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Error {vkook fanfic}

“Jungkook had no idea that his biggest job as an intern would be to look after the country’s greatest, most-secretive, superhuman on the planet - V”

🌹 I’m going to post the full work on my ao3 account soon, but for now, I thought it’d be fun to post this teaser here-

Don’t go anywhere near room 27. That was the number one rule in the facility, and Jungkook respected it the entire year he’d been working there. It was something he was warned of at the front door when he first got the job, something he was constantly reminded in every lab he stepped into, something he was told by the guards standing outside the room every time he passed the hall.

And Jungkook wasn’t an adventurous kid, either. If Dumbledore said to stay away from the third-floor corridor, he stayed away. He didn’t care what secrets lied beyond, what magic stone was being protected- he liked having guidelines to follow, he liked knowing what he was and wasn’t allowed to do. And for the entire duration of his internship – with the world’s most renowned scientists and electric engineers, mind you – he knew that he was absolutely not, under any circumstances, even if the world was ending, and the only way to save it was to open that door, he was not to enter room 27. No matter what.

So, one could only imagine how much of a shock it came to Jungkook when his superior, Dr. Kim Namjoon wanted to send him and one of the earlier recruitments Park Jimin into room 27.

“I’m sorry, Doctor, I think I heard you wrong. Did you just say room…” he trailed off, not daring to mention the number in case he really did hear wrong, and made a complete fool of himself.

But the scientist just nodded. “Room 27, you heard me right.” Jimin nudged him excitedly when the older man had his back turned to them to grab a few files off his desk. “I’m well aware of the rules, if that’s what’s concerning you, Intern Jeon.” He walked across the lab, placing the files in their proper drawer as the boys followed behind him. “But we’ve reached a point in our research where V could use some interaction. And because its data puts it somewhere between your,” he looked to the ceiling, then air quoted, “’ages’ ­– for lack of a better word – you’re the best candidates for the job.” He turned to them and sighed, his arm resting on the metal file drawer. He raised an eyebrow, “Unless you don’t think you’re right for it?”

“N-No!” Jungkook said a little too quickly, and lowered his head, his face flushed. “We’ll do our best, sir.”

He shook his head, and walked over to another desk. “That’s not good enough. V is a delicate piece of machine, its ability to memorize and store is beyond anything you could imagine. Any human error is saved into its mind forever.”

“So, that’s what’s in room 27?” Jimin said, unable to help himself. “A machine?”

Namjoon seemed to think about that word, like he couldn’t begin to explain. Finally, he put his hands in his coat pockets and nudged his head to the door. “You’re really going to have to see it for yourselves.” His smile widened as he checked something behind the boys. “Ah, perfect timing.”

The interns turned to find two familiar men at the door. Jungkook remembered! They were the guards he’d been so used to seeing outside room 27. One of them was taller than he was, but the smile that never left his face made it hard for Jungkook to be afraid of him. The shorter one however, that one was terrifying. More than once, when he thought Jungkook was glancing at the door as he walked past it, he’d give such a glare that he was sure he’d be burned on the spot.

It was an unspoken rule in the facility that provoking the angry little guard was the best way to shorten your life span, and nobody ever dared put that rule to question.

Even now, he watched them both with a stony expression, and the two couldn’t help but clear their throats and turn back to their superior.

“Boys,” he said to the interns, then gestured to each guard. “This is Jung Hoseok, and Min Yoongi. If all goes well today, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them.” Namjoon barely looked at the wide-eyed boys as he turned over to sit at his desk, pulling a paper of statistics and graphs from one of the drawers. “They’ll be your escorts to room 27.” He looked to the guards. “You can fill them in from here?”

The brighter one, Jung Hoseok, saluted with two fingers. “Yes, sir.” He waved at the interns to follow, his smile widening. “Come on, guys, you’re in for a big kaboom.”

The two glanced at each other, then quietly followed, Jungkook keeping cautiously in the back as the guards led them down the white halls.

“Here’s the deal, brats,” Min Yoongi said with his back turned to them. He held out a white card with several gold and silver lines etched across. “This is the access card to room 27. It’s the only way in, and there are only three in the entirety of existence. The people that have these cards are me, Hoseok, and the founder of this facility, Dr. Song Hobeom. If we are not with you, you will not. Be able. To get in. Got it?”

They wordlessly nodded, then Hoseok added, “He’s not kidding. A nuclear bomb wouldn’t get passed that door. Several might, but…” he noticed the look on the boys’ faces, and he laughed. “Don’t worry, guys. You’ll get used to this stuff soon.” He turned to face them, walking backwards. “Now, just a fair warning, V is a little bit much to handle on the first visit, and you won’t completely understand at first, but everything will be explained to you, so don’t sweat it.”

“Dr. Kim made it sound like V was a computer or something.”

Hoseok smiled, but it didn’t reach his ears this time. He turned back around when he’d nearly hit a wall, and over his shoulder, he gave them an unreadable look. “Or something.”

“Another thing,” Yoongi added, “don’t say that kind of crap when you get in. In fact, no tech talk at all.”

Jungkook looked over to Jimin, but he seemed just as confused. They’d rounded the corner and approached the room, and Jungkook’s heart began racing. This was it. The room he was never allowed to go anywhere near, and he was nearing it! His mind raced as he thought of what could be hidden inside. Would the walls be covered with thick and small wires? Would there be screens surrounding the room? Would there be blue monkeys and wild, beastly rats in cages? Would the room be flooded with scientists that Jungkook had never known existed in the facility?

As if reading his mind, Jimin asked, “How many others are working on this project?”

They were getting closer and closer, almost enough to be able to touch it.

“Well,” Hoseok said, “might come as a surprise, but Dr. Song only trusted six people to help take care of V.” He pointed between him and his friend. “Yoongi, me, you two, Dr. Kim, and Caretaker Kim Seokjin.”


Just then, a young man walked out of the room, startling Jungkook and Jimin. They immediately caught his eye, and he tilted his head at the interns in the back. The youngest intern heard Jimin gasp, and he couldn’t blame him. This man, with his broad shoulders, his big eyes, his red cheeks, his soft, short brown hair, and his full, cherry lips – even Jungkook couldn’t deny he was drop dead stunning.

He didn’t dress in a white scientist coat. Instead, he wore a pair of ripped jeans and a loose sweater, and Jungkook wondered what someone like that could have been doing in room 27.

The boy nudged his head to the guards, and Hoseok smiled back. “Hey, Seokjin. How’s V today?”

So, this was Kim Seokjin, Jungkook thought, his eyes wide. This was – what had Hoseok called him? – V’s caretaker? Why would a machine need a caretaker?

“Fine. Just been reading that Moby Dick book all day.”

Hoseok looked impressed. “Onto English already, really?”

Seokjin smiled, crossing his arms, and Jungkook could’ve been wrong, but he thought the boy’s face seemed kind of sad to him. “Done with English actually. This is the seventh time he’s going through that book.” He sighed. “He’s taking an interest in Russian. Something new to do, I suppose.”

His eyes finally clicked with Jungkook’s and Jimin’s, and the boys immediately looked away, face flushed. “These the interns I asked for?”

Yoongi nodded and glanced over his shoulder. He gritted his teeth. “Bow. Show some respect to your hyung, brats.”

They both nearly jumped before bowing. It wasn’t their fault though; Seokjin didn’t look any older than they did.

They heard him laugh and they peeked up. He patted down Yoongi’s hair as he smiled at the boys. “Don’t be so scared of him, he just hasn’t shot anybody all week, so he’s a little grumpy.”

Jungkook couldn’t believe how much courage Kim Seokjin had. Nobody ever dared blink in Min Yoongi’s direction for fear of having the wolf transform and bite their heads off, and yet this man touched him in a way that was almost endearing. He looked at him like he was the cutest little kitten, and it made Jungkook wonder how much respect Yoongi had for his hyung.

“Can we see it?” Jungkook asked, feeling the tension rise. “V, I mean.”

Seokjin’s smile faded as he stared at Jungkook, and the intern was wondering what he had said that was so displeasing.

He was just starting to mentally curse at himself for opening his mouth when Seokjin said, “Him. You’re asking if you can see him. Not it.” He sighed, muttering, “Kim Namjoon, I swear to God, one of these days…”

Jimin’s brows furrowed. “I-I’m sorry, we don’t understand. Who’s he? I thought we were going to see a machine.”

Just then, Yoongi turned to them with the sharpest glare they’d ever seen, “The fuck did I just say?”

The interns gasped and brought their hands to cover their mouths, looking at the guards and Seokjin like they had no clue what was going on.

Seokjin sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “It’s okay, it’s fine, they didn’t know.” He set his hand on the metal handle, and leaned against the door. He looked to the guards. “My turn to explain?” They nodded. “Okay, great.” He turned his attention to the boys. “Before you go in, there’s something you need to understand. V isn’t exactly a… machine. When you go in, what you’re going to find is a normal boy. For the most part, he’s not going to look any different from either of you. He has skin, just like you do, he has a heart, just like you do. Got it? You so much as mention the words robot or computer, and I am going to kill you.”

He didn’t look or sound like he was joking, and Jungkook started to wonder how truly different he is from Yoongi. His face softened. “The reason I asked for you two is because, to put it bluntly, V’s bored. You’ll learn more in here than you ever thought possible, but as long as he has nothing to do but learn, he’s a danger to himself and others. He keeps taking in knowledge the way that he does, and he’s going to short-circuit his entire system.” He shook his head at the interns as if he’s talking to kindergarten students. “That’s not good, right?”

They mindlessly nodded, and he did the same. Somewhere along that dangerous line that dumb interns should never cross, Jungkook found his voice, and asked, “I-I thought it-” Seokjin raised an eyebrow, “I-I-I thought he could take in unimaginable amounts of information?”

He closed his eyes, and Jungkook guessed he had to have been asked that same question several times before, probably by the people in charge. “He can, but not at this pace. It’s too fast, even for him.”

His fingers closed around the handle. “You ready to meet him?”

The boys swallowed, and Jungkook’s fists tightened against his coat. He could feel the blood rushing in his ears, his heart beating so fast that he was worried the guards would hear it and Yoongi would scream at him to shut up.

Seokjin nudged his head to Yoongi who had pulled out his card. He swiped it into the small machine beside the door, and with a blue beep, Seokjin pushed the handle down and the door opened. “Alright, go on in front of me.”

Jungkook hesitated, but slowly stepped forward, Jimin behind him, and when they were inside, they could hear the sound of the door being closed after them, but Jungkook could only focus on the room.

One thing was for sure; he was not expecting this. It was as if he’d walked into a very large library. He couldn’t see how long the room stretched, but it seemed endless from the doorway. Shelves upon shelves upon shelves of books. The floor was covered with a dark blue carpet, and at the left side of the room, there lay several potted plants. Some were small, and some had grown into large trees that barely touched the high ceiling, and in the lights above them, the bulbs shined a strong yellow light, contrasting with the white light in the rest of the room. To the ride side, their jaws nearly dropped when they saw the green chalk boards. Not one, not two, but nearly fifty large boards were spread out against the wall. Jimin dared move closer, and was surprised to find that both sides were completely covered with equations, theories, alphabets that neither of them had ever seen before- even art.

“You think that’s good,” Seokjin said, obviously having heard their gasps, “you should see the paintings he keeps in the back. Mona Lisa, Blue Boy, The Scream; he’d figured out the patterns a long time ago.”

Jungkook could only look around with wide eyes, and he heard Seokjin chuckle behind him before he patted his shoulder.

“V!” he called out, closing to the shelves of books. “I brought visitors! V!”

Near the shelves at the end, there was the faint sound of wheels, and the interns’ heads snapped to where a large ladder was being guided along the shelves. At the top of the steps, there was a boy with a book in his hand. Jungkook saw him and nearly toppled backwards. This was V? He looked no older than him. This was the super-secret project that was being kept in room 27? A boy?

V isn’t exactly a… machine.

V is a little bit much to handle on the first visit. And you won’t understand at first.

Him. You’re here to see him. Not it.

“Yoongi hyung? Hoseok hyung?” he asked, his voice surprisingly deep for such a young face.

“New people,” Seokjin corrected as he made his way to him, waving at him to come down. “Come say hi.”

He climbed down, and as he did, he cautiously glanced between the two interns. He lowered his head to Seokjin, muttering something that almost sounded like, “But I thought you said new people were dangerous…”

“You can trust the people I bring in, can’t you?” he whispered back, and Jungkook felt like he was eavesdropping, being able to hear their conversation.

V kept his head down, standing with his book tight to his chest as he stayed safely next to Seokjin.

Jimin had come to stand next to Jungkook, the look of shock and disbelief on both of their faces as they took in the supposedly greatest super machine to ever be created by mankind. He wore flannel.

His eyes landed on Jungkook for a split second before he looked away, and Jungkook’s eyes narrowed, Seokjin’s earlier words coming back to mind.

For the most part, he’s not going to look any different than either of you.

But there was something that made him look different; his eyes. One was an electric blue, and one was a pale yellow. He didn’t realize he’d been staring until V moved closer to stand behind Seokjin, his shoulders scrunched.

Jungkook almost felt bad for him. He dropped his eyes from his, and nudged Jimin with his elbow to do the same.

“V, these are…” Seokjin trailed off, and Jungkook realized they’d never given him their names.

He awkwardly reached his hand out to V. “J-Jeon Jungkook.”

V stared at his hand, eying it cautiously before he slowly reached out from underneath Seokjin’s arm and lightly squeezed Jungkook’s fingers, then immediately pulled his hand back.

Despite all the emotions running around, Jungkook had to admit; V was breathtaking. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t get himself to look away. Then, he remembered, the boy was a machine. They’d probably spent months, years even, working on the perfect equation for his looks.

“Park Jimin.” And he did the same with him.

               “It’s okay, V. They’re going to be your new friends.”

               Friends. What an unfamiliar notion to Jungkook. It wasn’t as if he’d never had friends before. After all, Jimin was his best friend in the facility, and really his only friend everywhere else, but that’s only because the older boy had refused to leave him alone in the first place, to which he was thankful. Still, he really hoped they weren’t depending on him to teach this machine about friendship- they would be waiting a loooong time.

               V didn’t seem as eager to make new friends as his head snapped to Seokjin, wide-eyed. “Why, are you going somewhere?” His fists tightened in the older boy’s shirt, and he wore a frown so innocent, that Jungkook couldn’t help but answer.

               “No, of course not, Seokjin hyung just thought you’d want to meet more people,” he said, and as he felt V’s gaze on him, his ears turned red. He cleared his throat, and tapped Jimin on the shoulder.

               The boy smiled nervously. “R-Right! Plus, we heard there was a kid our age here, and we wanted to meet him.”

               At this, V’s grip on Seokjin’s arm lightened, and he wasn’t hiding as much anymore.

               Jungkook silently applauded Jimin for making something like that up on the spot as he saw Seokjin silently watching them, amused. He was waiting for them to earn V’s trust. Jungkook coughed and casually scratched the back of his head. “Uh, S-Seokjin hyung said you had paintings in the back. Can we see them?”

               His eyebrows slightly raised, and Jungkook couldn’t help but notice how big his eyes were. “You… want to see my paintings?”

               They both nodded enthusiastically, happy to have him saying anything them. He gave a small nod and hummed. As he turned, he tugged on Seokjin’s arm, muttering something to him under his breath that Jungkook’s unfortunate super sense of hearing could once again pick up. Something along the lines of, “Come on, hyung.”

               Seokjin let him hold onto him as they walked through the shelves, and Taehyung glanced over his shoulder at the two interns following them. Jungkook couldn’t help but be in awe at all the books they were passing. None of them were in Korean, and Jungkook couldn’t help but wonder if each section was a different language.

               “How many of these have you read?” Jungkook asked, unable to hide the astonishment in his voice.

               “All of them,” V simply said, and the boy nearly choked on air. He frowned at the intern. “What do you think they’re here for?”

               “That’s incredible,” he said, and looked over to find V watching him silently, his eyes on his, and suddenly, Jungkook felt very self-conscious. He blinked and glanced away for barely a second, but when he looked back, V had already turned away, his chin buried in Seokjin’s shoulder.

               He still had a hard time believing that this was what had been hiding in the unapproachable room 27, and he had an even harder time understanding it.

               “Dude, check it out,” Jimin nudged and Jungkook snapped back to reality as he saw them coming up to the end of the shelves. At the back, sitting against the wall were several paintings, half framed, and half resting on the floor.

               Jungkook stopped in front of them. Seokjin hadn’t been kidding; everything from Picasso’s work to Van Gogh had been lined up against the wall, all the way to either ends of the room. There was an empty canvas, several used paint cans, buckets, and brushes stacked atop each other, and several new ones placed neatly beside them. He could tell they were untouched. He moved one gorgeous picture to find five more stacked underneath.

               “Logically,” he heard V say, “it makes more sense to fold them so that they wouldn’t be covering the floor like this. But I can’t get myself to do it. It feels sad somehow.”

               “Feels sad?” Jungkook mindlessly asked. “You feel sad?”

               V seemed surprised by that reaction. He quickly clammed up, and hid himself again behind Seokjin, his grip in his sweater tightening. The intern suddenly got a guilty pang in his chest, still unable to help his curiosity. He had so many questions, and he didn’t know what was appropriate and what wasn’t. After all, he didn’t even understand what V really was yet.

               Seokjin looked like he was getting angry, but before he could say anything, Jimin spoke, a chuckle at his lips. “You really like to paint Seokjin hyung, don’t you?” He pulled out painting after painting of Seokjin; one of him on a couch that the interns assumed had to be in between one of these shelves, another of him in a field, another of him eating, and another, and another.

               The caretaker’s face went red, but V’s arms went around his waist, and he hugged him close, resting his cheek on his shoulder as he smiled. “He’s my favorite picture. He can’t always be here, so I like to have these with me to pretend he is.”

               Jimin smiled. “I bet we’ll be close enough for you to paint me someday.”

               They expected him to hide again, but his smile widened and he actually lightened his hold. “Really? Yeah! I bet we will!”

               Jungkook was surprised at how easily V smiled at Jimin, and the older intern seemed to genuinely like him as well. When he looked at him, Jungkook didn’t see curiosity in his eyes, he didn’t see tapping fingers that were holding back a flood of questions. All Jimin did was go through the paintings and turn to V, making comments or asking questions about the colors until he had almost completely let go of Seokjin.

               There was a space in between them, but V had chosen to sit on the opposite side of Jimin so that Seokjin was kneeling between the interns, and Jungkook was the furthest away from the machine.

               Jimin pointed at the book that was still in his hand. “What have you been reading?”

               His smiled beamingly, and Jungkook was caught off guard. So, that was what he looked like when he wasn’t scared. “Harry Potter, it’s my favorite.”

               “I love those books! They’re amazing!”

               “Yeah! My favorite is the first!”

“Really? I like the second one best, I feel like there’s more going on.”

Their wizards and magic talk faded away in Jungkook’s ears. If he had to be honest, he was kind of disappointed that V loved them so much. He was supposed to be a work of science, of chemicals and hours in labs. He wasn’t supposed to be interested in the fantasy and art worlds. He wasn’t supposed to be interested in anything, period.

               “Is this in French?” he heard Jimin say as he looked through the pages. The equations he saw on the boards up front, those were what V should’ve been using to preoccupy his time with. And still, even as he tried to convince himself of that, he couldn’t stop thinking about what Seokjin had said.

               V’s bored. So, what were they supposed to do? They were scientists, what would they know about entertaining this guy?

               He sighed, scrolling through more of the canvases when his eye caught something on the left. He looked over, and behind one of the paintings, the wall was black. Leaving everyone else in their conversation, he reached out and pulled the canvas back, his eyes going wide when he saw the burned wall. The cement had been dug into, and the color had gone to a deep, grey black. He spread his arm out to it, but just before his fingers could touch the destroyed surface, he was yanked back.

“DON’T TOUCH THAT!” He looked up to find V’s arm securely around his shoulders, keeping him at a distance from the wall. His fingers dug tightly into the fabric of his clothes and Jungkook’s back was against his chest for just a second before he had pulled himself away and stood, his book now on the ground as he used as many paintings as he could to cover the damage.

“I-I’m sorry,” was all Jungkook could say as he watched Seokjin try to calm the younger boy down.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Seokjin said as he barely turned to him, then focused his attention on V again. Jimin pulled him up to his feet just as the caretaker pulled V away from the paintings, his hand on his cheek as he spoke to him. He tilted his head up slightly so that they were looking into each other’s eyes, and he ran his other hand up and down the boy’s arm reassuringly.

“It’s okay, okay? It can’t hurt anybody, they’re all safe,” Seokjin kept repeating over and over.

After a while, V began to nod along, breathing in and out as the older boy told him to. Jungkook’s eyes fell on the Harry Potter book on the ground, and he picked it up, dusted it off, and handed it to V. He took it with a small smile. It was gone as quick as it came, and he lowered his gaze to Jungkook’s shoes. “Sorry.”

He looked so genuinely guilty that before he could think twice about it, a quiet “’s okay” left his mouth.

The interns had left first, waiting for Seokjin to say his “see you later” to V before he walked out.

“Hey,” Hoseok said as they stepped into the hall. “How’d it go?”

Not well, Jungkook thought as he mentally replayed everything that had happened.

Hoseok’s smile fell when he saw the looks on their faces, and Seokjin sighed, leaning against the wall. He rested his elbow on Yoongi’s shoulder, rubbing his eyes. “Well…” he stared at the interns, then shook his head as he chuckled. “I think he likes you.”

I’m really excited about this, and I hope it brings some joy to you! 🌹🌻🌹

anonymous asked:

What are some Myers Briggs personality types that you'd like to see more POC written as (or not written as)?

Characters of Color: Personality Types we’d like to See


What your question really seems to get at is what personality traits we as People of Color would like to see ourselves in. We think using the Briggs personality type as a base to create develop characters is a good idea, .though note that most people don’t fit 100% in one type and there will likely be overlap.


A great way to learn what sort of roles People of Color are wanting to see themselves in is to consume media by said PoC. Another resource would be our POC Profiles in which submitters share everything from their home lives, culture as well as the roles they’d like to see more for themselves. WWC Mods also created a Mod Wishlist of the type of characters we’d like to read about.

Read the grievances within fandoms of what writers are doing wrong (and right) in media with characters of color as well. For Black characters, for example, and across several shows you’ll find people take issue with Black women being Strong Black Women + Mammy types, not expected to be helped or show a range of emotion yet always expected to save herself and exert energy towards others.

And while it it doesn’t directly deal with a specific personality type, it’s what I (Colette) have noticed all too much in the shows I’ve watched with Black women. All the focus is on our strengths and sacrifice, not so much on our weaknesses and the range of emotion we experience. Sometimes we want the romance, softness, and the saving too and it’s not a bad thing. 

Overall, I just want to see a wide variety of Characters of Color with all sorts of personality types in various roles, and definitely some that directly contrast with the stereotypes we’re smashed into the most.

Personalities We’d Like to See

Though a lot of our perspectives on this, again, can be found in the mod wishlist, some of us had further opinions to share.

Jewish Characters

Shira: Fictional Jewish men could stand to be “stronger” every once in a while, and when our women are depicted as strong it’s nice to see that as a positive instead of some kind of hellish negative. 

Native Characters

Lesya: I’d like to see more E types for Natives, and more rational types. Natives often get stuck in the “so emotionally sensitive” and “I love being alone with nature” boats that it gets really flat. Not all of us are feelings-people, and not all of us are loners. It just really shows how the Noble Savage still has alive roots in modern representation.

Black Characters

Najela: I would like to see more introverted Black women. There’s this stereotype that Black women are only loud and outspoken, but there’s this whole other side that gets neglected when Black women are quiet and softspoken. I would just like to see a wider range of Black women with different personality types.

Colette: I wholeheartedly agree with you, Najela. I’d like to see more Black women who are tender, gentle, and shy (and not just to be utilized in a maternal way either). I want to see the same with Black men. So often Black people are typecast as brazen and bold, natural performers and entertainers. While some of us are and it’s great, this neglects a whole other side of Black people that aren’t like that and yet we’re somehow all expected to fit the same role. People are often surprised and express how “Sweet and quiet” I am before I get to know them, and I just can’t tell what is making them so surprised by that! 

Additionally, being shy or quiet doesn’t make one a pushover or unable to speak for themselves so that part is definitely optional.

East Asian Characters

Jess: Yeah, I mean–I’d like to see less ~submissive~ East Asians, or just a more well-rounded spectrum. For women it seems to be either delicate flower or Dragon Lady, without anything in between. 

South Asian Characters

Nikhil: As far as character types, I’d like to see more Indian characters in leadership roles.  These are usually E–J types, though INTJ is often called the “Mastermind” or the “Architect.”  My biggest peeve about the portrayal of Indian/South Asian characters in media is that we’re usually “small” characters, nerds and followers, ready to kowtow to the biggest baddest thing in the room.  As someone who has a leadership role at his job, I’d love to see someone who looks like me calling the occasional shot in fiction (and not just as the group leader in a novel set in South Asia, where everyone is South Asian—that’s cheating).

I could actually get behind a well-written Indian supervillain-type character. The joke is that ENTJ is the Myers-Briggs type for a supervillain, and given that the only thing we’ve got so far in Western media is Aasif Mandvi in that atrocious The Last Airbender movie, I could totally get behind an Indian- or South Asian-coded villainous character whose background is more than a cartoon.

Related to this is my more general complaint about a dearth of Badassery in South Asian representation.  As I said above, we’re usually shown as nerds, but even then moments of even smarts-driver badassery are few and far between.  South Asian mythology and history and full of Crazy Awesome (beheading people with chariot wheels, one mostly naked guy fighting off the Pakistani Army with only grenades and a bayonet, just to give a few examples), but we never see stuff like that in fiction.  That new series Quantico looks kind of interesting.  I don’t know if it’s supposed to be any good or not, but Priyanka Chopra as a half-Indian female BAMF at least got my attention.


Followers, please share the personality types you’d to see irt Characters of Color!

Pathways - Katarina/Riven Werewolf & Vampire AU (NSFW)

“You’re a monster, you know.”

“No less of a monster than you are,” the shadow growls, her silhouette hungry against the washed out moonlight coming through the bars of the small window.

“Predictable,” Katarina snorts, unimpressed. She leans against the frame, the heavy metal door slung wide. An invitation. A challenge. A dare.

“Your kind kills with deliberation, with planning, with a sociopathic lack of morality.” The prisoner shifts slightly, her shackles complaining with dull metallic jangling. She doesn’t take the bait of the open door. The smart ones never do, Katarina thinks, and feels herself become moderately more interested in this new plaything.

“And your mindless destruction is better, I suppose, because you feel like you’re blameless?”

“No,” the chained beast says softly, turning away from Katarina. “Never blameless.”

Boring, Katarina thinks. A werewolf who thinks she’s some kind of suffering saint.

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What do u think about sonic boom?

Still kiiiiinda like it but I lost interest I suppose (lost track of the new episodes even), sometimes I find some scenes from there shared on tumblr that make me laugh but like…in the end there’s not a real plot that keeps me captivated (and for obvious reasons of course,since it was made for jokes exc…). Though I’m happy that there are people who are enjoying it a lot!

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So, my feelings on the 13th Doctor.

First of all: I’m fascinated. Because it’s something completely new and interesting. I suppose she’s gonna be funny and so full of life. I love all the Doctors of oldschool and newschool, every each of them was amazing and unique, in every incarnation he was still the Doctor we love. This is a story of a mad man with a box traveling through time and space. It will always be this story.

Thus I think we shouldn’t make hasty conclusions. Let’s give her a chance! I’m sure Jodie will do great! (It’s a pity she isn’t ginger, heh) Anyways she is going to be amazing. Unfortunately, some people only acknowledge incarnation’s value closer to regeneration, that’s why I’m sure people are gonna love her. (You remember many people didn’t like Capaldi and now everybody loves him!)

I mean every opinion matters! I hope the story to be exciting and fascinating! And I can’t wait to see her outfit (it’s one of my favorite things) and the TARDIS! This is so exiting! New TARDIS, new sonic screwdriver (I believe), new-old Doctor and new adventures. Go ahead!


I found myself wondering this morning about my potential future fandoms. It’s relatively hard for me to get invested in that particular way, and right now I feel pretty badly done by (in terms of the show, not the fans), which disinclines me to look for a new interest.

I suppose some brilliant new thing might emerge next year.


I’ve been trying to figure out which owl Vanoss’ mask is based off of and at first I thought it was supposed to be a great horned owl but I’ve noticed that the mask only shares the “horns” yellow eyes and beak. Another owl that reminds me of his mask is the striped owl, it has similar “horns” and beak like the great horned owl but it also has the same yellow/orange tone as the mask and has the white circles around the eyes, unlike the great horned owl which has orange circles around the eyes, but striped owls don’t have yellow eyes.
So I’ve concluded that the mask shares more similarities to the striped owl but still has similarities to the great horned owl

Imagine: Living at the Elsa's freakshow after being a teenage runaway.

I had always wanted more for myself, than the place I was living in. After my mom had died my dad been overly protective to say the least. The night he decided to get drunk, and hit me when I tried to go on a date with a boy, was enough. I packed everything, and got on a bus. Trying to myself elsewhere, where he would never find me. I decided to go to Florida, it was much different than New Orleans, aside from the “Do you have a Southern accent?!” Questions I constantly received, I grew to like it, but living on the streets, hitch hiking, and fearing for my life began to set in, after being mugged behind a café, everything I owned, except a locket, that I kept my mother’s picture in, were gone. I called my dad with my last .5 I had, to find that line was disconnected. I just sat down on the curb and cried. “Oh, love! Why is that you cry so much?” I heard a voice with a German accent speak to me softly. She sat down, and put her arm on me, patting my head softly. “Ooooh, you are so beautiful! Don’t cry!” She said looking at my face. “You are bleeding and have a black eye! Did someone hurt you?” She asked taking out a cloth to wipe my face. I nodded “They took everything! I have nothing. I ran away from my abusive dad, in New Orleans. Now, I have nothing.” “Oh, love, that is so sad. I started with nothing too, come on, I have a place for you!” She stood up, reaching out to me. She was an older woman, dressed very elegantly, in a fur coat, and a beautiful red dress. She had diamond earrings, and a her hair dyed a lovely shade of blonde, she smiled at me reassuringly, taking a drag from her cigarette. I hesitated a bit, before I put my hand in hers, as she led me to her car. Which was brand new. We drove out a bit and then we approached a place full of tents, I looked as the people, who were… far from normal gathered around to get a look at me. “These are my freaks, and this is my freak show, welcome home, these people are the best people you will ever meet,” She said with a smile. As we approached she smiled at everyone, as a small girl approached us. “Ooooh hello my special one!” She picked her up, looking at me. “I am so sorry! I do not even know your name!” “It’s… Sofie.” I responded looking at the ground. “Pleasure to meet you, Miss Sofie,” The small girl spoke in a high pitched voice, that reminded me when people inhaled Helium. I looked around at the others, one in particular catching my eye in the background, who was working in a car. He was handsome… He wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead, and I thought why was here. Everyone else noticed too, and began to laugh. “That’s Jimmy Darling, and I bet he would love to meet you. I can introduce you? Would you like that?” Whispered Elsa. My face grew red with embarrassment. “N-n-no.” I stammered looking away. “It’s okay, we saw you staring at him! If you wanna meet him, love, just ask. Eve, will you show her to the empty tent just over there?” She asked an unsually tall woman. She smiled at me, as I looked up at her. She wore high waisted pants which flattered her figure, and motioned me back. As we walked passed Jimmy, he looked up, then took a second look, hitting his head on the hood if the car. “Shit!” He yelled as he rubbed his head. He turned around, grabbing a rag, and wiping his grease covered gloves off. “Don’t work too hard, Jimmy!” Teased Eve. Jimmy smirked at looked at me, “Who is this?” He asked taking his time to look me over “This is Sofie, she is going to be staying with us, now.” He smiled “Sofie,” He said softly, he winked at me, and smiled “ Nice to meet you, Sofie, I’m Jimmy Darling,” He said. I blushed and looked down. He laughed and Eve motioned me to walk with her to the tent. “He likes you,” She said in my ear. “He’s watching us walk away, turn and wave at him. Do it!” She said, I turned to see he was definitely looking over at me still. I waved at him, and he smiled waving back. “Yes!” She said as we got to the tent. She opened it, and showed me everything. “You even have a bed, let me grab some bedding for you. But this will be where you stay!” A few hours had gone by, as I sat in my tent, reading a book Eve had gotten me. “Knock knock!” I heard Jimmy say as he entered my tent, his hair done like Elvis Presley’s, a curl on his forehead, a leather jacket, jeans with the legs rolled up, and some boots. He must be one of the greaser boys, my daddy told me to never talk to, which made my heart burn with desire to know him. He looked around, biting his bottom lip, then looked at me, raising his eyebrows. “I wanted to ask, if you wanted to come out with me?” He asked me, I stood up, “Yes, I do!” I said, hoping I didn’t sound too eager, sitting down in embarrassment. He giggled, “Oh don’t be embarrassed, meet me up front in 10, gorgeous,” He said as he lit a cigarette, walking out of the tent. My heart was pounding hard, “He thinks I’m gorgeous,” I said. I had never been told I am gorgeous by a boy before. I put on the clothes Elsa had given me, high waisted skirt, heels, and a polka dotted halter top. Tying a red ribbon in my hair. I walked out to meet him, he smiled at me. “You have legs for days, Sophie,” He said with a smile. We walked to the truck he was just working on, “Let’s go to the cliff, it has a nice view of the city,” He said with a smile. “Okay,” I said with a smile. We drove up there, and he would point stuff out to me and tell me interesting things. As we made it to the cliff, I looked out at all the lights “Wow,” I said softly, looking out at all the city. I had never seen anything like this before. He lit a cigarette and offered me on too. I accepted, lighting it as well, and placing it between my lips. “So, where is that accent from, you have a Southern draw to you,” He said with an interested smile. “New Orleans,” I said “Not too far away I suppose, just trying to get away from there,” I said looking down. “Well, running away from your problems don’t always solve them. I know from experience,” He said “But, I am not gunna lie, kind of glad you did, so that I could get to hang out with you,” He said with a smile making me blush. Car lights flooded the truck, as another car pulled up. They looked at us, and laughed. One the guys a blonde guy, who looked like a jock, with a girl in the front, another guy in the back with a girl. “God damn it, just ignore these assholes. He said rolling his eyes, clentching his steering wheel. "Hey, lobster boy! What girl did you have to kidnap to get to sit in your car with you!” He yelled laughing. “Lobster boy?” I asked. He didn’t say anything, but he huffed. “Ignore them,” he said with a smile trying to act unphased. “Come on, Lobster Boy! Let the poor girl go, a pretty blonde like that, wouldn’t want to sit with you, freak!” He yelled. Jimmy then became angry, his face turning red. “Stay here,” he said opening the door, and walking up to the guys car, his arms out stretched. “What the fuck is your problem!?” Jimmy yelled as the guy got out the car, as did the other guy in the back seat. The guy kissed at me. “Come hang out with us sweet heart!” He said, punching Jimmy in the face, causing him to fall down. I got out of the car and ran over to him. “Are you okay?” I asked him, ignoring the guys around him. “Jimmy’s fine! Just not being honest about being a freak! That’s how he got you here.” He said pulling Jimmy up by his shirt, grabbing his hands and pulling off his gloves, to reveal lobster claw like hands. Jimmy closed his eyes in frustration and put his face in his hands, turning away from me as they let him go. They both laughed at him as they walked back to the car and whistled to me, trying to get me in their car. “Come on, let’s go dancing !” He said with a wink. “No,” I said as I grabbed his hand “ I am fine right here,” I said as I flipped them off. “How disgusting, let’s get out of here,” he said as he piled out the dirt and took off. He dropped my hand from his and got back into the truck not saying anything. He started his truck “Why are we leaving?” I asked in confusion. “I’m sure you don’t wanna hang out with me, anymore.” He said showing me his hands, the overwhelming confidence he had in the beginning, was now diminished. I reached over, and kissed his cheek. He gave me a confused look “So what? They’re just hands. They make you unique! Why would you wanna be normal, that’s boring. Keep those gloves off. This is you!” I said with a sweet smile, grabbing his hand again. And that’s when he reached over, and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked, but kissed him back, though I only had just met him, it just… Felt right. I couldn’t explain it any other way if I could. He pulled away from me, and smiled. “No one has ever said something so sweet my whole life,” He said, holding my hand back, his confidence and charisma resurfacing. “Especially someone this beautiful,” He kissed me again, then a third time. Winking at me as he started his truck to go back to the camp site. As the weeks passed of us hanging out every day, I could feel myself already falling in love with him, he would wake up every morning, and give me a flower. Bragging to his friends about how I didn’t care about his hands, and I was normal. Jimmy had spent his whole life, faking his deformities, that made him special to get girls. All of which would leave him, once they went all the way freaked out by his hands. Which would hurt him immensely. How anyone could be that shallow was beyond me. “So, we have a full house tonight! Elsa wants to know if you feel you are ready to help with the lights.” I nodded, shoving a piece of corn bread into my mouth, washing it down with water. He laughed at me and sat down right beside me, kissing me on the forehead. “Yes, I can help,” I said looking up at his handsome face with a smile, my heart swelling with love and admiration. He kissed me, holding my face there for a long time before parting. “It’ll be great!” He said with excitment, he’d been wanting me to help out for a while now. I dressed up real nice; seeing it empty with only 2 people there. “Jimmy said a full house?” I said in confusion. “They are our full love,” said Paul “Some snobs is all,” He rolled his eyes and walked back stage. “This way!” I heard Jimmy as he walked me towards the back to get to where I’m help with lights. “Wait!” We both heard, the guy that was sitting down stood up and looked at me. “She isn’t a freak, I paid for freaks!” He said in a snobbish tone. “Calm down, she works the lights. He looked me over "Hmmm well, she’s very pretty,” He said with a smile, my name is Dandy Mott, that is my mother, what is your name?“ He said raising his brows. I looked at Jimmy then looked back "Sophie,” I said quietly “Hmmm, well, Sophie, I will see you after the show,” he said back down and waived at me. “He’s weird,” I said in Jimmy’s ear. “He’s supposed to be the normal one here,” Jimmy said with a laugh, still holding my hand as he brought me to the lights showing me how they worked. Elsa did her performance, and the whole show last about 30 minutes. After everything was done, I went off looking for Jimmy, that’s when Dandy grabbed my arm and waived down Elsa. “Excuse me!” He said as he motioned her over. “I really like this one, she is beautiful, and I want her. How much would it cost for me to take her.” My eyes widened. “BUY ME!?” I yelled and tried to get his hand off me, he jerked me. “You shouldn’t talk when the man is talking, girl,” his mother said with a condescending tone and smile. “Let me go! Elsa!” I yelled. “She is not an object, therefore she is not for sale, let her arm go,” “we will give you a million dollars,” his mother said with a smile “Just to take her home with us, my son needs a wife.” “Whoa! Let go of her arm, buddy.” Jimmy said coming up from behind us, and pulling his off me. “She isn’t for sale, so I suggest you fuck off.” Jimmy said, wrapping a protective arm around me. “Oh, does she belong to you? I am sure that she would much prefer to sleep in a mansion; with man who has a fortune than a deformed freak, in a tent.” He said with a snicker, “2 million dollars for Sophie,” His mother said with a smirk. “I told you, people. She is not for sale, be gone with you,” “Yeah, you fucking weirdo, she isn’t for sale; you can’t have her. If you try to take her, I will punch you right out, buddy, rich or not you still bleed.” He said putting me more behind him. “Whatever, if she wants to stay with the freaks she can, I can do better than that, mother.” Dandy spoke rolling his eyes. “Kind of disgusting she wants to get in bed with the Lobster Boy than you anyways, darling!” Spoke his mom, looking me down with a disgusted expression. “Your children might have a deformity,” Jimmy kept me behind him until they walked away. “I would have messed him up, don’t worry, I got you, Sophie. When you have me, I’ll always protect you, doll,” he said as he kissed me. “Ahh, love. So sweet, I can tell she loves you, just by the look in her eyes,” Said Elsa was admiration “She won’t say it for a while though,” Elsa said with a wink. “I would never have sold you, love. Especially for Jimmy’s sake.” Jimmy laughed and touched my cheek. “I think I would like calling you my girl, if you’d want to go with me,” said as he kissed me again, this time longer. “I would love to be your girl, Jimmy Darling,” I responded. He smiled wide at me and sighed with relief, kissing another time before we walked out to Jimmy’s trailer.

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Best Thing I Never Had

December 16th 2014 

 Dear whoever will read this, 

 I was so dumb. So pathetic. I almost believed him when he said “I do”. He threw away 4 years down the drain for what? A shag? A drunken kiss? It doesn’t make sense to me why he still continued to meet this women for love affairs, if love could even be described in that twisted relationship. That dreadful day was horrid, I walked in on it though I didn’t say much, I observed. I observed the way her hands fell through his brown locks, I watched as she kissed her way down his body so effortlessly as I had done many times before and when she fell to her knees he had spotted me. I was caught. The look he gave was one for the books, he was shocked, shaking even. I could only mask the tears I was holding in & shook my head before I closed the door. He made no effort to come after me, which made me realize maybe he wasn’t the man i had fell in love with after all? I knew that women who was in our bed, a woman we’ve made fun of many times for always being a drunk mess down out the bar we always went to.  

To dwell on the past will not get me far, but I refuse to forgive him and what he had done. As that hurt me more then it apparently hurt him when I signed the divorce papers which resulted in me giving him the house keys along with the ring that held the past promises of our forever. His eyes had welled up with tears but mine had unfortunately stayed solemn. I was numb and lost throughout that whole situation, till now what happened still leaves me questioning who I was during the divorce. 

 I cannot change the past I could only focus on the present, because life is very short. Hating him is something unjustifiable, I could never. I am disappointed and hurt yes, but no I do not feel hatred. Why her? Is my question. Did she have a slimmer waste? A smile so porcelain? Or was it the fact that she was younger? Who knows now honestly. For in fact it happened and we could not change that. Sitting here writing this down in a journal is a sense of gratitude, I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to meet someone so loving and caring. Those 4 years were absolutely perfect, perfection at its finest when we showed up to events or parties. He always made sure I had on the most gorgeous dresses. Always bought me heels that I felt I could never show off, but he made me feel special in a way I’ve never felt before. 

 That is why it still boggles me as to why he broke what we had, I mean was she worth it? The continuous relationship they both had, for 3 months was it worth it? Again I am forever grateful to have had such a experience but in all honesty he shocked not only me but everyone around him. Never once had anyone thought he had it in him to be unfaithful. Especially his mother, who continuously called me for a while which resulted in me changing my number. I no longer wanted any connection to the Styles family, nor anyone else connected with the man who broke my heart into pieces. 

 Tabloids and articles were quick to find out about the apparent affair, taking this woman to places he never once took me, giving affection to someone he knew for a short time. I was so naive during his affair, always believing him when he said he was recording late or he was spending the night at Liam’s house. He made me feel like a burden every time I asked him if I could join him in the studio, telling me he couldn’t do that because of company rules. He always told me to ignore the press, saying what they write is all lies to break us up, “what they write is bullshit baby, you have my heart so keep it with you”. What lies those were. But what had I been doing while waiting for my husband to return home? I was cooking a wonderful meal every night for him, cleaning up the house to make sure he never felt uncomfortable in our shared home, and looking my best so that he could look at me the same way he looked at me when we first met. What had he been doing? Well you and I both know who he was with, and what he was doing. 

 January 20th 2016 

 Now two years later I am still the same, same hair and eyes, same smile although it’s more wider, and with a loving boyfriend who I can call mine and only mine. He makes me feel happier then I had been all those years ago, he gives me attention and he treats me like a princess which is such a wonderful feeling. I had been deprived of that beloved feeling for a while, I am so happy to say this man I now have possession of is a wonderful breath of fresh air. He is no Harry and somehow someway I’m glad he is not. Because that’d mean he would be busy with work, and give excuses of his whereabouts. 

 I heard he hadn’t been with that woman long, but he apparently has a new interest which was one of the Jenner’s I suppose, I’m happy he now has someone by his side, I do hope he found all the sense of comfort the world has to offer. I guess what he has is special, so I greatly wish that my ex lover treats her the way she should be treated. I hope he continues to be happy. 

 January 23rd 2016 

 I don’t think he saw me when I ran by during my morning run, but I kept my head held high. I saw him, he looked very different. His hair seems to have grown quite a bit, and he looks imaginably tired. I held a frown, work must be stressful for him, he was always one to sleep at an according time, unless work was in the way that is.

 He approached the bench I was sat at, and gave a toothy grin as he looked down at me with a look of fascination. I only nodded with a small smile and got up to greet him with a shake of the hand. No butterflies nor tingles were felt during our contact and in no way did it hurt me. Giving a nod to the stranger I once knew, I turned the volume up and began to walk, but I felt a tug on my sleeve stopping me from continuing. I didn’t need to turn around and see who had done that, because well it was an obvious guess. What he had said though, will always surprise me. 

 "You know some would call it fate, and some would call us meeting here together a second chance“ He spoke, softly almost in a whisper, not even his voice gave me chills anymore which was ironic seeing as I used to love the rough edge of his voice. I turned to look at him with an emotionless expression, my ears deceiving me with what I was hearing. Had he been serious? My heart hurt for how much of a nitwit this man was, you aren’t going to throw away our marriage for a whore then proceed to lie to me, in no way was he going to leave this park until he heard about the damage he had caused me.

 ”Now that is something completely and utterly ignorant of you to say, aren’t you in a relationship? You prick how could you stand here and say something so vile, you never thought of me during whatever you and her had, I never crossed your mind, I felt emotionless those past few months do you get that? You cheated on me! You lied to me and all of your friends around you! Do you understand what I had to go through, constantly feeling as if I did something to you, always wondering if it was the way I looked or the way I dressed? You don’t get to say us meeting is a second chance because I refuse to give that to you, I don’t know what you thought approaching me was gonna do but look where it put you mate, in a sticky fucking situation. Now I am so sorry you feel that way, I really am. But we have both moved on and I can actually say I’m happy, I do not want to dwell on the past nor change what happened, because it’s over with, you did what you did for a reason. I want what’s best for you and that is not with me. If it was, we would not be standing here infront of random people in a park confessing the downfall of your fucking mistake two years ago. We are divorced and broken up, do you understand? You threw away 4 years for some whore you met a bar, you know that does say a lot for someone who vowed that in the end it’d be me and him with as much children as we wanted and beautiful continuous love until the day we die. I do hope you find some sort of happiness with someone you deeply love and I am so sorry but that person will not and won’t ever be me. You had one chance, one shot at a true fucking happiness Harry, and you blew that for some pussy that could of had so many infectious diseases because that’s how much of a whore that woman was. Your fucking mistake you bastard, I spent two years thinking about what I had done to make you cheat on me, to make you call someone else your lover, but then I thought of it and came to the conclusion that you didn’t love me at all. So after this please don’t stop me and don’t try to contact me in any form, have a wonderful rest of your life, karma’s gonna bite you in the ass you asshole"

I was done, it was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. He was no longer a burden to me, no longer on my mind and persona. 

 Please, have a great rest of your life. Who ever you end up with it will not be me. For you lost me when you made up the decision to break your promise of forever. Goodbye H.

Did you like it? Please tell me! Part two in Harry’s POV? Requests are open! 

Mending (Outlaw Bandit)

Hey @senselessverses! I know you didn’t get an OQ Secret Santa gift because of circumstances beyond your Santa’s control, but I wanted to make sure you still got something. I hope you don’t mind getting an OQ Secret Valentine fic instead! Happy Valentine’s Day, and thank you for being such a lovely part of our fandom!

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Robin had been pushing them off for days, the vague misgivings of a body overworked, and always he had his reasonings at the ready: his legs ached, of course, because he had led the Queen’s black guards in a chase halfway across the county, and it was the unseasonable warmth that flushed his cheeks and dried his throat, sweat that made his fingertips slip from the bowstring before he had fully drawn.

Still, there was a layer of husk to his voice that couldn’t quite be explained by the smoke he breathed from the fire pit. The hearing in his left ear turned in on itself, most strangely, tuned to some internal sea that did nothing but unbalance him. His whole arm, more than his nocked grip, shook against the bow now.  

He began one morning by trapping his fingers in the knottings of his bootlaces, and only then was he forced to concede that everything was – perhaps – not as it should be.

He was (more than) tired, and unsettled, and his bedroll was more welcoming than he could remember it being. He could spend days in its comforts and not even bother to tend the fire because, surely, he was burning enough for them both already.

Tongue passed over cracked lips, and he was reminded that all his water skins were empty, run through the previous evening when he couldn’t seem to take in enough to sate him, and the word stuck there, lodged in his gullet, and drove every other thought out.


He needed water.

He cursed himself for letting the supply run so low and rooted through the skins again, not daring to hope that he might have overlooked one in his haste, but there it was – one that still sloshed a bit at his shaking, and he pulled at the stopper with his teeth until it came free, tipping back to catch the liquid with his mouth only for the bag to fumble, to upend itself, at his chin and go spilling down his front.

He cursed himself doubly.

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It saddens me to think that we used to talk every day & you used to come to me whenever anything was wrong. However that changed when you decided to walk away for God only knows why…but yet i’m still here for you regardless of past events and quite frankly i always will be. Yet no matter how many times i tell you that i’m here & i never left, i still think that you can’t get that idea through your head. You tell me how much i meant to you and that you still want me in your life but yet you drift in and out. I am starting to believe that i am just a lost memory, and i don’t think you realize what you mean to me….do i mean anything to you anymore?
Emmy Rossum may know me as Fiona Gallagher from Shameless. AMA! • /r/IAmA

  • In preparation for the show did you tall to any children from alcoholic households? Were there any recurring themes or stories that stuck with you and that you think of while acting? I ask because your acting is so “fall off a motorcycle at 60 mph” raw sometimes it makes me cry. And I’m a big burly dude.
  • “In preparation for the role, I did meet with a counselor, a therapist, who works with specifically children that have grown up with alcoholic parents. And it was really informative in terms of the roles that get adopted by children when they grow up in that kind of environment, like one child is a clown, one is the parent, one is the screw up… and how those roles can shift like musical chairs throughout the years. So for me, I played Fiona from the beginning as a parent, but her role started to shift in the 3rd and 4th season with her tendencies towards drugs & alcohol. And she became the screw up, and Lip became the parent in her absence. I find that dynamic, that shift, so fascinating.”

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anonymous asked:

A deal might have been closed very recently. Jeff was definitely hearing proposals from various players. Simon was feeling VERY burned and did his worst to make 1D less attractive to labels. Sony played both sides (letting Simon do his evil thing & playing innocent) until they knew for sure they got 1D. One of 1D's demands was something akin to burning Syco to the ground. Sony can't have that, so they made them meet, negotiate peace and a way out of stunts. 1D chose to keep their enemies closer.

I’m going to assume this is a theory instead of a shady anon.

As a theory, it makes sense, tho it clearly doesn’t endear Columbia to me. But until a new contract was signed, i suppose it wasn’t in their best interest to intervene.

Do we look to July 1 as the big date just before a US holiday weekend? Will Columbia announce before AGT to get all the mileage out of it they can showing that even after losing 1D, Simon & Louis are the best of buddies? I would if I was them, but alas I am not.

So we shall see

Just in my opinion about Daryl's supposed new "love" interest....

I think it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they threw someone at Daryl. I mean, he is one hot sexy…. Well ya know what I mean.

It would be interesting and entertaining to see him deal with a love struck girl trying to steal his heart, when in all realty his heart still belongs to the one and only Beth motherfuckin’ Greene. (Sorry, let my Bethyl feels run rampid there…)

Now what would annoy me would be if that he suddenly was like “oh yeah, I’m totally over Beth. Beth who?” In the matter of a few episodes. That would anger me.

He just either needs to be with Beth or just stay single and protect his family. It’s selfish but that’s just my opinion.

ORRRR maybe he does get close with another girl all through season 6 and then when Beth reunites with the group (because she totally is in my mind) that would put Daryl in a complete emotional whirlwind. Oh the drama.

Oh and then there’s the Team Delusional side of me that thinks that IF there’s a new love interest it will just end up being Beth 2.0 all along. She’d technically be a different person, right? Lol.

Preference #1 You Help Him Through Hate

Ashton: You walk into your shared bedroom and find Ashton sitting on his side of the bed facing away from you, staring down at his lap. His head is resting on his left hand with his phone in the other, the twitter app open. The slope of his shoulders gives it away that he ’s upset; he looks absolutely defeated. The hate directed towards him and the boys had always been there, it just comes with being famous and people knowing your name, but today it had reached a new level. You sigh and begin to crawl over the bed to wrap your arms and legs around his waist, stretching to rest your chin on his left shoulder.

“Babe, I thought I told you to stay off of that thing today, it’ll do you no good reading useless drama,” you say, kissing his shoulder blade gently. You feel his shoulders begin to relax a bit as he sighs, finally locking his phone screen.

“I know you did Y/N, it’s just sweeps you in, you know? I had to check in one last ti-”

“Shhh Ash. I know, I know. How about I take this, okay? Then you won’t be tempted any longer” you say, taking his phone out of his hand and shoving it into your sweatpants pocket, zipping it back up before he could answer you. He chuckles and finally looks over his shoulder at you,

“Well I guess I have no choice then, do i?” he replies, twisting his body so he’s facing you more.

“Nope” you answer, giving him an over exaggerated grin.

“I’m glad I have you to brighten my day, Sunshine.” he says, kissing your forehead and putting his arms around you, bringing you close to his chest for a long, warm cuddle.

Michael: You just finish drying your hair and hanging up your towel in the bathroom when you begin to hear Michael’s loud laughter from the bedroom you shared. You smile to yourself in the mirror and go see what he is in hysterics over this time. As you enter the bedroom, you’re greeted with the image of Michael rolling side to side on the bed with his phone clutched to his chest, shaking with laughter. His laugh really was one of your favourite things about him, it sounded like angels singing to your ears.

“Y/N come look at this! Oh my god this is golden, I can’t believe it” he says when he sees you, sitting up and gesturing for you to come sit down beside him.

“What is so funny Clifford, it better not be another photo of a god damn cat doing something stupid” you say, sighing heavily and taking a spot next to him on the bed.

“I’m laughing because I’m stupid and I’m trending. Okay so do you know how I had been getting hated on over twitter earlier? Well the fans, being the amazing family they are, decided to fight back and get #BewareoftheCliffaconda trending worldwide. Worldwide. What absolute legends.” he says, little bursts of laughter coming out in between each sentence.

You had admit to yourself that it was actually quite funny, and begin laughing along with him, tears leaking out the corners of your eyes. As your laughter begins to die down, he looks over at you and gives you his familiar smirk.

“You don’t have to beware the cliffaconda tonight, babe” he says in a low voice, cocking an eyebrow and tackling you on the bed as you squeal and begin to laugh again.

Luke: You and Luke had just made it past the open credits of the movie you started watching when his phone begins to light up with Twitter notifications.

“Luke, don’t” you warn, but he completely ignores you and reaches for his iPhone that’s resting on the coffee table in front of you both. You watch him closely as he unlocks his phone and begins scrolling through his twitter feed, a crease between his eyebrows becoming more and more prominent.

The hate he had been getting online sparked a new high after a supposed rumour about him cheating on you surfaced out of nowhere. Of course you and Luke both know it’s false, but the comments still get to him nevertheless.

“They’re using some colourful language tonight, Y/N. And I’m sure finding out some new, interesting facts about myself. Did you know I supposably father three children already, to three different girls? Unbelievable.” he says sarcastically, shaking his head and slamming his phone back down on the table.

“What matters is that we both know it isn’t true, none of it, so don’t listen to it, alright? It’s not worth it.” you say, sliding over closer to him and snuggling into his chest as he puts his arms around you, kissing the top of your head. You can feel the tension release from his muscles as he relaxes into you.

“Okay, okay. You’re right. Now what the hell is happening in this movie, I wasn’t paying attention at all.” You laugh and begin to explain to him what he had missed, all hate temporarily forgotten.

Calum: “Oh no,” you say to yourself as you lay in bed on your phone, scrolling through your twitter feed, “this is disgusting.” It has started again, the hate towards Calum and the boys.

They had all gotten their share of negativity being dished out to them, but tonight it seems like Calum was the main target. After a few more minutes of scrolling through useless drama, you decide you can’t take it anymore, you have to see if Calum is alright. Seeing he was on tour at the moment and you couldn’t take his mind off of it in person like you usually would, you dial  in his number and wait for two rings when he answers in a deep, sleepy voice; your favourite kind.

“Hey gorgeous, what’re you doing up? Isn’t it like, 2 in the morning over there?” he says softly, you can hear the sadness is there although it seems like he’s trying to disguise it. So he has seen it.

“It’s 1:12am, but I’m wide awake. So, I decided to see if my boy had enough time for some of my highly ingenious, comedic humour” you say in a casual tone, trying to cheer him up a bit.

“I’ll always have time for you Y/N, always” he says, chuckling a bit. You can feel his mood lightening already, so you decide to keep going.

“Anyway Cal, wanna hear a joke? Too bad I’m going to tell you anyway. What do you call the type of cheese that’s not yours?” You basically hear him rolling his eyes over the phone,

“What, Y/N, please tell me” he replies in a sarcastic tone, a laugh coming through at the end.

“Nacho cheese.” you say, smirking to yourself as Calum bursts out laughing again.

“That was so dry, babe, so dry.” “Your mom is so dry” you say, causing him to laugh harder.

“This is why I love you, Y/N, always know how to cheer a lad up.”

this was my first one ahh