new keychains!


she’s trying her best

New set of acrylic keychains! These are bocchi-kun (ボッチくん) keychains, and they’ll be coming out in April. Bocchi-kun is a product line of keychains where the characters are facing backwards looking at you, with pouty expressions. They come out in April.

shhh look close at Victor’s hand:

Yuuri put a ring on it. ;) 

Hey guys! My tictail store has been renamed and will be re-opening pre-orders for some brand new keychains! :D

There will be options to buy these individually AND/OR as a fullset.

Please note these are pre-orders. Orders won’t be shipped until Mid-Late April. If stock arrives before its expected date, I will ship them out early-mid April instead! n_n

The store will open tomorrow (Saturday 11th) at 5PM EST (10PM GMT) and Pre-Orders will close March 25th.


Hi everyone!!!! Guess what?! Finally I have updated my Etsy store! With new stickers, prints and the sailor scouts and outer Senshi keychains! Finally!!! Next week I will have new merch! Kokobop keychains, maybe? 😏💖💖💖💖

hey all!! i decided to design a sticker/key chain/charm series!! it will include random villagers and npcs. if you are interested in buying these or any merch from me in general, feel free to let me know either personally or in the tags if you reblog this!! i plan on doing more, so you can also send me a request for your favourite villager or anything ac related that you would like merch of!! thank you again <3 i just want to gauge interest before i order anything!

Finally!! The new keychains have arrived!! Yay!! I’m getting all of them ready to post them on my etsy store!! I will let you know when they are available to buy them!! And I will also have sailor stickers and new prints!! YASSS! 💖💖💖💖