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Matt said: “The name of the album, ’Origin Of Symmetry’, is from a book about geometry of the universe and how it’s all in beautiful balance, a perfect thing in ten dimensions. It explains all the mysterious forces we invented religions around.” According to Bellamy, "everyone’s been writing about the origin of life so now they’ll start looking at the origin of symmetry; there’s a certain amount of stability in the universe and to find out where it originates from would be to find out if God exists.”

Im Youngmin “Bad Boy” Scenario
  • you have a boring office job where you work designing websites
  • its a fairly small business so you do know the names of the 10 coworkers that you have
  • your desk is next to the super cute im youngmin, a quiet guy who never goes to the company dinners or events
  • one day you’re sitting at your desk, designing some company’s new website when someone spins your chair around
  • “hey wanna grab a drink with me tonight?” you recognize that its one of the new interns that the company hired a few weeks ago
  • you’re definitely not interested in him so you try and decline but he’s not taking no for an answer
  • “come on, its just one drink, and a few of the other new interns will be there too”
  • you’re super reluctant to go but you just agree so he will stop pestering you
  • after work the new guy is walking you to the bar which is just a few buildings down and all he does is talk about himself so you lose interest really quickly
  • also there are no other interns its just you two smh
  • as he buys you a drink you desperately try and think of an excuse to bail out on what was becoming a horrible date and periodically zone out
  • “we can go to my place after if you want?”
  • you realized you had been tuning out your date for the past 10 minutes and was chugging the drinks he kept buying you so you kind of just nod because you dont know whats going on
  • “here, finish this drink first and then we can go”
  • you reach for the glass when someone comes up behind you and pushes it away from you
  • you look up to see im youngmin your coworker ??
  • “dont drink that, he spiked it”
  • you looked up at your date shocked “you were trying to drug me?!”
  • “hey you dont have proof of that!” he glared at youngmin “and what the hell are you doing here anyway you stalker”
  • youngmin ignored his comments and reached for his phone “i wonder how manager kim would feel if i told him about this incident”
  • “i-i’m sorry. please dont tell manager kim. im begging you” he frantically looked around
  • “then dont be an idiot” youngmin punched him in the face before grabbing your hand and dragging you out
  • but honestly you were drunk af and you weren’t really able to process what was happening
  • after asking where you lived, youngmin gave you a piggy back ride back to your apartment
  • groggy and tired you gave him a half-assed thank you before crashing on your bed
  • “be more careful next time” youngmin said quietly even though you were already asleep by then
  • the next day at work you’re super hung over and you see a small strawberry smoothie on your desk
  • you looked over to youngmin “do you know who left this here?”
  • he just shook his head and went back to his work but you could have sworn that his face was a little red
  • you happily drank the smoothie and you immediately felt better
  • but then you remembered the events from last night as your headache went away
  • the office had been dead silent until you swung around in your chair and slammed your hands down on youngmin’s desk making him jump
  • “ohmygodijustrememberedeverythingthathappenedlastnightthankyousomuchforhelpingmegethomesafelyandavoidingthatlittleshitimeanimsoluckythatyouweretheretocatchhim-”
  • “y/n shut up” your manager yelled at you from his office 
  • you let out an awkward laugh as you apologized before turning back to youngmin and quietly whispering “let me take you out for dinner tonight, please”
  • “no it’s okay, really” youngmin flashed you a warm smile
  • “please?” you said, staring up at him with puppy eyes that he was trying super hard to avoid
  • “okay fine but nothing too fancy” he said without looking up from his work
  • after work you and youngmin walked out together and things got pretty awkward since neither of you knew what to say
  • but as you guys had a few drinks conversations sparked and flowed more easily
  • you two were having a great time when a stumbling body came up to your dinner table
  • “you!” you sat back in your seat when you saw your date from last night pointing at youngmin “you got me fired!!”
  • youngmin responded by calmly sipping his wine “you did something that was wrong”
  • “but you said you wouldnt tell manager kim!!!!” as he continued to raise his voice and slam his fist on the table the entire restaurant turned their attention to the scene, making you pretty uncomfortable
  • “i never said that” youngmin said before leaning back in his chair as if he was relaxing “you deserved to get fired after doing what you did”
  • he threw a punch at youngmin’s face “YOU’RE A HORRIBLE PERSON”
  • youngmin lightly touched his bleeding cheek and winced in pain
  • he glared at the guy and stood up, punching him in the face over and over again until the restaurant staff became aware of what was happening
  • you flinched when youngmin angrily turned around but he noticed and calmed down
  • the walk back to your apartment was silent again but you decided that you needed to talk about what had happened so you cleared you throat “youngmin, thank you for defending me but, i think that was a little bit over, punching him like that”
  • youngmin glanced down at his red knuckles “i know, but i couldn’t help it”
  • you looked up at him and gave him a sympathetic smile “i just dont think violence is the answer to things like this, but i completely understand why you were angry”
  • you could see youngmin staring at you from your peripheral view but you chose to ignore it
  • once you got to your apartment, you made him come in so you could clean up his cheek
  • “be more careful next time” you said as you put a bandaid on his face
  • youngmin laughed “i said the same thing to you last night”
  • “oh you did?” you felt yourself blushing so you turned away to go wash your hands
  • “y/n?” youngmin said quietly as you returned and sat next to him 
  • “hm?”
  • “why aren’t you scared of me?” youngmin asked, avoiding your eyes
  • “what do you mean?” you said, even though you did know what he was talking about
  • “when i first got hired, i overheard the manager talking to you about my… my past” youngmin tightened his fingers into a fist so his knuckles turned white
  • “your father dragged you into his drug business so you were a known criminal but you cleaned up your act. what’s there to fear? we cant judge people solely on their past actions. i believe that people can change, even for the better”
  • youngmin shook his head “how are you so nice…”
  • you put your hand on top of his closed fists “youngmin, you’re a good person. have some faith in yourself. the past is the past and you can’t change that, but you also can’t let it define who you are”
  • youngmin felt his heart beat faster as you squeezed his hand and so did you when he looked up at you with a soft gaze
  • “can i kiss you?”
  • you felt your breath hitch in your throat as you nodded
  • youngmin chuckled before leaning in and planting a small kiss on your lips
  • once you started dating, you helped youngmin grow more confident and he felt more comfortable being around you 
  • basically meaning before, he kept feeling like he wasnt good enough for you/that you he didnt deserve you/he wouldn’t be able to be as good of a boyfriend for you as you would want
  • but he was the perfect boyfriend for you
  • grew super soft around you which surprised both of you
  • your favorite dates were when you would drive around without an particular destination in mind and would just spend time exploring parts of the city you never knew existed
  • or when you’d sit on the couch together talking about things that ranged from whether the chicken or the egg came first to your thoughts about social topics like feminism
  • he later confessed that he had been secretly admiring you ever since he’d started his job because of how caring you were towards other people and how you hadn’t seemed judgmental towards him even while knowing his past
  • the first “i love you” was when he reluctantly showed you his old tattoo (from the drug business he’d been in) and you outlined it with your finger, responding with “even though it was a bad experience, it shaped you into who you are today, the im youngmin that i love”
  • youngmin felt so warm and fuzzy when you said that, he knew that he loved you too

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“Summer bummer” is definitely my favourite song of Lust for Life because I just can’t understand how a song can sound so heavenly and sexy at the same time, it’s hypnotic and I worship it.
I am so sure that Lana del Rey is a fucking siren that blesses us with her amazing and deep and beautiful voice.

When did I become Milo?

So 2 weeks ago, the latch on the hood of my car broke, but I got a new hood to replace it (it doesn’t match but I like it better that way).
Yesterday, I went to pick up my accordion to play, and one of the shoulder straps broke!
I’m now actually carrying car parts in my backpack (they are only oil filters but they are car parts nevertheless)
My clumsiness is at an all time high, where I keep tripping over the same spot at work (even though for the last two years I never had a problem) I’ve got knee bruises from walking through doors the wrong way. And I’ve dropped more drinks in the last week (4!) Than I have in the last year! I’m usually very graceful. But lately things have changed. Murphy’s Law!


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character: kim donghyun

genre: angst

summary: “you’re a monster!”

word count: 462

*lowkey mafia au! 

this is highkey shitty LMAO sorry about that

“You don’t mean anything to them, Donghyun! Why can’t you see that?” You yelled, throwing a pillow at the sitting figure in front of you, “They turned you into a monster!”

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Do you consider MCR punk? I'm a fan but I don't really. Only their first album is punk-ish to me

Music-wise, they’re not punk. Maybe some punk influences on a few songs, but generally no.

-mod kip