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Can I get pronoun validity? Elijah he/they pronouns??

Sure thing ducky!

Slouched over at their computer, Elijah gave a tired yawn as he continued his essay, fingers tapping away at well worn keys. The night was late and they were tired, ever so tired, but there was work to be done - without it completed, they wouldn’t rest. He was never one to give up, and sleep deprivation was becoming a familiar friend at this point. As much as he loved his new school, Elijah hoped that they wouldn’t have to pull all-nighters this often.

-Mod Haval

the foxhole meme
  • unspoken team rule to flip off every raven on campus  
  • allison: no fear
  • nicky: neil in jorts 
  • allison: one fear  
  • dan sets aaron’s alarm to ‘bad case of lovin’ you’ he can’t figure out how to change it and he is apoplectic with rage  
  • she changes it to a different doctor themed song whenever he gets particularly annoying  
  • wymack gets a mug that says ’#1 dad’ every year, signed by all the foxes 
  • even andrew  
  • wymack doesn’t know if he should be touched or suspicious as fuck  
  • you’ve heard of kevin day now get ready for
  • kevout night
  • aaron: swears 
  • matt: covering neil’s ears, aaron that’s such a bad example to set for the children
  • nicky: why the heck do we have to be up so early?
  • dan: I know we’re all tired but let’s watch our fucking language
  • neil, opens his mouth in an interview
  • foxes: why r u like this  
  • nicky: kevin here is ur disgusting Health smoothie why do u even drink it
  • kevin: eating vegetables increases life span  
  • nicky: so do you have any positives or  
  • 'hey kevin here’s another picture of jeremy go add it to your shrine we’ll wait’  
  • neil: half asleep 
  • renee: neil what’s five plus one   
  • aaron, whispering: twelve 
  • neil, bolting awake: TWELVE  
  • ‘what’s your favourite colour’ 'exy’  
  • matt, pointing at fluffy puppy: neil it’s you  
  • andrew, pointing at dented trash can: neil it’s you
  • kevin: yeah everyone on our team is rly passionate abt exy we always give it our all  
  • camera pans to andrew. he is sitting down in the goal, sunglasses on, neil fanning him as he lounges back. none of the referees seem to know what to do.
  • kevin: I am so sick of being alive (x)
  • allison, at every minor inconvenience: 'i don’t deserve this. i’m a nice fucking person’
  • referring to Kevin as various queens from history  
  • 'yeah ok cleopatra shut the fuck up’  
  • 'hey elizabeth i of england can u maybe like chill’  
  • 'neil josten if u could come to the front of the shopping centre please ur mother dan wilds is here to collect u’
  • ‘kevin u know there are other sports except exy right’
  • kevin: sounds fake but ok

this could be the start of something new.
♥ happy anniversary, troy and gabriella!

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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter


”but it felt like,,,nozomi chan wanted me to do this~”

Mingyu - (Mornings with SVT Series)

Pairing: Mingyu x Reader

Rating: G

Genre: FLUFF

Words: 831

You sigh heavily and shift for the hundredth time in your boyfriend’s comforting, all-encompassing arms. His presence always put you at ease, especially when he cuddled you like this, once again demonstrating your size difference and enveloping you in his familiar, relaxing warmth – but this time, with the sheer strength of the caffeine you’d consumed too close to bedtime still lingering in your system, your body resisted the usual sleepiness it’d bring.

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