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You heard Mirage is just a rich business woman? - Well, she’s not.
The church seems to be an interesting building to visit? - I don’t think so.
Someone told you Max is a very lovely person? - it was a lie.
You thought you would be safe in the hospital? - It looks like you’ve been terribly wrong…

🕇☠~Welcome to Fogwood - are you scared?~☠🕇

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okay I hate to be that guy™ but like/rb if u post

•Invader Zim
•Samurai Jack
•Game Grumps
•Ghost BC & Classic Rock stuff ? Or you’re someone who rbs a lot of music that’s fine too
•Art / Aesthetics etc
•Horror stuff/preferably 80s stuff like Evil Dead
•Art tips n what not And I’ll check out your blog


You’re listening to UNC, the Utobithian News Channel, with breaking news!

(ideally these would be full-page illustrations with Unique Dialogue but nobody, especially not me, is ever gonna do this so who cares)

Somewhere in the deep and dark corners of Seoul two worlds are clashing together. When 21 year old dancer Jungkook fells for the charming drug dealer Taehyung at first sign he doesn´t know in what world his innocent mind is stepping in. Surrounded by friends that wants to safe him from what´s apon us Jungkook is just stepping deeper in deeper in his affection, his addiction for Taehyung.

You interested what´s going on in the circle of lies, love, addiction and probably bad jokes? Well then the ask box of club bangtan is open.

(welcome to my second ask blog. Here´s a quick introduction to the theme. Profiles of the characters will be posted within the next days, so you know who´s who and what´s goin on. Ask box is open, so if you´re curious you can already start asking questions :>. This is an OT7 blog, so you can literally ask everyone of BTS. I guess… we start? :> - Jen)

Signs As Tattoo Styles

Aries: American Traditional

Taurus: New Age

Gemini: Surrealism

Cancer: Lettering

Leo: Neo-Traditional

Virgo: Illustrative 

Libra: Portraits

Scorpio: Horror

Sagittarius: Realism

Capricorn: Japanese Traditional

Aquarius: Bio-mechanical

Pisces: Watercolor