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Newark Airport is in flames behind them, that illusion of safety shattered and destruction left in their wake. With the wounded they carry and need of an immediate refuge, the group hopes to find some safety in the Trinitas Medical center. Approximately five miles away, seven stories high, for the moment it at least promises the hope of medical supplies and might prove their best chance for their continued survival.

GROUP : Event paras may be finished up any time, but all character should arrive in canon by midnight tonight. Anyone who would like to sweep the hospital for dangers (or strangers) may do so.

15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 172)

1. Nikola Tesla - who has been credited with the invention and discovery of alternating current, neon and fluorescent lights, X-rays, the radio, remote controls, bio-electricity, bio-physics, the Tesla Coil, and also proposed plans to provide free electricity to everyone - declined the Nobel Prize.

2. In 25 BCE, Ancient Romans developed a formula for making concrete used especially in underwater work - a formula that is essentially the same as the one used today.

3. 70% of Iran’s science and engineering students comprise women.

4. Scorpions can live up to a year without eating a thing!

5. A man in Michigan whose house was set to be demolished, switched house numbers with…

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I want to do something and I need Tumblr’s help, because I’ve been trying alone and had no luck. I’ve seen Tumblr do this before and I want to see if it’ll happen again.

I want to see if I can get a thank you to someone. 

On the 17th May 2013 in the early hours of the morning, a gentleman who was working in the Dunkin Donuts in Newark airport, New Jersey, helped me. I was exhausted and terrified and stuck, no idea where the friends I was supposed to meet were. I broke down crying and he helped me. He kept me awake, even while he was working, gave me a coffee, and spent his break helping me get into a taxi with someone safe and off to my hotel. Without that gentleman I probably wouldn’t’ve gotten to my hotel that night.

I wish I’d taken a name or a number but I was so exhausted by that stage that it didn’t even occur to me.

So I want to see if I can get a thank you out to him, that I found my hotel, and my friends, and I had an amazing time in America. His kindness has always stuck with me. So yeah, Tumblr, if you could do that for me… I don’t know who he was. I just know that he was working alone around midnight on the 16th/17th of May, Dunkin Donuts in Newark airport, and he helped a lost English girl get safely to her hotel. :)

Sharkaroo Love Timeline

I’ve been oranizing my sharkaroo folders and files on my laptop. I sorted the pictures and stuff. And I realized something. In the book Kym wrote that Robert asked her to dinner about two weeks into rehearsals. In reality it must have been a lot sooner. But so much have happend with them in a very short time, no wonder she felt like 2 weeks.

  • 02.22.2015 first meeting, they probably filmed the scenes on the airport and the driving around LA, some rehearsal.
  • 02.23.2015 they must have rehearsed and traveled to NY.
  • 02.24.2015 they were on GMA cast reveal in in NY LA and traveled to Las Vegas with Daymond on an event.
  • 02.25.2015 they were in Las Vegas on an event (IBMinterconnect) when Kym danced with Robert on stage.(she met Barbara Corcoran)They must have travelled back to LA and rehearsed more.
  • 02.26.2015 was the promo pictures shooting and at night the first live rehearsal.
  • 02.27.2015 Access Hollywood Live interview
  • 02.28.2015 ? probably rehearsals in LA
  • 03.01.2015 rehearsal and, this was day of the first date!!! She met Robert’s racer friends.
  • 03.02.2015 second live rehearsal the day after their first date. :)
  • 03.03.2015 ? probably rehearsals in LA
  • 03.04.2015 Traveling to NY, rehearsing in NY
  • 03.05.2015 New Jersey airport, dinner with Carson
  • 03.6-8.2015 Miami-racing they met Kevin and Linda O'Leary.

So 13-15 days have past until they were in Miami and Robert told Kym he had feelings for her.


  • 02.27.2016 Robert asked Kym to marry and Kym said YES!


  • 07.27.2016 Celebration begins Soho House, West Hollywood
  • 07.28.2016 Bridal shower at Kym’s old house
  • 07.29.2016 Bachelorette party in Las Vegas Planet Hollywood
  • 07.30.2016 Rehearsal dinner at Kym and Robert new home
  • 07.31.2016 Wedding day at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles