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It’s crazy because me, Norman, and Melissa are very close. We know each other really well. To do scenes like that, it can’t help but become personal. The first time we did that scene we started crying. Andy [Lincoln] and I have that too. We’ve seen each other go through these things for seven years. There are bonds that are real. She and I have that real connection. Steven [Yeun] and I had that connection.
—  Norman Reedus, Variety, February 19, 2017
Daryl’s seen how far she’s gone to preserve something of her own life. If you lose yourself 100% what’s the point of anything. We’ve watched her leave and come back and kill and not kill. He’s seen her go through that, and it’s a very selfless act to tell her everyone was okay. She means more to him than anything else. He’s protecting her inside and outside.

Norman Reedus, Variety, February 19 2017 

Why exactly did Daryl decide not to tell Carol about Glenn and Abraham’s deaths?

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Did Cait actually say in that new ET interview that the J&C separation was fun and she hopes the fans enjoy it? Lol We're not even supposed to like them together in the show now? Sorry - everything with this show is so annoying and backwards at the moment. Losing interest fast.

No, she said it was fun for them. I’m sure having different material that is new and allows them to explore and develop their characters more is fun. They are fully aware that we don’t want the separation to last long and that fans are dreading it, but it’s a necessary part of the story and will make the reunion amazing.


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It's interesting that we haven't had any interviews - aside from the set interviews from last year from around 408 - from ET. We've had Bob, Lindsey, Marie, Chelsea, Jason, several others, but not ET at all...

Yeah, that is interesting… maybe it’s coming? It seems the media is interviewing a new person each week.

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I am like so excited about all this tdc stuff like I am just grinning and like new cast interviews and a teaser trailer soon that I hope ends with someone being like "Gally?" and cute cast pics and aaaaahhhh I just needed to scream about it at someone

same holy shit!!!!!!!! im just!!!!!!! highkey these past two months ive been feeling really really nostalgic for like the months leading up to tst and the few months after it bc the fandom was so alive and it was just such an incredible time??? 

but i can feel That slowly starting to come back and im so happy!!!!! i just love this series and this fandom so so much with all of my heart

i cant wait for it honestly like the lead up with them all arriving in cape town and then theres gonna be the slow trickle of bts pics and tweets and then we’re gonna get official stills and then they’ll be wrapped and it’s gonna be all the emotional posts abt being done the series and how much the cast loves each other and how theyre a family

and then we’ll start getting wes teasing us with the editing, then the first trailer will just DROP and we’re all gonna die and its gonna be so much FUN the race to gif everything (which was literally the most fun nights of my life w tst) and reblogging the same shot in 40 different iterations, and god just the buildup to the release!!!!!!!! all the press tour interviews the comic con (a Blessed day in every aspect for 2015) the little features and just getting to see the cast be absolute goofs and slowly learning more and more about them and the movie and their experience and how its touched their lives just how its touched ours

 then it’ll Come Out and everyone will see it and tumblr will just be exploding with commentary and theories and crying and new fics and art and content and then we’ll get a shitty bootleg of it but we’ll gif everything anyway (even though we’ll redo everything once the dvd comes out) and god dont even get me started on getting the special features

and then we’ll all slowly realize that this is The End and the fandom will slowly dwindle but you know what? its not really the end and i dont think it ever quite will be because i think i speak for everyone in this fandom when i say that being a part of this crazy ride has been such a unique and incredible experience that has touched my life in so many ways that its never going to be over, not really at least

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Spoon 2Di vol.21 (p22-27)

Here you have the loooong interview with Mitsurou Kubo that was featured on Spoon 2Di vol.21 (released at the end of December). It was 6 pages on the magazine… I know that some bits have already spread around, but it’s a very interesting one so I really wanted everyone to read it in full and not just tidbits, hence I translated it first even though I still haven’t finished the previously released magazines (sorry again Georgi..). It’s also the first interview with her published after the end of the series, so with comments covering up to the very end and the “future” too!

EDIT: I originally referred to the manga storyboard drawn by Kubo as “name”, which is how it’s technically called in Japanese, but it seems that it was a little confusing, therefore I changed it back to “storyboard”.

Obviously this will be the last interview of the year. In Japanese “happy new year” (before the old year has ended) is said “yoi otoshi wo” (よいお年を), therefore I necessarily need to make a stupid pun and say to you all “YOI otoshi wo!”. Let’s hope that the next year is a “yoi” (=good) not to mention “YOI” one too! I’ll be back with more translations whenever I have time of course.

Enjoy! (it’s under the cut because it’s long)

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***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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It’s all about respect, respect for our teammates, respect for our fans, and respect for our game. No matter your race, religion, or whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, or transgender; if you can play, you can play. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from, on this team… we’re family.


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #228

(Dialogue from “Happy New Year” from Rent.) (Happy new year! :3)