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I’ll just say this…

I get all the complaints against the Jersey crowd chanting CM Punk during AJ’s return home.

…But did you also hear them chanting for AJ before she came out? 

…But did you also hear them chanting for CM Punk during Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at the VERY beginning of the show?

I honestly don’t think the chants were happening because AJ is a woman. I think they were chanting because a) they want CM Punk, and b) they’re assholes — and also in the case of Roman and Seth, they c) wanted something more exciting. 

It’s a total asshole thing to do. I expect no less from Jersey (as a New Yorker), but I really don’t think it was entirely meant as disrespect. It’s his wife. They were reminded that they still want CM Punk. But still, the fact that they started the chants at the very beginning when Roman came out (and a few other times in the show, too) goes to show that it’s not because they want to disrespect AJ so to speak, it’s just because they want him back.

Still, it SHOULD stop. It’s really fucking annoying. But let’s not make this a gender issue now. There are way more problems regarding gender in the WWE, from management and creative to fans, but that’s not it.