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Nom Ahkaow
steamed rice cake

This is my practice batch before I make them for Khmer new year’s. I was worried about the texture because my mom’s friend, who’s the queen of Khmer pastries, makes hers differently and her texture is harder than mine. But my parents loved mine! YAY WIN! My dad said the texture is soft and chewy like how they’re made in Cambodia. Whoop whoop. ^.^

I flavored the green ones with pandan and the white with almond. The pink ones are regular. I’m not sure about the almond flavor, might not use it again. I served them with shredded coconut and crushed peanuts with sesame seeds. 

Aren’t the cups cute? When my brothers and I were little, we’d pour juice into them and pretend we’re drinking alcohol. We watched too much Chinese ancient series. XD

Southeast Asia 2014


Took a tour at Singapore during my 20 hour layover for my trip to Bali last month.

“So brave of a girl like you to be traveling alone.” I had been told.

“My husband is my first love. We met in high school. From then, I knew he was the one.”

Had to come home from my trip to Bali alone to settle some things. Had to cut my Southeast Asia trip.

Went on with my journey along with my cousin, ate Sheila to four different countries.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur wasn’t so different from Singapore. Different nationalities of families, friends, couples, and colleagues gather at parks surrounded by towering buildings with glimmering night lights. The kind of of things that make me miss home but ironically doesn’t give me an intent of returning.

“You have been constantly away. It seems to me that you are running away from something.” I wouldn’t agree so. I don’t know.

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. But when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Street food, motor bikes, random conversations in nature parks, busy city streets day and night. Despite its tragic history, life goes on in Saigon.

Cambodia. Monks in temples, enchanting music, friendly faces, groups of different races. We were lucky we got there on a Khmer new year. I took part in the celebration. I made brand new resolutions.

Packed with tourists gathered around stalls of street food, clinking bottles of beer, starting up conversations with strangers, exchanging smiles with unfamiliar faces, paradise. Everything is grand! There are countless reasons for you to go to Thailand. I even ended up with a ring on my hand from a hippie Mexican.

Lately, I’ve been changing location more than I change my shoes, exchanged currencies as much as I’ve exchanged smiles to different people, slept in buses and airplanes more than in my own bed room, the road is becoming my home. I have spent more time with strangers than with my own family. Today, I come home for my birthday. Because there is no place I’d rather celebrate than in my own country. Where I was born and raised. Where I had first set my foot and learned to explore and wander. 

Southeast Asia, xie xie, teri makasi, cam on, aw khun, kob khun kaa and finally, maraming salamat! :) Cheers to good life! 

easynam  asked:

What are your favourite Unicode characters?

Hi, easynam.

WOW!!! I appreciate this message, big thanks.

Some of my favorite Unicode characters? are 1 Basic Latin 2 Latin-1 Supplement 3 Latin Extended-A 4 Latin Extended-B 5 IPA Extensions 6 Spacing modifier letters 7 Combining Diacritical Marks 8 Greek and Coptic 9 Cyrillic 10 Cyrillic Supplement Arabic Extended-A 21 Indic scripts 22 Thai 23 Lao 24 Tibetan 25 Burmese 26 Georgian 27 Hangul jamo 28 Ethiopic 29 Cherokee 30 Unified Canadian Aboriginal syllabics 31 Ogham 32 Runic 33 Tagalog 34 Hanunoo 35 Buhid 36 Tagbanwa 37 11 Armenian 12 Hebrew 13 Arabic 14 Syriac Vedic Extensions �� ������ ���������� ���� ���� �� ��� ����� �� ������� �� � ���� ��������. 

51 Phonetic Extensions 52 Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement 53 Latin Extended Additional 54 Greek Extended 55 General Punctuation 56 Superscripts and Subscripts 57 Currency Symbols 58 Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols 59 Letterlike Symbols 60 Number Forms 61 15 Arabic Supplement 16 Thaana 17 N'Ko 18 Samaritan 19 Mandaic 20 Khmer 38 Mongolian 39 Limbu 40 Tai Le 41 New Tai Lue 42 Khmer Symbols 43 Buginese 44 Tai Tham 45 Balinese 46 Sundanese 47 Batak 48 Lepcha 49 Ol Chiki 50  Arrows 62 Mathematical Operators 63 Miscellaneous Technical 64 Control Pictures 65 Optical Character Recognition 66 Enclosed Alphanumerics 67 Box Drawing

Thanks for this question. Bye! :)

Today is the last day of Khmer New Year in Cambodia, guess what ? Most of people get out of the city and everything is closed like ghost city with the weather 40 degree can you imagine ? This Cambodian summer T_T . Super HOT.