new jacks

yea so I’m gonna need

newsies and tuck everlasting and bandstand to come back to broadway thanks

What she says: I’m fine

What she means:

Jack Skellington was more dangerous than Oogie Boogie.

Jack has complete control over Halloweentown. Many citizens of Halloweentown are extremely uncomfortable with the idea of Christmas, but they follow along because their precious Jack thinks it’s a great idea. Even the mayor doesn’t like having to use the word “Jolly”. No one tells Jack this thing doesn’t work for halloweentown at all. Except for sally, who tells our halloweentown emperor, that his new clothes dont suit him.

In a single evening, Jack scared millions of children with his organized horror. His charisma allowed him to spread his nightmare far further than Oogie Boogie ever could. Oogie Boogie only scared Santa Clause. He wouldn’t have even done that if Jack hadn’t sent Boogie’s own minions to kidnap Santa in the first place. Jack is considered the hero for saving Santa from the dangerous situation that Jack put him in, in the first place. If he really wanted Santa to have been safe, he wouldnt have sent Shock, Lock, and Barrel to kidnap him. He knew they worked for Boogie. He seperated himself from the damage he caused by telling them to treat Santa Clause nicely, knowing full well they would take those vague words and twist them to do what they did.

Not to mention how we are supposed to see Boogie as the monster because he is easily distracted by a provocative leg. But lets not forget that Jack gave the sewing job to a woman.

Jack wasn’t the hero. He was just the one in power that got the credit for fixing the mess he made and that and a woman tried to stop in the first place.

So... I have one question when it comes to the new Overwatch comic...

Are Winston and Mercy having Tracer and Genji fight each other like Pokémon to prove who’s miracle of science is superior? That’s the only thing I got from that part of the comic.

(I sent this in an anonymous ask here.)

I saw a couple waiting for a train on the weekend and the taller one had their chin on the top of the shorter one’s head and was absent mindlessly squishing their cheeks as the shorter one scrolled through their phone and I’m almost positive Bitty and Jack have stood like that