new hope town

Falling in with the wrong crowd. A fear submitted by Emilija to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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i’m glad that dizzy isn’t too freaked out by the candlelit shrine dedicated to him in my basement that i may or may not pray to for good luck every night before i go to sleep

(i mean, he’s wearing a shirt of himself so he must be into it lmao)


the dreamy town of delalie by @delaleaf​ | ​ [1/?]

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀:・゚✧ 6D00-0014-BD1F :・゚✧


visit the sugary town of kakao (っゝω・)っ~☆ 7F00-009C-A676

the candy town of kakao is finally done!! i hope you enjoy your stay and tag your sweet adventures  with @ redbeanjean or #redbeanjean (ღˇᴗˇ)。o 

if you want a banner from @lostmitten check it out here!!


☁ Safe Haven is a magical and peaceful place full of love, trust, safety and happiness. In this little village, there is no harm, force, conflicts, hate, or anything like that. Recover yourself by walking through the beauty of nature and forget your worries for a while. You are safe here. Meet the friendly and understanding villagers and enjoy the harmonic atmosphere. ☁

Current dream address can be found on my blog! Tag me if you post pictures about your visit in Safe Haven or use #acnl safe haven so I can see & reblog them ♥


~ The lovely spring town of Twinleaf ~ 6E00 0026 FF82 ~

Twinleaf finally has a new dream address!! Theres been several changes, but mainly the houses had a massive change thanks to all the new items (❁´◡`❁)
I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and tag any visits with #redbeanjean (or just tag me anything is cool!!) I’d be extremely flattered  (ꈍᴗꈍ) 

I hope to see you soon!! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆

(( banner credit to the lovely @lostmitten ))


i wanted to do a dream visit so here i am!
visited @elys-i-um‘s gorgeous town of Fawnhill
the light rainfall combined with the serene music was super calming and peaceful. i absolutely loved the bamboo thickets scattered about, and the bush hedges lining areas was a neat little touch! and the houses were so nicely decorated and very cute! definitely one of fav dream towns~

DA: 6B00-0010-955


Holocene; 4C00-002C-5232 (completed!)

Named after the Bon Iver song of the same name, Holocene is a sleepy, dark autumn town that somehow still manages to shimmer in the light dusting of early snowfall. Filled with plenty of apple and cedar trees, a multitude of flowers, and interesting tiled paths that run through town and twist through the forest, Holocene was created to give off a cozy, homey vibe. This is the first dream town I’ve ever completed, and I’m super proud of how it turned out! I worked really hard on creating this town and I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

If you take any photos and decide to share them, please tag #mollyscrossing, tag me or send them to me! I’d LOVE to see them!


💐 Kokoro by @ellesanimalhaven 🌸

I had first dreamed of this amazingly beautiful town a few years ago and have been wanting to revisit for a while now, and I’m still blown away by the amount of work that went into its completion. You can see all the love and attention to detail that Elle has put into it, and I’m sure that everyone who has also dreamed of Kokoro will agree with me! 


The Void

Halloween has come to The Void! Put on a costume and have a skele-fun time exploring the town. Be on the lookout for candies and other goodies, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a chance to trick-or-treat your self. Be sure to stop by the witch’s cafe for some delicious pumpkin pie and hot apple cider, I can assure you that friendly gal doesn’t have resting witch face. Come have a dream of this unboolievably spooky town, I hope you think it’s as gourd as I do~!


Come visit the forest-y town of Camomile; where everything is blue and bright. Enjoy the goodies left around town for you to find. The town may be blue but you won’t be!

💙 DA: 4C00-0063-3DF7 💙