new king sombra


Sombra’s new assistant.

Guess he needs to be more specific.

Sorry Veves, Pixel Sombra is being a jerk. I’m sure you would have been a lovely tribute.

Apperances in order:

King Sombra from @sombrashy

Shy Sombra from @askshysombra

Mare Sombra from @askmaresombra

Prince Topaz from @askopalescentpearl

((Intentionally using a smaller frame for this and the next update as this is meant to be a smaller room, as opposed to a hallway. And look, Sombra is back in the cape and crown, been a while. XD))

Dinky: Aunty, what’s that light..?

Daring: More than a light… that’s the death of a demon.


Yes I am still alive, and all that good stuff. Revived my Daring Dinky art brain enough to draw this tho. The next update does have it’s plans! I’ll get to it. Hopefully soon.

Ask King Sombra

See ya guys.. within the next few months at the latest.



Well, it’s happening! After a lot of hard work, I’ve finally finished my first fully-animated and voice-acted episode of Ask King Sombra! I think this really is my best work yet. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Enough with the plushies- let’s get back to the REAL DEAL!

((That’s right! My harddrive and power supply are hooked up, photoshop is installed and we are back in business! Didn’t have enough time to do up a full update but they will continue on Monday! AROOOOOOOOOOOO!))