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Mama By Jonas Blue Ft William Singe Acoustic Performance Livestream

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DNCE Feat Nicki Minaj - Kissing Strangers 


Jonas Blue
Official video

Preference: BSM, Never Too Old

Harry, Age 17: You had assumed you were in the flat alone; Harry had some meetings and wouldn’t be back until late that night. Your iTunes was on shuffle as Nick Jonas’ new song, Jealous, came on. You were in Harry’s kitchen, trying to cook him something to eat for when he came home; he was sweet enough to let his little sister be staying with him for a few weeks, you could at least cook him something every once in a while. Swaying around the kitchen and singing loudly, you made an absolute fool of yourself while cooking. As the song switched to Knights of Cydonia by Muse the garage door opened. Of course the music was on too loud and you were oblivious to your amused brother walking into the kitchen behind you. It wasn’t until the band started singing, that you heard Harry’s voice join in with yours. Spinning around with a spatula in hand, you shrieked and jumped backwards, “When did you get here?”  “Few minutes ago,” Harry was leaned against the kitchen counter laughing. “You are quite the dancer, I totally forgot.” “Ah, you remember all those dance parties we used to have back home?” you laughed, talking loudly over the music. “Course I do, those were brilliant,” Harry grinned, raising an eyebrow. “Never too old for a dance party, are we?” “Of course not,” you scoffed, turning up the music louder and smiling. “C’mon dear brother, let’s dance.”

Niall, age 10: “Too old to hold my hand hmm?” Niall laughed, watching as your face turned bright red. Smacking a hand to your face, you instantly regretted agreeing to walk to the ASDA a few blocks away with Niall. He loved teasing you in public about how big and mature you thought you were; he found it completely adorable, even more so when you were embarrassed. “Niall shut it,” you whispered angrily, pouting as he laughed loudly making several people look over. You managed to block him out for most of the walk, just rolling your eyes and groaning occasionally. After a few minutes you were nearing the curb of the sidewalk. You stepped out onto the road, ready to cross it, but you were yanked backwards into someone’s chest. “Oi,” Niall said, suddenly serious. “I know you don’t want to hold my hand because you’re a big girl or whatever, but do not ever cross the street without me, you hear?” “Niall,” you whined quietly, aware a few older couples were watching the two of you with indulgent smiles. “I’m old enough to cross the street on my own! Leave me alone!” “You watch it, yeah?” Niall said warningly, taking your hand in his and ignoring your protests. “If you’re not going to listen, then I’ll just have to hold your hand. And stop looking so miserable, you’re never too old to hold your big brother’s hand. One day you’ll realize that.”

Liam, Age 3: “No Liam!” you shouted at him from across the room, trying to climb under the couch and escape his outstretched arms. “(Y/N), it’s naptime,” he sighed, couching down next to the couch and taking a deep breath. “You get grumpy if you don’t take a nap. Uncle Zayn and Auntie Perrie will still be here when you wake up.” You felt his hands grab your little waist as you tried desperately to crawl away but you were pulled back into his chest. You thrashed around in his arms, wailing hysterically and throwing an absolute fit. “What’s up with you huh?” Liam tried to bounce you around. “You never throw a fuss.” “Too old Liam! I’m a big girl! Too old for naps,” you sobbed, rubbing your face.  “Sweetheart, you’re never too old for naps,” Zayn laughed softly, taking you from Liam’s arms and cooing. “I take a nap whenever it’s physically possible, naps are a good thing.” “Zayn take naps?” you sniffled, looking at him with red eyes, making him smile gently. “Auntie Perrie and Liam too!” he assured you. “Naps are a good thing love,” Liam smiled, running a hand through your hair. “You take them when you feel yucky and then when you wake up you’re good as new and you can play for even longer!” You yawned despite yourself and made grabby hands for Liam, resting your head on his shoulder after he had taken you from Zayn, “So big girls take naps too?” “Of course love,” Liam chuckled, rocking gently as he made his way to your room.

Zayn, Age 20: “We are way too old for this,” you snorted, making Zayn spin around on his heel looking offended, “(Y/N), you are never too old to prank your parents.” You rolled your eyes, muttering whatever but keeping the grin plastered on your face, trying not to laugh as he tossed you a few rolls of toilet paper. You both crept silently over to your parent’s bedroom, where they were fast asleep and Zayn put his hand on the door knob. Placing a finger to his lips, he motioned for you to be quiet and slowly opened the door. The two of you set to work, completely trashing your parent’s bedroom in toilet paper while being absolutely silent. It wasn’t until you and Zayn were on either side of their bed, tossing a roll back and forth as it streamed paper over the two sleeping forms that they woke up. Zayn had managed to cover your father’s entire face without him even moving and you couldn’t help the loud snort that came out. Both parents shot up, making you both freeze as you waited for them to notice. Your mom was the one who spoke first, shaking her head, “You two are supposed to be my oldest.”

Louis, Age 16: “One is never too old for a proper cuddle with their brother,” Louis announced, opening his arms and smiling as all your little sisters ran straight into him. You stood by the side with your mum, smiling lightly and watching as they snuggled as close to Louis as they possibly could. Louis was looking down at them with a soft smile before glancing up at you and raising an eyebrow, “Oh and are you just too good for me now that you’re all grown up?” You blushed and shook your head, “No, just figured I should let the little ones get the cuddles, there’s no room for me.” Louis swiftly picked Lottie up from under her armpits and plopped her on his lap, leaving the space on his right side empty, “Come on then kiddo.” You rolled your eyes, still beet red as all your other sister’s giggled, but quickly sat down next to Louis, leaning into his shoulder and gripping the t-shirt he was wearing. He softly placed a kiss on the top of your head and you could feel his smile as you muttered, “Just for the record, I’m never going to be too old to do something with my older brother.”


taylorswift I’m gonna tell you a story. I severely doubt you remember this but it is a moment in my life that I will never forget.

7/22/11. I sat outside the z100 studios for over 12 hours waiting to see you arrive at the studios. I went expecting nothing, not even knowing if you would walk in through the main doors or if you would sneak through the back or teleport in. I had no idea. I went wanting nothing. Didn’t want an autograph, didn’t want a picture or a hug. I had all that and I would’ve happily have let other fans go in front of me who had never gotten that from you so they could experience it like I had months earlier. All I wanted was to see your smile as you walked into the studio.

When I went the night before I was sure there would be dozens of people there already. It was a neighborhood in the city I wasn’t familiar with and I was driving into the city which I also hate to do. I parked at a garage and hoped that my car would be there in the morning. I walked up to the building expecting people and there was no one there. I was confused. Was I at the wrong place? Would you be calling in from somewhere rather than going in? I had no idea. But I took a chance because I knew if I left and missed something crazy I would never forgive myself. I sat my butt down against the wall in the boiling heat and settled in for the night.

I don’t remember people bothering me. Asking what I was doing or who I was waiting for. Guess it didn’t seem all that odd. I just sat there happily reading my Harry Potter book. I avoided using my phone so that my battery wouldn’t die before you arrived the next morning. Wanted to document my experience. Wasn’t until the night dj, Mo Bounce came down during a commercial break and stopped to chat with me did things get weird. He was curious about what I was doing and I told him and he of course thought it was insane but thought I was funny. He sent someone down with a phone so I could talk to him over the air and then they brought me upstairs so I could get some air conditioning. He was doing the 9 @ 9 and I remember the song he was introducing was the new Joe Jonas song (which at the time I was not thrilled about). He gave me some water and some AC and then I went back outside to continue reading.

I finished book around 1 or 2 and wished I had brought the second one because then I had nothing to do and I was starting to get sleepy. Morning people starting arriving around 4 and I just kept on keeping on. Wasn’t going to give up at that point. Fans starting arriving around 6. Last time I had camped out for you I made friends so I tried to make friends this time. It wasn’t as easy this time. They weren’t as friendly. Or were mad at themselves for not going as early as I had. I’m not sure. But I tried anyways.

Around 8 Elvis sent down a intern so I could talk to Elvis on the phone. He asked me why I had waited all that time, why I was a fan etc. I never heard that interview but I was told later that you had and that’s why everything that transpired, transpired. The intern asked me if I needed anything or wanted anything. I joked about a chair cause my butt hurt and some water. Few minutes later he was back with a chair and seltzer. As much as I was kidding I have never been more grateful.

You arrived a little after 9 in all your elegance and grace. I stood in the back watching you smiling at all the fans thanking them for being there. That was all I had wanted and I had got it 10 fold. I started walking away when the intern came back and brought me into the lobby shortly after you got in the elevator. He was quite clearly stalling as you rode up in the elevator and I was at a loss as to what was going on. Few seconds later we walked into the elevator. He was still stalling as we stood in the elevator not moving. He was trying to come up with conversations about how cool it was I did what I did and that’s when he told me you had heard me on the radio. We rode up as I was panicking. What was happening? Was I about to be arrested?

We got to the floor and the doors opened and he popped his head out I can only assume to make sure you were gone before I got out to keep the element of surprise (and panic) going. He told me that you had told them that you wanted to see him. WUT. What do you mean she wants to see me? I am no one. How could she want to see me? We started slowly walking into the studios. I remember looking at the jingle ball pictures and seeing yours on the wall and feeling like I was having an outer body experience. As we walked around the corner he made sure you were in the studio before I walked around the corner. I saw you sitting in there and I could hear you talking about target and the fans that you brought out on your boat. People were talking all around me, they were putting headphones on me but no one was actually telling me what was happening. I was quite content just sitting there watching. Then at some point you started talking about me. You didn’t know me but you were talking about how amazing your fans were when you got sick and about the trending topic and then me. Elvis said they were bringing me in and your voice when you said “good” is something I’ll never forget. In hindsight it sounds a little like fear but at the time it sounded like pure excitement. Then you talked about thug story and in my head I was screaming “IT WASNT SNL” but they were also pushing me closer and closer to the door so I was panicking all over the place. What do I say? Can I hug you? Should I wait for you to hug me? WHAT THE HELL IS MY DAMN NAME! And then they opened the door and you hugged me so tight you were quite literally knocking the wind out of me and putting all my pieces together and dumb stupid me had to go and be all stupid and the first thing I said to you was “what perfume are you wearing is that yours?!” WHAT KIND OF CREEP AM I?!

Then we had a beautiful conversation about how you saved me. I got to say everything I ever wanted to you and then I just stood there and soaked in every word you said back.

When we were done and the mics were turned off and the cameras were gone I was terrified things would be different but you were just as gracious and caring as you were with the mics on. You asked me if I had been to any shows and if I wanted to go to another one. You asked me if I wanted you to sign my music book and said you would after your next interview. (That never happened but I could never be mad at you for that. I just laugh when I see the book now)

I will never forget this day. The people it brought into my life, both good and bad and the memories I will always have to pull out on days that I’m sad and don’t want to keep going. I doubt you remember any of this but years later, during red release week, I was talking to Frank from your office and he said to me “you’re the radio girl aren’t you?! We still talk about that around the office!” Sometime as important and monumental to me as this day was and you guys still talk about it around the office. To say I was shaken would be a understatement.

I share this today not to brag but to show people that even if things don’t work out like you plan, even if you go to concerts and can’t get into loft or don’t get noticed by you on here that that doesn’t mean you don’t care or are unaware of their existence. It means that when it does come, when you do notice them publicly It will knock you in your ass and be nothing like you expected in the most amazing way.

I am sure you don’t remember any of this and that’s ok because I do and I always will. I wanted to share this story with you and the recording so you will always know that just like you always have our back and will always hold certain memories with you for a rainy day, we always have yours. ❤️

Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show by TaySwiftdotcom via #soundcloud

🍭❌ dan’s younow march 29, 2016 🍆✅

read on google drive with links

-the Slime is on Time
-he’s connected to the Slow Internet
-here we are
-he got rained on today he looks like an egg
-sorry for last week’s absence
-and brussels
-what eats batteries
-he’s wearing pokemon trainer pajamas
-whenever he’s outside he’s always excited to go home and get out of his jeans
-daniel the spaniel
-he had a great day when he went to the dentist
-this is a no kinkshame zone
-The Christening
-Thicc Chocolate Dragon Egg
-he’s disappointed with his low consumption this weekend
-he almost started singing i dreamed a dream
-nothing is as good as smelling good
-his and phil’s life is about to change tomorrow with FULL TIME ALL DAY REHEARSALS
-grandad reacts to internet (he is the grandad)
-no potato is too much potato
-he relates to the annoying dog
-we are all the annoying dog
-where was he going
-chan is rooted in place and screaming
-watch his video with tomska
-it was uncomfortable having ham thrown at him many times
-guess the crime
-or not cause no one cares
-he doesn’t really like lollipops
-he’s in an I Don’t Care mood
-stay random
-no radio show monday
-they might do a finale radio show but they’d have to prerecord it
-he wanted to make a tweet about batman v superman but it’s kind of a spoiler
-also phil said he’d unfollow dan if he posted it
-watch magi
-he finished watching it it was good
-top 10 probably
-there’s a new anime called erased and it’s amazing
-it’s about a guy who tries to solve a murder case kinda
-he filmed a video
-he wants to make a video about anime like what phil did but he wanted to time it right
-ate some egg
-played age of empires
-he saw the history of japan video like a month ago
-“your book came out on my birthday” “OH MY GOD THE TRAGEDIES KEEP GETTING WORSE”
-competitive pokemon
-nick jonas’ new song with tove lo is really good
-grilled mediterranean vegetables
-don’t bring gifts to tatinof
-he likes buskers
-they’re great and Joyful
-ear tampon
-watched man of steel over the weekend for hype
-imagine being cast as superman
-they tried to make too many things happen in one movie with batman v superman
-it’s fine to cuddle inanimate objects
-he’s never bathed in human blood
-he has Passionate Opinions on 10 cloverfield lane don’t get him started
-it wasn’t a Cloverfield Movie
-but it doesn’t feel like part of the cloverfield universe
-caspar made vids with phil he was kinda in them
-he got hailed on today
-he is 10th in the world on the star wars game
-he’s all maxed out
-his ears look really red
-A Meaty 9:49
-he’s got his Ear Rouge
-Seductive Red
-where is it morning right now
-hello australians
-storm katie
-an idiot who woke him up at 5 am
-calm down katie
-“what’s the last thing you did to phil” “what an INTERESTING question”
-the last thing he did to phil was throw a scented candle in the bin
-it was Jelly Bean scented
-he hates jelly beans
-there was another easter candle called Bunny Cake
-it was some Good Shit
-he’s not staying he’s got more mediterranean vegetables
-videos planned
-don’t worry
-gaming vids
-he’s got a date with This Sexy Oval (the chocolate dragon egg)
-prob see you next tuesday
-and Full Time Rehearsals begin
-have a lovely week
-indulge in some food you enjoy
-even if you’re disgusting
-treat yourself
-because you’re special and you’re worth it

burning up for you, baby. deancas, ~5k. dean is a policeman and cas is a firefighter, and they get into a dangerous prank war.

“I’m gonna kill him,” Dean says.

Jo leans against his desk and sings, “No, you won’t.”

“This is the last straw.” Dean stares at the case files on his desk. Or rather, what used to be case files. All the actual data has been mysteriously replaced by pictures of cute baby animals.

No, not mysteriously. Dean knows exactly who did it. It’s Castiel fucking Novak. It’s always Castiel fucking Novak.

The Kansas City Police Department has always had a friendly rivalry with the Kansas City Fire Department, sure, but Castiel Novak has never been friendly. No, Castiel Novak is The Enemy.

“He has to be stopped,” Dean says, “and I have to be the one to do it.”

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