For 2014
I hope it brings you everything you need. I hope you work your ass off so that you can do the things you want. Get the damned tattoo and don’t worry about the fact that it’s not professional. Get rid of all of your old junk. If you don’t need it, don’t keep it. Tell all of your fake friends to get real or fuck off. Tell your demons to fuck off. Spend time by yourself and spend time with your friends. Tell your roommates that you appreciate them. Call your mother and tell her that you miss her. Remember that your grandparents are old and they’re time may be short. Remember that your time is short. Move away. If you are not satisfied, find satisfaction, no matter how long it might take. Grow. Love yourself and your work, your family and their mistakes, your life. If you do not love your life, fix it. If you do not love yourself, work for it. Deserve it. Eat healthy, exercise, think positively. If you don’t want to do that, then don’t, and love yourself anyways.
I hope for you, in this new year, that you will find everything your heart is looking for. Don’t waste a single second.
—  For 2014