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Oddworld: Soulstorm, Abe:

Here we have Abe as he will Appear in Oddworld: Soulstorm. 

As we can see, a tremendous amount of detail has gone into making the pivotal character of Abe more realistic and attuned with the increased dark nature of the game. The new model remains faithful to the classic appearance, but also brings some new things to the table.

Quite Frankly im loving what Oddworld has done to Abe’s design, as i think it is a step in the right direction while also being greatly faithful. Oddworld has also released this render in many sizes to be used as wallpapers/cover photos.

Press Release:

“During our recent presentation at EGX in the UK, we unveiled a series of character portraits. These beautiful images show the new levels of depth and individuality in the main cast of Oddworld: Soulstorm. We had a total of three Mudokons and four Glukkons to show, and we’re going to present them, one each day, here so that those who were not able to attend the presentation in person can also get a good look at our new cast.”

“Where else would we start but with our star and main protagonist, Abe?”

“As you can see, there’s been quite an upgrade on the level of detail in our hapless hero. New facial details allow us to show a much greater depth of emotion and nuanced expression. Hopefully that makes you care more deeply about the lovable klutz as you see him attempt to navigate the hazardous environments of Oddworld!”


Glukkon Corporations, Guilds and Membership:

Here we have Molluck along with three new Glukkons, Along with medallions that show their membership to a certain group or guild.

We can see Molluck is part of the “StockGluk guild”, which is presumably based around the production of meat, While the other Gluks seem to be part of guilds such as “The iron Chronos Temple” (presumably involved with Feeco Depot), “Seat of the Grand Lodge Diggers Guild”(probably involved with Necrum), and “The royal Society of Alchemic Science” (Most definitely involved with Soulstrom brew). 

It was explained by Lorne Lanning, That the destruction and closure of Rupturefarms 1029 will have dramatic ramifications throughout the entire corporate structure of the Magog Cartel, due to Mollucks failure. The arrogance and delusion showed by the glukkons in these guilds will lead to their eventual downfall as they do not anticipate the damage that Abe’s spark of Revolution will do to the entire social hierarchy that is present on Oddworld.    

Things Fallout 4 Did Right

So, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been ragging on the game a little bit too much as of late, so I thought i’d make a little list of things that I thoroughly enjoyed from FO4.

  • The aesthetic of the game- As everybody knows, the Fallouts are notorious for favoring a single color palette. I think FO4 did a nice job of making the colors more realistic without favoring a specific point of color. Also, the whole aesthetic of: stuck in the 50′s but they’re very technologically advanced. While it’s been present in all the games, I think FO4 did a nice job making it more cohesive, and prominent in both pre-war and post-war society
  • The new looting interface- Love it. Can’t stand going back to games now where I have to open every single thing to see what’s inside. A quick look and grab and I’m on my way. 
  • Enemy classes- Something unique to this game, I think it adds a level of understanding to gameplay. If you’re up against a Glowing Mirelurk, it’ll take a little bit longer to defeat than a Softshell. I really like this implementation, and hope they keep it in future games
  • A key specifically for throwables- Pretty much says it all.
  • New VATS- People have complained about the new VATS, but I much prefer it. I think it makes more sense for it to slow down time rather than stop it. I also like that you can run VATS for as long as you want, meaning that the enemy can come into a better view while you’re still not actively fighting.
  • Companions and Companion Quests- They did a great job with companions. Instead of doing a single quest, and suddenly this person is your best friend, they gave depth to characters, and allowed the player to be invested in them. While not all the companions are as fleshed out as others (Nick vs. Curie, for example), I still think they did a great job in allowing players to have an investment in who they choose

I think Bethesda did a great job in creating a new interface for the Fallouts in FO4. While the story may not have been the best, or most interesting, they did do a few right things with the game. 

BTS reaction to you getting stressed/anxious suddenly

As requested by @ferardislove-ferardislife here is BTS’ reaction to you getting really stressed/anxious randomly in a situation. You didn’t give much detail of what situation so I did a wide variety for different members :)

some of the following content is for mature minds only ;)

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Preview of the New GUI!!!

Red and black scheme galore! The new GUI for Operation: Future Domination is finally complete!! Many thanks to the talented Potouto for doing such an awesome job on these. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on how these screens look. As I continue to work on the extended demo these upcoming weeks, I’ll also be uploading some character cards that feature fun tidbits of each character. Please look forward to them :)

funsizedkola  asked:

One thing I love about Genji is his color scheme. In Blackwatch he displayed red and black, showing how he was holding rage and grief of what happened to him, especially with his eyes. But now he's adorned white and green, showing how he's at peace with himself, especially since green is flourishing color. Meanwhile Hanzo is associated with blue, a color more connected to sorrow, since he's still very much burdened with his past.

Green is healing and growth, two primary intentions of Genji’s life. His red was an ill-contained fire, hazardous and all-consuming. Even so, enduring great trauma as he had, of betrayal and death, his red would not hold. Genji was forced to accept his new identity, his new cybernetic interface with the world around him. Lost became found, fire became ash— and in stirring the resulting embers, red was flushed by green. His white and silver speak of a wholeness, a new beginning, purification…

But even a buried fire can smoulder and re-ignite.

Hanzo is the embodiment of blue. He’s a rain-washed sky. He’s droplets of water falling like arrows and hammering the ground. Collecting and seeping, unable to stay together, rushing from the centre to the outer edges. And yet, although his blue is the most prominent, he is more still: austerity and uncertainty of grey, consciousness and intellect of burnished gold. Black, a colour of banishing, formality, and depth…


So I recently found out about a new language-learning interface called Mango Languages. It’s an app and a website that allows you access course materials on 64 languages. All you need is a library card!

Most of the resources are conversations with subtitles, so you’ll be learning to read/write as if you were in an immersion setting, which is arguably one of the best methods for fluency. Vocabulary is divided up into normal conversational topics as well as little specialty lessons that focus on an aspect of the target language’s culture, eg Chinese zodiac or Irish St. Patrick’s day.

The variety available is amazing; you can learn anything from Pirate to Cherokee to Mandarin Chinese, including some languages I’ve never seen lessons on (Tuvan, Dari, Pashto, Kazakh, Latin… You’re in luck, kids).

Overall, it’s not perfect (you need to learn the writing systems of your language before attempting this) but it’s how I’m going to be “procrastinating” before and after finals, that’s for sure.


root appreciation: 11/?

                               new designation: analog interface

One Foot Out of the Grave Pt. 3

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A/N: It’s been a while, I apologize. Writing has been a challenge lately, my brain has been too crowded with non-story related things. I am also trying to start up my Supernatural Imagine Blog—this one storyline has been swirling around in here for far too long. Here you go!

It’s time to battle Ultron. With a few modifications to your suit, a bit of courage, and an intense moment with Pietro, you are ready to do your job and kick some robot ass. 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader, Dad!Tony x Reader

Warnings: violence, references to death, language

Words: 2,770

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