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The Lovely Man and I have bought a house together! I won’t say the last few days of massive stress have been easy, and it has taken hard work and a great deal of negotiation to push things through, but we made it through and will be moving on 18th December! So well be in our new home for Christmas. So happy. So fortunate. So grateful.

Democratic Socialism

by  Saṃsāran

Americans are terrified of the word socialism. The American educational system has always demonized socialism as foreign and unamerican. What we call “democratic socialism” is not really socialism at all. It is simply modified capitalism. True socialism calls for government ownership of “the means of production” i.e. factories and farms. Democratic socialism does not call for this because, well, it doesn’t work in real practice. 

Democratic socialism calls for private ownership but with certain restrictions. Things like education, medical care, prisons, roadways, pensions for the elderly, power generation are what economists call “natural monopolies” are best left to the government. However, factories and farms are best left to the private sector but with certain controls.

This is not much different than our present system. We have anti-trust legislation which prevent monopolies from forming. We have all kinds of securities laws which control stock trading and finance. We have medicare. We have the interstate highway system. We have social security. We have free public education through grade 12. We have Federal deposit insurance for banks. We have Federal assistance for farmers and ranchers and many more such programs.

These are all “democratic socialist” programs. What Bernie Sanders is trying to do is not raise taxes on the working people or the middle classes. He wants to raise taxes on the billionaires who are not paying their fair share. He wants to stop subsidizing the arms makers and to end wasteful wars abroad. He wants to use the taxes we already collect to help the people of the United States by educating them, giving them free access to healthcare, child care for working families, new home construction and mortgage subsidies so working people can own their own homes. 

Is that so un-american?