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BTS Reaction to: their S/O’s lips tasting sweet

Thank you to @cute-irony for the request!

This one was super fun to write, hope you guys like it!

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Jin would try to be so charming and smooth about stealing another kiss when he tasted your sweet lips. He’d play it off innocently as if he simply was curious about the flavor and that he absolutely had to have at least five more kisses so he could guess exactly what it tasted of. 

“Jagi, that lip balm tastes so familiar! You better kiss me again so I can figure out what it is.”


Yoongi would pretend like he totally didn’t notice how your lips tasted so sweet, but he’d be gushing about it on the inside. He’d probably try to play it cool by acting like he was indifferent when you asked him if he liked your new lip balm. However, he’d then spend the rest of the day trying to find excuses to kiss you so he could taste it again.


As soon as he kissed you, Hoseok would start complimenting you on how sweet your lips tasted and attempt to seem like he was super interested in the lip balm you were wearing, but really he’d be trying to find a way to kiss you again. He would keep insisting that you kiss him a second time so his lips could taste the same way. 

“No Jagi, I don’t want to borrow your lip balm. You should just give me another kiss so my lips can taste as sweet as yours.” 


Namjoon would taste the cherry lip balm you put on as soon as his lips met yours. He would absolutely love how they tasted, but he’d try really hard to play it off cool. He wouldn’t pull away when he tasted how sweet your lips were, he’d instead try to bit your lip or maybe even would let his tongue slip to get a second taste. 


When you kissed Jimin, giving him a taste of the sweet lip balm you’d just put on, he’d pull away and get all giggly while covering his rosy cheeks. He’d get a bit embarrassed about it and would probably do that thing where he hides his tiny hands inside his sleeves and uses them to cover his face. Then he’d shyly compliment you on the sweet taste of your lips and ask if he could have another kiss.


When you kissed Taehyung and he tasted the strawberry balm you’d applied, he’d sit there for a moment, cutely licking his lips a bunch of times before he leaned forward, his lips puckered in anticipation for a second kiss. When you backed away, denying him the kiss, he’d probably get up and start chasing you around the room to steal another taste of your lips.

“Jagiiii, I’m so hungry! Let me taste the strawberries off your lips!” 


Jungkook wouldn’t want to admit that he liked the taste of the lip balm you had on because he’d feel too shy to tell you. He’d probably get super squishy and smiley about it and he’d mumble really quietly that your lips tasted nice. You’d try to tease him by cheekily asking if he’d like another taste and he’d get even more flustered to the point where he wouldn’t be able to answer you because he’d be giggling too hard.

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Seventeen Hip-Hop Unit Lip Balm Reaction

Here’s the hip-hop unit reacting to you getting a yummy new lip balm flavor. It was supposed to just be a reaction, but it started out kind of drabbly to begin with and only got more and more so as it went on. Mingyu’s was last so his is the longest and he’s not even my bias teehee 


S.Coups: Vanilla

He would come to pick you up for a coffee date at your place. When you opened the door, he pressed his lips to yours with a small smile to say hello like you two usually did, but this time he noticed something new. When he pulled away for a second, he smirked a little, licked his lips, and then kissed you again, this time a little longer and deeper, and he hummed happily when he pulled away again.

“Your lips taste like vanilla, are you wearing new lip balm?” He looked at you quizzically. “Let me know when you run out of this, we can go get you some more.” He gave you one last kiss before taking your hand and leading you off for your date with that adorable smirk still plastered on his face.

Wonwoo: Watermelon

You two were sitting on a bench in the park looking at the cherry blossoms, him holding your hand in his own. When there was a lull in conversation, you two looked at each other, and he took the opportunity to place a soft, gentle kiss on your lips. You felt him smile lightly after a moment, and when he pulled away, he looked down in his lap, blushed a tiny bit and let out a light chuckle.

“What?” You blushed at his giggling. He looked up at the cherry blossoms and then back down at his hands in his lap.

“You’re wearing a new lip balm.” You laughed.

“Do you like it?” He looked up at you for a moment, after which he brought his hand up to gently cup your cheek as he leaned in to place another kiss on your lips. You both leaned away giggling.

Vernon: Strawberry

You were sitting on your couch typing away on your laptop. You had a report to finish, but Vernon had wanted to see you anyway, so he came over to sit with you while you worked and talk and eat with you when you took a break. Right then, he’d decided that it was time for a break.

“Come on, we should eat dinner now.”

“I’m almost ready, let me just finish this one part.”

“You said that half an hour ago.” He accused, exasperated.

“Yeah, but I’m really almost d-“ He turned your face towards him and kissed you quickly to distract you. He was about to tell you to put the laptop down when his eyebrows furrowed, and he paused. He leaned back in to kiss you again, and again, looking at you quizically.

“what?” You blushed, confused by his actions.

“…strawberry?” You rolled your eyes and smiled, earning a laugh from him.

“Yeah, I got new lip balm.”

“I like it.”

Mingyu: Tropical Blend

You both leaned over your controllers, wearing looks of determination. Just as you raced through the last few meters to the finish line, You watched in horror as out of the corner of your screen, Mingyu’s kart sped past you and crossed the finish line a fraction of a second before you. Mingyue threw his controller on the couch and lept up as he laughed and bragged.

“Yes! YES. I won. I beat you. You lost. I AM. THE BEST.” You scowled at him and pulled out your new lip balm as you retorted.

“I demand a rematch.” He sat back down still sporting a ridiculous grin as he went back through the Mario Kart menu to start up another match.

“I never realized how much you enjoyed the pain and humiliation of losing, time and time again.” He said as he glanced over at you to watch you apply the lip balm, his attention suddenly drawn away from the game.

“Is that new? I don’t recognize the color.” He asked.

“What? Oh, yeah. It’s tropical blend.” You didn’t really pay him much attention as you finished up applying the lip balm. He stared at you, both amused and a little entranced by your simple act. Suddenly, as you were just about to put the lid back on, you felt your wrist pulled away from your face, and Mingyu swooped down to press his lips to your own. You were a little shocked, but soon melded right into the kiss, which lasted only a couple of seconds. He pulled back with a proud smirk on his face and looked from your lips to your eyes while his face stayed no more than a couple inches from your face.

“I like it.” He gave you a quirk of the corner of his mouth and then went back to the game like nothing happened, the only evidence of the event but the surprised look on your face and the smirk that remained plastered on his.


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How to fix dry lips

I’m someone who has suffered dry lips for as long as I can remember and boy have they gotten bad. Some days I would wake up with dry, cracked, peeling and sometimes even bleeding lips, and no matter how many diet changes I made, how much water I drank nothing really helped, but after my years of beauty blogging I’ve come across a few amazing products and tips to help  get rid of dry lips and keep them in tip top condition…

Some of my favourite lip care products which include: *Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm, Manuka Honey, Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, *Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid, *Suvana Paw Paw & Honey Balm, *Rosehip Plus Roll On Oil

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  • INTP and ENFP are shopping at Target
  • ENFP: ah look at this mug!!
  • INTP: (softly gasps, gently lifts mug) i love mug
Seventeen Performance Unit Lip Balm Reaction

I came out with the hip-hop unit version of this yesterday or the day before and someone asked for the performance unit, so how could I refuse! So here you go, thanks for requesting <3 This is the performance unit reacting to you getting a tasty new lip balm.


Hoshi: Raspberry Pomegranate

“It looks great, Hosh!” You called to your boyfriend across the practice room. You were working on your laptop, watching him while he practiced. He looked at you in the mirror while he went to turn the music off and take a break with you. When he walked over to you, he lifted the laptop off of your legs, placed it on the floor next to you, and helped lift you up by your hands before wrapping you up in a tight hug. He leaned out of the hug to kiss you, but when he pulled away, he looked at you in amazement.

“Did you drink a smoothie?” You furrow your eyebrows at the strange question.

“No, why?” He glances back down at your lips, and kisses you again, still sporting the same confused look. Then he does it again, and again.

“Hosh, what?” You ask, a little confused by his actions.

“You taste like a smoothie.” He marveled at your lips as realization dawned on you.
“Ooooh, Hoshi, that’s my new lip balm!” You laughed at him. “Is it okay?” He looked at you in mock deliberation, before leaning in to kiss you again and then turning to walk away.


Jun: Cotton Candy

You walked beside Jun back to the dorm from picking up a couple of groceries for the boys, you carrying one bag, him carrying the other. You were glad to go with him, you liked spending time with him. You liked it a lot. In fact, neither of you had really made a move, but you had a feeling that the feeling was mutual. However, you weren’t sure if you should just sit around and wait for him to make the first move, but you also didn’t want to pressure him with his busy schedule, so you weren’t sure how to go about it.

“You okay?” His voice brought you back to reality.


“What were you thinking about?” He let out a breathy snort of a laugh as you were startled out of your trance.

“Oh. Nothing.”

“You sure?”

“yeah.” You assured him as you pulled your lip balm out to smear some on your lips, less because your lips were dry and more because it was a mindless thing you did to distract yourself from his questioning. Little did you know he was staring at you the whole time you did it. As you returned the cap to its place and put it back in your purse, Jun took up a new line of questioning.

“What’s that?” You looked at him a little incredulously. What did it look like?

“Lip balm.”

“Is it flavored?” You were a little confused as to where this was going, but you saw a little twinkle in his eye that made you want to answer him.

“Yeah, why?” You looked at him a little suspiciously but with a small, almost imperceptible smirk ornamenting your features. He noticed it. He stopped walking.

“Can I taste it?” Your eyes went wide in realization, and you stuttered incomprehensibly, completely flustered and unsure of what to say. He dropped the bag he was carrying and whispered as took your face in his hands to pull you up to him.

“You’re too cute.” And at that he crashed his lips onto yours. Stroking your cheek with his thumb, he moved his lips over yours firmly and passionately, and reached down to drop the bag from your hands, and you wrapped your arms around his neck, tangling your fingers into his soft chestnut locks. He snaked his arms all the way around your lower back and pulled you up to him even further. When the two of you broke the kiss, he kept holding you against him as he grinned widely.

“You taste as sweet as you look.” He said in a singsong voice just oozing with flirtatiousness, Earning a smack on the chest from you before you two resumed your walk back to dorms hand in hand.

Dino: Pear

You and dino were at the park on an early spring Sunday afternoon, just talking work. He was excited about a new choreo, you were finally making friends with the girl who sat at a desk near you, things like that. Watching as dogs ran their owners around and kids frolicked on swing sets and slides, you both sat on a bench, just enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful day. You pulled out your lip balm and spread it on your lips. He pointed out a couple of particularly adorable kids on the playground, earning a giggle from you followed by a peck on the lips. He leaned into you a little, making the kiss last a little longer than just the intended peck, not that you were complaining. After you two pulled away, he laughed a little and looked at his lap before moving his gaze back to the playground.

“What?” You wondered about his laugh. He looks over at you biting his lip to control his smile.

“You taste like pears.” He replied. You crinkled your nose at him cutely and leaned your head on his shoulder.

“It’s my new lip balm. I’ll keep wearing it.” You spoke softly as he took hold of your hand and started playing with your fingers.

The8: Blueberry

“Thanks for watching this with me.” You looked up at your boyfriend with adoration and he looked down at you with the same as he fiddled with your fingers on the couch in your living room. The beginning of Ariel was playing on the tv, and you had your knees curled up in front of you as you leaned on Minhao’s shoulder. You reached up to slide your fingers around the back of his neck and pull him in for a kiss as thanks for spending the evening with you, and he complied readily, kissing you back gently and sweetly. When you pulled away, you noticed a generous dusting of pink in his cheeks as he avoided your eyes.

“What?” You looked at him quizzically. For the most part, you’d gotten past the awkward phase, so he usually only responded shyly when other people were around.

“Nothing.” He lied, clearly.

“No, what?” You giggled at his cute behavior. He buried his face in your neck and you laced your fingers through his hair to massage his scalp as your heart melted a little. After a couple moments of this, he responded.

“I… think I could taste your lip balm.” He mutters, barely audible as he pushes his nose into your neck even more, causing you to laugh.

“Was it okay?” You checked with him, wanting to know how he felt about it. He reached his hand out to rest on your waste.

“I liked it…” You could practically feel the heat emanating from his cheeks and it brought a smile to your face.


Hope you liked it! I’m completely open to requests, so if you want to see anything else from me then just lemme know.

Why me?

Summary- Having Daryl confess his feelings for you, was the only thing you ever wanted in this ruined world. But what happens when Negan shows up and everything changes.


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Characters - Father!RickxReader. DarylxReader. NeganxReader.

Note- it’s going to be a series.

Warnings- Smut in future parts, maybe? Violence. Abuse.

Number of words - 1808

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They left me in the room and got out
I looked around and for the first time I’m actually seeing the room more clearly.
There was a mini fridge, a book shelf, a bed, for two might I add
There was even a closet, I walked towards it and opened it.

There were few flannel shirts, tank tops and few jeans.
This actually looked good.
I was a sucker for fashion before all this, old habits die hard
I walked towards the dressing table and looked into the mirror

I looked drenched and disgusted, my hair was a mess.
I noticed a small door, I opened it and it was the washroom, nothing fancy but definitely useful.

I went to the closet and grabbed a pair of black jeans and a red shirt and a black tank top.
I went inside the washroom and decided it was shower time.

After what seemed like forever, I got out of the washroom, in my new clothes and my hair wrapped up in a towel, the heating system they had here was bloody awesome.
It definitely took my mind of me selling my soul to the devil.
I wrapped my hair in the towel and washed my old clothes, and threw them in the tub to dry.

I got out of the washroom to find a black dress kept neatly on the bed, with a sticky note
Wear me’

Unfortunate for you, I just got changed!
I rolled my eyes and went and sat in front of the dressing table, searching for a comb, to untangle the hot mess of a hair, I started looking in all the drawers


I just found a hair dryer, Negan asshole was spoiling me
I mean I hate the guy but which girl would say no to anything that would help her look better?
Fuck this shit
Negan you asshole

I took it out and searched for a plug, and guess what? I did find one next to the table.
After 20 minutes of drying my hair, it looked flawless, it had a shine to it and I did a small curl to it from the ends.
Habit I used to have.
Putting the dryer back, I noticed a tube of a light red lip balm.

I did everything to resist touching it, but I ended up using it
Sure I would survive being tortured, starved and everything else but a pair of new clothes and a lip balm and I would give up instantly.
I rolled my eyes
I gotta get my damn priorities sort out

A knock on the door pulled me out of my thoughts, I pulled my hair behind my ears and went to the bed, took the black dress and kept it inside the closet.
I walked towards the door and swung it open to come face to face with Dwight.
He looked shocked

“What?” I hissed at him and he cleared his throat
“You look different.” He said simply “Didn’t ever think, under all that mud and rust and bitchyness there was actually a girl.”
“What did you expect? To find a dick?” I rolled my eyes and he chuckled
“Maybe.” He said seriously
“Sorry to disappoint.” I said folding my arms in front of me
“Come on, Negan wants to see you.” He said as he moved to the side, granting me a way “But he is going to be pissed, because you didn’t wear the dress.” He warned me
“I agreed to marry him not play dress up.” I said annoyed
“That dress is the wives code.” Dwight hummed
“Wives?” I asked confused and he smirked
“Come on, don’t keep your groom waiting!” Dwight laughed

Within few minutes we were knocking of Negan’s room and he yelled for us to enter
“Damn it!” He said checking me out as we entered
I tried to look away, his gaze ranking my body felt so uncomfortable and my cheeks started heating up
“You look… wow!” He said breathless and when I looked up, he was standing right in front of me, his chest touching me slightly
I tried to take a step back but his arm snaked around my waist and he pulled me straight into him
My breast were pressed against his strong flat chest
I gasped
Screw him

“L-let go.” I said but damn me, I fucking stuttered and he chuckled, his body vibrating and I could feel it
“Shy are we?” He smirked
I placed my hand on his chest, to create some distance between us, as I pushed him away but he didn’t budge. I turned my face to the opposite side
“Let go!” I hissed this time. His mint and whiskey smell invading my smelling sense, I hate this guy.
“Why didn’t you wear the dress?” He asked
“I agreed to marry you, not play Barbie and braid each other’s hair!” I snapped looking at him straight in the eyes
“Oh I see your fire is back!” He smirked
“You promised you would let me see D.” I said my eyes softening, I wouldn’t cry!
I could feel his eyes turn a shade darker and his grip around me tightens
“I did, didn’t I!” He said as his tongue licked his lips
“Can I go see him now?” I said and he nodded curtly

Letting go of me, he placed a hand on my lower back and another one in front of him, pointing me to lead the way
We started walking and soon we were in front of a cell I knew very well.

“You have 10 minutes, not a second extra!” He said as he grabbed a small torch lamp from Dwight and gave it to me
Dwight opened the door and I saw Daryl squint his eyes, oh god D.
I’ve missed you

I entered and set the torch on the ground and launched myself on Daryl hugging me
And I heard the door behind us close
“D” I said between sobs, I promised not to cry it I couldn’t
I have missed him truly
His arms came around me in an instant pulling me even closer to him
“Y/n!” His rough voice called “Are you okay?” He said as he pulled away looking at my face
He held my face in his hand, his thumb brushing away my tears
“I’m fine.” I smiled at him “I missed you, I missed everyone, how is dad? How is Carl? How is Judith?” I asked as I clutched to his shirt, afraid if I let go he would disappear.
“They are all fine, they are waiting for you to get home.” He smiled “I came to get you, we will go back home.” He said and I pulled away, I sat resting my head on the wall next to him and sighed
“We can’t, I can’t.” I said looking at the ceiling
“Yes we can!” He said angrily “Dont tell me you gave up? You never give up!” He said as he came in front of me looking at me
“You shouldn’t have come D, they were going to kill you.” I said looking at him sadly
“But they didn’t!” He shot back
“Because I made a deal.” I said ashamed of the deal but not my decision to make it
“Y/n, what did you do?” He asked worriedly
“I will marry Negan.” I said looking at the ground
“WHAT?” He snapped “YOU ARE NOT MARRYING HIM! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMN MIND?” He hissed angrily and I flinched, Daryl never yelled at me, he never used this tone at me
I was doing to save him, save everyone. Why can’t he see that?
“You won’t marry him! Over my dead body!” He snapped again and tears were rebuilding in my eyes
“Why?” I snapped “Why is it so important to you? Why do you care who I marry? I’m doing this to save you! To save every fucking one!” I yelled at his face, my face was turning red
“BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE YOU, dammit!” He said as he hit his fist in the wall

Did he just?
Yes he did!

“Daryl…” I said slowly
“No!” He snapped “I love you, I was a coward! I never said it! I spent time with Beth to avoid you, to avoid how I felt towards you, I spent time with Carol, got close to her, so that you would hate me so that you would stop wanting me. I knew you loved me, and I wanted to push you away! Hell I even went on runs with Rick just so I stay away from you.” He chuckled and my eyes were wide, tears running down my face “I was a fucking idiot”
“Daryl..” I tried one more time but he cut me off
“You were so pure, are so pure. You are kind. You are funny. I’m dark, tainted and ruined and I knew Rick would never approve. I love you and if saving you from committing the biggest mistake of your life means I have to man up and admit what I feel towards you, then hell I would gladly tell it again. I LOVE YOU”
“Daryl, you saying this just shows me how much more I need to do this, marry him.” I said bitterly
“Rick will flip.” Daryl said “And I can’t lose you.” He said holding my face in his hand
“You won’t.” I said placing my hand on hi neck “And Daryl, you ain’t tainted, Rick would never find anyone better for me than you and I’m not pure, I have darkness in me too.” I said as our foreheads rested against each other
“Please don’t go.” He whispered
“They will try to break you, they will torture you, hit you, play music till your ears bleed. They will want you to give up, they’re I’ll drive you insane.” I said slowly “they will give you a chance to escape just so they could prove to you that you can’t.” I said worriedly “Don’t let them break you, if giving in means you got to stay sane, please give in. I can’t think of what all they would do to you.”
“I don’t care about them” I said taking a deep breath “but I care about you and…”
“And what?” I asked as I pulled away looking at him
“I wanted to do this for so long, I will regret being a coward, forgive me.” He said and before I could ask him anything, his lips were on mine

Hot passionate and rough
He was hungry, so was I
He was desperate, so was I
He was sad and broken, so was I

My fingers tangled in his hair, pulling him closer to me.
Tears were staining our faces.
Our heart beats were rapid.
Our lips moved in syncs

“Forgive me.” He said breathlessly
“You, forgive me.” I pleaded and the door cell was yanked open
“Times up!” Negan growled like a wild animal
“Please don’t.” Daryl pleaded me but I got on my feet, I had to
“Time to put a ring on it!” Negan laughed as he grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the cell, closing the door shit behind me.
“Are you ready to be my wifey!” He laughed excited and I rolled my eyes

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I used a new lip balm at work the yesterday and it turns out I'm allergic to something in it because my lips were on stinging and itching the entire time. I didn't think it was that bad (and my coworkers said I looked fine) so I stayed at work so I wouldn't get deducted an attendance point for leaving early. When I got home I saw that my lips and surrounding area are bright red and I look like I got Kris Jenner lip injections. But I still didn't lose an attendance point. 👍

Recipe: A Spell on the Lips

There are many glamour spells out there - spells applied to makeup and applied to the witch as she readies herself for the day. This is an age-old practice, from the earliest days of cosmetics (I’m looking at you, Egypt…).

Today, it is less common for men to wear makeup, but no less easy to do a glamour spell. Or a spell that will sweeten your words. Or that will heal your chapped lips!

Lip balms and chapstick are often made from a combination of oils, flavors, scents, and wax. But say you’re a witch on a budget (like myself). It’s still easy enough to cook up a balm spell in the kitchen! And for someone like me whose lips get dry and cracked very easily this time of the year, having a healing balm on hand is a must!

This recipe is easily adaptable for any spell! Be sure to do your research, though. If you plan on adding any additional oils or herbs, search for ones that won’t promote drying out your lips. In addition, avoid adding salt. If you want a protection lip balm, cinnamon or rosemary or sage work perfectly. Adding salt will just put you back to square one in terms of chapped lips.


  • Coconut Oil (You may use refined or unrefined coconut oil, but unrefined is recommended)
  • Ground herbs of your choice (the ones I used in today’s batch were cloves and lavender, to inspire happy and calming words)
  • Essential oils of your choice (no more than a drop or two, else you risk drying out your lips or getting sick!)
  • Small jar or used balm container
  • Pot of water or a double boiler

Take a few spoonfuls of coconut oil and put them either in the top of your double boiler or (if you’re like me and put everything in little jars) your jar. Place this on the stove and bring the water to a boil. Give the oil time to melt down. Stir occasionally so that you have a clear oil without any chunks.

You may enchant your herbs before mixing them into the oil, if you’d like, or you can wait until everything is mixed and set.

When the oil is fully melted, stir in your herbs and essential oils. I like to let them stay in the hot oil for a while, until it’s stained a little by the herbs - this way I know that the scent and flavor of the herbs have dispersed throughout the oil, and it makes it look pretty.

Pull the jar from the water (or pour the mixed oil into your balm container) and allow the oil to cool and congeal again. I place it in the refrigerator to help it cool faster, but if you’re in no rush, you can cover it and allow it to cool on its own.

Then, tada! You have a cheap and easy lip balm. Keep in mind that this balm isn’t stiffened with beeswax, so it melts very easily. Keep it cool if you want it to remain in its semisolid state. If you carry a bag with you (either a handbag, bookbag, or backpack), this should be no problem!

You can add melted beeswax if you’d like to make it more firm and heat resistant.

As you can see, it’s a very easily altered recipe that the practical kitchen witch can make in ten minutes or so, and given that it’s winter, they make great stocking stuffers for Christmas or Yule! Add a touch more magic by drawing sigils and symbols on the container, or add lip-safe glitters or color tints to the oil to make it a bit more fun!

May your lips be ever magical, and forever moist!

Blessed Be! )O(

Got7 Lip Balm Reaction (Jaebum, Yugyeom, Bambam, Jackson)

Here’s the requested reaction to you getting a new lip balm flavor


Jaebum: Pomegranate

“Are you sure you want to watch this with me? You don’t have to.” You looked up at your boyfriend, not wanting him to feel pressured into anything.

“Oh my gosh, girl, of course I want to watch Pocahontas with you, this movie is my favorite.” He replied with a very exaggerated tone, making you giggle. Proud of the reaction he earned, he looked down at you with a loving smile, and you return it. After glancing down at your lips, he leaned in to press his lips to yours before pulling back with another smile on his face.

“What is that?” He asked, still looking at your lips.


He kisses you again, and pulls back with a pondering expression.

“you taste like pomegranate. I might just have to ignore the movie all together.” He teases, causing you to blush and smack his arm before hitting play.

Yugyeom: Strawberry

“Yugyeom, I brought chicken!” You shouted through the dorm as you walked in with the key he’d given you. He came running out to help you with the bag. When no one else came to see the haul, you became curious.

“Where are the others?” You asked Yugyeom.

“Most of them are out, It’s just Mark and I and he’s listening to music in his room.” He replied as he took the bag and took it to the kitchen. You followed him in and when he turned back to you, you stood on your tip toes to reach up and kiss him. When you pulled away, he broke into shy giggles and looked away. You smiled in amusement.


“Nothing he insisted as he busied himself with the chicken.”

“No seriously, what?”

After a moment’s pause, he finally turned back to you.

“Did you have strawberry ice cream before you came here or something?”
“No, why?”

“No reason.”

Bambam: Coconut Lime

You looked up at the clock and sighed.
“Hey guys, I’ve gotta go babysit my neighbor’s kids.” A chorus of ‘thankyou’s and enthusiastic ‘bye’s follow your pronouncement as you walk over to your boyfriend.

“Bye Bambam, see you tonight at dinner” And you give him a sweet kiss on the lips.

“mmmGURL, what is that lip balm?” He exclaims with his voice dripping with sass after you as you turn to leave, earning a laugh from you and a round of ‘ewww’s from the members.

“coconut lime, idiot.”

“Girl, it’s fantabulous, keep it!”

Jackson: Vanilla Mint

“What’s that?” Jackson asked as you pulled an egg shaped eos balm out of your purse.

“Lip balm” You looked at him and showed him as you twisted off the cap. “Vanilla mint” You raised your eyebrows happily as you spread the balm on your lips, and then made a popping sound with your lips as you closed the applicator back up and returned it to your purse. He watched you with an amused smirk on his face the whole time, and as soon as the lip balm was back in your purse, he grabbed the sides of your face, and ducked in to peck your lips. Startled, you let out a laugh as he leaned back and smiled playfully at you before giving you another peck.

“Jackson stop!” You giggled.

“Nope.” He made a popping sound at the end of the nope with his lips to imitate you, and then proceeded to leave little pecks all over your face as you laughed.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Her

1. When you realize you’ve never spoken about it, so you decide to ask “Have you seen The Princess Bride?” she looks at you as if she’s almost offended, before tilting her head ever-so slightly. The lilting cadence of her adopted accent as “Oh farm boy” rolls off her tongue is enough to turn you into a puddle at her feet. You’ll hope that your jacket at least lands on top of you as one last act of chivalry.

2. The sheer joy on her face as she shows you the new lip balm she’s purchased, despite it being a shade of pink she’d normally never be caught dead with. You’ll both read the name off at the same time, and the curve of her smile will be enough to send you careening down into a free fall. You’ll hope that your feet never again touch the ground.

3. The thrill of waking up to a text from her informing you that your favorite band has just released a new song. Her excitement rivals yours and the only thing you can think of as you listen to the song is how it will sound live, with her standing in front of you, your hands on her hips, her head leaning back against your chest. You’ll hope this soundtrack to your swaying goes on forever, and that just maybe she’ll turn around for a moment to wrap her arms around you.

4. Sitting across from one another at highest restaurant in the entire city, she’ll slowly sip her drink as her leg softly brushes against yours. She stares at you intently as you spout off whatever bullshit philosophy you’ve cobbled together during your lifetime. The way she engages you and makes you rethink everything, you’ll realize the sun is no longer the center of universe you’re inhabiting. You’ll hope that she lets you stay in orbit forever, marveling at the natural wonder that stardust creates.

5. Standing out in the freezing cold for a cigarette break, “Night Moves” drifts out of the loud speaker. As you shield her from the frigid gust of winder barreling toward the both of you, she softly starts to sing along with Seger. Suddenly it’s the middle of Summer, and you’re absolutely lost in the back seat of some forgotten car, feverish and sweaty, unable to stay away from one another. You’ll hope that she’s there every time you step out into the cold, ready to warm you up and sing you back home.

Seventeen Vocal Unit Lip Balm Reaction

Alright, the FINAL INSTALLMENT of the seventeen lip balm reaction is finally out! Sorry it took so long, I’ve been a tad busy these last couple of days with violin, errands and stuff. If you want me to do any other groups that I write for, just lemme know! btw, I will hopefully be adding Day6 to that list soonishly. So without further ado, here’s a thing!


Jeonghan: Vanilla Mint

Jeonghan stood to meet you as you walked into the café where you both were meeting for your date, and greeted you with a smile. Returning his smile, you walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his waste, which he reciprocated.

“Hey Jeonghan.”

“Hey angel.” After the hug, he leaned back to plant a peck on your lips, but took on a look of slight wonderment. He reached a hand up to your cheek to pull you in for another soft kiss. Once the kiss ended, he pulled away and continued to look at you with the same look.

“What?” You furrowed your eyebrows and pouted in confusion. He smiled at you, and gave you one last peck on your lips.

“You taste like ice cream, Jagi. Were you on an ice cream date with someone else before you came to meet me?” He teased with a laugh before handing you your vanilla latte.

Woozi: Coconut Milk

You sat with your legs crossed in front of your boyfriend Woozi, who was sitting in the same fashion writing lyrics. He’d hit a bit of a wall, and you could tell by the expression on his face. So, you decided to give him a much-needed break.

“I’m gonna go grab some snacks and we’re gonna watch one more episode of that drama before you’re writing any more lyrics.” You inform him matter of factly. He smiles gratefully and leans in to give you a kiss as thanks. His lips move against yours slowly and smoothly with his hand resting on your jawline. When he pulls back, he’s sucking on his lips a little, and he blushes, smiling down at his lap.

“What?” You inquire, noting how cute he looks flustered.

“…I like your lip balm.”

Seungkwan: Lemonade

You took another bite of your chicken sandwich as you watched a golden retriever pad along a distant path with its owner. It got you to thinking.

“If you were a dog, you would be a poodle because you’re such a diva.” You stated suddenly, looking at your boyfriend as if examining to determine the truth of your own statement as you pulled out your new lip balm and spread a layer of it on your lips. He looks at you suspiciously for a moment, unsure of whether that’s a good thing or not.

“Well, I think I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that that was a compliment.” He states with his chin up and a sassy look in his eyes, eliciting a smirk from you.

“What’s that?”

“It’s my new lip balm, it’s fantastic.”

“Um, excuse me, the diva will be the judge of that.” He leans in to kiss you on the lips.

“I agree. It is fabulous.”

Joshua: Raspberry

You and Joshua sat on the couch of your apartment, him with his guitar in hand. While he worked on a chord progression to a new song he was learning, you leaned on his strumming arm. It probably made it a little more difficult for him, but he didn’t seem to mind so you kept doing it. Once noon hit, you decided to get some lunch ready, so you headed to the kitchen to make some pasta. While you were stirring the pot, you became aware that Joshua was no longer playing, and you were soon greeted by his hand on your waste.

“Whatcha making?” He asked in his sweet voice.

“Pasta, and we can have a salad with it if you get the stuff from the fridge.” You direct him, and before he does, he turns your face towards him for a kiss. However, when he pulls away, he looks at you, smiles, and then kisses you once more, this time a little longer, licking his lips as he pulls away.

“Hmm” He hums happily. “Alright.” He complies happily, smiling the whole time.

Seokmin: Passionfruit

“Hi Jagi” Seokmin greeted you with a big smile and a bear hug when you arrived at the dorms for lunch before you went to the park.

“I’ve got strawberries to go with lunch” He walks you into the dining room, where the two of you start eating and talking about anything and everything. Once you’re both finally done, he breaks out the fabled strawberries, picking up one, reaching to feed it to you, but suddenly pulling it back at the last second. You pout cutely in protest.

“I require a kiss as payment.” He grins, clearly proud of his scheme. You smile.

“Well that isn’t so bad.” You tease, leaning in to give him the requested kiss. His eyes shoot open in surprise.

“Did you steal one somehow before now?”

“No, why?”

“Because you already taste like fruit.” You laugh in realization.

“Honey, no. strawberry and passionfruit are two different things.”

“Well then your lips have just been blessed by the goddess of sugar and exotic fruits.”

“Then your welcome for sharing this blessing with you.”

“By the way, my tribute has just been raised from one kiss overall to one kiss per strawberry.”


Hope you guys like it! Also, have you guys ever tried the coconut milk Eos? I didn’t for a while just because I thought it sounded kind of boring, but then I did one time and it was FANTASTIC. It was soothing and really sweet and creamy and I need me some more. Do it. Your welcome.

[fic] kiss me (for science!)

Author: wartransmission [a.k.a. me]

Fandom: Avengers Academy

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark


Steve blinks. For a moment, all he does is stare, because that can’t be right. His ears are definitely misleading him, because Tony can’t seriously be asking him for a kiss just to prove that his lip balm is working well. As though to prove how surreal it is to himself, he says, “So you want me to kiss you to prove that your lips are, actually, soft.”

[AO3 Link]

“-kiss me.

For a moment, Steve thinks he’s misheard Tony’s words, because there is no way Tony would ask that of him. Flirty as Tony is, he’s never been that direct (even when Steve kind of wants him to be, because it’s kind of hard to make a move when he can’t tell if Tony is being serious with any of it).

“What?” he asks.

“You’re not deaf, super-soldier,” Tony tuts, hands on his hips as he squints up at him. Steve struggles not to smile at the obvious height difference, even though he kind of wants to because an annoyed Tony is an adorable Tony.

“I’m not,” he agrees, though he dons an unsure look when Tony keeps staring expectantly at him. “But I’m not sure I heard you right.”

“I said you should kiss me!” Tony says, hands flying up for emphasis. “For science!

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Got7 Lip Balm Reaction (Mark, Youngjae, Jinyoung)

So Mark’s ended up longer than the rest because I had kind of this really cute scenario in mind for the reaction and the others dont have that much background stuff, but I hope you like it! Sorry this took so long, I’ve had kind of a bad week for writing.


Mark: Tropical Fruit

“Hey y/n, lets go, we’d like to finish the match before tomorrow!” Jackson called after you.

“One sec,” You shouted back as you returned the lip balm to your bag and jogged back to the boys to wrap up the volleyball match. It was going to be a synch. You and your boyfriend mark were on the same team, and you both knew your way around a volleyball court. In fact, you knew it well enough that you were just one point away from winning.

“You serve it.” Mark tossed the ball to you.

“With pleasure.” Looking forward to bragging rights on Jackson, who was standing on the other side of the net, you allowed an anticipatory smile to make its way onto your face. You lined up the serve and then shot it over the net. The ball went back and forth a couple times, before you ran up to spike it straight down in to the sand on the other side of the net, jumping in victory and prancing back to your boyfriend.

“Nice spike!” Mark’s smile was as wide as your own as the two of you reached up to share a double high five, after which he interlocked your fingers and pulled you into himself by your hands to smile through a sweet kiss. After pulling away, he looked at you with mock accusation.

“You got a smoothie without me!” He gasped. You looked at him with confusion.

“No I didn’t. What makes you say that?” You crinkled your eyebrows at him a little.

“You didn’t?”


He smiled shyly down at his feet, keeping your hands held in his own. “Oh. No reason. We should get smoothies though, let’s go.” He pecked you on the forehead before you two ran off across the sand to the snack booth.

Youngjae: Blueberry

“Good morning, jagi!” Opening the front door of the dorm for you, Youngjae greeted you in a singsong voice.

“Good morning, I brought breakfast.” You held up a bag for display, allowing the delicious smell of the food to waft out. Youngjae hummed his approval at the scent.

“Here, I’ll get that.” He took the bag out of your hands, leaning in to plant a kiss on your lips. When he pulled away, he smiled a little more than usual and chuckled.

“What?” You crinkled your nose at him.

“Fruity.” He gave you one more peck, holding your chin gently with his free hand before prancing off into the diningroom to break out the food.

Jinyoung: Vanilla

As you cracked open the door to the practice room, you were greeted by the sight of Jinyoung looking up at you in the mirror on the far wall. A smile graced his features when he saw you, and he stopped practicing to meet you at the door.

“Hey sweetheart.” He hummed with a charming smile as he reached out to take both of your hands in his and leaned in to greet you with a kiss. It lasted for only a second, but when he pulled back to look at you, he did so with his eyebrows furrowed in surprise and a flirtatious smirk. After glancing between your lips and your eyes, he leaned in to kiss you again, this time moving his hands up to hold your neck. After pulling away for the second time, he licked his lips and glanced up at the ceiling as if deep in thought.

“Jagi, are you wearing a new lip balm?”


“Where did you get it? We’re going to pick you up some more on our way to lunch.”

What Making Out W/ Chan Would Be Like

Last installment wow! I hope you guys enjoy this last one as well with the baby maknae :) Have a good day!

- Admin CC

  • Literal child
  • He’s nervous about holding your hand let alone this Mount Everest of a relationship changer
  • Probably asks his older members what the hell he’s supposed to do
  • In the end he follows a lot of their advice because he respects them
  • Takes you to a nice park for a cute date
  • Adorableness ensues until the moment you two get back to the dorm to unpack your picnic basket
  • You go to his room to watch videos on his laptop and he suddenly notices your face is inches from his with both of your eyes trained on the computer screen
  • Kisses you on the cheek to start and when you shy away he giggles to himself a little
  • He’s nervous but he wants to keep making you blush like this
  • Grabs your chin gently and turns you towards him
  • “Can I kiss you jagiya?”
  • Leans in when you nod and kisses you gently
  • Completely loses himself in this first opportunity for something other than a cute peck on the lips or cheek
  • When you lean into him and place your hand on his chest he can feel how fast his heart is beating
  • The type to want to be overtop of you when making out because it makes him feel manly
  • Would be super sweet about the whole thing and afterwards would whisper that he thinks you’re beautiful and perfect from head to toe
  • After a while these makeout sessions wouldn’t change too too much
  • He would obviously be more confident and I think he’d remain cute about it for a while
  • He saw it as an opportunity to be close to you and to share a part of himself with you
  • That sentiment was something he enjoyed a lot
  • But he’s still a boy
  • So as he became more comfortable he’d get more handsy
  • Really likes stroking your sides when you two makeout the curve of your waist is life to him
  • He also lives for any new flavor of lip balm you use that day, slays him every time
  • He’s young so he’d get flustered easily
  • Save this boy’s soul the first time you ever decided to crawl on top of him during a makeout session
  • You’d practically be able to hear the tires screeching to a halt in his head
  • Is very careful from the beginning to the end not to take things too far
  • You both have a lot of time for these things in the future
  • And for now he’s satisfied with just being close to you
monsta x as things my friends have said

Shownu: “fucking kids I swear down I’ll actually drown them in milk”

Jooheon: “I’ve got beautiful finger nails, like I’ve never even done anything to them but they are a work of art”

Minhyuk: “do you think I should do blonde or blonde blonde?”

Wonho: “if I can’t touch tom’s arse then no one can”

Hyungwon: “I got this new lip balm and I kid you not it smells like dick”

Changkyun: “shit a brick I need to sneeze but the tiny nose goblins aren’t letting me”

Kihyun: “if you don’t know the difference between there, their and they’re then please kindly fuck off”