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House of Vans Brooklyn | Vans House Parties #4

Stylish babes and plenty of sidestripes: the Vans House Parties style game has hit an all-time high. Brooklyn was looking just as stylish as ever last night as Royal Headache, Downtown Boys, and Sheer Mag took the House of Vans Stage.

Photography: @laurajunekirsch

Prompt #72

You just moved to a new city, and there is this old, Victorian building on your street.

Once you start school, everyone talks about the ghosts that haunt the place.

But, you don’t go to the house to see if it’s haunted. No, your family is full of the witches that tied the ghosts to the house.


The Loft of Beatriz Colombina and Mark Wigley in New York

Designed by architect Diane Lewis, the loft is housed in a former 19th century typography. Preserved the original architectural heritage, such as cast iron columns, parquet flooring, floor-to-ceiling windows, the refurbishing consists of an open plan where spaces are defined by vertical rotating furniture and filled with contemporary pieces and many Design icons.