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Houseki no kuni: promotional video

“In the distant future, exist a new life form called “Houseki” (gems). The 28 Gems must fight against the “Moon people” who want to attack them and turn them into decorations, thus each gem is assigned a role such as fighter or medic. Though they hopes to fight the Moon people, Phos (short for Phosphophyllite) is a Gem who is given no assignment until the Gems’ master Adamantine asks them to write a natural history book.“

This animated video was created to promote the first volume of the manga.


8th house transits are dying rehearsals. Except for when we realise that dying no longer truly exists. Then we have nothing to compare this transit to. We walk in as a victim and leave as a God. We have not just died, but become intimate with death, held it, rejected it, accepted it, and learned from it. The real ‘death’ is just a game now. Because after an 8th house transit we have truly burned to the ashes, screamed, held on tightly to nothing, we have vanished and woken up the next morning, gleaming, not forgetting. An awareness is released into the individual, one which is forced to grasp the magnificence of life, the trauma of loss, the anguish of our support systems evaporating. When an outer planet, like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto cross the 8th house, nothing in life will ever be the same. We look back on the person that begun the transit and wonder how we ever truly existed as that aperture. The whole fakery of life seems to appear. And everything hurts for what seems like centuries. It’s sort of like a labor pain, the pain of childbirth, in some way forming new life within, a new self that smells more like soul, the pain of giving this birth is of course, more than unpleasant. We have a contact with the life and death cycle that can be frightening. 

The outer planets move slowly enough to ensure we are submerged long enough to hear and receive the sacred message and initiate deep change. The parts of the self, those that have been contaminated by betrayal, trauma, addiction, and delusion are thrust into consciousness. These poisons are haunting, they appear as fate, they emerge as aches and dis-ease in the body and mind. They scream so loud they are impossible to ignore. These poisons can infiltrate as people, both inspiring and abusive people, those who foster them to realise, bond with, and integrate their shadow. It may force the individual into spiritual pursuits or psychotherapy. That which is no longer useful to the spirit is lethal. But the individual’s response these images or feelings or events may be destructive. The overwhelming waves can feel like drowning. The person may feel out of control or confused by the sudden replay of memory or violations. This is however, the alchemy of the 8th house, the power to process and transform from this poison is available at this moment, ready to show the individual an inner sorcery never realised before.

A person may withdraw into their own world during an 8th house transit. They focus on the inner experience, the wealth of unconscious truth that is being imparted. A person may not speak about what is going on for fear of their sanity being questioned. There may be a sexual awakening, the power of one’s feminine or masculine and creative fertility activated, a channel with angels during sexual experience. Some people leave an 8th house transit without having to escape themselves anymore, they have found soul, they have found home. People leave an 8th house transit knowing they have survived, but they died, and they died, and they died. I doubt many of them are scared of ever truly dying again.


art: Harumi Hironaka

Teach me how to dance with you (800 followers!)

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Pairing: Steve x reader

Warnings: ANGST, little bit of fluff, talk of miscarriage.

Word count: 2.222 (hell yeah)

Summary: Steve’s away for another mission and you fall apart. There’s a secret that has been weighing on your shoulders for way too long and you have no idea how much longer you can keep it from Steve.


A/N without the caps: This is part one to a very random series of mine. It’s based on the song “Teach me how to dance with you” by Causes.

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Welcome to Ashes to Ashes! Click here to see a list of our services.

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Our products are guaranteed to satisfy, but don’t take our word for it, read some of the reviews from some of our clients themselves.

“My husband was a heavy whiskey drinker, so I thought what better way to honor him than to turn his ashes into a glass tumbler. The glass came out better than expected. It was gorgeous! Holding the glass in my hand just made me feel closer to him. Lately however, the glass mysteriously fills up with a reddish liquid out of nowhere. I am assuming it is part of the service you provide? Tonight I shall toast my late husband and take a swig.” - - Mary O’Connor

“After a long battle with Cancer, our son Jeremy passed away. Jeremy was an active child and loved playing in the neighborhood park. So we decided to buy the tree package and turn Jeremy’s ashes into an elm tree which we planted in the park. The tree grew very quickly and it is quite a sight! My wife and I visit the tree often and we are pleased to see other children playing by the tree. I can almost sense Jeremy’s presence at these times. It’s too bad there have been a rash of child disappearances in the area lately. It seems, that some kids have gone to the park and disappeared. I pray for these kids and hope they are found alive, but if not, I shall refer the parents to you.” - - Lewis Miller

“After my wife passed away, I thought pressing her ashes into a CD would be a perfect memento. I compiled a list of her favorite music. Imagine my surprise when I played the CD and heard my wife’s voice speaking to me as though she were alive! I don’t know how you guys did it, but hearing my wife’s voice again filled me with joy. Not only that, but the recording keeps changing every time I play the CD. My wife was always a bit of a chatterbox and there were times I wish she would shut up, but now I play the CD all the time – day and night. My only complaint is that I wish she wouldn’t bring up the accident. …I didn’t mean to hit her that hard…” - - Charles Leger

Forever mine

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Raphael Santiago x Reader

Warnings : smut , language , insecurity

Request :  Hello! Would you be up for doing a Raphael fic please? So he and the reader often flirt and one night they sleep together (it doesn’t have to be specifically mentioned if you don’t write smut). The reader thinks it didn’t mean anything to Raphael but soon after she discovers she is pregnant. She plans to run away from him and not tell him because she thinks that he will hate her and reject the baby cos he wont think she is good enough for him. But he loves her and goes after her. Thanks xx

     “ I can’t actually believe that Isabelle is with Simon now .” you confess . Raphael smirked looking in your eyes intensely .

     “ I bet that we could make a better couple than them .” He affirms and a light blush appears on your cheeks .

     “ Well , why don’t we try , then ?” you asked , making Raphael smirk as he got closer to you , his chest touching yours lightly .

     “ Let’s get a drink before we head to my place !” he suggests and you nod in agreement . 

     Your lips were pressed tight to each other , hand exploring skin , gripping clothes and skin . Raphael threw you in his bed and he climbed fast on top of you . His lips found you neck again and his fangs dug into your neck a little bit . A few drops of blood rise and Raphael spreads it over your chest and belly . then he licks and sucks on your beautiful soft skin . 

     Your moans turn him on and soon you take off all of his clothes leaving him naked in front of you . Raphael tries to do the same but you stop him as you get on your knees and wrap your hand around his hard manhood , you give it a squeeze and a light caress before you take it in your mouth , sucking it lightly as you hear Raphael cursing under his breath .

     He moves his hips so he can get a little bit deeper and you let him but soon the need of pleasuring you gets the best of him . Raphael lays you in his bed and kisses your body again , using his tongue , lips and hands . You moan , overwhelmed by the pleasure . In the moment when you feel his lips between your thighs you scream and as he does this you moan uncontrollably .

     Two of his finger enter into you and you scream soundlessly as you can feel all this pleasure bringing you to the edge but before you can reach it Raphael stops .

     “ Fuck , you’re so wet , (Y/N) ! I bet that you want to cum now ! You want me to get down there and bring you over the edge , don’t you ?” he asks seductively , you nod and he kisses your neck . “ To bad , kitten . That’s not going to happen today .” he affirms as he plunges into your tight hole , you gasp and he starts to move fast turning you into a moaning mess as he adds more pleasure by kissing and biting your sensitive skin .

     “ Please !” you beg as you dig your nails in Raphael’s back . He moves faster and you scream as you get so so close to the edge that you can not do anything else but to moan and to scream Raphael’s name .

     “ Cum for me , kitten ! Give me everything !” he grunts and you yell as you reach your climax , bringing Raphael over the edge with you .

     Raphael flips you over so now you’re on top of him and he caressed your back slowly , kissing your forehead and playing with your hair from time to time until you fall asleep .

     As the moths passed yours and Raphael’s relationship got in the point where you truly loved each other . 

     You woke up to an empty bed , a strong headache making you groan when you pulled out from the bed . You walked to the bathroom slow and brushed your teeth as you wanted to get out of the bathroom a wave of nausea hit you and you went directly to the closet vomiting bile .

     This got you thinking about one thing that could ruin everything that you have built with Raphael so you decided to clarify things fast . You brushed your teeth once again and got dressed really fast before you went to the nearest hospital .

     The doctor took you in immediately and he told you exactly the thing that you was afraid off . He told you that a new life was forming inside of you .

     You stormed out of the hospital and ran back to the hotel . You took advantage of the fact that Raphael was out and packed a few thing before you ran away , taking a buss to as far as you could go in that instant , but you forgot something really important . The white piece of paper , whom haves the result of your test and where is written that you;re pregnant .

     Raphael came back a few hours later , he searched for you but he couldn’t find you ., when he opened the closet and saw that your clothes are missing he started to look for other things and saw that most of the important things were missing . He got worried thinking that you left him because you didn’t loved him anymore but then he saw the piece of paper and thought that it’s a letter from you in which you explain why you left but when he opened it and saw what was written on there he knew that you left because you was scared of him rejecting you and the child .

     He couldn’t go out to look for you now because the sun was up so he paced around the Hotel all day waiting for the sun to go down . He even called you but you never answered his calls .

     The night finally arrive and Raphael went out looking for you , asking a few people if they saw you . He went to the buses station where he was told where you have left . He ran to there , spending all night to arrive to you and when he finally did he found you in a miserable motel room . You was on the bed crying your eyes out , with your face buried in a pillow . He placed a hand on your shoulder and you trembled before you took your face out of the pillow . Your eyes widened when you saw Raphael sitting in front of you , looking tiered and worried .

    He placed a piece of paper in your hand and you looked at it realizing that it was the result of your tests .

     “ You could have talked to me .” Raphael says softly and you look him in the eye still sacred . “ You know that I love you , (Y/N) . Why didn’t you waited for me to come back ?” he asked , hurt and confused .

     “ I was afraid that you’re going to reject our baby .” you confessed , Raphael sighed before he hugged you tightly , you leaned in resting your head in the crook of his neck .

     “ You’re mine , (Y/N) ! Forever mine . And I never reject things that are mine .” he affirms placing a hand on your belly . “ This new life that is growing inside of you is not just mine , it’s ours and I’ll never be able to hurt it or to reject one of the greatest gifts that you could ever give to me .” he informs you . Raphael’s lips find yours and he kisses you gently as he wipes off your tears with his thumbs .

     “ Promise me that you’re never going to do this to me again .” his eyes gaze into your and you nod wrapping your arms around his neck as you bring him close to you kissing his cheek as he caresses your back . You fall asleep in his arms and he sighs as he looks at you .

     “ Forever mine .” Raphael whispers before trying to go to sleep himself .

Word Count: 2356
Author’s Note: Anon request - “Bones imagine where Bones and the reader get into a fight but then the reader gets hurt and bones gets super worried and started to blame himself.” IT’S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE. I just love fluffy Bones. I have tried to keep the reader in this one more gender-neutral so I hope it works for both guys and gals. Feedback on that is appreciated.

“I think I have a right to be upset, Y/N!” Leonard’s words were punctuated by him smacking his hand on the biobed.

“You don’t though, Leo!” You countered, feeling your cheeks flame and your voice rising. “I’m in operations! My position is security! It’s what the goddamn red shirt means! I can’t just say no when Jim tells me I need to be on an away team!”

“I know I have no control over Jim assigning you to away teams! But you’re deliberately putting yourself at risk every time you volunteer for these crazy missions!” He snapped.

“Leonard!” You threw up your hands in exasperation. “I joined Starfleet to see the universe. To visit new places, meet new life forms, and experience new civilizations! I’m not just going to stop wanting those things because I’m sleeping with the crankiest old man that ever enlisted!”

“Sleeping with?” His voice cracked. “Is that really all it is to you?”

“What the fuck does that mean?” You drew in a deep breath, trying to calm yourself. “Isn’t that what we’re doing? I mean, right now what we’re doing is yelling at each other, but otherwise, what is it that we do? We’re just fucking, Leonard! It’s how you wanted this arrangement. You don’t get to pull the dutiful boyfriend card six months into a friends with benefits arrangement and ask me to change my career focus!”

Leonard fell silent and turned away. So silent, you weren’t even sure he was breathing. Your heart ached and you longed to touch him, but you’d been keeping your own feelings for him in check for as long as you’d been on the Enterprise, you weren’t about to show your hand now. Particularly such a complicated hand. It had started out innocently enough. You’d slid down an embankment on an away mission and needed the gravel debrided from the wound on your thigh. McCoy had been on duty, and his dry sense of humour had put you at ease. His practiced hands had meant the otherwise painful procedure was slightly less so. And he was easy on the eyes, which made everything a little better. Long after the wound had healed, you wound up a little tipsy at one of Jim’s legendary shore leave parties, and admitted to Leonard that you wouldn’t mind a little more time with the legendary hands he was bragging about. From there, one thing had led to another. Leonard initially said you were both just scratching an itch, and since you seemed compatible you should continue scratching said itch together. It hadn’t ever really been about scratching an itch for you. Since that first interaction, you’d held a tender spot for Leonard McCoy. For someone who was claiming to be just scratching an itch, he seemed mighty concerned about the source of the balm.

You stood there, uncertain of what to next say or do, and you could feel tears welling in your eyes. You didn’t want him to see them, but at the same time, maybe it was time. Before you could actually make the decision, your comm went off.

“Kirk to Y/L/N, report to the teleporter. We’re waiting on you.” Jim’s voice came through the speaker, tinny and loud. You reached for your comm and flipped it over.

“On my way. Y/L/N/ out.” You reached for Leonard’s shoulder and sighed. “I’ve got to -”

He shrugged away and walked out without looking back. “Yeah, I’m done here, obviously.”

You felt your heart break, and bit your lip to stop the tears.

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I've only just started following you a few days ago and I've gone through your art tag so many times. Yet, I'm still confused what the story is ?? Can you let me know at all or is that the point ??

Im sorry for the confusion!! yeah it’s sorta hard if you werent here from the beginning especially because i answer a lot of things from asks. But the way I’m revealing stuff is segmented and out of order and usually in the form of flashbacks so you sorta just piece them together in face value for rn. BUT OK a really stiff summary of the story is (and I will put this in a description sometime later):

Jin was an agent working for BigHit, a secret organization that protects and saves Mutants. He was assigned a mission to go undercover and free a group of mutants in a govt facility that was severely experimenting on them. One of the prisoners was Namjoon who he fell inlove with shortly after meeting. Jin’s mission started to head south and he quickly needed to get Namjoon out. So he escaped with him while letting the others burn in the fire. Jin had to flee from BigHit because not only did he not save any of them, but a couple of the agents also died (thus blacklisting him from the agency.)

From then on, Namjin built a new life and formed their own safe haven for Mutants called Bangtan. Before that dream could be fully lived out though, Jin wanted their first mission to be finding his long lost brother, Taehyung, who was separated from him when they were kids. They can’t do it with just them, so they started recruiting others. This is the time when Namjoon reconnects with his old best friend, Yoongi (who was the cause of his imprisonment.) Yoongi is a well-known mercenary with a lot of connections so he helped by recruiting the rest of the members to find Tae. Annnnd this is how far it’s gone rn!

The future will entail a lot of just personal events between them, showing how they eventually form their family as the seven of them. But also it’ll dive in deeper to government conspiracies and shady dealings with secret organizations, so it’ll have some action as well!

So far, I’ve just done flashbacks for all of them, which are all stand alone stories. You just gotta know that was their past and a lot of them will resurface later :-) But yeah, the actual plot hasn’t completely started yet! I just finished all their bios so I can finally do it ahhhh

Lmk if anything’s still confusing!

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May I request a reaction of IM, Hyungwon, Shownu, and Minhyuk when their wife tells them the news that she is pregnant with their firstborn. For Wonho, Kihyun and Jooheon please

They find out you’re pregnant with the first born

Jooheon: It was a regular day at the studio and he was working hard but there was something missing. You. Usually you’d bring him lunch so he looked at his phone and it said 2:13. You were late, as he picked up the phone to call you he heard this really fast beat with a slower beat behind it. He was really confused when he saw you walk out of the recording booth with this contraption around your belly. “Babe. Do you know what that is?” You’d ask. After he realized it was the heart beat of a baby, he started to cry. Out of happiness? Maybe. Out of fear? Possibly. But he knew that he would do everything he possible could to make a beautiful life for the love of his life and the little peanut inside of you.

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Kihyun: Complete silence. It’s been like this for minutes. Kihyun looked up at you, you were staring down at the floor crying. After seeing you cry he regretted yelling at you. Of course he wasn’t yelling at you because you were pregnant, he yelled at you because you said you would abort it. He knew that wasn’t an option. Of course it would change everything, he would have to move out of the dorm, he would have to work twice as hard. Kihyun knew it was a big task but he wanted a family with you. Just….not this soon. He felt sorry towards you because you had to carry this burden. “Jagi” He would whisper, “come here…. I will be here with you. Don’t carry all this yourself. Let me in. Let me help. Okay?” After you said yes he would sit you on his lap, heart to heart.

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Wonho: “Okay.” That’s all he would say. Because he is such a closed off person and he doesn’t want to let his walls fall. He just says okay and walks away. But later that night, he crawled over you and sat on top of you. Wonho would put his head on your belly and give it kisses. After minutes of kissing your guys baby, he would start to cry. He felt your hands go through his hair and he started to cry harder. This is something he didn’t know he wanted until he had it. Wonho is protective but he wouldn’t let you out of his sight. This was a new life form that was the purest thing in the world. Someone would have to kill him to touch his soulmate and new born child.

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Times Fox Mulder Cried

So I reached my mini follower milestone. Hi to all my new followers! I’m revisiting this old series of mine to say thank you to everyone who has read or commented or reblogged my stories.

Special thanks today to @baronessblixen and @lokisgame who consistently comment and reblog and encourage me. 

Part Three

Big Blue was a good excuse for a nice little trip to the water. But he hadn’t banked on that snappy little furball coming along for the ride. Scully was all mock indignation at having her weekend ruined. As if she even liked her weekends. He was pretty sure her home life yawned wide open and empty on a Friday evening, just like his. After their year so far, family deaths, fake alien autopsies, black oil, Modell, god Modell… he thought she might appreciate a weekend away. And this was as close to a weekend away as he could arrange. But that yappy little shit was sitting in the back of the car dominating the conversation and dictating the pace. His jaw ached from all the tooth grinding he was doing and he was pretty sure that vein on his temple was about ready to pop open.

              “Call of nature, I’m afraid, Mulder.”

Her hair swung round in his peripheral vision and as he turned to take her in, it settled back around her face in the way he especially liked. The sun, low now in the late afternoon, framed a halo of flyaway copper hairs. He couldn’t help but smile. She quirked her eyebrow at him.

              “Scully, you’re probably going to tell me exactly how large his bladder is and how many milliliters of urine it can hold.”

She went to open her mouth but he carried on. “And you probably made some calculation about the length of time it takes to fill his bladder against the number of miles we can safely travel before a comfort break.”

Her lips opened again, with a tiny popping sound, that he committed to memory. He held up his hand.

“And you’ve no doubt been careful about his intake of water and researched the number of rest stops along the highway.”

              She frowned now, not even trying to cut in this time.

              “You are the single most organised and prepared person I have ever met and I thank you for that, given the unexpected guest that is currently chewing on the vinyl arm rest in this rental car, but if we can just press on for a little while longer, we will arrive at our destination before the heavens open and I guarantee you that our toilet stops will be far more comfortable.” He turned to her again, offering her what he hoped was his most apologetic, yet understanding smile.

“Fine, Mulder. I can wait.” She lowered her eyebrows along with her voice and he felt suitably told.

Fat drops splattered against the windshield. He watched the window-wipers with great concentration for the rest of the silent journey.

The legend of Big Blue was the stuff of his childhood dreams. When a case involved the potential discovery of a new life-form on earth, rather than the alien beings he knew were still beyond the reach of Scully’s acceptance, he always held dear to the hope that the validation of his life’s work would be so much sweeter with Scully sharing the wonderment with him.

He pulled the umbrella lower, hunching over so that it might keep the rain from causing her hair to frizz. He secretly liked the frizz. It reminded him of that night in Bellefleur, when she lay on his bed listening to him and her hair curled around her face. She always looked younger, less like she’d been to hell and back with him.

He knew he should have been more sympathetic when Queequeg went missing. Her tiny voice when she said, ‘Poor Queequeg’ did something to his nerve endings, and he replayed it over and over in his head just so he could enjoy the delicious feeling it gave him. He knew that was wrong, but he couldn’t help it. He should have hugged her. Or offered to buy her a new dog. Or something equally noble. Instead, he selfishly held on to the smallness of her tone.

As they sat on that rock, neither of them willing to admit how scared they were, but both of them willing to open up a little more than usual, he saw how much she really understood him and how much she didn’t. And he knew it was the same for him. How could two people be so close yet so far apart? How could Scully care more for that damned dog than she seemed to for his ideas? For him? How could he even think that? Was he so self-absorbed? Did he need to ask that, given the lecture she’d just dished out?

Friday night was the same lonely expanse of hours. He sunk his head back on the arm of the couch and prepared to watch Jaws again. The small rap on the door could only be Scully. She had a particular knock. He sniffed under his arms, rubbed his tee-shirt down and flicked off the crumbs from his jeans. He hoped the apartment didn’t smell too much of pepperoni.

              “Hi, not disturbing you, am I?” She slipped by him, relaxed in jeans and sneakers. “Any pizza left?”

              “Help yourself,” he said, pulling the box out of the fridge. “Beer too?”


              “Scully, any minute now you’re going to tell me what that strange looking thing is under your arm.”

              She let out a giggle that caught him off guard. He swallowed the beer, letting the bitter fizz play on his tongue. Scully, beer, pizza and giggles. Friday was suddenly four times better.

              “I got you a present.”

              His heart hammered. “Why?”

              She shrugged. “Just because.”

              He took the gift-wrapped parcel from her, relishing the brief touch of their hands. It was long, weighty. He took it to the couch, patted the seat next to him. She sat, took a dainty mouthful of pizza, smiled at him.

              “A peg-leg. Scully, you shouldn’t have.”

              She moved a little closer, so that he could smell the perfume of her shampoo, see the freckles across her nose, listen to her breathing. “I want you to look at it and understand that you are a whole and wonderful person.”

He opened his mouth but she cut him off.

“That your life is worthwhile, that you are worthy of love.”

His lips dried out but he parted them ready to speak. She held up her hand.

“That your quest is not in vain, that I am here with you. You are making something of your life.”

He sat back, defeated. She took his hands in hers.

“Mulder, you don’t need peg-legs or hooks for hands. You just need to believe.”

 He snorted.

She leaned in close, and whispered. “In yourself.”

He couldn’t sleep. The burning at the corner of his eyes made his nose twitch. He sniffed, shocked at the loudness of the sound in his living room. He turned over and reached under the couch, picking up the peg-leg. He brought it up to his chest and let the tears flow.

Chimerical: A new comic about a young alchemist working away at creating a new life-form from the elements at his disposal. 

I’m so excited about this project, it’s taken a little while to put it together so I hope people will enjoy it!! Pages will be posted weekly on @chimerical-comic so please follow for updates! but you can purchase the whole comic directly from me on EtsyYou’ll get the full pages before they’re published online and a little bit of extra concept art. I’ll also sign the copy as a thank you for supporting me!

This is only part 1 of the story, I’ll be working on the next volume soon with more characters and more adventures.

Consider giving this a reblog, it’ll help spread the comic to those who might be interested in it! Thank you all so much!

Bones of Starlight

When he comes to me he is beautiful.

I first knew him as a man; with eyes as dark as secrets and the brilliance of the sun in his smile.

I saw so little.

His eyes now are the perfect still lightlessness of the space between galaxies. His smile is the birthing of stars. His voice the low song of black holes.

“Come with me,” he whispered, when we danced and I was first pulled into the gravity of his orbit. “A soul like yours deserves to soar. I will give you galaxies.”

And I went with him.

And he did.

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Things to remember this semester:
  1. Don’t bottle your stress up, either vent it all to a close friend or let the tears flow in the shower/bed. Just let go.
  2. Stay organized, either get an app, planner, journal, calendar, use your arm, post it notes, ANYTHING to make sure you remember things.
  3. Always prioritize your needs, that doesn’t mean be a dick about it, but TREAT YO SELF.
  4. Ask for help when you need it: smart friends, tutors, professors, teaching assistants, etc. they’re all there for you.
  5. Take responsibility for your actions, you mess up? Fess up. You do a great job on something? Take credit.
  6. A little procrastination is okay, being mentally exhausted and doing things won’t turn up good work, so take some time but eventually, JUST DO IT!
  7. Quiet, alone time is very important. Whether before bed or in the morning or during the day, have some quiet moments to yourself.
  8. Weed out things you don’t need. Notes from 3 years ago? Throw them. Friends who don’t support you? Throw them. 
  9. Follow blogs that motivate/inspire you. If they make you smile or get an idea going, they’re the blogs to follow! 
  10. Eat fresh fruit and veggies once in a while, they’re good for your body which is under a lot of pressure. 
  11. Hydrate yourself with water! Lot’s and lot’s of water, or at least do tea. 
  13. Doing bad on one exam/paper/quiz/test is okay! Not the end of the world and if you work hard and seek help and extra credit, you will prevail!
  14. Wear confident clothes on test days, whether that’s in high fashion or your favorite hoodie is up to you; feeling good puts you in a better state of mind. 
  15. Don’t let nobody tell you how to live your life, try new things, form your own opinions, and become a better you!