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Gate 24B [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader meets Lin on her way to London, not knowing who he is.

Word Count: 1,429

Warnings: None, I wonder when I’ll actually have something to put here.

A/N: This was SO FUN to write. I love airports and the whole story just felt right! Huge shoutout to Becca @ourforgottenboleros for helping me with the ending, which I was struggling so much! haha hope y’all like it <3

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The JFK airport was one of your favorite places in the world. The people, the vibe of new beginnings and life-changing situations, everything was so appealing to you and one of the many reasons why you loved to travel. This time, you were heading to London for a business meeting with some potential sponsors for the company you worked for.

You loved your job, but it could be really tiring and draining at times. Your resources were basically music and books, faithful companions on your adventures through the world. This time, you had a Jane Austen book in your bag and Hamilton on top volume playing.

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When you wanna reread manga & rewatch animes but you also wanna start new manga/anime so you dont know what to do or where to start 

I keep watching the videos and looking at the pictures.

We’re going to have a puppy again. A bright-eyed, curious, wonderful puppy. We’ll go for walks, and play at the dog parks, and when she’s trained a bit better, maybe go to the coast. We can have adventures and she’ll sniff all the things. We can take naps together, a bundle of arms and legs. There’ll be hugs and kisses and games and so much love.

We’re going to have a puppy in our lives again, you guys.