new level of intimacy

i think the most messed up part about it all is how you still linger even though you left. i’m beginning to find myself unable to even talk to new people without stopping and remembering that they’re not you. like the laughter dies and bubbles deep in my stomach, my tongue curls back and i retreat, closed mouth, eyes lowered. and i know that confuses people when i suddenly become distant, but, yeah, i still can’t enjoy myself or others anymore and dive into new friendships because i know i will never reach that same level of intimacy that i did with you. and that’s partly because there’s no one in the world that’s going to take your place, and that’s partly because you took advantage of my trust and generosity and now i can’t ever pour my entirety into any relationship anymore for fear it’ll be too much for them like it was too much for you. too much and too ugly. you said it would be better if you would leave, so why are you still here in everything i do?
—  god, you said this would be the last time i’d hear from you, but i should have known that you wouldn’t suddenly stop lying now
Summer Fling Part 9

Title: Summer Fling: The Time Dean Winchester Made Dinner

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,054

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions of Cheating, Mentions of an Unhealthy Relationship.

Summary: After months of struggling, an impulse decision puts you on the road from Sioux Falls to Lawrence Kansas, hoping that your father, Bobby Singer, will take you in for the summer.  A breath of fresh air. A change of scenery. But little did you know, this summer was going to change your life forever.

Summer Fling Masterlist

A/N: I can’t believe we’re on part 9 already! We’re almost halfway done the series! I would love if you could leave me some feedback. Literally anything would be amazing. Everything happens in time. Enjoy!


Your name: submit What is this?

You began to stir, your body felt relaxed and well rested for the first time all week. You felt a weight on your waist. Your eyes flew open and you soon realized just where you were. Dean’s room, you thought with a smile playing on your lips. It was Dean’s arm wrapped around your waist, and his chest pressed against your back. You stayed the night and spent it next to him. You opened up to him and here he was. Your boyfriend.

 You carefully turned in his hold, trying your hardest not to wake him in the process. You met with his sleeping form and a smile spread across your cheeks. Dean was so peaceful looking when he slept. The morning light shone perfectly, and you were able to see every freckle that peppered over his nose and cheeks. His hair was sticking up in different directions, his stubble was growing a little more. He was a handsome man and he was all yours. You wanted to drown him in kisses and show him just how much you appreciated him.

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“I’ll look after Simon,” he says. It feels wrong, but: All that he has ever wanted to do is look after Simon. 

(raphael dreams and it’s heartbreaking)


Elaine studies him quickly, and Raphael almost thinks that the lie is coming undone. Unraveling, just like everything else in his life. The Clave wants to burn him alive. Camille wants to kill him. The clan is divided. His family is in danger.

(raphael has mom feels in regard to elaine, I’m sad af)


“Be careful, fledgling.” He warns, resting his hand on Simon’s face. He holds his cheek in his hand delicately, like he doesn’t want to hurt him.

(raphael + casual touching. he’s not as obvious as he hopes)


He was okay with it. With being alone, with feeling the emptiness in the place his heart used to be in, with feeling nothing.

Until it stopped being fine anymore.

(raphael pov in how simon changes him, 339 words)


Raphael just enters his room when he’s not there and grabs a few of Simon’s shirts from his closet. Purely out of spite.

(they’re very petty in this and it’s adorable)


“I couldn’t go out in the daylight,” Raphael reminded him.

“Yeah, of course you couldn’t. I’m surprised you’re here at all, since there’s a death order put on me, may I remind you.”


(sweet post dust and shadows fix it, 674 words)


But he couldn’t show weakness in front of others, not when people were so eager to use it against him.

(raphael working out his post-betrayal feelings with magnus)


Talking to this Raphael, to the Raph Simon could’ve had if he hadn’t screwed up, makes him miss his Raphael. He just wants to go home and fix it.

(featuring 50′s!human raphael + saphael fluff)


“That was a bit forward,” he managed to breath out, before his face broke into a grin. “Do it again.”

(saphael fluff + first kiss)


“Um,” he turned to whisper directly into Raphael’s ear. “I’ve mentioned this before, but they still don’t know. About us. Jace probably thinks you hate me.”

(secret relationship fluff)


“Yes, I understand your threats. Now, if you don’t mind…” Raphael looked pointedly at Luke’s hand that still gripped his shoulder. He ignored the werewolf muttering Simon was right about the jackets.

(god this is precious. raphael asking for luke’s approval to date simon)


Simon is the only one who makes sense. Raphael has fallen in love, hard, he knows this much at least.

(many different saphael kisses)


He had fangs out and had bitten into his wrist without so much as a second thought. Camille had given Simon enough of her blood to be obsessed with her but was it enough to save him?

(missing scene when raphael was carrying simon to clary/jace. oh my heart this boy fell so hard)


“So….you kissed me.” He eventually said, slowly looking up.

(featuring aggressive!simon + making up + first kiss)


He’s so beautiful and Simon wonders how it took him so long to see it.

(raphael kisses simon for the first time & simon was not expecting it)


It wasn’t too hard to figure out the other’s whereabouts because Raphael was quite used to being aware of Simon’s by now so he could easily find him, even in this loud environment that smelled of way too many different people and partly magical ingredients for drinks.

(matchmaker magnus and magic mistletoe, bless him)


There was no denying that Simon did enjoy this new level of intimacy in their yet to be determined relationship and it felt like Raphael presenting himself to his fledgeling in such a vulnerable position, trusting Simon to take the lead, he fell even more for the gorgeous clan leader and he had been head over heels for the guy for quite some time now.

(saphael smut + an accidental love confession)


“Jesus Christ,” Simon tugged him into his chest and kissed him. They moved together for a few seconds before separating. “Calm your shit.”

(I’m a sucker for jealous!raphael so naturally, this is incredible)


Raphael falls in love with him in every life, and Simon doesn’t remember.

(reincarnation!au that broke me)


“I wish I could say that you’re my home.” Simon blurts out unthinkingly. He looks to see Raphael’s shoulders stiffen, his body going very still.

(01x13 missing scene that made me cry, fluff + angst. also the title…nnnghh my heart)


“Simon”, She says her voice a bit teasing. “he’s your soulmate, write to him on your flesh.”

(soulmate!au where words appear on your soulmates skin, I cried happy tears)


He had a chance, and that chance was ripped away from him by Camille. He warned Simon. He warned Simon. He warned Simon. This is his fault.

(raphael in the building with dead!simon, I love being dead :’) )


He would give Simon anything.

(You feel everything as a vampire.)

(I have no heart left after this one, it’s shredded. religious!raphael + smut with feelings)


It was on a night when it was Raphael’s turn to be ‘educated’, that things got weird.

(incomplete/WIP  that tells the story of how they fell in love and apart, I cried. another title that breaks me)


Raphael does the unforgivable act of touching him. Grabs his shoulder like they’re something close to friends again. It hurts more than the cross ever would.

(episode: A Door Into the Dark from raphael’s pov. he is so soft and hurting. I’m aching)

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CS with Emma wearing his shirt after getting out the shower?

Set during the 6 weeks of peace in S4.

She couldn’t help the shy smile on her face when she left the bathroom. Killian was lazing on his half of the bed, naked as the day he was born, completely at ease with their new level of intimacy and watching Marty McFly rock out ‘Johnny B Goode’ on her laptop perched at the end of the bed. It made her smile, the sight of him.

But Emma for some reason was still a little shy in being so open. She’d never cared much about covering up in the past- it didn’t much matter what some stranger thought about her body when she had every intention of never seeing them again. But when it was someone she cared about, she found she became conscious of how she looked naked. 

And she cared about Killian. An awful lot. 

She’d grabbed his new navy blue shirt that he’d left hanging on the back of the bathroom door and draped herself in it after showering. It was comfy and warm… and smelled just like him. It was a safe feeling to have him surrounding her in such a way. 

She saw the way he looked at her when she finally entered the room. Surprise and arousal swam at the forefront of his eyes at seeing her in his clothing, but an element of confusion lingered in their depths. 

“I see how it is… wait for a man to be out of his clothes before you pinch them.” He teased as she joined him on the bed. “You sure you weren’t a pirate in another life?”

“Shut up, it’s cozy.” 

He chuckled as he pulled her close, tucking her under his arm.

“And it’s not like i have any pyjamas just lying round.”

“Well you could always join me in the nude, love. I promise you’ll hear no complaints from me.”

“But then i’d be cold. Not all of are weather resistant like you.” she bantered back.”

“It’s alright, I dare say you look much more tantalising in it than me.” He whispered in her ear. “It also means I get to unbutton you later.”

Emma let a giggle slip, smacking him lightly on the chest, warning him to behave.

He cuddled her tighter as she burrowed into his side, enjoying the hand running through her hair softly. 

They lay in silence, absently watching the end of the movie play, more content with being at peace in each others arms.

“You know that you’re beautiful to me, don’t you Emma? Every part of you.” he murmured.

Warmth spread through her and a feeling she’d seldom felt settled into her stomach. The feeling of being loved.

“I do now.” she responded shyly. 


He kissed her forehead and rubbed her back, content with knowing just how much he adored her… and Emma knew she’d be giving her heart to this man the way he’d given her his so many times.

She was in love.

Did Shadowhunters 2x08 actually confirm that Magnus and Alec had sex in 2x07?

We had two scenes in 2x08 that sort of mentioned the topic. Did those scenes confirm, without any doubt, that Magnus and Alec had sex in 2x07?

1) Alec and Izzy at the Institute.

Alec said that there’s nothing to talk about when Izzy asked if he took her advice about Magnus (“if it makes you happy [having sex with Magnus], then go for it”). Therefore, if “there’s nothing to talk about”, it’s because Magnus and Alec didn’t have sex that night, isn’t it? “There’s nothing to talk about” could be Alec’s way of saying “sex didn’t happen” without giving details.

But… That’s not necessarily true, either. “There’s nothing to talk about” could mean “sex didn’t happen”, but it could also mean “sex happened but I won’t talk about it”, because well, Izzy is still Alec’s little sister, and in general Alec has always been a reserved person. Maybe Alec just didn’t want to give Izzy the details of his and Magnus’ first time together. Maybe he could even have told her more, if Izzy had had time to insist before Max arrived.

2) Magnus and Jace in Magnus’ loft.

Jace said that Magnus and Alec had “taken things to the next level”, which obviously means he thinks they had sex. And not just that: Magnus answered “he told you”, and then even looked quite shocked when he thought Jace had physically felt what happened between Alec and him that night… Both facts confirming that yes, something did happen, and “something did happen” could perfectly mean “yes we had sex”. Also, judging from Magnus’ expression, he doesn’t look happy of talking about the topic with Jace… But well, Magnus and Jace are not exactly friends yet and Jace is still Alec’s first crush, so it’s understandable. Then Jace said that he can feel how Alec is happier, meaning that’s because Magnus and Alec took an step ahead in their relationship. So, this confirms they really had sex, doesn’t it?

Well… Not necessarily. Something did happen, yes, something that meant an “step ahead” in their relationship… But, can we really be sure that that “something” was sex (and I’m talking about full penetrative sex here)? Maybe it was making out. Maybe it was dry humping. Maybe it was oral sex. All of those alternatives would mean they took an step ahead, since until that they only restricted to kisses, as far as we know. Also, maybe Magnus’ discomfort while talking with Jace meant that the night didn’t went so well at the beginning, considering that Alec wanted to have sex and Magnus had to explain why he didn’t feel ready yet. Finally, Alec maybe indeed feel happier, but having sex with Magnus could be the only reason? Alec would be happier if him and Magnus share a new level of intimacy now, physical or phycological (possibility of a long conversation about insecurities here), but not necessarily full penetrative sex.

EXTRA: Magnus and Alec in Magnus’ loft.

This scene doesn’t mention what happened between Magnus and Alec in 2x07, but it’s the first scene  together after the fade-to-black scene. When Magnus seemed reluctant to host Max’s Rune Ceremony’s party because of Maryse, Alec explained how the said party will also be a confirmation of the permanence of Magnus’ and Alec’s relationship. It gave me the impression that Alec’s words were not only directed to Maryse, but specially to Magnus. I mean, don’t you think that Alec’s reassurance of permanence in 2x08 is a direct answer to Magnus being afraid of losing him if they had sex in 2x07?

But then again, that could mean that: a) they had sex and now Alec is trying to prove to Magnus that he’s not leaving him after that, just as he told him before (“you have nothing to worry about”); or, b) they didn’t had sex and Alec is trying to prove to Magnus that he’s really committed in their relationship, so Magnus doesn’t need to be afraid of losing him even if they have sex.

So, my conclusion? Shadowhunters 2x08 didn’t actually confirm that Magnus and Alec had sex (full penetrative sex) in 2x07.

The problem: it didn’t deny it, either.

wastedkalice  asked:

i'm currently writing a secretly dating au and i've created it in such a way that on the surface my characters absolutely loathe each other - how should i show their closeness "in secret"?

Thanks for your question, dear!  I love that kind of story, so I got a little excited receiving this ask :>

Originally posted by technicallysassystrangers

I’m going to split my answer in two – because while it’s important to show their closeness in private, this isn’t the only area it appears.  Even when two people attempt to hide their relationship from others, there are signs, subtle or otherwise, of their new emotional attachment to each other in public.  So I’ll take this one at a time…

Emotional Closeness – In Public

In a secretly-dating scenario, the goal of the characters involved is to hide their feelings – which means the obvious methods of showing emotional attachment, like conversation or PDA, aren’t at your fingertips.  Nevertheless, there will be signs that are beyond their control, and they’re necessary to create a realistic image of two people secretly in love.  My top three:

  1. Changes in body language.  The closer your two characters become, the more their physical interactions will change – and in two ways.  For one thing, they’ll be consciously keeping distance from each other in order to seem discreet; but at the same time, barriers will be broken.  Once two people have reached a new level of intimacy, subconscious displays of this intimacy – small touches, spells of eye contact, handling of each other’s belongings – will all be “unlocked.”  They’ll walk a little bit closer to each other.  They’ll be more comfortable snatching things from each other.  They’ll just be less afraid of contact, basically.
  2. Changes in verbal interactions.  Your characters in this instance are, I gather, pretending to hate each other – maybe on some level, they do piss each other off even.  But whether it’s an act or not, they will address each other differently.  They’ll be more sensitive to each other’s insecurities and personal issues.  They might overcompensate by speaking too often or too little.  Their names will sound comfortable on each other’s lips.  They’ll be more inclined to side with each other, to explain or make excuses for each other – even to lash out at others in their defense.  
  3. Changes in personality and habits.  When two people become close, they leave marks on each other.  Their morals, habits, interests, physical appearances, and even phrase and word choice will start to resemble each other’s in ways that those closest to them could notice.  In a similar vein, characters will start to make conscious changes and choices for each other’s sake.  Sacrifices may be made, and this could out your characters before anyone sees them making out against a wall.

Emotional Closeness – In Private

The best part of writing Secret-Dating AUs is the moment when we actually get to see them dating; when we get the kisses and the intimacy and the flirting, and all the fun stuff.  But emotional attachment is more than the PDA – a fact which many new fanfic writers forget to include.  There are many other ways to show intimacy between people:

  1. Personal, unique conversations.  Anybody can talk, but when two people are closer to each other than to any other person, their conversations change.  They speak about personal things sometimes; they speak passionately about their interests and their experiences.  They tell stories about their days, or their pasts, or they share dreams of the future.  They share moral dilemmas.  They ask for each other’s opinions, and those opinions stick with them – they matter.  Don’t limit two people in love to conversations about sex or petty disagreements – give them substantive conversations and your readers will love them even more.
  2. Affection starvation.  And this is different from sexual tension: love creates a desire for affection, a desire which can affect them throughout the day while they’re pretending to “hate each other”.  At the end of the day, when they have time together in private, they’ll likely be extremely affectionate – especially if they’ve fought during the day and feel the need to compensate privately.  Sexual tension is there, but there’s also a desire for physical and verbal displays of affection, and it’s what ships are made of.
  3. Public life affects personal life.  This act that your characters are perpetuating will eventually catch up to them.  One of them may cross a line while bickering; real frustrations may surface during fake fights and will leak into their personal lives.  They may embarrass each other or use something personal against them.  They may use their public image or their mutual friends as leverage to manipulate each other.  There is no separation of church and state here – relationships are fragile and can be affected by anything, so the longer this goes on, the more challenging and tiring it will become.

That’s all I’ve got, but if you have any further questions, I’ll gladly take them :)  Happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Hair Game (Peter Parker x poc!reader insert)

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Originally posted by thecoolcoolcat

Pairing: poc!reader x Peter Parker

Word Count: 1039

Summary: When it comes to natural hair management, it was never easy for (Name). Her hair was coarse, tangled easily, and soaked up water like a sponge. Thankfully, (Name) had a little help to ensure that her hair game was strong.

Author Note: I LOVE writing hair-themed pieces, so I decided to create another one. Keep in mind Peter will be 18 in this one-shot. Enjoy~!

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Rosvolio the morning after their wedding

Benvolio awakens and his first thought is that she is here. She is here beside him, she is safe, and she is his wife. Not because of duty or an arrangement made for someone else’s agenda, but because she chose him. Somebody chose him, and he is lucky enough that it is the one person he will always choose back. 

He opens his eyes not wanting to miss a moment of this morning. His eyes take in the sight before him, attempting to memorize every detail. The way her eyelashes rest softly on her cheeks. The hair that has fallen away from the plait she’d carefully woven the night before and now drapes across her shoulders. The hint of a smile playing at the lips that are now his to kiss whenever she is not too cross with him, and perhaps sometimes even then. The stunning contrast of her skin against his where her cheek presses into his shoulder and her arm drapes across his chest. 

He knows she is awake. Though her eyes remain shut, her hand moves tentatively against his skin as though she is unsure if she is allowed to touch him. He draws her closer and presses his lips to her forehead in a way he hopes conveys his love for her. 

Rosaline awakens to the sun against her bare skin as another dawn arises. Her muscles ache with memories of the previous night, memories which cause a warmth that has nothing to do with sunlight. 

She wants to stretch, but she doesn’t wish to disturb the sleeping body beneath her. It is an unfamiliar but wondrous feeling, waking next to another person. Someone she knows is definitely not her sister. 

She keeps her eyes closed with a strong desire to soak up the way this moment feels. She feels unequivocally safe laying here with the man she loves. Despite the danger and uncertainty constantly present in their lives, she is certain of this, of him, of them. She is unafraid to lose herself in just feeling. His body is warm everywhere it touches hers, a heat emanating from his skin. The hairs on his chest are course against her fingers as she runs them experimentally across his bare form. She doesn’t believe it will take very long at all to become accustomed to this new level of intimacy in their relationship. 

She startles as his hold on her tightens, dragging her closer. She has never been one to marvel at a man’s strength, far too self reliant for such thoughts; but the muscles in the arms cradling her are hard and strong and only add to the security she feels this morning. He smells of sweat mixed faintly with the rosewater they had each been bathed in before the ceremony the previous day, and his lips are dry when they linger on her forehead. Still, she feels loved and cherished in a way she never has before. 

When he speaks his voice is as rough as his hands, the single word catching in his throat like his calluses on her skin. 


Her eyes flutter open at last. A smile reserved solely for him stretches across her face as she adjusts to the brightness of the room. She recalls a promise made when they came to be betrothed the second time. 

Though soon we both may technically carry the cursed name of my family, you shall always be my Capulet.’ 

Clear blue eyes meet hers and she responds with a word she swore for so long she would never say, but now speaks willingly and with such happiness. 


My Burden: Part 2 of 2

Apologies for the wait. I hope this makes up for it. It didn’t come out as well as i expected so if it sucks my sincere apologies lol i’d understand. It’s unbetad cos i’m an impatient ass so all mistakes are my fault. anyways, I hope it’s alright. Many many thanks to everyone who enjoyed the first part, it truly means a lot that you liked it. 

My Burden

SUMMARY: Emma falls for the shy deckhand, Killian Jones. But secrets are soon revealed and Emma finds herself face to face with his Darker self. The fight to mend the two halves of this broken man begins.


“Dark One I summon thee.”

“You know…” the voice startled her, causing her to spin. “You didn’t have to say it aloud.” he informed from the chair he reclined in. “I could feel you calling for me… all the way from the other side of the kingdom.”

Emma took in his relaxed presence. Her heart hammered at his abrupt arrival, unsure of her herself now he was actually there. He smiled at her unease and seemed to relish in her observation of him.

“Why are you here?”

He chuckled at her outburst, slowly rising from his seat.

“You summoned me, love.”

“No. Why are you here? In this kingdom? Why now?” she demanded.

“I thought i’d been clear on our last meeting.” His voice was tender, softer than it had been before. His hand ghosted over her hair and tucked a strand behind her ear, brushing her cheek as he let it drop. “I want to know you, love. I want you to know me.”

His closeness overwhelmed her. She could feel power radiating off him and it made her skin hum.

“I know I’ve been on your mind, Emma.The same way you’ve been on mine.”

Her eyes fluttered shut as he came nearer. He’d been right. She hadn’t been able to get him out of her head and she couldn’t grasp why.

“I could feel your warmth, your happiness, your radiance, it sung to me and I’ve been captured by you. You feel it, don’t you? The pull between us.”

His hot breath caressed her cheek as he chuckled to himself. “That fool finally did something right for once in his sorry life. He brought you to me.”

Emma’s eyes flew open and she stepped back, abruptly breaking the trance he held over her.

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The home is in dire need of a makeover and layout change. The only rooms that make sense is the ones on the ground floor. Who has separate rooms these days when married? I heard twin beds were a thing in the early 1900′s, but this house takes it to a whole new level. Time to bring intimacy back to this family!

Favors (Part 2) - Min Yoongi x Reader

indirectly requested by @bangtaanvines (thanks for the idea; I’m a big fan)

Group : BTS

Member : Min Yoongi (aka AgustD)

Genre : Oral, Best Friend!AU

Word Count : 1694                                                          

DescriptionYou wanted to know, how giving a blowjob would feel like since you were quite inexperienced in it. So why not use your best friend Yoongi as a test object? 

part I | part III

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Why Not? Pt.2 || [I.M smut]

Originally posted by wonkyuns

Summary: What happens after you wake up and you both figure things out.
Genre: Slight Fluff/Slight Angst/Smut
Word count:  3570 words
A/N: Here I go again, sinning. Feel free to tell me how bad it was. Otherwise, Enjoy!

 You awoke to the soft patter of rain against your rooftop followed by the soft squeak of your door as your mother quietly stepped into your room. Stretching your limbs out lazily, you sleepily nuzzle your face into your pillow as you note the absence of Changkyun’s body laid next to yours. ‘He always wakes up early anyway.’ You think to yourself before cracking an eye open to stare at your mother dressed in her work attire.
“Morning.” She smiles, carefully sitting on your bedside so she won’t wrinkle her skirt. “I got a call from work, they said it’s an emergency.” She sighs, gently patting your cheek. “I know Saturday’s are our thing. I’ll bring pizza home to compensate.” She smiles, ruffling your hair before leaning down to kiss your forehead as you nod, bidding her a raspy 'good luck’ and 'see you later’ as you watched her exit your room. Ever since you were little, your mom and dad were usually at work and you were at school during the weekdays, so the weekend would be your bonding times. Saturday was designated to your mother and Sunday to your dad. However, after he passed away, Sunday’s were more dedicated to alone time and sometimes deep emotional conversations with your best friend. 
“Oh and Changkyun’s half asleep making toast, please ensure he doesn’t burn the house down.” Your mother asks of you as her head pops back into your room before disappearing again. You groan as you pick your phone up to check the time, your face contorting in displeasure as you read that it was barely past 7 in the morning. 'Why couldn’t he be asleep? Or eating me out again?’ Your mind suddenly wondered, mischievously taunting you with vivid flashbacks and you slapped a hand to your forehead in an attempt to stop the unwanted instant replay as you recalled the early morning hours in which Changkyun had you at the mercy of his mouth.
“Nope, nope, nope.” You grumble to yourself as you shook your head and rolled over to bury your face into your pillow, wondering if suffocation could cause memory loss. However, even as it became harder to breathe, your body failed to forget the sensation of your fingers threading through his hair as his tongue and fingers worked you to a very delicious orgasm. With a whine escaping your throat, you turn onto your left side to stare blankly at the wall. Despite the coolness of the early morning weather settling in your room, your body felt rather hot. You squeezed your thighs together and closed your eyes, trying to mentally will yourself to stop and maybe go back to sleep. You were thinking that maybe Changkyun should burn the house down, you weren’t sure if you could look at him in the face again.

“[Y/N] are you awake?” A deeper, huskier voice riddled with sleep interrupts the inner inner machinations of your mind, your heart rate picking up speed, causing your breath to hitch in your throat and to quicken as if you’d just run a marathon both due to surprise and embarrassment. You were just thinking of the sins you’d committed he’d practically materialized in your room like some kind of genie of sexy voices and talented tongues.
“Hmm?” You reply, lowly your voice groggy and feigning sleepiness with your back faced to him. Your wide eyes shut in an instant praying that your terribly acting skills save you from talking to him somehow. 'Fuck, fuck fuck.’ You scream in your head as you felt the bed dip under his weight, his body curling around your fetal position, his arm snaking over your waistline to press you closer to him. Taking a few deep breaths, you try to not be too obvious in trying to calm your wildly beating heart but completely fail as you can feel it nearly pumping in your throat. With how close Changkyun was pressed to you, you new that he could feel it beating, however, you were thankful that he hadn’t said anything about it. Clenching your jaw, you once again try to force yourself to calm down, of all the people in the world, this was Changkyun, someone you could bare your soul too without being judged. He was a part of you, your other half, you shouldn’t be nervous.
“I was making toast and I burnt it.” He breaks the thick silence that seemed to be suffocating you, talking casually as if nothing had happened between you two. For some reason, you felt your heart drop, the rush of anxiety taking a dive into deep sadness that made your chest ache uncomfortably. A part of you wanted to talk about what happened and the other half of you wanted to just make him breakfast like he would ask soon enough. Silly him, you knew him too well, he could barely do things right without you sometimes. You wondered about how his future girlfriend would manage, how she would treat him and if she’d laugh at his lame puns and enjoy his company as much as you did. Your chest constricted with the intensity of the ache at the mere thought.
“Do you think you can-”
“Yeah, ye-yeah,” You cut him off, brushing his hand away and trying to fight the unexplainable urge to cry. Great, you’d just thought yourself into a bad mood and potentially ruined your morning or day.

“What’s wrong?” Changkyun catches onto your bad mood just as quickly as you’d dug yourself into it. His eyes were fixated onto the back of your head, appalled at your behavior. You never pushed him away before. Early morning cuddles, insults and name calling were your favorites. And as much as he wanted to call you his favorite insult, he bit his tongue and rolled off his side of the bed, walking over to your side to kneel before your gaze. He could tell this would be serious. The second he caught sight of your glassy eyes, a lone tear slipping out from the corner of your eye and rolling across the bridge of your nose. His hand instinctively reached out to wipe it away before it could reach any further, concern matting his face. Changkyun absolutely hated seeing you cry.
“Talk to me you shaved coconut. Or should I eat you out again and make you feel better?” He grins suggestively, his hand playfully squeezing your boob and making a honking noise in an attempt to lighten the mood, resulting in you placing your hand on his to stop him just incase he was serious. You couldn’t tell with how spontaneous he was being.
“Thinking about you with someone else that isn’t me really sucks.” You blubber, swiping at your watery eyes as you roll onto your back to stare at the ceiling. It was better to get it off your chest, besides, you and Changkun never hid anything from each other before. Changkyun feels his heart flutter with happiness at your words.
“Then don’t.” He shrugs in a simple reply, taking your hand to pull you back onto your side to face him, his body easing onto your side of the bed to sit.
“C'mere.” He mumbles whilst leaning forward to kiss your forehead, your eyes and nose, his lips lingering dangerously close to yours.
“Do you want me [Y/N]?” Changkun questions as a smile spreads onto his features. It’s a genuine smile, a proud one, his eyes twinkling  with excitement unlike his wicked, playful smirks and grins that he usually wears. You’re confused, but caught in the moment. There’s a new level of intimacy and your heart can’t help but flutter in a good way, your mouth breaking into a smile as he pecks your lips. One peck, two pecks, three pecks. You nearly feel your face breaking with the smile that’s placed on your lips as you give him a tiny nod despite the pleasant tingle spreading throughout your body.
“Babygirl I love you so much.” Changkyun coos, pressing chaste kisses to the corner of your mouth, moving down to your shoulder and the length of your arm. Loud giggles erupt from your throat as he rolls you onto your back, his fingers poking and tickling your sides even as his lips press kisses wildly to your body, your limbs flailing about in protest before he stops.
“So you’re mine from now on okay morning breath?” He confirms beaming down at you as you accept with a soft 'okay’ not giving it a second thought. Why not? There wasn’t much to think about. It just felt like a burden was being lifted from your shoulders. It just felt right.

“My breath doesn’t smell by the way.” You argue with a roll of your eyes, pushing yourself back onto your left side. It didn’t smell as half as bad as his did. 
“Okay, but, you’re sure that 'us' is what you want?” Changkyun asks again, getting closer as a smirk grows on his lips.
“Yeah. Is it what you want?” You counter with growing worry, hoping that he wasn’t having second thoughts.
“I’m just making sure because I really, really want to fuck you.” He groans into your ear, having gotten closer with every word spilling from his mouth. In a split second the heat that was suppressed by your temporary dam of sadness was broken and flooding your body again. fueling your sexual desire. It was rediculous how easily he turned you on.
“Shut up.” You moan in protest as he kisses the shell of your ear before his teeth gingerly nibble on your earlobe, your entire body shivering in delight. Your eyes close as you bite your lip, an involuntary moan leaving your lips as a small sting graces your behind, the sound of his palm smacking your ass twice echoing in the room.
“Fuck. I always wanted to do that.” Changkyun groans, kneeling on the ground once more and pushing your right leg up to our chest as he pulls the fabric of your underwear up, the cloth of your underwear being pressed tightly against your pussy. Changkyun’s lips came into contact with the heated spot that he smacked, your eyebrow arching in question of his actions as he kissed it gently, his lips trailing down to the back of your thighs before he pressed his face between your legs. You can’t help the blush that blazes on your face nor the squeak that squeezes past your lips as he deeply inhales before nuzzling his face against your womanhood. 
“Damn baby I could just smother myself to death in your pussy. You taste and smell so good.” He growls, littering kisses along the length of your womanhood. It’s enough to make you squirm, your tongue running over your now dry lips as you try to roll onto your back but Changkyun’s hand behind your knee keeps you in place, his index finger rubbing the slit of your puffy lips, your wetness spreading quickly.
“[Y/N] You’re so wet for me already.” You hear him chuckle as your underwear is soaked with your juices, sticking between your lips. 
“Kuukkungie~” You moan his beloved nickname as you squirm as hard as you could, wanting him to just take your panties off and fuck you within the inch of your life. Your body was begging.
“Tell me what you want [Y/N]. What do you want me to do to you?” Changkyun questions as he continues to tease your sobbing womanhood, his tongue pressing heavily against your now swollen clit. You can barely mutter a single word as he hardens his tongue to press against it with the tip, swirling it around your hardened nub and making you shake with excitement, your hand pushing the back of his head to press him more into you as a sign that you wanted more. 
“Take my panties off Changkyun.” You rasp, your body stiffening up momentarily as he kisses your pussy with enough intensity to suck on it before pulling away. Changkyun wastes no time in complying, peeling your underwear off and watching in delight as the dampened, flimsy cloth is removed, exposing your sex to his hungry eyes and dropping your underwear carelessly on the floor. 

“Do you want me to play with you more?”  Changkyun challenges your eagerness as he runs his finger along your core, opting to rub circles around your clit and watching you shudder with pleasure. 
“You know what I want.” You wine, motioning him closer with your index finger.  However, your bestfriend, now boyfriend only feigns innocence as his lower lip juts out as he shakes his head. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He lies as he refuses to come closer. his head disappearing behind the curve of your backside, his exposing your clit enough for his tongue to tease.
“Do you want daddy to make you feel good?” He smirks wickedly as he hears you moan in frustration. You were beginning to regret telling him about your kinks now that he was beginning to use it against you. Your lower abdomen began burning with a delicious desire at his words.
“What should it be princess? My tongue?” He taunts, flattening his tongue out from your clit down to your entrance, his cock twitching as your deep moan fills his ears. “Or do you want my fingers?” He provokes as he pulls away his middle finger rubbing your entrance to barely dip into it. Automatically, your hips move to create more friction to please yourself, but Changkyun catches on to what you’re doing quickly and pulls away with a smirk.
“Don’t move.” He commands as he stands, making you pout at the brief loss of contact. You mindlessly obey as your eyes follow him as he makes his way onto the bed. “Or do you want daddy’s cock filling up your tight little pussy.” He smiles as he places his hand on your hip, the other lifting your right leg and placing your ankle on his shoulder to create more room for him to jam his clothed erection to your lower half. You immediately nod furiously, muttering a small please as he grinds himself into you a wet spot forming on the front of his pants from where your juices met his crotch.
“Please what baby girl?" 
"Please fuck me.” You moan, grinding your hips back to match the timing with his own, your hand reaching out to touch him but he grabs your wrist, keeping you from touching him.
“Who are you talking to [Y/N]?” Changkyun drags out, stopping to pull the string of his sweatpants and push his pants and boxers down enough to let his straining erection free.
“You, Changkyun.” You grumble, refusing to give in to what he knew he was asking for.
“Who are you talking to [Y/N]?” He repeats himself roughly, making you flinch, your stomach flipping at the new display of his more dominant side as he uses a hand to wipe the pre cum oozing from his length to press it against your lips. Your tongue darts out from between your lips to drag along his fingers, gingerly tasting the sticky substance before taking his two digits into your mouth. You maintain eye contact with him as he smirks in satisfaction at your actions. 
“Good girl.” He compliments, using his left hand to guide his length to your throbbing entrance, rubbing the head of his cock against you to annoy you further. “I’m not  fucking you until I hear you say it." 
"Please..dwaddy..” You say meekly with his fingers still in your mouth, your chest almost heaving as he pushes against your core, your opening beginning to stretch to fit him only to have him pull away. You whimper loudly in protest, your eyes pleading with him to continue.
“What was that princess?” He chuckles darkly, pulling his fingers away to allow you to speak.
“You daddy. Please fuck me.” You wail succumbing to his dominance and the pleasure that your body was aching for.

In no less than a second Changkyun’s cock was pushed into you, filling you completely. When he’s fully seated in your welcoming walls, a low, satisfied groan rumbles through his chest.  Your hands reach up to grab the pillow as he slammed himself into you without restraint. Your walls were burning with ecstasy at the stretch and speed he’s pounding into you. You’ve had sex with one other guy before in drunken stupor thinking he was the one, but having Changkyun take you like this was nothing in comparison. Within seconds your legs were shaking, your orgasm already ready to burst.
“Touch yourself for me.” The man above you commands and you don’t hesitate to do so. You reach down to vigorously stroke your clit with one hand as your other hand squeezes the pillow your knuckles turning white whilst moans began falling from your mouth like raindrops falling from rain clouds. Changkyun was experiencing extreme pleasure as he watched you touch yourself in addition to your walls beginning to pulse around him.
“Are you gonna cum princess?” He questions between his own grunts, his hands squeezing your thigh as he keeps your legs parted. You nod as you feel yourself near your end, your mind and body only focusing on reaching that euphoria that you were longing for.
“No. You’re not allowed to cum yet.” Changkyun denies you in the nick of time. He pulls out and grabs your wrists, clenching his teeth to restrain himself from resuming his position and burying himself into your warmth once more. He grabs your wrists and pulls it away, your eyes tearing up as you shake your head, lips trembling and chest heaving as the pleasure begins to fade away disbelief pulsing through your veins instead, your hips bucking in want of his return.
“You didn’t ask to cum baby.” Changkyun mocks, satisfied with your disheveled state.
“Daddy please let me cum.” You find yourself begging in an instant, your voice shaking, throat hot and thick with defeat. Your eyelashes were wet with frustrated tears as you stare up at him. Pretending to consider the idea, Changkyun arches his brow as if in thought. He wanted you to cum as much as you did, he just liked to tease.

“Hands and knees babygirl.” He instructs as he lets you go. Instantaneously, you abide by his law, your shaking hands and knees holding you up. As Chankyun mounts you again, he observes the way your head tilts to the side before briefly looking back at him. Hovering over your body as his cock slides into you easily, he brushes your hair from your ear after kissing your shoulder and the junction of your neck.
“Cum for me okay [Y/N]? I want you to cum hard over my cock.” He murmurs in his deep voice next to your ear before beginning his thrusts and you nod, relief flooding your system with his permission. You suck in a sharp breath as you feel his teeth  sink into the flesh of your shoulder, letting out a hiss as  he pulls away, the burning sensation briefly distraction you from your orgasm. However, as Changkyun grips your hips tightly whilst his stomach begins to coil, you can’t help but lean forward, your hands giving in from under you. You begin to push your hips back to meet his thrusts feeling your orgasm beginning to build again.
“Go ahead and touch yourself baby. I know you want to.” Changkyun rasps out between his own labored breaths. With the change in position, you became a tighter fit for him and with the way your walls were beginning to lightly clench and unclench around him was making him loose his mind. With the way you were being stretched and exposed, it only took a few strokes of your fingers before your body was tensing up with your orgasm, toes curling and hands balling into fists. Your jaw hung open in a soundless scream as you pressed your face hard into the pillow. Your tightness made it extremely hard for Changkyun to ride out your orgasm, his seed spilling into you mere seconds after. You let out a groan as his body slumped over yours, both of you becoming very aware of how hot and sweaty you both were. 

“I can’t wait to do that again.” Your boyfriend laughs as he rolls next to you onto his back after pulling his shirt off and pulling his sweatpants back up over his hips.
“I can wait.” You pant, falling onto your stomach and closing your eyes to regain your strength and calm down from your high. Your arms and legs felt like soft jelly, your energy was drained. You didn’t know exactly how he was managing to keep his composure.
“C'mon we should eat breakfast.” He grins, reaching over to pull your shirt over your butt after smacking it playfully. You crack an eye open to stare at him in a silent question of whether or not he was serious. You could barely move, how was he expecting you to make breakfast?
“Cereal sound good?” Changkyun smiles, brushing the hair from your face and kissing your cheek as you close your eyes in  comfort and full confidence that he wouldn’t need your help for that.

Part 1


Renegade (pt. 4)

Another wolf-finds-his-mate story, but I kicked it up a notch and created a whole new world around it. 

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Supernatural (EXO as wolves, but more species involved in the storyline)

Word count: 8912 words

Warning: Long read, Somewhat angsty, Dork! Chanyeol, five second sex scene that I have not written like I would write smut but more held-back, lots of things happening and after a while you won’t even be able to tell what the biggest problem is. I promise it’ll all make sense later on.

New to the series? Start your adventure here: Prologue (Don’t skip it, it contains info you’ll need later on.)
The posts will always contain a link to the next part, unless that part hasn’t been posted yet.

Part 4

Chanyeol leaned his bum onto the table top of the chestnut brown, wooden desk, allowing him to compromise some of his tallness and spread his legs spaciously for (y/n) to stand in between them. Owing to his long legs, his dress shoes remained settled on the floor, though the idea to wrap them around her legs had emerged from his cerebrum several times. As if holding her waist in his arms was not enough, he wanted to capture her prisoner of love and hold on to her like there was no tomorrow.

He acted as much out of desire for her as out of necessity. Since the day they had intensified their mate-bond, Chanyeol would wake up to minor headaches that disappeared by virtue of a few kisses, hugs and minutes of physical contact, shared with his girl.

He wished for things to be different, but for now he had to make do with sneaking around like teenagers at locations where (y/n) was not supposed to be; empty lecture-hall back offices having the amplest space were at the top of Chanyeol’s preferred list. He felt guilty for urging her to have rendezvous with him like these. Unfortunately, there weren’t many other options considering the dangers of abstinence.

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Painted Constellations

Summary: Dan is a painting major at uni who needs someone to paint on for his art project, and Phil is a photography major who needs Dan to model for him.
Word Count: 8613
Warnings: alcohol, mentions of suicide, a lot of Van Gogh talk, smoking, mentions of sex, homophobic comments, depression


There is a certain relaxation in allowing images to unfurl themselves from the bristles of a brush onto the white emptiness of a new canvas. The paint is smooth and fragile, breaking into nothingness if smeared or smudged, now an entirely new picture. The colours would then blossom into a new galaxy of flowery fields, the starry night sky, or even a dog waiting by a picket fence for it’s owner.

The possibilities were endless and alive; a painter does not have to live in a dull world when they can create their own.

But there is also with great certainty that artists have something missing from their lives - whilst they can create so many beautiful universes, they deal with having to be trapped in the cruel world that is the Earth and all of it’s humanity. It was no wonder that Vincent Van Gogh would eat yellow paint to be happy, claiming that “the sadness will last forever” after attempting suicide and lying on his deathbed.

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anonymous asked:

I loved your post-game tarot card for Isii, and I wanted to ask: what do you think all of the companion tarot cards are? Some are obvious (Dorian's default= The Magician) but plenty of them I can't figure out. What's your take?

Hope you were looking for a detailed examination of each of the companion and adviser cards and their meanings, cause that’s what you’re gonna get. :P

First, I’m so glad you like Isii’s post-game tarot card. I’ve been meaning to finish her starting card for quite some time now. As for the companion cards, I think some of them are stronger than others in terms of how well the card’s meaning matches the character it’s tied to. Images were sourced from this post where you can see scans of the entire DAI Tarot set.

One last thing: Tarot cards are highly interpretational based on context. That’s why you can shape a cohesive “narrative” from what is otherwise an arguably random assortment of cards. While the Major Arcana tend to have fairly well-defined qualities, the Minor Arcana does not possess the same consistency. (If you don’t believe me, go do some digging on tarot card meanings from different books and websites. You are likely to find completely different and sometimes contradictory meanings for certain cards, depending on the author.) Quotes used are sourced from ata-tarot


Beginning Card: The Hermit

The Hermit is a figure that has risen above emotion and disconnected from his desires - they are distractions that stand in the way of his journey. The Hermit strives for wisdom and seeks answers from within rather than the outside world. He can only depend on himself. He alone is immutable and he knows that any person who lends him aid cannot help him forever. Such alliances are temporary. “For true wisdom to emerge, there can be no distractions. Any preoccupations of the world, no matter how small or inconsequential they may seem, will be heard as shouts that drown out the still voice within.” The Hermit is alone, not only by choice but by necessity and is comfortable traveling through darkness if it means he will emerge in the light at the end. The Hermit may try to guide others with the lessons he has learned, but he is not a teacher. He knows he cannot teach what must be learned through experience. The appearance of the Hermit suggests that a mentor may appear in the subject’s life or that they must choose to help guide another into discovering their own truths.

Romanced: The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a holy man, one who holds secret or forbidden knowledge. Most often it is represented as a high-ranking member of the clergy, a symbol of the power of spirituality to shape the world according to one’s beliefs. Unlike the Hermit who moves alone, the Hierophant is a leader who others follow not because they have been coerced or deceived but because their faith drives them. The Hierophant is not an individualistic card - all is done for the betterment of the whole. The needs of the many outweigh his own desires. The Hierophant is tasked with the preservation or return to tradition and a rejection of its opposition. While this can sometimes be harmful (like the historical treatment of those who oppose Church teachings), it is usually beneficial. The Hierophant is a far cry from rebellion - his is a card of order and uniformity. If the Hierophant appears, it may foretell the appearance of a mentor; someone who will teach you his beliefs in the hopes that you will join him. The subject should be open to receiving these lessons. Something is coming and the subject lacks the experience to face it alone. Only he can provide that.

Ending Card (unromanced): The Tower

The Tower is a destructive force, though it should not be taken as something malicious. The crumbling structure needs to fall in order to be rebuilt. When wisdom and enlightenment are resisted, sometimes their influence must be forced. Old attitudes and beliefs have to be abandoned, whether you like it or not.  “You do not want to give up your ideals, and you cling to them like a child to his precious security blanket. This attempt at security ensures nothing, really, except a disastrous change that will painfully rip away that which you did not discard of your own volition.” The Tower is not a gentle card, but often necessary. It usually represents tearing away lies the subject has been telling themselves, facing harsh truths in favor of comfortable deception. The crumbling tower’s fall is inevitable due to its faulty foundation. Rather than waiting for it to collapse, The Tower gives it a sharp shove and lets gravity do the rest. Rather than focusing on the rubble, The Tower should be seen as a card of opportunity; it is like a phoenix, burning away the old and sickly so that something can be reborn in its place. When The Tower appears, the subject should prepare themselves for change and be ready to let go of what makes them feel comfortable and secure, otherwise the transition will be a painful one. If the subject ignores the warning and clings to the status quo, the are in for a rude awakening. Change will happen because it is needed and nothing they can do will stop it.


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This. Is. Real. Talk.

Acting? Not the best acting performance I’ve seen on a Thai drama. Some moments were bordering awkward. Some facial expressions were tad bit exaggerated. There were times that the acting was either stiff or over the top. Storyline? Not the most well-written story. It was fan fiction-ish. It took so long for the conflicts to be resolved. Same issues kept on occurring time and time again. The plot was more complicated than it needs to be. Character development? Some characters were frustratingly unreasonable. I’m not sure if they were just being naive in every problematic situation or they were just being foolish. It was messy. Being logical or practical is never an option for some at all until they reached the finale.

We all knew how the love story of Korn and Knock ends because it was already concluded on Bad Romance. Since Together With Me is a prequel, I can just imagine how difficult it was for the writers to come up with a solid script to keep things interesting between the two main characters prior their relationship. It must be very challenging for them especially right now because, in this day and age, there are so many BL series coming out. The audience have a lot of benchmarks and we can’t help but to compare each one to another. Which has the best storyline? Who were the best in acting? Which couple has the best chemistry?

And so, this is why Together With Me stood out to me. The series has shown the audience one of the most essential aspects of a romantic relationship that other Thai BL series didn’t even dare to give us. The intimacy. The passion. The burning desire. This is the reason why it soared so high for me despite my quibbles. The intimate moments between Korn and Knock were exquisite. Max and Tul may not be the best actors out there but they have executed the love scenes so gracefully. They were natural and believable. The kissing scenes were not just for fan service. They weren’t thrown randomly in every episode. These moments were on point and remained relevant to the story. I highly commend Max and Tul for their commitment to their roles. Not all actors have the guts to do what they did on screen. They elevated romance to a new level of intimacy. From being the underdogs, they have succeeded in cementing their place in the Thai BL world by setting a new standard.

The series as a whole was brave in general in the sense that it breaks out from the typical formula of BL series. I don’t think we should still categorize it as BL because it’s not about boys’ love anymore but rather it’s a legitimate gay series. At least four important characters on Together With Me were profiled as gay. We have Korn the most sensible male character, the innocent Farm who just discovered his wild side, Bright the player and Mew who just kept growing on me every episode. They may seem to portray either the good side or the bad side of the lifestyle, which is subjective. But at least, finally, there were no pretensions. Everything was legit. It wasn’t groundbreaking but they have managed to push the boundaries. It was a complete game changer.

The true heroine of the story was Yihwa. Without Yihwa, Korn and Knock’s relationship wouldn’t happen. Without Yihwa, they wouldn’t find out the mastermind, who has caused all the trouble, that is Plern Pleng. Without Yihwa, the story wouldn’t be fun and engrossing. Without Yihwa, what’s the point of Together With Me? I love Korn and Knock so much but I adore Yihwa because she made everything happen almost single-handedly. Who wouldn’t want a best friend like Yihwa? She is now one of my most favorite female characters ever. And it is only fitting that she wrapped up the show.

Without Yihwa, no one would gather their housemates around in times of crisis. Together With Me has made me smile and laugh more than it made me fall in love because the real romantic scenes just happened towards the end. What kept me hooked was the group of people surrounding Korn and Knock. They were not just supportive and protective towards their friends. They were also hilarious even the tomboyish Fai and the black sheep P’Phu. The sound effects, as tacky as they seem, while delivering the punchlines were spot on. Their comedic moments together made me want to join their clique. Their chemistry as a group worked so well and at the same they were all memorable.

In the end, it was a wonderful ride. I’ve been waiting for this series to be aired since the official announcement after Bad Romance. In my opinion, aside from the unquestionable chemistry, Max and Tul are the most good looking couple. They are so gorgeous. They are on the top of my list right now in terms of looks. But what made this series special and stand out from the rest of BL series is that it was never afraid. It was daring and fearless. If you’re going to love, love all the way. And Together With Me has gone all the way and delivered. No holding back. No second guessing. No hesitation.

A Difficult Circumstance - 2/? feysand fanfiction

Summary: Rhys and Feyre make their first foray outside their bedroom and see how well they can keep their secret under wraps. Spoiler alert: it’s harder than it looks.

Tagging: @darkheartsdontbreaktheybruise @personpersonper @birdiethebibliophile @juliasempiternal @feyre-therabeaux @jjellybean @stellaireskies @highladyofshadowhunters @marabarrow @amazinglyawesomeperson (If y’all do/don’t want to be tagged let me know, I just kinda copied from last time and added on new people)

AO3 : Part one : no warnings, just inappropriate jokes



He turned back towards Feyre, halfway through the door.

“You need to get dressed before you go out there.”

“Oh.” He looked down at himself, wearing the black silk nightgown that he had bought Feyre as a surprise the week before. “You’re probably right. I’d say the same for you, but I’m sure you have thought ahead. You remember where my closet is, right?”

“Yes. Why is your closet so far away?” Feyre grumbled.

“Because you have a lot of clothes and I gave the walk-in closet to you.”

“You’re the one who buys me all the dresses, I can’t be blamed entirely. They can be really heavy.” Feyre was pouting and she knew it, but there was something she needed to do, something she was dreading.

“You love all the dresses, Feyre darling. And now I get to try them on!” He noticed her hesitation and stopped his progress towards the closet. “What’s wrong?”

“I need to tell you something.”

His breath hitched in his throat. “What is it?”

“I need to use the restroom.” Feyre pronounced the words as if it were the worst news they’d had all morning.

“Why are you telling me… oh. I see.” They looked at one another awkwardly as the full import of having to live in someone else’s body came to bear. Of course they knew each other well, their mouths had tasted every bit of skin on one another’s bodies, even the parts that never saw the light of day, and yet this was an entirely new level of intimacy.

“We will never speak of it again. Unless you want to. Do you want me to show you how?”

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crisb711  asked:

Does Marco deserve being With Star? Do You Think That The series will end With Them Together?

I wouldn’t say it’s fair to talk about deserving, since that’d be dangerously close to what Tom was doing in his first appearance, thinking that Star owed to him since he put effort into anger therapy, If (WHEN) they’re going to end together it should be because they both want it, and because they want to experience their relationship to a level above “simple” friendship.

I hope they’ll get together WAY before the series is over! They’ve always been great at helping eachother grow and mature, and I’d like to see them doing it even more once their relationship gains a new level of intimacy that could allow them to feel even more at ease with talking about anything.

Oberyn x Baratheon/Lannister!reader...

((I love me some Oberyn….I hope you all enjoy))

Word Count: 2,203

Warning: Smut but nothing too detailed about half way through

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Can you write a jack imagine where him and the reader are friends but they argue a lot and jack gets upset about it because he likes her so he tries to be nice to her and she is immediately suspicious because he always messes with her.

Being friends with Jack was definitely weird, you liked him, you really did but it was inevitable fighting with him, even if it was for the smallest things, you didn’t knew how to explain it, maybe it was his carefree and teasing personality that crashed with your quiet and responsible one.

You knew that when he messed around he didn’t meant to hurt anyone, it was merely for entrainment purposes but you couldn’t help to take his silly jokes personally, and also maybe it had something to do with the fact that you liked him.

Who were you kidding? In full honesty you were head over heels for this boy, but he didn’t want to belong to anyone but himself, you knew how much of a fuckboy he could be at times, and your mind would always wonder what it would feel like to be his at least for a night.

But he would never thought of you in a sexual way, you were the girl he had a strange friendship with, nothing else of course for you that was utterly frustrating in your opinion.

Tonight you were at Caspar and Josh’s and just hanging out with the the boys, a beer in your hand as you talked nonchalantly with Caspar, but since you arrived you felt Jack stare at you, which was something extremely weird since he didn’t actually spoke to you.

“Hey Y/N… can I get you anything?” He asked you rather nervous, making you frown
“I’m good… thanks” you replied awkwardly

That was only the beginning of his weird behavior, not long after he sat next to you, willingly, and then he rested his arm on your shoulder bringing you even closer than ever as he now took part in the conversation.

This was a whole new level of intimacy with him, and it honestly caught you off guard how casual he was about this whole thing.

What was he up to?

As if he had heard your thoughts he turned to you flashing a sweet smile as his eyes quickly scanned your delicate features, making your heart skip a beat.

You couldn’t help but look away almost immediately, pursing your lips into a thin line, trying to let him know how uncomfortable you were with this invasion to your personal space, it was then that a thought came to your head, what if he knew your crush on him and was only teasing you?.

Deciding that you wouldn’t break your head into a million different explanations for his rather warm behavior towards your persona you pushed him away locking your eyes with his

“Okay, what’s the catch?” You asked the blond boy beside you who furrowed his eyebrows in pure confusion
“What are you talking about?”
“Your acting all kind and considerate when all you do is always mess with me so what’s the catch? Is this a prank?” You said looking around the room trying to find a hidden camera

You heard him stand up and what was about to come out from his mouth would be something you would have never expected from him.

“I like you, okay?” He blurted out making you froze in your place, slowly turning to face him, there wasn’t even the smallest glimpse of mischief you understood that he was dead serious.

Everyone else in the room awkwardly left the room giving the both of you some space to talk, your heart beating so loudly it made you even more nervous “What are we supposed to do now?”

He scratched the back of his neck “Can I kiss you?” He asked like a naive child, the blush creeping onto your cheeks as you faced him once more smiling softly as you moved closer to him, your hands cupping his face from behind his ears slowly and timidly bringing his lips to yours.

The sensation was relieving and pleasant beyond the words, the motion of his lips were sweet and steady as if he was trying to discover at what pace he should go, every time he pulled away he seemed to fasten his pace.

His hand tangled in your hair as his tongue played along with yours, even though you didn’t actually wanted to you broke apart welcoming air into your lungs “I need to go back” you stated quite breathless, he nodded simultaneously biting his slightly swollen lower lip.

You stood up with a goofy smile on your lips “I’ll see you tomorrow” you waved goodbye before leaving, and even when you finally left the place your mind still couldn’t process the fact that you had actually kissed Jack Maynard.