new icon if ever i saw one! ;)

i wonder if root was ever as iconic as john was among new yorkers like we know john was “the man in the suit” but was root ever “that one chick who is everyone” like was there a forum for people trying to figure out what the hell she actually did for a living or how she could possibly do all the jobs she’s been seen doing did people just have casual conversation like yeah that one brunette who was our barista last week was my yoga instructor this week and their friend will be like oh cool i just saw her as an italian chef i hope she’s living her dreams

wonsik-chic  asked:

You must be so happy with the new raken and ongdongie pic!! 😬😬 I thought of you when I saw the pic---you were saying yesterday that you wanted to change your avatar and here is the perfect one! You made a header out if it so wonderful!

i almost cried tears of happiness when i saw this picture!!! ;;;_____;;; the kenvi photo taken during a dog walk date *sobs* isn’t that the cutest thing in the whole universe??? and ravi wearing a cap with little rose on it? and ken wearing his fancy clothes?? like… you know, he couldn’t wear old tracksuit, CUZ IT WAS A REAL DATE, trust me, it was, ahah~~

anonymous asked:

Think you'll change your icon to something from the new clips? (although with so many options, how'll you ever choose lol)

I was actually thinking about it! I kind of wanted to keep this one to commemorate the first image we saw of Ash and Misty being together again, but this week’s episode had so many great scenes so I’ll probably try to pick something from it! (The thing is tumblr icons are so tiny it’s hard to pick things that look good/recognizable in them…)

I’ll probably make a bunch of icons (once the buzz dies down a bit lol) and pick the one that looks best!

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Saw your new icon for your other blog! YASSS SLAY QUEEN 👸🏻

*flips hair* I changed it again today, but… THANK YOU! I forgot to answer this. *shrugs* AND I HATE THAT BECAUSE IT MADE ME SMILE SO MUCH! But now that I’ve changed it again, I shall go back to being “CUTE”. Which is OKAY because nobody can tell me I ain’t one of the cutest assholes they’ve ever seen. :) 

I tried inserting a cute gif but when I typed in “cute” all that came up was people making out, so have this heart emoji instead: 



Fashion Up-Front: Throughout history Vogue US model covers have long been heralded as something of a magical novelty - only surfacing once every few years, much to the applaud and delight of all fashion lovers. This September readers of the magazine were treated to a new cover lensed by Wintour’s current favourite Mario Testino, and featured, as they have done in the past, the girls of the moment; we’re talking the Victoria Secret angels, editorial stars, rulers of the runway, and campaign queens - all on one glorious glossy fold out page. These iconic group covers are particularly special for me on a personal level as the Vogue US May 2009 models issue was in fact the first Vogue I ever purchased. I was a shy pre-teen waiting for my flight in an airport when I saw it, and after years of being too nervous to buy fashion magazines I finally plucked up the courage to do so; I ended up reading and re-reading it for the whole 9 hour flight. Because of this special issue I was introduced to the inspiring eye of Steven Meisel, the creative and commercially savvy mind of Anna Wintour, the importance of models and their versatility, along with the impact that fashion has on the world as a whole - simply said without this issue my adoration for fashion would not be nearly as strong. These are more than model covers and go beyond being just magazines; they are the base in which many people’s love for fashion is built and in turn forever influences lives. Issues from top to bottom: September 2004, May 2007, May 2009 (all photographed by Steven Meisel), September 2014 (by Mario Testino) via.