you know your worth and I apologize for putting you in a situation where your worth was questioned. I don’t ever want you to be hurt and if I can control it, it wont happen again,” Antonio spoke sincerely but didn’t tell me all that I needed to know.

“All the other women,” I reminded him to address.

“They didn’t and don’t matter. They were only mistresses,” Antonio tried to make the same point from earlier.

“And I’m a girlfriend? What does that even mean?” I was tired of playing the guessing game with him.

“It means that they were only entertainment and I let them know that from the start. I saw no future in them and they did not truly want me. You can never grow with a mistress. But a girlfriend? With a girlfriend the possibilities are endless,” I felt Antonio staring me down, looking for a reaction I wouldn’t give his words. “I want this to work because I like you and I always want to be with you and make you happy. I know it’s too soon to say anything but I know you’re the type of woman I can see a future with. I don’t want to lose you because you think I place you at the same level as the others. You are not.”

“I want to trust you, Antonio. But we jumped in so fast that I feel like don’t really know you. I can’t sit around here and call myself your girlfriend when I don’t even know about the past ones. Your history is spotty and I don’t know-“

“My first girlfriend’s name was Caitlyn. I grew up with her older brother. It lasted 6 days when I was twelve,” Antonio dived into his history.

“Antonio-” I tried to stop him. I really didn’t want to know the truth of his past relationships. The thought of him with anyone except me made me sick.

“Then when i was 16 I lost my virginity to a girl named Jazmin,” Antonio ignored me and continued disclosing the information I asked for. “We were together until we graduated secondary school. She was going to college and I was trying to learn the family business. She broke my heart. Or at least I thought she did back then.

“I went to Miami the first time when I was eighteen with my father. He had an intern named Jayde. We became involved within a week. She was twenty six when I was eighteen. I was looking for fun. I was young and she wanted too much from me so it ended.

“Then I went through a bad phase. I fucked any girl that I wanted for almost a year but then it started to get me into trouble. ‘Conflicts of interest’ is what my father called it. so he set me up with a girl named Selena. She came from a rich family in Spain and I loved her. We were together for four years. She turned out to be a gold digging liar and she turned me cold.
“From then on there was Chantal, Ashley, Yovanna, and Kendall. I exclusively fucked them, showed them off and introduced them to things they have and will never experience again. None of them were notable and it all ended the same way; with me having less money in the bank. One of the mistresses I had was named Sophia, Lionel Richie’s daughter if you believe it. I don’t know what was going through my head during the duration of that fling but it didn’t matter. Of course they’re were some one night stands between all of them but I was never out of control.

“And the last woman I had been with was Valentina. She was the woman that I planned to bring to Miami with me but then I met you. The day after I met you I told her that I was with her. I met you and I knew you were who and what I wanted. There’s is only you. No one else matters, there’s only you,” He told me everything I needed to know.

“Jaden is the first boy who broke my heart,” I spoke a moment later.

“What happened?” Antonio asked quietly.

“We were dating for a year before I gave him my virginity. The next day he broke up with me and told his friends how I liked it in bed. I was humiliated but, I decided to own it. I’d fuck men just because I could or because I wanted to. I fucked and only caught feelings once or twice. Nothing ever came from it. No man I have met has ever been who I wanted them to be. They never deserved for me to open up to them so I never did. And I’ve never actually have wanted a title except for with you. And here I am, laying in a bed with you, my boyfriend, in a different city after only knowing you for a month. It’s crazy because within this week you know me as much as my closest friends do,” I opened up for the first time.

“It feels like its been longer than a month,” Antonio’s hand held mine. I didn’t pull away.

“It does,” I squeezed his hand gently.

“I want there to be more months.”

“It’s only right that there’s more to come.”

“I’ve always hated the Iverson’s. I’m glad you old that bitch off,” Antonio laughed for the first time since we’ve been at the hotel.

“She is horrible,” I agreed with him.

“I bet it would have been hot to see you that angry,” the smirk could be heard in his voice.

“Make me mad again and you’ll find out,” I hummed.

“Is it time for make up sex?” Antonio positioned himself on top of me.

“What time is it?” I asked like I was really pondering the answer.

“1:26 am,” He answered after pulling out his phone.

“Yeah, it’s time,” I pulled Antonio’s lips to mine.

part 4


pls enjoy :)


She always had her journal and a pen latched in her hand as she walked in. My eyes always amazed on how someone is always at her beck and call, I mean look at her. The way her hair curls down her back, her hips sway as she avoids bumping into people in the hall, everything about her was so pure. The mix of innocence and sweetness excited me, like she has never heard of a bad word or even said one. She walked to her normal spot in Pius, seat just right to get the amount of sun and warmth, and shadow needed. I liked her from the moment I laid eyes on her. Her skirt rose more just because the way her hips were, and I am not complaining. 

The pen tapped her glossed lips as she thought on her new entry. I could smell her sweet Daisy perfume from across the room. She smiled at me when she saw me, like she knows exactly at this time I’m here, waiting for her. “Hi Calum.” She greeted in her soft voice setting the pen in-between the pages of her journal. “Hey, Violet.” I smiled back. “Out of all people, I never would’ve expected you to be this, fascinated in someone.” She giggled as if it were the funniest thing in the world. “I just like that you have such a desire to write, it is quite fascinating,” I winked causing a deep red to spread across her cheeks. She waved for me to come sit by her, and so I did.

“Since you’re so fascinated that I write, take a look.” She turned a few pages back, letting me read on whatever her mind pondered on.

February 23

I notice all your features. I notice how blue your eyes are, and when they become darker as you become frustrated. how your smile is bright and teeth are white. i notice the way your hands grab the pen you hold when you write and how concentrated you look when doing it. i notice everything it;s scary, and i hope you notice me

your mind is a storm. sometimes it’s dark and scary, the other times its light and beautiful. i wanna know what goes on inside there, what’s its like to think. you have never imagined how one word can mess me up. no matter if it’s an “insult,” or compliment. everything you say comes and stays in my mind and i can’t get rid of it. it burns in my brain and makes my head hurt. i never understand what you say if it’s true or just a joke. i just hope it’s out of care.

i cried over you again today. i cried over how much you hurt me. i cried over how much i wanna yell and scream at you. i cried over how much i want you to love me. i cried how i want you to give me answers on us. and it sucks because you talk to all these other girls yet I’m the one who you hurt the most because whatever you say I’m processing in so many ways and then you say I’m joking, i wanna yell because thats not what you made me feel 2 minutes ago…

She must of noticed on how I got caught up in this because she covered the rest of it with her hands. “That’s enough for today.” She said, her voice was full of sadness. “Violet, I never knew how deep you were.” I exhaled. She half smiled, “It’s a blessing and a curse.” I stood up, grabbing her hand. “C’mon I wanna take you some where I think you’ll like.” I laced my hand with hers, surprised she didn’t let go, but rather caress her fingers in mine. I led her to a spot behind the park that had a bench looking onto a lake. “I come here when I feel sad.” I let go of her hand, going to sit on the bench. She quickly followed me, sitting down clutching her journal with her. “It’s beautiful Calum,” She smiled up at me. 

I wrapped my arm around her as she nuzzled into my chest. “You always seem to fascinate me Violet, rather it be writing or sitting in Pius working on homework.” I spoke her. “I don’t understand why Calum, I’m just an ordinary girl.” She giggled. “You don’t seem normal to me Violet,” I took her chin in-between my fingers. Her eyes glazed over mine, flickering to my lips back to my eyes, mine did the same. I found myself leaning in to kiss her plump lips, and she did the same. Our lips intertwined with each others, and I could taste the peach gloss she always sported. We pulled back after a moment, “Who hurt you?” I asked. She sighed, “It’s a long story, I’m not sure you’d want to hear it.”

I tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, “I have all the time.” She perked up a bit, “Well, my dad abandoned me when I was maybe 10. He left me for weeks with barely anything to eat or drink, so I mostly wandered the streets. I never met my mother, my dad told me she wanted nothing to do with me since I was born, and then my dad and I never grew found of each other. So, I live with my Aunt. She took me in after she saw what my father has been doing to me. I’ve always been scared to be loved or love anyone. Once I got to high school, I met this guy, Josh. I thought he was the one, and I liked him for so long that he eventually gave in and we dated. Once we got to graduation of Senior year, he told me the whole thing was a dare and that he would never love someone like me because we were too “different” and that really broke me. And those writings you read, were about him. It still hurts Calum.” Tears filled up her vision, and she looked down too scared to face me.

I wiped away the tears on her cheek, tilting her head up a bit, “No one should ever feel hurt like that, do you hear me? Violet, I’m so sorry.” She smiled. “It’s ok Calum, I’ve heard the pity and I don’t need anymore of it. Thank you for bringing me here, I needed someone like you.” She looked up at me. “This is why you fascinate me, I never knew.” I kissed her forehead. “It’s really fine. If you really want, we can go back to my place.” She offered. “You think I’m gonna let some pretty girl like you walk alone, you’re not getting rid of me.” I told her letting her stand. “You’re such a dork,” She smiled.


After watching four movies with Violet, I’ve learned a lot about her. Her music ranges from Blackbear to One Direction, her favorite color is white, her favorite book is Milk and Honey, and countless details that I’ve come to love. “I can’t thank you enough for actually spending time with me Calum, it means a lot.” She looked up at me. “You know I would love to do anything that involves you.” I smiled. Her room was more girly than I expected it to be. The walls were white, decorated with pictures of her and her friends. Her bed was white, and the duvet was grey with blue pillow accents. She had a full length mirror that had motivational quotes along the edges, along with her makeup vanity that held everything a girl could ever want. There was a white fuzzy rug that coated the wood floors. “Again, you fascinate me.” I said, pulling her into me. “Again, I don’t see why.” She giggled.

“Violet! Ven por favor!” Someone called from downstairs. “Oh, that’s my Tia. I’ll be right back.” She broke herself from my embrace. “Hola, Tia. Que tal tu día?” I heard her ask. “Ay, good. Quien esta arriba?” “Calum,” She replied. “Quien?” “Un momento.” I heard Violet walk up the stairs. “My Tia wants to see you.” She smiled. “I never knew you were Spanish.” I said, following her down the stairs. “There’s still a lot you have to learn about me Calum.” She winked. “Tia, esta es Calum.” Violet introduced me. “Hola, Calum!” Her Aunt greeted. “You can call me, Sarah.” I casually waved. “Preguntarle si quiere quedarse para la cena.” I find this fascinating. “Do you wanna stay for dinner?” Violet asked. “Sí gracias.” I said. Violet laughed at my basic Spanish skills.

We headed back up to her room. Violet sat on her clear chair with a white pillow that was set at her vanity as I sat across from her. “I never knew you were Spanish.” I said, again. “Yeah, my mom is from Spain, and my dad is from Chile, so I have some Spanish decent in me. I grew up speaking it, and my Tia goes back and forth speaking it, you’ll notice it.” She said. “So is Violet your real name?” I asked. She shook her head no, “It’s Francesca, but I didn’t like the idea of being called Fran, and Violet is what my Tia called me from when I was little because she didn’t think I looked like a Francesca.” She said. “Fascinating, again.” I said. She threw a pillow at me, “get a new word!” “Violeta, Calum cena está lista!” Sarah called. “Let’s go eat!” Violet got up and headed to the kitchen.


“Thanks for everything today Calum, I had a good time.” Violet broke the silence. “I’m never leaving you, I hope you know that.” I told her. I could feel her heart race when I said those words. “Is everything going to go back to normal tomorrow? Me sitting in Pius for hours and you being adored by everyone?” She asked. I sat up pulling her in between my legs, “Are you kidding me? Violet, the moment I saw you, I liked you. And why you fascinate me is because you’re so strong, you know what shit to get done, you’re everything a girl wants, and so much more to me.” I said. She smiled with small tears falling onto her cheeks, “I’ve never been told anything like that before.” I kissed her, making her feel wanted. Her dainty hands wrapped around my neck as I pulled her into my lap. My hands rested on the skin under her sweater. I felt Violets hands grip the fabric of my tee-shirt, my arms reach over to pull her hands away. I shake my head before speaking up, “No, don’t. Tonight is all about you.”

“Just tell me to stop if you want,” I assure her. She smiled, taking her sweater and pulling it over her head. Her breasts spilled out in her white lace bra. “God you’re beautiful.” I told her. “Have you ever been touched here?” I asked her sliding my hand between her legs running my fingers over her cotton panties. The touch was bold but I could tell she liked it by the way her eyes glazed over. She shook her head no. “I never knew how to ask.” My eyes feel to her bare neck that I could easily cover in purple marks. “Well that’s a shame.” I moved my hand back feeling the heat and the little wet spot forming. “I bet you’re sweet.” I whispered looking back up at her. “I guess you’ll have to find out.” She winked. Fucking hell this girl.

I began rubbing circles on her clit, “God I can feel your pussy getting wet.” “Oh my God Calum don’t say that.” She gasped covering my mouth. “That word is degrading.” She whispered. “Well from what I feel down here, it seems as though you like when I say pussy.” I added pressure to my fingers. She moaned at the contact. “What are you doing to me?” She moaned. “I’m gonna make you feel so good.” I whispered. To me her body was like a goddess, her hips nice and curvy, her breasts perky and big, and her ass god I can’t get enough of her. I tapped my fingers on her juicy bottom lip, “Suck.” I ordered. Violet gladly took my fingers in her mouth, coating them. She slid her panties down her legs, her wetness glistened. My finger curled inside her. “Do you think I can add another finger?” I cooed taking her bottom lip between my teeth. “Please.” She whispered before pressing her mouth to mine almost immediately running her tongue along my bottom lips to ask for entrance. She moaned hotly in my mouth when I pushed a second finger inside her. It was a tight fit, but I made it work. “That feels so good.” She moaned with a shaky breath before I sucked on her bottom lip. I quickly discovered my obsession with her mouth. It was just so tasty and pretty to look at.

“Calum, what are you doing to me?” She moaned. “You’re just about to orgasm babe.” I told her, sucking purple and black marks on her neck. “Oh my god, it feels so good.” Her sweet moans filled my ears. “C’mon girl, you can do it. Cum all over my fingers.” I said. Her body shook as her orgasm took over her beautiful body. Violet’s breath was heavy as she pulled up my shirt. “I’ve always found your tattoos attractive.” She said, tracing the inked skin. Her nails raked down my arms making me groan. She began undoing my belt buckle and unzipping my pants. “You’re gonna have to help me because I’ve never had a cock in my mouth before.” I moaned at the way the words came out of her mouth. She dropped to her knees, “It’s so hard.” She whispered struggling to get the zipper down. After she finally got it down, her warm hand dipped into my boxers firmly gripping my cock. Pre-cum was smeared all over the head. Without me saying a single word she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock licking it off.

“Fuck.” I swore throwing my head back. Her tongue ran down my length taking as much of it as she could. “Teach me.” She said, running her lips to the head of my cock. “You’re doing pretty good without me.” I said. She smirked a little to herself, taking my cock in her mouth again. Her hand came up and began stroking immediately. “Look at me.” I instructed. Her eyes looked up at me. She sucked hard starting to bob her head up and down starting to get the gist of giving head. She hummed around me keeping her tongue on the under side. She continued to suck on the tip and stroke the rest. “Shit Violet.” My hands ran through her hair, guiding her up and down my cock. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum Violet.” I moaned. Her actions sped up, her hands working with what she couldn’t fit in her mouth. “Such a good girl.” I said. I grab her chin, making her face my eyes.

Her eyes were locked on mine and I pulled her on the bed. “Now what can I do?” She asked, almost oblivious to what just happened. “You know what else you can do? You can come up here and let me feel that beautiful pussy around my cock.” I said, my voice filled with lust. “Good, ‘cause I want you like crazy.” She smiled before kissing me. Violet laid back on her bed, ready. I towered over her, drinking in her body. “You ready baby?” I said, positioning myself in front of her entrance. “Always.” She said. Her hips grinded with mine. “God, Calum.” She moaned. One of her hands held onto the head board as the other held onto my bicep. “Fuck Violet, you feel amazing.” I said picking up my speed. “Shit, whatever you keep hitting, feels really good.” Her mind was going into a frenzy. Her moans sounded like music to my ears. None of her quiet self, it was much more vocal. “Calum, I’m gonna cum.” She moaned, her back arching slightly as I continued to hit her g-spot. Her nails raked down my back, filling up with euphoria.

“Come on pretty girl, cum for me again. Cum all around my cock,” My words edged her on. “Oh my god, oh my god!” She yelped. “Atta girl.” I moaned, feeling her walls clench around me. The pleasure was too raw. “Fuck,” I moaned pulling out of her. “I didn’t expect that.” She giggled. My hands massaged her breasts, her humming. 

“You’re gonna be my favorite prized possession.”

anonymous asked:

ok lemme tell you about my glow up i just did a wild change from lacey floral dresses and lip gloss to punk crop tops and eyeliner and chokers. what would my boys think of that?

Aw yeah, anon. I love it. Enjoy some quick, cute headcanons! :)


  • The first time he notices that you changed your style he’s in awe
  • Tries to pretend it’s no big deal
  • Fails
  • He keeps trying to compliment your new clothes but he can’t seem to remember how to form proper sentences
  • Be cool, Noct.
  • The opposite of cool
  • He digs it though
  • Totally into chokers don’t fight me on this
  • Tries to help you shop and gets way more into it than he means to
  • “Hey, Y/N, this one’s nice. Don’t you think?”
  • He says one but he has six different shirts on his arm and three chokers hanging from his hands
  • He just wants to help
  • Lowkey misses how innocent you looked in your dresses and lip gloss
  • But he loves your fashion choices now
  • His girlfriend is so badass?? But also?? So soft
  • Likes to trace circles on the exposed skin at the small of your back when you’re wearing one of your crop tops

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Valentine's Surprise

A/N: A little PWP for Valentine’s Day, left until the very last minute, but I hope not too late for @loveinpanem. I didn’t even give @peetabreadgirl or @xerxia31 enough time to beta it properly, so all mistakes are my own.

Rated E, NSFW.

Peeta Mellark paced softly around the perimeter of his classroom, peering over his students’ shoulders in the sun-dappled studio where they perched on stools in front of their easels, transferring the still life in front of them to canvas. Their subject matter was non-traditional, but Peeta had allowed them to choose it for themselves, thinking it would hold their interest for longer than the usual bowl of fruit or vase of flowers. The focus on a realistic depiction of the arrangement in front of them remained the same, even if the objects consisted of an iPhone, a set of earbuds, a water bottle and a clutch of grocery store daisies plonked unceremoniously into a cup usually used for rinsing paint brushes.

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Can you write a Bughead proposal fic please?

The Proposal

Betty padded down the hall of their small one bedroom apartment, hair wet from the shower.

“You’ve got one hour!” Jughead called from the living room.

Betty rolled her eyes lovingly as she entered their bedroom.

When Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones were 16, they officially started dating.

They told one another they had fallen in love six months later.

When they turned 18, they got accepted to the same College, packing up their belongings and moving to New York City.

The first year, they had lived in the dorms. Betty had her roommate, Jughead had his. Their second year, they thought about living off-campus. They nixed that quickly when they realized they couldn’t afford it. They continued dating, living with their roommates, studying hard but loving harder.

Jughead Jones sold his first novel at 20 years old, Betty trying tears of joy when she found out.

Betty became an English teacher. She couldn’t decide between being a journalist or an English teacher, but helping others was in her heart.

They had moved back to Riverdale at 22, when they learned Betty’s mother was sick.

While Alice Cooper had made Betty’s life miserable as a teenager, they had grown much closer while Betty lived in New York City. Alice having cancer hurt Betty deepily, but she was convinced Alice would beat it. Alice was the strongest woman Betty knew.

Jughead held Betty together when her mother died. She didn’t get out of bed for a week, but slowly, he put her back together.

They were together when F.P. remarried, together when Polly told them she was pregnant again. She had been dating Reggie Mantle’s brother for a few years now.

Now, at 26, they had been together for ten years exactly.

They had made a beautiful life in Riverdale. Jughead was a successful writer but had reopened the Drive-In last year.

Betty taught kids only ten years younger than she.

Betty walked out of their bedroom and into the living room about 50 minutes later. Her hair had grown down to the middle of her back, curled loosely. She had on minimal eye makeup, lips glossed red.

She wanted to look nice, but not too fancy since she didn’t know what the night entaled.

“Ready, my love?” Jughead asked as Betty walked into the room.

Betty smiled, extending her hand out to Jughead. He took it and brought it up to his lips, kissing her delicate skin. “You look beautiful.” He murmured.

“Thanks, baby. Just for you.” She winked, throwing a small evening purse over her shoulder, walking out of the room, Jughead in tow.

They drove the short distance to the new-and-improved Drive-In, sitting in the back of their old beat-up truck. Jughead placed cozy blankets around them as the movie started.

“An Affair to Remember?” Betty murmured as the movie lit up the screen.

“It’s your favorite.” Jughead shrugged.

“Yeah, but it’s not your favorite.”

“No, but you’re my favorite. Only the best for my favorite. Plus, it’s not so bad.” Jughead smirked and held Betty’s hand.

They watched the movie contently, occasionaly stealing a kiss from one another.

By the last few minutes of the movie, Betty was getting choked up as usual. The ending always got her.

And then, instead of the credits rolling - WILL YOU MARRY ME? - was splayed across the screen. Big, bold letters.

Betty hadn’t even felt Jughead hop down from the cab of the truck. He was knelt in front of her, on one knee, an open box in his hand.

Betty had tears streaming down her face, a smile on her lips.

She took the blanket off her lap and hopped out of the truck.

“Betty, you are the best person I’ve ever known. You make me a better man and I don’t deserve your love, your beauty, your patience. You are the mac to my cheese, the butter to my waffles, the Juliet to my Romeo.” He smiled at his own cheesiness. “Will you do me the honor of making me the happiest person alive and become my wife?”

Betty flicked a tear from her cheek. “I love you so much.” She cried. “Yes, yes, yes!” She yelled happily, kneeling with him.

Jughead picked her up and spun her around, kissing her deeply. He set her down and slipped the ring on her finger.

It was absolutely gorgeous - a round-cut blush diamond set on a white gold band.

“Congratulations!” Veronica surprised Betty by running up and kissing her on the cheek.

Betty looked confused  - what was Veronica doing here?

“Jug told me his plan, and he wanted to get pictures of your face when he asked you. I was hiding back there.” She winked. “I love you both!” She said, walking away to give them space.

“I love you so much.” Betty whispered to Jughead, wrapping her arms around her head.

“I love you too, Mrs. Jones.” Jughead murmured as he placed his lips on Betty’s.

“I like the sound of that.” She smiled into his lips.

Innocent Favour // Veronica Lodge

Summary: To the dismay of your girlfriend you begin hanging out with her ‘enemy’ for something you don’t tell her. The miscommunication causes Ronnie to get the wrong idea leading to a fight while all you were doing was getting help from Cheryl to become a Vixen.

Characters: Reader x Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Jughead Jones, Mr and Mrs. Blossom, Betty Cooper, Polly Cooper (mentioned), Hiram Lodge (mentioned), Hermione Lodge (mentioned), FP Jones (mentioned) and Fred Andrews (mentioned).

Words: 2986

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters involved.

Warnings: Swearing, jealousy, the Blossoms, fighting, angst, fluff and female same sex relationship.

Requested: Yes. Anonymous.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: Requests are close to being open! THIS GOT DELETED TWICE, YA’LL ARE LUCKY I MANAGED TO RECOVER IT. Stay tuned and add us on snapchat, our username is caitsyandash


Prompt List


Originally posted by gabbiesworld

You were probably the only female in the entire school population that didn’t get Cheryl’s claws in her skin nor did you get in her way. You had actually in fact been the first to the scene when she was found soaking wet on the rocks. You had earned the Blossom’s respect when you refused to allow Cheryl to speak a word to anyone without her parents or legal counsel. Sure you weren’t best friends but she actually liked you because you were decent compared to everyone else.

The one thing you had always wanted was to be a part of the Vixens for the close friendship that developed between everyone. It wasn’t a con that Veronica was on the team and they could spend more time together. It had been a small shock when the two of you came out as dating without prior knowledge that you both were in fact into girls also. You also knew that if you asked Veronica for help to get help on moves to try out with it wouldn’t end up with cheerleading moves.

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A Witch’s Guide to Showering:

In today’s busy world, it can be hard to have 5 minutes to yourself to cleanse and ground your energies, but fear not – the shower can be a great place to do this.

When you are underneath the water, you can envision it cleansing you and washing all the negativity from you down the drain. The water can be incredibly refreshing and grounding too. Taking a few minutes to close your eyes and stand under the soothing water and calm your mind and breathing can be really good for you - spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

If the shower uses rainwater, you’ll receive its rejuvenating, protective, inspiring, creativity-boosting - maybe that’s why we have great ideas in the shower ;D - and cleansing energies.

If you’re using town water like me, don’t worry about the water being ‘impure’ or ‘not as natural and spiritually cleansing as rain.’ I like to think of town water as a symbol of unity. After all, hundreds or possibly thousands of people in your town / city use it for everything from cooking and drinking to watering their gardens and washing their clothes and selves. Makes it seem more powerful when you put it in that light, huh? Don’t underestimate it, folks – it’s still water and water is powerful.

As a secret witch, I find the bathroom a good and private place for a few low-key workings. I often wear my favourite, (waterproof) crystal necklace and cleanse it with the water and my own cleansed energies. I also fill empty lip gloss containers with the warm water and add a few little bits and bobs like petals, leaves or even pieces of recently-dried tree sap to make infusions. They can be used later to cleanse small things like crystals, candles or even to anoint yourself. ! Make sure if you do use infusions you do not drink them unless they are fresh and you are certain that the plants you used aren’t dangerous in any way !. Lip gloss containers are great for the secret witch because they are inconspicuous and small enough to slip in your pocket. Just don’t let anyone mistake them for actual lip gloss!

Also, make sure you wash your body in the shower (kind of obvious, but oh well). Remember that physical hygiene and cleansing is just as important as spiritual cleansing, and it’ll help you feel fresh, bright and a million dollars – great for yo’ self-esteem.

Blessed be, lovelies. Hope this gave you a new appreciation of the bathroom!

morcey  asked:

Do you have any Gotham Rogue fics in particular you'd recommend?

idk about gotham rogues fics because i don’t really read that much fanfiction and then they tend to be about main pairings, but i’ve got some pairing fics (of the gotham rogues) that have good rogue gallery interactions :) 

  • fight back by amanda-jp (harley/ivy) - after a drunken night on the town, ivy confronts harley about joker’s continuous mistreatment, culminating in a short trip to hell.
  • mistletoe by amanda-jp (harley/ivy) - after getting kicked in the face by batgirl, arrested right before christmas, and an unwelcome surprise in the arkham cafeteria, harley deserves a kiss under the mistletoe more than anyone. definitely more than mr. two-sides mcsplit-face laughing it up with ivy.
  • feel human by amanda-jp (harley/ivy) - harley comes to ivy on a rainy night, bruised and beaten but with a big smile on her face. what else is new?
  • (basically any fic on @amanda-jp‘s fic section, she’s amazing.) 
  • mad love: a new beginning by amberz10 (harley/ivy) - what if dr. harleen quinzel stopped in front of poison ivy’s cell that first day rather than the joker’s? how would things change?
  • coffee stains by psyonixre (harley/ivy) - a short harlivy one-shot about shared apartments, sunflowers and cherry lip gloss.
  • i know you said no man-bats in the house but… by imbatgirl (harley/ivy) - harley has a bad habit of gravitating towards anything that even slightly resembles a cute animal so, when harley brings home an injured man-bat, ivy is less than pleased.
  • a thousand masks by mix stitch (harvey/bruce, harvey/gilda) - after eight years abroad, bruce wayne comes back into gotham just in time to celebrate the new year. apparently, being gotham city’s hard-partying prodigal son is hard work, and bruce seems to have no time for a lowly ADA. even if said ADA is probably the only real friend that bruce even has left in this godforsaken city. four weeks to the day after his arrival back in gotham, bruce waltzes into harvey’s office on the third floor of the district attorney’s office as though it hasn’t been a month of harvey playing phone tag and dealing out assorted excuses.
  • scars, warm against his palms by mithen (harvey/bruce) - bruce comes home to gotham and harvey.
  • a great leap into the dark by havisham (harvey/bruce, all-female au) - vignettes about vigilantes – a caped crusader, how the perfect sidekick is forged (tragedy!), a felonious feline-fancier, a tragic district attorney, and a reformed (reforming) tire-thief.
  • unmasked by unpretty (bruce/selina) - catwoman is selina kyle, and bruce has always known it. batman is bruce wayne, but selina just found that out. shockingly, it turns out the dude has issues.
  • batman: crimson by severina310 (bruce/selina) - selina kyle returns to gotham with her sights set on a big score. on the night of robbery, everything goes wrong. batman and catwoman team up to untangle a criminal web that leads them from gotham to bludhaven and beyond.
  • it’s an illusion by pluppelina (edward/jonathan) - the story of arkham asylum, arkham city, and a developing relationship, told through the point of view of nobody at all.
  • a little sincerity by rhadamantelope (edward/jonathan) - in the words of oscar wilde, “a little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.”

Genre: high school au, mild violence(?), hints of mental illness?, love triangle?!?!

Featuring: Mark, Jackson, and Jaebum

A/N: new mini series?!?! I got super inspired from some tv the other day to write this, and I’m hoping you all like this first part! Give me some feedback maybe?

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Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em:Part 1

Originally posted by whovian182

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Lydia

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Swearing, smut, unprotected sex, fluff, angst-abandonment.  

Word count: 2368

Summary: Y/n and Derek have a night together resulting in life changing consequences. 

A/N: This is based on a request I got from @sallyp-53Could you write about a vampire female reader being a part of the pack in teen wolf, where instead of Derek ending the party thrown at his loft he ends up hanging out with her at the party, I know they can’t get drunk but for stories sake it happens and they end up sleeping together. They are still good friends after but the reader later finds out she’s with child and keeps trying to figure out the right time and way to tell Derek Sorry if this is way to long or not to your liking ❤️ ur writing! Ok, so once u read this, you will realise the request has been changed a bit. I was initially going to do a fluffy oneshot, but it ended up becoming an angsty 2 parter. Sorry. Hope u like it!

Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53 @december-sunrise @beaconhills17 @winchesterreid @helvonasche@fly-f0rever @kaitlynnlovegood


The music was blaring and the all the teens were dancing. 

Y/n didn’t think it would be good idea to do this.

Not in Derek’s loft. But they went ahead and did it anyways.

So, y/n was stood there, watching basically the entire high school dancing, paint on their bodies ,as their nasty hormonal asses grinded on each other.

It was sickening to her. 

Not because she was grossed out by the grinding. 

But the hormones. 

They smelt putrid.

You see, y/n was a vampire. 

She was born one. 

She’d always had a heightened sense of sound, smell and sight. 

Also super strength, speed, night vision. 

On top of that, she was a special kind of vampire. 

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The Bad Boy |Min Yoongi| (5)

Summary: You’re the good popular girl of the school and then there’s Min Yoongi, the bad boy. You both have family problems, considering people think your life is perfect, so once you get detention with him you click.

Warnings: Cursing, some implied smut

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Word Count: 1114

“I need a favor” He replied.

“Continue” You said.

“My parents are throwing some stupid fundraiser party and I need you to come as my date” He said.

“Your date” You said.

“My date” He repeated.

“Why do you need a date?” You asked.

“Because then they won’t bitch at me as much as they do” He replied.

“Okay. I’ll do it” You said.

“Great. Thanks” He smiled and you just processed what was happening.


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My Moana 15″ doll from ‘Moana’. She’s not the singing version (Disney Store hasn’t made a singing doll yet) but just the LE jointed version. I’m hoping that DS will eventually release a singing doll and then I’ll switch her out. I retouched her faceup, gave her eyelashes and glossed her lips and eyes. Her ‘Voyager’ ‘princess’ outfit is untouched and gorgeous! (Since it’s LE edition, it’s really detailed! No need to fix it up!)

Next up, all 15 ‘Princesses’ together!

Mar 23, 2017 Update: Just redid all my 16″ princesses and took new photos!! We also photographed all 15 dolls together, so I’ll be posting the ‘group shots’ at the end of the queue.

Hope you like their new looks!!

Samoan Love Chapter 1

Authors Note: Taking a break from Two Worlds Collide

Roman Reigns x OC

Word Count: 2,004

Warning: There will be smut in later chapters

Jessica had always tried to play it safe. She had a rule to never get involve with famous men but that rule flew out the window when she met Roman Reigns. When she met Roman she knew she had to have him.

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Oswald x Reader- Little Princess (Rated M - smut and sinister acts)

So here it is! After all the opinions on where I should take this story, here’s the result!! Thank you all for your input!! Please read the warnings under the cut. Please really please!

You are Sal Maroni’s daughter, caught in the crossfire of Oswald’s planned revenge after your Father gave away his biggest secret to the woman he cherishes most in the world…..

This is a really sinister Oswald, please proceed with care!

Originally posted by gobblepotfans

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I just want to wear eyelashes and lip gloss. I don't think I have the skill to contour and shit. Is it acceptable to just wear eyelashes and lip gloss or just eye lashes?

yea of course ! realistically i’m sick of every mua trying to sell a trend and a new shitty makeup technique do what you like at a price that works for you

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*squeal* Okay I want a beautiful fic in which Molly is a youtuber who makes videos with two of her best friends (John and Meena). All the subscribers think that Molly and Sherlock (Johns flatmate) hate each other...but then there is a live stream.

My sister DEMANDED this AU of me, sent me the prompt, and yelled at me all day to write it. Guys. I wrote a whole first chapter. Here is a sneak peak, for the purposes of prompt completion, but dear GOD this went long. I WROTE SIX THOUSAND WORDS IN A DAY, PEOPLE - ALL BECAUSE SHE KEPT DEMANDING ME TO WRITE IT. 

Hi! Uploaded two hours ago by Miss Mouse. 6:31.

The camera wobbled as the girl adjusted it a little.

She was wearing a slightly dowdy white blouse – her hair was pulled back in a pony tail, and she had a small frame. She smiled at the camera nervously. The background was of a pretty yellow room, a multicoloured bed and fairylights that were strong across a softboard that had diagrams upon diagrams of anatomy. Some of them weren’t human.

“Hi!” she said. Her voice was a little high-pitched and breathy, particularly since she looked like she’d just come back from somewhere. “My name is Molly Hooper – I’m a student in eleventh grade, and I am sixteen years old. Sorry – this is sounding like a list. I’m not sure why I’m doing this – Meena said that it might be a good idea, particularly since according to her, I just think too much. I guess it’s nice to have someone to talk to.”

She paused.

“Oh dear – that makes me sound so lonely,” she said. “Um – I’m not entirely sure what else I should talk about.”

She looked behind the camera confusedly.

“Meena is signaling me furiously, I’m not sure what’s going on.”

“Talk about school!” came the voice behind the camera.

“What about school?” asked Molly exasperatedly.

“What about that bloke? Sherlock? Your classes? Anything, Molly! You talk to me twenty four seven and everyone compliments me on having found a friend who’s so quiet.”

Molly blushed. The camera went a little out of focus for a second –

“Hang on,” said Meena. “Yes. Go.”

Molly was looking at her fingers when the camera came back. She fiddled with a string on her blouse, and she looked at the camera.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” she asked, finally. Her face was pink, but she looked strangely determined. “There’s this boy and I love him. At least, I think I do. I can’t stop thinking about him. He’s so intelligent it’s like he’s burning. And he’s so cool but not really. And he’s fit. Oh, he is really fit.”

Molly looked up. “Meena is signaling me with a thumbs up. I guess that means I’m good. I can’t stop thinking about him. I’m a sensible girl, I always have been – really, the first time I had a drink with Meena, I finished one peg, ate two chocolate biscuits, and had another. And I worked really hard to get into AP Chemistry, but he just rides all over everything. It’s like I’m Molly Hooper, in control. ‘Little Miss Perfect’ as my mates call me. Until he walks into the room and then suddenly I’m this little mouse. He turns me into a mouse.”

She looked at her shoes.

“I don’t think you’re ‘Little Miss In Control’, Molly,” said Meena from behind.

“Really? John says I am.”

“John doesn’t recognize Mary for the madwoman she is,” said Meena sarcastically. “You have to be really oblivious to be John. You’re a mess, for sure, you’re just a mess who’s got every stupid thing in her life sorted except yourself.”

“Thanks for that vote of confidence,” said Molly.

“No problem, babe.”

“I think Sherlock hates me, though,” said Molly sadly.

“What?” asked Meena.

“He’s always glaring at me in class,” said Molly. “And he’s always mean. I mean – on some level, I hate him as well! He’s always so rude, and there’s no need to be rude.”

There was a silence from behind the camera.

“You know, Molly, sometimes, you can be equally oblivious.”


Jon Hotson: Go Molly! You finally joined us.

Miss Mouse replied: What can I say? Meena convinced me.

Bitchin Through The Day replied: God, John, it took such effort, I can’t tell you.


theworldburned2714: who is this bloke?? sounds like a dick, i hope molly hates him

cauldronbubble replied: i think she does subconsciously lol


Biology It Is uploaded one hour ago by Miss Mouse. 5:40

“Hi!” she said. “Meena is with me again, today, as I try to get a hang of how I do this. There were some comments, which was really nice. I’m sorry I didn’t reply, I felt really awkward.” She blinked at the camera. “Not that it’s very new for me to be awkward. He came in today, you know – and I just don’t understand him. He’s so frustrating. I think user cauldronbubble was right.”

“Molly, you need to explain a little bit more. Everyone isn’t watching all your videos.”

“Right,” said Molly, sounding flustered. “He was in again today and I still don’t understand him. One minute he’s noticing the tiniest thing about me and the next it’s like I’m not here. He said I was wearing too much lipstick and then said I wasn’t wearing enough. I just don’t know. Connie Prince will know. She’s fab.”

“Molly! Learn to give some details – but also be careful in case you give away too much.”

“Um, right,” said Molly. She fumbled a little with her jumper. “So – well, we were in AP Chemistry, you know? And, well – I wasn’t doing anything – minding my own business and all that. And I got well – I don’t know, he just showed up. And it was so irritating, Meena – he just said ‘Are you wearing lip gloss?’ and yes, obviously I am –”

“Which lip gloss?” asked Meena interestedly.

Molly glared at the person behind the camera. “Why does it matter?”

“I don’t know, it just looked like that new Baby Lips.”

“How did you know?” asked Molly. “Nevermind – I said, ‘yes’ and he turned away. And then – at the end of the lesson, when I took it off he goes, ‘your lips look too small now.’”

“I wonder what he wears outside of school,” said Meena conversationally from behind the camera.

“John’s Youtube channel has them going on adventures and stuff a lot – he wears a coat. Full one.

“He’s seventeen!” said Meena.

“Exactly,” said Molly in a satisfied voice.

“Too bad you have the hots for him,” said Meena. “He is very fit, though.”

“I know,” said Molly, sounding frustrated.

“Maybe we should talk about AP Chemistry instead,” said Meena.

“Stop directing my videos!” said Molly.

“Do it yourself, then,” said Meena.

“I don’t know what to say about AP Chemistry – everything that we have been taught since we were children is a lie, the universe is a mess, no one knows what gravity even is, let alone any rules or equations which work with it, and God isn’t real.”

There was a silence from behind the camera. “Pleasant. You could have taken AP English with me. I’m in Shakespearean heaven.”

“Biology is nice, though. I’m a bit tired of cutting frogs.”

“You’re the only one who is able to do it,” said Meena.

“I want a pigeon,” said Molly.

“So, biology it is, eh?”

“Biology it is.” Molly frowned. “You should start coming in front of the camera, you know.”

A forehead popped at the edge of the camera, slowly. “Hello Molly’s viewers! Subscribe to my channel, Bitchin Through The Day for actual quality content. I have actual three thousand subscribers!”

“You talk about English all the time, why do you have so many subscribers?”

“People like hearing Wordsworth bitched about. Cause he’s a little bitch.”

The forehead retreated.

Molly rolled her eyes. “Right. Thanks, for watching! If you liked this video, please like it, and subscribe to my channel Miss Mouse to see more!”


Seven new comments from Jon Hotson, Bitchin Through The Day, cauldronbubble, theworldburned2714, itwas42, hellodarknessmyoldfriend, and suckIT25


The Blind Banker uploaded five hours ago by Jon Hotson. 20:21

15:23 – 16:17

The sandy haired boy sat in front of the camera – he was wearing a striped jumper, and in the background, his friend with curly hair was lounging. The friend looked distinctly disgruntled. His room was painted white, while his bed was in the background, with a purple sheet. There were some posters of bands behind the headboard.

“In any case – Dimmock wasn’t convinced that Sherlock was telling the truth about the drug smuggling teenagers operating in the school – and he decided to charm Molly Hooper into helping him analyse their little ‘popular token which is just circulating among teenagers.’”

“My God, your audience must be tired of you. How can you reduce cold fact and logic into this sensationalist, exclamation point inducing, emoticon mess?”

“I have five thousand subscribers, Sherlock!”

“I can’t fathom why.”

“I can’t fathom why you’re always doing that to Molly.”

“Doing what to Molly?” asked the boy with black hair, flicking his hair. He jumped from the sandy haired boy’s bed, pacing the room until he was seated in front of the camera.

“You know – that thing. Where you charm her. You told her that her hair looked nice today.”

“It did. Very aesthetically pleasing,” said Sherlock dismissively. “Is it any different from the way you managed to get into that girl Sarah’s good books?”

“I – Sherlock – that’s different! I’m interested in Sarah.”

“Poor girl,” commented Sherlock. “Look, John – Molly Hooper is a garden variety insecure teenager. It’s easy to take advantage of her and make her happy at the same time. I could not care less about her hair, except she did make an effort today so it was an easy target.”

The camera went briefly out of focus.

“Christ, Sherlock, anyone would think you hate her.”

The black haired boy’s eyes flickered briefly to the camera as it started to come back to its senses.

“Can we get back to your ridiculous narrative?”



Most Popular Comment:

cauldronbubble: god, fuck you, Sherlock Holmes.

You can find the full first chapter on AO3 here and on FF Net here.