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One of Audrey Horne’s outfits from Twin Peaks S01E03.

“I love this music. Isn’t it too dreamy?“


mayor elle dreams; Shelter by sprungit | 7F00-001D-AA7C

Shelter is a gorgeous town that was so bright and peaceful! I absolutely adore how the colour yellow is used, and seeing little lemons on the ground in places was so aesthetically pleasing. Scarlett, you did such a fantastic job on this town ahhhh <3

Oh snap, Aika village has been updated

Not sure if this has made the rounds and is already generally known, but the creator of Aika village has updated their dream address and made some changes to a few rooms. You can preview it on their twitter page here:

The new DA is 2D00-002A - 49A0. Go, and be traumatized all over again!


🌸  my first town mintvale has been updated!
it’s no longer a cherry blossom town, and is now set in early autumn at sunset.
please enjoy and tag me if you visit💕
ps. thank u for 1000 visits! 

▻ 5A00-0055-5C29