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Okay i didnt know what to title this BUT in your HONEST opinion what do you think will become of Black veil brides?

Will they break up or will Andy be replaced so he can pull a juliet and become nothing more than a lazy asshole who complains about money when he is wealthy and is an atttention seeker,

A/N; I feel like they’ll break up and they’ll all do their own things like they are now. Because honestly they’re doing so well on their own right now I feel like they wouldn’t even attempt to find a new lead singer when they can just continue their solo projects. -N

i just finished watching doukyuusei

my thoughts:

- kusakabe is hot af with his hair wet

- this is some quality gay shit

- sajou is an adorable bean

- five minutes into the video and BAM KISS

- i legit thought sajou would be the new lead singer of ZGOK

- kusakabe is a fuckin’ dork and i love him (who reads their sister’s books to gain knowledge of gay smex?????)

- those deep kisses made my heart flutter

- whenever sajou cried i cried on the inside

- i would sell my soul and my left leg to see kusakabe tease the shit out of sajou

- kusakabe is a v protective bf

- my heart died when sajou kissed his bf in front of all those people because cuties 

- sajou iS MY NUMBER ONE


Today in Black Music History for January 15th

1954 - Ray Simpson, the brother of Singer/Songwriter Valarie Simpson of the duo Ashford and Simpson and the replacement for Victor Willis as the cop in the group The Village People, is born in the Bronx, New York

1967 - Lisa Lisa, Lead Singer of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, who often performed with Full Force is born Lisa Velez in New York City, New York

1992 - Sam Moore and Dave Prater, who performed as Sam and Dave, are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame along with The Isley Brothers, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Booker T & the M.G.’s and The Jimi Hendrix Experience

1992 - Elmore James and Henry “Professor Longhair” Byrd are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the Early Influences to Rock and Roll

1994 - After flip-flopping with Mariah Carey’s “Music Box”, Snoop Doggy Dogg’s debut album “Doggystyle” returns to the top of Billboard’s Hot 200 Album chart

2007 - Jennifer Hudson wins the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for her portrayal of Effie White in the film “Dreamgirls”

2007 - Prince wins the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song - Motion Picture for “The Song of the Heart” from the film “Happy Feet”


On this day in music history: January 14, 1970 - Diana Ross makes her final appearance as a member of The Supremes at the Frontier Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Three weeks after their twelfth number one single “Someday We’ll Be Together” tops the Billboard Hot 100, Ross performs with her group mates Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong for the last time before departing for a solo career. The sold out show is attended by many members of the Motown family, and the event also introduces Diana Ross’ replacement, Jean Terrell as the new lead singer of The Supremes. The performance is recorded for a lavishly packaged double album box set titled “Farewell”, later re-titled “Captured Live On Stage” when it is reissued in the early 80’s and released on CD in 1992.

Interview Games

“And we are back with the UK’s hottest new band’s lead singer, Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Hello!” I say into the microphone, smiling over at the radio presenter.

“Alright, so we’ve talked about the boring stuff such as your new single, and the album, and tour..blah blah.” He jokes, smiling at me. “Time to get in to the real exciting stuff.”

“What would that be?” I laugh, shifting in my seat.

“Everyone wants to know more about you and a certain youtuber that you are dating.” He winks at me, sitting back in his seat.

“Of course you want to talk about that.” I roll my eyes. “Doesn’t everyone?”

“Well, can you blame them? You and Joe Sugg are the hot item right now.”

“But we aren’t even new! We’ve been together for a couple years now.” I shake my head, used to people asking about myself and Joe. It was simply part of being in the spotlight.

“And yet everyone still wants to know so much about you two. So, let’s play a little game.” He clasps his hands together, grinning. I groan internally, knowing it will be some stupid little game determined to ‘expose’ some secret about Joe and I.

“What game are playing today?” I ask, playing along.

“Expose your phone. I think the audience would like to know what your last conversation with the one and only Joe Sugg consists of.”

“Probably not, we’re pretty boring.” I shrug, my mind going through the last conversation quickly.

“Then you’ll have no problem reading it out!” Knowing there was no way around it, I pull out my phone and pull up messages from Joe. The radio presenter swings around in his chair to look at it, ensuring I’m not lying about what I’m reading.

“Well, he’s away on tour right now, so we haven’t seen each other in a couple weeks. Uhm, last conversation was us talking about our day.”

“This is adorable…” He laughs, reading the messages. “Joe was telling her how cute she looked during the last interview she had on television. And then they go on to talk about how much they just want to cuddle, and lay in bed all day. He also calls her some adorable little pet names. Never thought that Joe Sugg was such a romantic.” He hands the phone back over to me, rolling back over to his spot.

“People are always surprised to find that out.” I tell him, shrugging as I click the phone off. “Sorry we’re so boring.”

“Nah, it’s adorable. I’m sure everyone will be happy to hear about that. But we are out of time everybody. So thank you to Y/N for joining me today, it was a pleasure.”

“Thanks for having me!”

“And we cannot wait for the album to drop, so everyone mark your calendar for that day! But until then, enjoy their new single…” He hits a button to play my bands new song as we both pull of our headphones.

We say our goodbyes before I head out of the studio, pulling my phone out again and calling Joe.

“Hey, babe. How was the interview?” He greets me.

“It was good. They had me read out our most recent conversation.”

“Oh no…” Joe mumbles, but he’s laughing slightly.

“No, not THAT conversation, Joe!” I blush, thinking of the one he’s talking about. “We’ve had another one since then, thank gods.”

“Come on, that would have made for a great interview!” Joe full on laughs this time, and I can’t help but join in a little.

“Maybe, but we’ll never know.”


150622: A fan named “Zoey” spotted Kyungsoo outside & another fan named “ Apple_DYO” spotted Kyungsoo at the Shopping Mall and she received Kyungsoo’s signature too. (Apple_Dyo)

my 1300+ band au of utter bs
  • Oikawa is the lead singer of a popular band
  • Iwaizumi is the best of the best security men who gets charged with Oikawa while Aobajousai performs in Japan
  • After Aobajousai leaves Japan, Iwaizumi is hired on to work as Oikawa’s personal bodyguard
  • Makki and Mattsun are the dual lead guitarists whom everyone ships
  • Yahaba is their bass player
  • Kyoutani plays drums
  • Everyone ships them despite their protests and claims about hating each other 
  • They’re the couple fans make theories about and freak out about when seen interacting
  • Kunimi is backup guitarist and Kindaichi is backup bass but Oikawa has had them both take the lead in some songs
  • Watari is the guy who picks up objects thrown onto the stage but he’s also known for taking over as drums whenever Kyoutani can’t
  • Aobajousai is known as a flashy band with deep meaningful lyrics while also keeping an upbeat tone to their music
  • They work with someone who writes a lot of their songs but when they write their own music it’s sappy and deep and their fans love it
  • Kageyama is the new lead singer to a up and coming band no one’s really heard of before but it’s gaining fans and popularity quickly
  • Everyone knows that Kageyama, Oikawa, Kunimi, and Kindaichi went to the same school to train their talents and that there’s a bad past between them
  • Kageyama has a scary look that makes a lot of people think Karasuno is a band with rap music but his voice is really smooth and flowy
  • Hinata is the energetic bass player
  • He started playing when he saw a rock band called ‘Little Giant’
  • Suga used to be the lead singer but stepped down when Kageyama joined their band
  • He plays pianist now but only really plays during their softer songs and he comes onto stage first so he can play cheery little tunes while the other members get introduced
  • Daichi is the head bodyguard that everyone knows is dating Suga
  • Ennoshita, Narita, and Kinoshita are also bodyguards
  • Ennoshita is Daichi’s right hand man and is generally charged with watching over Tanaka and Noya
  • Noya and Tanaka are the guitarists who always end up either jumping into the crowd or encouraging a mosh pit
  • Tsukishima is the salty lead guitarist with overwhelming talent who refuses to take pictures with the fans
  • Yamaguchi, on the other hand, always takes pictures with fans andis super cute and everyone loves him
  • Yamaguchi is backup guitarist who sorta hides in Tsukishima’s shadow but is slowly becoming more open to being in the spotlight
  • He’s taken the spot as lead guitarist before
  • Kiyoko is their manager that organises all their events
  • Yachi is a first time manager who is super nervous
  • Kyoutani once scared her because Yahaba tried flirting with her at one of the music awards
  • Ukai is their agent
  • He comes from a family that’s known for once being the agent of the popular band ‘Little Giant’
  • Takeda is their advisor who’s never worked with a band before but he tries his best and uses deep lines that they work into their songs sometimes
  • They write songs together
  • Nekoma is a popular band who produces loud music with deep messages and they win a lot of competitions with their messages
  • They’re known for seemingly never tiring, always belting out lyric after lyric no matter how many songs they’ve already performed that night
  • Kuroo is their lead singer with ridiculous hair and a ridiculously sexy low voice that kills their fans
  • He’s also known to be a nerd who, while still in school, was in college prep classes
  • Kenma plays bass and is talented but is often mistaken for a backup or replacement because of his lack of energy and aura
  • Yaku is lead guitarist and has punched someone during a show for calling him short
  • That person was Lev
  • Lev is the backup guitarist who wants to become the lead but “LEV YOU CAN’T BE THE LEAD IF YOU CAN’T PLAY A 12 STRING!”
  • Yamamoto is their drummer who always throws his sticks into the crowd at the end of a show
  • a lot of nekoma’s expenses go into buying him new sticks
  • Shibayama is a replacement guitarist who came in for Yaku when he sprained his wrist
  • Fukunaga plays electric guitar and can shred really good
  • Kai plays the keyboard with a dignified talent until they get to certain songs where he becomes a keyboard god
  • Fukurodani is a rock band with loud music and lyrics that don’t really make sense but they still somehow get thousands of preorders for all of their albums within 3 days
  • Akaashi is their really pretty lead guitarists who has at least one solo in every album
  • Konoha can play any instrument and can take over as lead singer whenever it’s necessary
  • He’s really popular amongst the fans but will glare at anyone who calls him a jack of all  trades (specifically their drummer- Komi)
  • Bokuto is Fukurodani’s voice with a seemingly soothing voice despite their main music production being rock
  • Shiratorizawa’s music has a pop music feel
  • Their drummer is really stoic and never really shows emotions
  • Oikawa, who’s music is always deep and and meaningful, hates how popular Shiratorizawa is despite their most popular member being so stone faced
  • They used to have an old singer with a talent for singing notes in a really melodic way and being really pretty
  • They replaced him with a singer no one had heard of before but his voice is good and fits their genre so no one complains much
  • They do still get the odd email or two requesting Semi be put back in as lead singer because Shirabu can’t hold his high notes for as long
  • Tendou plays electric guitar and is known for inputting random riffs into the chorus but it always works so they don’t make him stop
  • Goshiki plays bass but he really wants to play drums and show just how good he is but he’s only played drums twice for them during a live show
  • Date Tech beat Karasuno at the last music awards
  • Their voice overall isn’t outstanding but their abilities with instruments is astounding
  • Moniwa was their lead singer but he left the band to go to university
  • Futakuchi, who used to be their lead guitarist, stepped up as lead singer and kept his position as guitarist
  • Aone is their drummer with a stone expression unless he feels like the opposing team proposes a challenge
  • Then he starts flipping drum sticks and rocking drum solos and owning the stage
  • Koganegawa is their electric guitarist who messes some songs but Date Tech is well versed enough that they can amend his mistakes without someone noticing
  • Sakunami, their keyboard player, is usually the one to cover his fumble with a pretty tune
  • Johzenji is another popular band
  • They’re known for their energy and not planning out their shows beforehand
  • All their members are extremely well versed in all positions, not just their own
  • So during some shows their guitarist and bass will switch or their drummer and electric
  • Terushima is their lead singer
  • There’s always rumours about whatever new celebrity he's’s sleeping with but he’s just a dork who was really smart in high school and was in class 7
  • One of their most popular albums was their fourth and the cover is a monochrome tongue with a silver ball piercing on it
  • No one really understood why until it got revealed during an interview that Terushima had a tongue ring
  • Terushima crowd surfs at least once at every concert
  • Kuroo accidently dropped that he and Terushima slept together before by mentioning how much he loved prince albert piercings like the one Terushima has
  • Whenever Terushima gets asked about both the piercing and sleeping with Kuroo he just winks and smirks
  • Nohebi and Nekoma have a well known rivalry
  • They will often release albums on the same day to compete to see who gets the most sales in the first day
  • Kuroo and Daishou are rumoured to have been childhood friends before something spilt them up
  • Neither have confirmed this rumour
  • At awards they’re always insulting each other on the red carpet
  • Kuguri is their electric guitarist most of the time but he recently stepped in as bass player and gained himself a fandom
  • Numai, their usual bass, broke his thumb and sat out a few shows
  • He plans on leaving the band to attend university soon despite loving the band and all its members
  • He was really happy to see that Kuguri could get fired up and frustrated seeing as it would be him replacing Numai as bass 

feel free to add on with anything really or message me and tell me im going insane and should just get off the internet
Bomba Estereo's Li Saumet Talks New Music Video 'Soy Yo'
Bomba Estéreo's feel-good song "Soy Yo" now has a cool music video to go along with the empowering lyrics. The Colombian band dropped the clip today starring a very confident little girl who is proud of who she is and what makes her unique, despite what other kids or people in her neighborhood might think.

Bomba Estéreo’s feel-good song “Soy Yo” now has a cool music video to go along with the empowering lyrics. The Colombian band dropped the clip Wednesday (Sept. 7) starring a very confident little girl who is proud of who she is and what makes her unique, despite what other kids or people in her neighborhood might think.

“The video concept was perfect for a song that touches on bullying and intolerance, issues that worry all of us. The way the story in the clip handles those issues is very different and it gives our song a whole new meaning,” lead singer Li Saumet told Billboard exclusively.

In a Band AU
  • they call themselves “indigo five alpha.”
  • sameen shaw is the bassist, michael cole is the drummer, and devon grice is the guitarist.  they mostly do local gigs, playing a fair amount of covers but also some original stuff that michael co-wrote.
  • this weird chick who calls herself “root” is their new lead singer after the previous one moved away.  they’d seen her around (singing mostly indie and pop) and decided to offer her the job.  after some ‘auditions’ (not that they had anyone else in mind) they decided it was a good fit.
  • she wears a leather jacket just about ALL THE TIME and paints her nails black.  it seems an odd aesthetic given her perky personality, sameen thinks.
  • any time sameen compliments her performance, root lights up like a christmas tree.  in fact, any interaction with the bassist leaves root wearing heart-eyes.  it’s so annoying.
  • a few weeks later it’s time for ifa’s first gig featuring their new singer.
  • sameen: “don’t make us look bad.”
  • root: “i couldn’t make you look bad if i tried.”
  • sameen: [thousand yard stare]
  • about a week later sameen shows up for practice to find michael and root working on something.  michael starts drumming and root begins singing a song she’s not familiar with.  clearly sameen is meant to be their captive audience.
  • root reaches the bridge (“it’s alright to be mean, it’s alright to be mean”) and starts sauntering over to sameen, one slow step at a time in time with the music.  sameen doesn’t move.
  • just as suddenly she turns heel for the chorus (“i want you to be crazy 'cause you’re boring baby when you’re straight”) but turns and winks at sameen at that last word.  the song’s over soon after and root asks what she thinks.
  • sameen shrugs.  "not my style.  we’re not playing it, are we?“
  • "mmm.  i guess we’ll need to find something more to your liking then.”
  • for their next gig root surprises everyone by wearing a low-cut, royal blue dress.  when it comes time to play their rock cover of “kiss me,” root’s seriously milking it: she’s moving the whole time, dancing on-stage, often throwing sameen a seductive look.
  • for the very end of the song root twirls over to the bassist and breathes the last “so kiss me” into her ear.  normally she’d get a glare, a frown, or nothing at all.  this time she sees a flash of something dangerous in those dark eyes.
  • after everyone else has left, sameen wordlessly shoves root up against a wall and slams her mouth into hers.  sameen in turn expects a triumphant smile or some smug remark, but root just looks… mesmerized.
  • they leave together that night.
  • from that point on root gets a LOT touchier, and the boys know something’s up.  they’re not stupid.
  • in fact, sometimes root flirts and there’s even a hint of amusement in sameen’s eye.  the smile rarely reaches her lips, though.

Jem and the Holograms #12: Dark Jem Part 2

Kelly Thompson (w) • Sophie Campbell (a & c)DARK JEM—PART 2! Something’s making Synergy go haywire—and it spreads to Jem and the Holograms just as they gear up for their biggest challenge yet—touring with the Misfits! Meanwhile, the Misfits introduce their new lead singer… BLAZE! And just wait until Pizzazz finds out!
Dichotomous lemur needs a new lead singer
  • Clary: I think you should let him try out.
  • Simon: why
  • Clary: because he is super hot.
  • Simon: *suprised. He hadn't been struck by set Kyle's looks but then perhaps he wasn't the best judge of male beauty.*
  • Clary: and your band needs some sex appeal
  • Simon: thank you. On behalf of all of us thank you very much.