new hottest couple


pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

summary: you are a new avenger and have to go to the upcoming gala with the team, luckily your partner for the night is quite the charmer. 

warnings: none

Being an Avenger meant so much more than just kicking ass and taking names; it was presenting yourself to a world that wasn’t ready for super heroes. You quickly learned this reality when you were recruited to the team, and now with an upcoming gala you were losing your mind. As much as you didn’t want something as small as an outfit to stress you out, it still did.

The men were lucky, they had their suits all fitted for them with nothing else to do other than show up. Natasha was well seasoned with this sort of thing, so she had a beautiful lace dress with heels ready in the back of her closet. Let’s not forget her skills with hair and makeup. You weren’t even sure what this gala was for, you just knew it was black tie. Despite being new, you got along with everyone really well and always went to Tony’s parties in the tower. But now you were at a standstill in front of your closet, all you had were dresses from summer. Natasha is a lot smaller than you, so you decided to just have her help you find one in the days leading up to the gala.

The elevator dinged as you stepped off and onto the floor of Natasha and Clint’s shared apartment. Clint was in his normal spot, perched on the island in the kitchen eating some strawberries. “Hey, y/n! What brings you here?” He smiled and slid off the counter.

“I’m actually looking for Nat, she’s gotta help me with gala shit for tomorrow.” You shook your head slightly at the idea of looking for dresses, but it was kind of exciting getting all dressed up.

He crossed his arms over his chest, “Don’t worry about them too much, it’s mostly just annoying press questions that matter. But you really won’t have to answer much since you’re new.” Clint shrugged his shoulders, “Oh and Natasha is in the weapons room.” He continued with a smirk on his face, and went over to the fridge as you left.

You waved goodbye and walked down the hall to the weapons room on their floor. The security pad was already lit up, so you dialed in the code and saw Nat polishing her guns at the table in the center of the room. Natasha was only wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants and somehow she still made you feel like shit, but it’s not like she meant to.

“I have a serious issue.” You stated as you sat on the bench across from her.

“Well, you’ve come to the right place.” She happily motioned to the various weapons around her. There were some serious weapons in there, nothing to be played with.

After making an awkward scrunched up face, you quickly said, “No, I meant like I don’t have anything to wear to the gala this week, I can’t go in jeans either.” She looked up from her weapon and nodded as you spoke.

“Honey, why didn’t you come to me before?” Nat laughed, and then stood, “Come to my room and we’ll look online. You have Tony’s credit card number yet?”

The day of the gala came, and you were more nervous than you cared to admit. It was the first time you had to be formal around the world’s mightiest heroes. The gala started at 7pm, so Natasha told you to be at her room around 5 to help you get ready. Of course, she already looked amazing by the time you’d arrived. With her red hair curled and tight dress already on, and of course she looked ready to kill as well. She had picked out a stunning blue dress that came down to your ankles, and paired it with black studded heels. Normally, your natural hair couldn’t be tamed, but somehow Natasha managed to get it all flat and she only applied light makeup.

“You ready?” she smiled at you like a proud mother, and you nodded.

Everyone had separate cars, which was probably the best thing. If Tony and Steve were in the same car, there was no way that both of them would show up in one piece, plus people had their dates. This was when you learned that since you were new, you couldn’t just show up alone. Even Natasha was paired with Steve at this point, so you were informed by Jarvis that Bucky was making his way downstairs and would join you in your limo in a few moments. Bucky looked handsome in his black suit, and his long hair was tied in a bun on the back of his head.

“Well, hello doll.” Bucky purred as the two of you slid into the limo out front of the Avengers tower. It made you blush, but you had just a short ride to the event to really get it together. “I can tell you’re nervous, but don’t worry I like to talk to the reporters.” He cracked his knuckles, as if that was going to help him prepare for the press. You and Bucky were the last to show up since you weren’t the ‘opening show’ so to speak, but it was still all a rush once you exited the limo. Even though you were new to the Avengers, you were still bombarded with paparazzi.

After a nervous smile to the crowd, you made your way onto the carpet and looped an arm through Bucky’s. “I have no clue where I’m going, please help.” you laughed, which made him smile brilliantly. For some reason you thought that this event wouldn’t have a red carpet like the events you saw on tv, but no such luck. The cameras were flashing and reporters asked questions like crazy, Bucky handled them like a pro. While posing for pictures, you turned and looked at him to tell him how handsome he looked with a suit on.

“You say that like I’m not handsome all the time,” he joked back, which made you laugh. With that laugh escaping you, and his gaze down towards you, it sent the photographers into a frenzy.

This was also when you noticed the fact that his suit was a deep blue, almost black. It almost looked like it was coordinated as if the two of you were indeed a couple. You and Bucky made your way a little further down the carpet, then you noticed there was some tv station there, with their blonde reporter who looked all too excited when you walked up to her with Bucky on your arm. She seemed to be bouncing around as she introduced herself, and you were too zoned out to really take in what she was saying. “So, are you two the new hottest Avenger couple?”

Bucky luckily was paying attention, and quickly responded, “Well, I hope so, soon.” The blonde squealed in delight as you just smiled and nodded, it was bizarre just being there. The two other events that you had attended was with Nat, and she obviously took over then as well. The lady continued asking questions, and you decided to zone into it and maybe answer some things.

“So, what it like being an Avenger?” she smiled, her teeth having been freshly whitened for this event.

You met eyes with Bucky, and it was a ‘be a troll’ look, so you spoke, “It has lots of perks!” the reporter almost leaned in, anticipating a decent answer, “There’s lots of free yogurt, we get schwarma every Friday, and Thor likes to walk around naked every Thursday.” A giggle escaped your mouth as her face turned into a deep blush, and she quickly cut off the rest of your sentence to let you and Bucky move onto the next reporter that was standing there. She must’ve been so embarrassed that that was going to be her only interview with an Avenger for the night.

The lady at the end of the carpet motioned for the both of you to come off the carpet which you were happy to. You stepped into a light filled room where all the Avengers were at the bar already, waiting for you. Clint was the first to walk to you with his arms open wide, “Look who’s not in sweatpants!” he hugged you as he continued, “You should straighten your hair more often!”

Steve finally turned around from sipping his drink as well, and he finally caught sight of you, “Whoa, I’ve seen you with bed head and I thought you were adorable, look at you now!” He gave a quick hug, and then you continued down the row of avengers. Thor was with Jane, and they looked absolutely adorable, and Thor nearly squeezed the life out of you as he hugged and congratulated you on your first gala as an Avenger.

Bucky brushed on the side of your arm, and then he leaned in to whisper in your ear, “Want to go walk around? Your face is the color of a tomato.” you giggled at him, and took his and as you walked away from the bar area. There were various areas of the building, it was designed much like a winter wonderland theme. The blue light was gorgeous and complimented your dress, and it made Bucky’s eyes sparkle. There was a table reserved for you and Bucky, next to various ones for the rest of the Avengers as well. He pulled a chair out for you, and then you sat across from him. “So, you catch their little question about us being the new hot shit?”

You busted out laughing, and it felt like you had a weight lifted off your shoulders. But you felt like there was something you needed to tell him, “Maybe we can be the new hot shit?”

Bucky raised an eyebrow, “This wasn’t how I expected tonight to go, but it’s a lot better than the way I thought it would.” He slowly sipped his drink, “How about we dip, and go get some pizza?” The thought of sneaking out the back door of the event made you giggle, but you nodded your head. Bucky chuckled and held out his hand for you to take, “Let’s go doll.”

bethanyactually: Is it really so impossible for Sandra Bullock to be in every romcom ever??? Like Jeff Winger, she has chemistry with EVERYBODY and elevates all that she touches.


Also, I just realized that – much like I yearn futilely to one day see Hugh Grant and Colin Firth star in a romcom opposite each other – I dream this dream, too, for Sandra B and Julia Roberts. i WILL WRITE THAT MOVIE FOR THEM. I WILL DO IT.

(Disclaimer: I know that Jane Fonda & some other rad ladies are already making a book club-themed comedy, but since this is a 100% hypothetical movie that exists on a tumblr post, I think that’s okay.)

Sandra is a longtime single mother and the neurotic creator of the neighborhood ladies’ book club, and she is really pouring her all into book club now that her kid hailee steinfeld’s gone off to college. Julia – fresh out of a longterm relationship with her girlfriend (Robin Wright, because that was the first name that came to mind) – is dragged along to the book club by her sister (Leslie Mann), because she is, depressingly, living with her younger sister and said younger sister’s very conventional upper-middle-class-in-the-suburbs family while she looks for a new place to live. It is very discouraging to be 49 and living this life.

Julia, in despair, gets suuuuuper wine drunk and insults the oeuvre of Jojo Moyes, complete with many expletives. Sandra is HORRIFIED. Who is this monster and why is she ruining book club and SPILLING WINE on her WHITE COUCH?????

“Who has a white couch???” yells Julia with a bark of disgusted and incredulous laughter.

All of the book club excuse themselves from the premises immediately. Their discussion of After You will just have to wait.

Sandra and Julia have a weird night full of strange bonding, where first they yell their heads off at each other for like forty-five straight minutes, and then they wind up sitting on the living room floor discussing their existential woes, and then they maybe catch up on old DVR recordings of The Voice and shout at the TV a lot. And then, maybe, inexplicably, there is … kissing a little??, then passing out on the white couch together.

“We will NEVER speak of this again!” Sandra hisses in the morning when they wake up, imprints from impractical throw pillow designs engraved into their faces.

“Fine by me,” says Julia. “I literally don’t even remember what your name is, lady.”

But then, Julia’s ex Robin Wright shows up at the DAMN DOOR, because she still had Find My iPhone for Julia’s phone and was really insistent about giving back some … lamps or something, so they can Part Ways Once And For All and every bit of Julia can be cleansed from the house that they shared for decades. Robin Wright probably brings her new girlfriend (Nasim Pedrad – a younger woman!!!!, with arguably even more exquisite and voluminous hair than Julia’s) with her, just to rub salt in the breakup wounds.

And so Sandra does Julia an unexpected solid and straight up starts pretending to be her girlfriend so that it seems like Julia’s been living a bomb-ass life full of passion and new romance too.

And then, wouldn’t you know, the magnificent queen bee of the neighborhood whose approval Sandra yearns for more than anything (Lucy Liu, of course) just happens to be walking up the driveway to come check up on Sandra after That Unfortunate Turn Of Events At Book Club Last Night, and she overhears! And Lucy is all, “Oh my God, Sandra, I’m so happy to hear about the two of you!! I bet you were just fighting to put us all off the scent and keep your relationship in that early sneaking around phase! So sexy!”

“Er,” says Sandra, “yep – yep, that’s what we were doing. So sexy.”

So sexy,” says Julia, who is cottoning on to the situation.

Lucy goes on, “We’ve all been so worried about you being single all these years. Don’t get me wrong. You’ve been brave. So brave.”

“I don’t know if I was … really brave …” Sandra mutters.

“But it must be miserable, being so alone in this house now that your kiddo’s gone away to college. In fact, the neighborhood has a Google calendar we all share so that one of us remembers to come check on you every day. Remember that story on the local news about the woman who died and no one found her body for three months? We couldn’t have that be you! And doesn’t your family have a history of heart trouble?”

And this is frankly so humiliating that Sandra can’t just say, This woman is not really my girlfriend, I am single and might die alone, so yay for your Google calendar! Good thinking!

And so Julia claps an arm around Sandra’s shoulders and says, “If she dies, I’ll be the first to know. I’ll keep you all posted.”

And Robin Wright looks sort of annoyed and Nasim is just wondering what the hell she’s doing here and Lucy coos in delight.

And this is how Sandra and Julia enter a life of fake couple deception, and rise to power as the hottest new couple on (in?) the cul de sac.

Cinderella - She Broke, Homie

Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where the reader goes with Chris to the Oscars and they announce they have been dating in a red carpet interview, then later, while they’re walking the red carpet, she loses her shoe and Chris finds it for her and makes a cheesy Cinderella joke (as requested by @mal4789 and anonymous)

You’d decided together about what would be best for your relationship. You both wanted to avoid any speculation - so you’d decided to announce that you were dating…at the Oscars.

Once you’d arrived in the limousine, Chris climbed out first and then held out his hand in a gentlemanly fashion to guide you as you also climbed out. You took his hand and smiled; you linked your arm with his once you were on the ground.

“Babe, are you ready for this?” He asked. “We don’t have to if you’re not ready to tell the press.”

“No, I am. I’m ready,” you reassured him. He led the way, through the crowds of people until you reached the part where they took pictures. The line was moving along at a slow pace so that the celebrities in front could stop and let the photographers take pictures. 

You chatted to Chris as the line moved at an agonizingly slow pace, glancing over to the corner where people were doing interviews. It was at this moment that Chris was called. “Chris Evans! Would you mind doing a quick interview?” You bumbled along beside him as he made his way over to the woman who had called him over. “Hi, Chris, Y/N, we’re just going to ask a couple questions, is that okay?”

Chris looked at you and gave a small nod. “Yeah, that’s fine.” Before she could get her coworker to start recording, Chris made sure that she saw he was holding your hand.

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“You look hot in that costume.” - KARL ANDERSON

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

“You look hot in that costume.” - Karl Anderson

Word Count: 379+


“Have you figured out what you are going to be?” Nia asked you as you changed out of your ring gear. WWE was throwing a Halloween party this Friday night and you were going. Only problem was, you didn’t have a costume. You shook your head no.
“I don’t know what I want to dress up as.” You answered, changing into something more comfortably. “You should dress to impress Mr. Anderson.” Nia smirked. You rolled your eyes. You might have a slight crush on Karl Anderson. Nia was the only one who knows and loves teasing you about it. “No, I’m dressing to have fun. Nothing revealing at all.” You replied.  
Nia laughed. “Okay, we’ll see.”  

By the time Friday rolled around, you had a last-minute costume idea. You decided to be Tinker Bell- you were a huge Disney fan.  “Okay, I see you Bell!” Alexa greeted you. You flashed a smile as you hugged. The two of you then made your way into the party, greeted by many WWE superstars.
“That dress is short. And you said you weren’t dressing to impress him.” Nia found you. You rolled your eyes. “This is Tinker Bell’s outfit. Stop trying to get me hooked with Karl.” You said, taking a sip of your soda.  “I heard my name?” Your eyes widen as Karl walked over to you and Nia. Nia smirked. “She was just talking about you. I see you two later.” Nia said before quickly leaving. You turned back to Karl, who was looking at you.
Wow, you look hot in that costume.” Karl said, making you blush.
“You think so?” You asked, your eyebrows raised.
“This isn’t the beer talking, but yes I do think so. Ever since I first laid my eyes on you, I fell in love. I know it sounds like the cliché crap, but this is how I feel. I really hope you feel the same.” Karl spilled. A smile spreads across your face.
“I’m taking the smile as you feel the same?” Karl said, scratching the back of his neck. “I feel the same.” You answered, grabbing his hand.
A smirk was plastered on Karl’s face.
“Let’s show everyone the new hottest couple.”

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Honestly I have no clue where this came from but I’ve been writing it for a while and Fake Dating is my favourite AU of all time so it does fit with day 7.

They don’t know how they ended up here. Honestly. But somehow, a simple comment in a televised interview had made social media blow up within seconds, “Aaron and Robert” trending almost instantly worldwide. Next days’ magazines and newspapers had headlines consisting of “Sugden and Dingle- the hottest new couple?”

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anonymous asked:

Have you read "César Domboy and Lauren Lyle on Being the Hottest New Outlander Couple" article by Elle?

Ahhhh yesss, I remember reading it. But I don’t agree with Elle. They are adorable, cute and lovely and I’m so happy with them but they are not hot. Hot are Jamie and Claire. Compared to them, all the others can’t win lol 

Crookedly in Love - Chapter Sixteen (A Shawn Mendes Fan Fiction)

Chapter Sixteen

Shawn stood at my door, waiting to pick me up to go to the fundraiser event tonight. I was bustling around my room, trying to get on the sleek black dress the wardrobe team picked out for me. My makeup was done, my silver bracelet was on, it was just time to zip up this stiff zipper.

“Jules? You okay in there?” Shawn wondered, as he heard me grumbling through the door.

“Uh, yeah, fine!” I shouted.

The zipper would not budge. I groaned again in frustrating and dropped the zipper.

“Need help?”

“No,” I shook my head, even though he couldn’t see me. I tried one more time to no avail and sighed.

He cleared his throat.

“Fine,” I said, defeated. “Come in.”

He pushed open the door and chuckled, when he saw me reaching around to get at my zipper. He walked closer and put his hands on my shoulder’s to turn me around so my back faced him. His touch was warm, and my stomach fluttered.

He jiggled the zipper and it came loose from where it was caught. He slowly zipped it up until his fingers grazed my neck. My whole body shivered.

I turned around, and he leaned in to kiss me on the lips.

“It’s funny how fast a relationship can change,” I whispered.

He smiled, slightly. “Yeah, it’s weird.”

“I mean, one minute we’re best friends, and the next we’re –”

He cut me off by kissing me again.

“Come on, let’s just go,” he said. He took my hand and pulled me towards the door. We made our way downstairs and there was a limo waiting outside for all of us.

Fifth Harmony, the Vamps, Shawn, Austin, and I all got in and we were seated in this spacious, black car. I looked around, as Camila started popping champagne and passing it around the circle.

Shawn took my hand and held it all the way there.

Before we got out of the car, Shawn held me back. I turned to stare at him.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Just go with the flow out there,” he warned. “There’s going to be a lot of bright camera flashes, and everything’s going to be super overwhelming. But, don’t worry, I’m here.”

I grinned, happily, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay,” I breathed.

“And whatever happens, happens.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like,” he continued, “if something weird or unexpected happens, just go with it. Don’t act like you’re phased.”

I nodded. I fixed the curls in my hair and took in a deep breath. As soon as we got out of the limo, people were shouting, screaming my name, Shawn’s name, everyone’s name.

I didn’t know what to do, how to act. I went numb and let Shawn drag me down the carpet.

We stopped to take a picture.

“Smile,” he whispered in my ear, and I did as I was told. I put my arm around his waist and held on tightly.

“Julia, Shawn!” a cameraman yelled. We looked in his direction.

Andrew came up beside Shawn and whispered something in his ear. Shawn nodded, and there was so much other noise I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Shawn turned towards me and I desperately wanted to ask what was going on, but there wasn’t time.

Shawn and I made our way further down the carpet, to the center. Shawn turned to me, and I smiled at him. More flashes.

He leaned in to whisper something. “Julia, just go with the flow, okay?”

I furrowed my eyebrows slightly, but before I could think anything else, he stooped in and pulled me in for a kiss. His hand brushed a strand of hair away from my face, and more flashes went off.

My heart was hammering so hard against my chest. I hardly have kissed him in private yet, and now we were doing it in public for the whole world to see?

Shawn got pulled away to do an interview, and I was left standing there. Brad came over to talk to me, and I was just thankful for a familiar face.

“Hey, how’s it going?” he shouted.

“Fine,” I answered. “This is so crazy.”

“Look,” Brad said, into my ear. “Be careful, okay?”

“Of what?”

“Of Shawn and his manager,” he warned.

“What does that mean?” I was very confused and slightly offended.

“I don’t know. I feel like they’re up to something. I get a weird vibe.”

“Brad, Shawn wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. Trust me, I know him.”

“Okay,” he shrugged.

As he walked away, Andrew put his hand on my back. I looked over at him, and he wordlessly guided me towards Shawn and the interviewer.

I looked up at his manager, and he just nodded towards them. I was supposed to join them? During an interview?

“Oh, and here’s Julia now,” the interviewer, Anna, was saying.

“Yup,” Shawn said, putting his arm around me.

“And how do you feel being the girl everyone envies? I mean you’re dating Shawn Mendes!”

I laughed.

“It’s all so new to me,” I said, looking over at Shawn. “But, we have a strong connection, and I’m excited to see where this goes.”

Shawn smiled at me.

“You guys are the hottest new couple. All the best of luck with you,” Anna grinned. She turned towards the camera and said, “Let us know what you think of Shawn and Julia in the comment section of this video below!”

We left that interview, my fingers intertwined with Shawn’s. I followed him inside the event and we sat down at our numbered table.

He looked over at me and smiled. What Brad said was still lingering in the back of my mind, and I didn’t know why it bothered me so much.

“Shawn,” I started.


“Brad said something weird to me on the carpet.”

“What?” Shawn sounded slightly annoyed.

“He just…he implied that you and Andrew were plotting something or up to something or had a plan. I can’t remember exactly. But he warned me not to trust Andrew. Or you, I guess. Is there something up?”

He shifted in his seat, looking down at his plate.

“Honestly, Jules, why listen to that guy?” he said, heatedly.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. It just struck a chord with me, but I said you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.”

He nodded.

“I said the right thing, didn’t I?”

“Yup, right answer,” he mumbled. I narrowed my eyes.

“Shawn –”

“Look, Julia, I think it’s just stupid that he’s trying to sabotage our relationship because he’s still hung up on you. Jealous guys or desperate guys will say just about anything to get back what they want.”

I was taken aback by this response.

“Shawn, I don’t think he was doing it with malicious intent –”

“You don’t know guys like I do,” he grumbled.

“Maybe not,” I said.

We sat in awkward silence for a moment. I wished I hadn’t brought that up. I looked over at Shawn, who was picking the tomatoes off his plate. I laughed.

“What?” he wondered.

“Just your hatred for tomatoes,” I answered. “I remember when we were just starting to become friends, you came over for dinner. And my mom had made a salad with tomatoes in it.”

“And you ate all the tomatoes when they weren’t looking,” he answered, hinting at a smile.


“Wow, I can’t believe you remember that.”

“Of course I do,” I answered. “It was the first time you came over. And you were wearing that oversized grey sweater you wore for like a month straight. You loved it so much.”

“Oh yeah. But, wait, don’t you have it?”

“You gave it to me, remember?” I asked. He widened his eyes. “Yeah, you gave it to me in a present box for my birthday. You said you were broke.”

We both laughed.

“But, I still have the card you gave me with it. And you said I could wear it so you would always be with me. And if anyone ever gave me any trouble, I could show them the large size of the sweater and say you could beat them up for me.”

He looked over at me, and I expected him to laugh but he didn’t. He just stared at me with such intensity, as if he were seeing me for the first time all over again. As if he never really looked at me before.

“You remember that?” he asked softly.

I nodded. I felt his hands slip into mine.

“Maybe I have liked you for five years,” I replied, looking at the ground nervously. “I just never admitted it to myself because I was scared you didn’t.”

He didn’t say anything. He just pulled my hand and we both stood up.

“Let’s dance,” he said. “It’s a slow song.”

Ed Sheeran’s song “One” was on, and we made our way onto the wooden dance floor. I put my arms around his neck, and he put his around my waist. We danced closely together, as the song played overhead. I could not be any more content than I was at this moment.

Tell me that you turned down the man
Who asked for your hand
‘Cause you’re waiting for me
And I know, you’re gonna be away a while
But I’ve got no plans at all to leave

And would you take away my hopes and dreams and just stay with me?

I couldn’t believe how fast I was falling for him. 


Takeem Keeps the Party Movin’ at the Teen Choice Award Nominations Concert.

Last night, music’s hottest new couple, Hakeem and Tiana, debuted their bangin’ single “Keep It Movin’” for a packed house at the Teen Choice Awards Live Nominations Concert held at the exclusive Club Laviticus in New York City.


Hollywoods Hottest New Couple.

Action-Packed Actor Michelle Rodriguez and Possibly the most talked about Super Model in the world right now, Cara Delivigne, have come out as a couple.

Yes, 35-year-old Rodriguez and 21-year-old Delevinge have been the subject of speculation for weeks after they were spotted getting up close and personal at several events.

The pair were seen leaving the Prince Concert on Monday, looking slightly wrecked. As well as managing to upstage the NY Knicks courtside by posing for selfies and basically nibbling each others faces off, again Wrecked. A doting Rodriguez told The Mirror:

“It’s going really well. She’s so cool. When we started hanging out I just thought she was awesome, and we have the best time together. She’s hard though. You wouldn’t want to mess with her in a fight.”

Congrats to the pair! Despite the 14-Year age gap, I think they make a kick-ass couple! And it seems like its been an eventful week for the LGBT community after Inception star Ellen Page also came out as a lesbian, but No surprises there Ay? The actor gave a speech at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation “Time to Thrive” conference in Las Vegas. She told the packed venue:

“I’m here today because I am gay… And because maybe I can make a difference to help others have an easier and more hopeful time.”