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AHEM! I apologize for the intrusion! I’m Eragrove, a generous, millionaire. I am currently looking for a cure for an alien virus that is slowly taking over my body right now, and i hope you all will keep an eye for it,
and for Jim.
My Boyfriend.
he’s hot and i love him
did I mention he’s my boyfriend?
please contact me if you see him~

Setting Up Your Altar: Ostara

Ostara is the time to honor rebirth and renewal, not just physical but spiritual as well. It is the time when light and dark are once again at balance and are equal. Here are a few ways you can decorate your altar for the coming Sabbat.

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Colors of the Season:

  • Yellows
  • Purples
  • Greens
  • Blues 
  • Pinks
  • Pastel Colors

Balance of the Equinox Symbols:

  • God and Goddess Statue
  • Black and White Candle
  • Balancing Scales
  • Sun and Moon Symbol
  • Yin and Yang

New Life:

  • Milk
  • Plants (daffodils, lilies)
  • Basket of Eggs
  • Spring is synonymous with new life, put things that are just being born or renewed onto your altar.

Other Symbols of the Season:

  • Seeds and Bulbs
  • Nature Deities (Herne, Flora, Gaia, Attis, etc)
  • Gemstones and Crystals (aquamarine, rose quartz, and moonstone)

Ostara is March 20th this year. 

Blessed Be


I always thought it was me who lost you. But really, it was you who lost me. Because while I’m asleep in someone else’s arms, receiving kisses from lips that aren’t yours, you’re lying awake trying to figure out how to get me back.
—  I’ve let you go, I’ve moved on, and I don’t love you anymore; March 20th 2016 

“This year has come to an end and it will take away all the pain and mistakes. Now you have a brand new beginning to look forward to.”

Wishing you all good things on this New year. Have fun, joy, peace, love, care, luck and success ahead!


Sorry sa mga hindi ko nabati. “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to all of you guys again. Salamat sa mga naging kaibigan ko nitong 2016 at sa mga concern sa akin kapag malungkot ako at sana maging kaibigan ko kayong lahat! Take Care Everyone & Godbless you all!

PHOTO: 2014 ——————-2016

My NEW YEARS Ode to Thy Self…

This is the first time in my life where I am ‘taking in’ my true self… breathing it all in as a full, whole, and completed young woman.
(Yup - I said young … so 'Shut Up’ Lisa Taylor! LOL 😂)

The decisions I’ve made and experiences I’ve had led me to this moment in time.
My time… My season.
For once, I believe I matter in this world.
I take myself Seriously.

I declare Greatness upon my future.
I did and am doing MY work towards blessings abundant.

I changed my Mind, Body, Diet.
I learned to forgive myself.
I love ME unconditionally.
I am not brand new - just upgraded to a better version.
(We all want that Deluxe Rolls Royce instead of the Pinto we have at home… wink, 😉)

I am introducing and meeting the next version of myself…
I am in the best shape of my life and In spiritual balance with myself.
I am so hope-filled for the next phase of my life.

Some might view me as being Hard, Difficult, at times Unyielding…
Those folks are confused… for they do not belong on the path I am walking… it is NOT their time.
As for me - I’m unstoppable with a strong sense of self, who knows what I want and what I deserve in life.

I am The Only One who gets to say what goes on in my life.
I am not willing to be chronically unhappy even if somebody paid me to do so.
My inner vision is clear for the first time in my life.

I now Ask for what I want -if I get a No… I self evaluate and Ask again!

So “Hello. My name is Michele. Nice to meet you.”

Happy New Year to me.

Here’s to another year.

Here’s to new friendships, new promises, new beginnings. Here’s to college life and living away from home for the first time. Here’s to new subjects and new challenges. Here’s to another heartbreak and another one after that. Here’s to drunk nights spent in the club and the nights spent playing card games with tea to keep you warm. Here’s to that one person who has stayed by you all this while, and here’s to that one person who still crosses your mind everyday. Here’s to first jobs and first paychecks. Here’s to horrible bosses we love to curse. Here’s to road trips and shopping sprees; here’s to expensive wines, cheap beer and street foods. Here’s to new relationships and relationships that couldn’t last. Here’s to first apartments and mounds of bills to pay. Here’s to leaving some dreams behind and here’s to finding new ones. Here’s to exploring new places and here’s to living life like we’ve never known before.

This time, it will be about celebrating ourselves, about embracing our beauty, accepting ourselves as flawed as we are because we’ll never be as young as we are now.

So, raise your glasses;

Here’s to another era of our lives.

—  turning twenty.

E stasera, prima che si arrivi alle 00:00, fermati. Mentre inizia il conto alla rovescia e senti quel “10” tu riavvolgi il nastro. Quello di quest'anno che forse è passato troppo in fretta. Mentre ascolti “9…8…7”, rivivilo. Tutto. Prova a non dimenticare nessun particolare. Le risate e i pianti, le uscite, i tuffi al mare e i gelati o granite, le nuove fissazzioni, i telefilm e i libri che ti hanno appassionato di più. La scuola e i compiti, i ritardi e le giustificazioni per una sveglia forse troppo pigra per suonare. I migliori amici, gli amici, e i conoscenti. I litigi e le riappacificazioni. La musica e i tuoi cambiamenti. Le tue decisioni. Il cibo che finalmente hai assaggiato e il viaggio che speri ancora di fare. Gli amori, quelli andati bene e quelli finiti in modo indesiderato. Le feste e i compleanni. Gli abbracci. I messaggi. I “tanti auguri” con la consapevolezza che stai diventando sempre più grande e non sei più un bambino.
So che è difficile, che forse 365 giorni sono troppi da tenere a mente. Ma tu cerca di fare uno sforzo e di imprimerti per sempre nei ricordi quest'anno, perché non ne vivrai un'altro simile. Bello o brutto che sia stato. Durante “6…5…4…” pensa a quello che sta arrivando invece. A tutto ciò che ti piacerebbe fare e realizzare, alle cose che vorresti migliorare e riiniziare. Puoi farlo. C'è inserita una nuova cassetta o un nuovo libro, chi lo sa. L'unica cosa nota è il fatto che è tutto vuoto. Pronto. Che aspetta solo di essere vissuto. E tu lo sei, sei pronta con lui. Così dopo il “3…2…1…” ricordati che la gara è iniziata. La gara della vita, la vita di quest'anno nuovo. Tu devi solo correre, stare attenta a non inciampare, ma se lo fai, se per caso perdi l'equilibrio, avrai sempre la forza di rialzarti.