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Please can someone write my prompt about the new student that shouts at rilaya about them being engaged . I would be very thankfull.

Finally finished this! Sorry it’s pretty short; it was a little too specific to be any longer :c

“Girls, do ya really have to be sharing a chair? I mean, c’mon, you’re in class for cryin’ out loud!” Cory interrupts his lesson to turn on Riley and Maya, who are, in fact, sharing a chair. Maya sits on Riley’s lap, her arms linked around her neck, while Riley awkwardly tries to jot down notes with her free arm wrapped around Maya’s waist.

“Yes, Matthews,” Maya says, “we do. You know why?”

Cory sighs. “Because you almost got separated. Three thousand, four hundred fifty-nine miles apart. I know.”

“Well, there ya go.” Maya tightens her grip on Riley. “You better get used to it, ‘cause I’m not letting go of her for a long time.”

Riley smiles and leans her head on Maya’s chest. “Just let us live, dad.”

Cory shakes his head. “You two are gonna be the death of me. Alright, back to the secession of 1860—“

He breaks off as the classroom door opens and a tall boy with shaggy black hair strides in. “This must be our new student, Omar,” Cory says. “Omar, do you wanna introduce yourself?”

“Yeah, sure,” Omar says, turning to the class. “My name is Omar Santiago, and I’m from New Jers—“ He catches sight of Riley and Maya, their rings evident on their fingers. “Oh my God, are you engaged? Aren’t you a little young for that?”

Maya and Riley look at each other while the rest of the class snickers at the remark, and then they burst out laughing.

“Engaged! We aren’t even dating,” Riley says.

“But your rings?” Omar says. “They’re on your left hands.”

The girls look at the positions of their rings and shrug. “We wear ‘em differently all the time. It’s just a coincidence,” Maya says.

“You’re sitting on her lap!”

“He has a point,” Maya murmurs to Riley.

Riley sighs and shifts to look at the rest of the class. “Will someone tell him Maya and I aren’t dating?”

“I honestly thought you were,” Darby says.

“Me too,” says Carrie. “I mean, I thought that was why we stopped being friends. I was too much of a third wheel and all.”

Riley turns back around and glares at Cory when she hears his muffled laughter. “I’m sorry, Riley, but that’s just funny!”

“Would anyone in here believe we aren’t dating?” Maya asks. Not a single person raises their hand or speaks up. “You know,” she says to Riley, “Maybe this is a sign.”

“A sign?”

“Yeah.” Maya pauses. “Maybe the universe wants us to date.”

Riley blushes and smiles. “Would you be okay with that?”

Maya shrugs. “I could get used to it.”

“Oh my God,” Omar laughs, “I just made that happen. This class is gonna be great.”

“Don't be careful, don't be clever. When you see your wish, pursue.”

GUEST: Car. To the airport.
CONCIERGE: No problem. Which airport are you going to?
GUEST: Boston.
GUEST: What airport do you think I mean? We’re in New York. I’m going to the New York airport.
CONCIERGE: Well, we have three airports servicing the city. JFK, La Guardia and Newark.
GUEST: Did you hear yourself? JFK, La Guardia and the New York airport.
GUEST: Right. (Kinda slurring;) New York. One car there, please.
CONCIERGE: I’m saying New-Ark. Newark. Not New York. Newark is in New Jers–
GUEST: Would you stop arguing and book the car!
CONCIERGE: I’m booking you a car to Newark Airport in New Jersey. Look me in the eyes and say that is what you want.
GUEST: I’m tired of repeating myself. One car to that airport, like I’ve been asking for for 5 minutes.
(Concierge books it.)
CONCIERGE: No problem. You are all booked in a car to Newark. See you soon!
GUEST: What’s that supposed to mean?

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Jeremy and Alvarez are bffs and Jean and Laila are bffs and when Alvarez decides she wants to propose to Laila she gets Jean to take Laila out while Jeremy helps al set up something super fuckin cute. Laila cries when al proposes.

Yeeeessssss OMG yes!

Jean and Laila are totally bffs and even when they graduate they keep going out on these super lovely lil arty lunch dates whenever Jean has the time off from training with his new team (so like quite frequently because these people are sane and have lives outside their professional sport)

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