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Passing By Jason Jenkins

I Am A Photographer

I have been doing photography since 2015 and made it a business since 2016. I have declared in college to double major in photography and business (haven’t decided on a focus yet). I want to make a name out of myself and become successful. I have visions and dreams and I’m going to bring them into reality and light. I have an Instagram and Twitter account you may follow (@opticalwithj). I am located in New Jersey. I shoot in New Jersey and New York. I will be posting my work here also so stay tuned and please follow me on my other social media platforms.

Beauty is everywhere, and it takes a photographer to make sure this innate beauty is preserved in places that can seem so ugly.

My name is Ciera. I’m an English born, French speaking mess of a person who is currently studying in the lovely New Jersey. I mainly shoot with my beloved DSLR, but I play with various film cameras and my iPhone.

I don’t really restrict myself to a style; my style is whatever catches my eye. These things usually include landscapes to cityscapes to macro. Many of my photos are of my travels.

Photography allows me to explore. My camera is my all-access pass to all the pretty places I find myself trespassing on.