new jers

“Don't be careful, don't be clever. When you see your wish, pursue.”

GUEST: Car. To the airport.
CONCIERGE: No problem. Which airport are you going to?
GUEST: Boston.
GUEST: What airport do you think I mean? We’re in New York. I’m going to the New York airport.
CONCIERGE: Well, we have three airports servicing the city. JFK, La Guardia and Newark.
GUEST: Did you hear yourself? JFK, La Guardia and the New York airport.
GUEST: Right. (Kinda slurring;) New York. One car there, please.
CONCIERGE: I’m saying New-Ark. Newark. Not New York. Newark is in New Jers–
GUEST: Would you stop arguing and book the car!
CONCIERGE: I’m booking you a car to Newark Airport in New Jersey. Look me in the eyes and say that is what you want.
GUEST: I’m tired of repeating myself. One car to that airport, like I’ve been asking for for 5 minutes.
(Concierge books it.)
CONCIERGE: No problem. You are all booked in a car to Newark. See you soon!
GUEST: What’s that supposed to mean?