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Merry Christmas! <3 

I just want to thank everyone who came to my blog everyday to see my posts <3 See you all in 2018!! (I begin to post November 1st!) 


Glass Milk Carton 

This Glass Milk Carton is simply an incredible idea. Combining a simple traditional shape of a common milk carton with the technical advantages, durability and elegance of tempered glass may not seem so incredible on paper, but the actual result is well worth the attention.


13 Steps for the Witch Decluttering Spell

I am getting into spring cleaning this month in a witchy way. Most of the declutter plans out there are not for witches. They say things like get rid of everything that does not bring you joy…well what about curse items? They tell you to get rid of books you have already read and books you have had for a while and not read yet. Uh a lot of a witch’s books are reference books so they get read as needed. The lists tell you to get rid of all paperwork, what about all your book of shadows/grimoire binders/folders? I figured a cluttered witch needs a different declutter plan:

Step 1: Begin by committing to organization with a spell or charm at the full moon. For example, you might make a sigil or a charm based off of the latin and english word “organize.” In my situation I would use my wand and point it around my house and intone “or-gan-ize”

Step 2: Determine generally what kind of witchcraft you do. Are you wiccan? ceremonial? country? city? Celtic? Kemetic? 

Figure the same kind of styles out for your kitchen items, wardrobe, bathing and hair products/make up, art supplies, bedding and library. Are you a cook from scratch maven or more of a microwave george forman grill kinda cook? Do you use all organic products in the bath or all about the neon bath bombs? Goth make up or minimalist? do you read sci-fi, classics, romance? Don’t get too stressed about this labelling its just one key to helping you prioritize later.

Step 3: Make a schedule for decluttering and find a support website or app. Flylady, 40 days 40 bags, Brightnest, Unflith your Habitat, etc. It helps to be accountable.

Step 4: Get together stuff you will need to declutter. If you don’t have 40 bags together for 40 days 40 bags you aren’t gonna get very far. So get any containers like bags and boxes you will need. But do not buy furniture and storage bins for keeping more things and organizing your space yet. Figure out where you can donate locally that fits your values, I like Gaia Movement for clothes and shoes, Scrap for art and craft supplies, and Paws and Claws for household items, and friends of the library for books (most charities are mainstream religious and I have never seen pagan books on their shelves, but I have seen them at the friends of library sales and I saw something sort of new age once at Paws and Claws).

Step 5: Make a hierarchy of decisions about item, like a flow chart that suits you for each category of item. 

For witchcraft mine will look like this: is this (tool, herb, item, loose paper, book) pertinent and useful to traditional witchcraft and fairy faith? is it something I need and use? Is it high enough quality for my standards? then if it doesn’t fit any of those then donate, compost, gift, sell, recycle/re-purpose, use it up right away or throw away. 

For clothes I will start by setting aside two casual outfits for each season, two formal out fits for each season, and then I will go through all my clothes and decide if I can wear them to work, if not they go in a discard pile to divide up donate/rags. If I get anxious about tossing something special I will get a few save items at the end. 

Bathroom stuff. To be honest I am very minimalist here. I am no-poo so I don’t need many hair products besides my henna, natural conditioner, and my hair oil. I need a few combs, a boars bristle brush and hair ties. Make up I have a blemish stick, mascara and eyeliner, powder and a couple lip glosses and one lipstick to even keep. A few nail polishes for fun. Really its time I trash the rest I never wear it.

For library: I already got pretty minimal here but I am going to go through again and reduce again. I am going to do another pagan faire table in the fall so I will cut my library down to what I honestly really truly think I will read and sell or donate the rest.

For art supplies: this is honestly the most difficult area for me. I am still in the midst of my five year plan to make art and craft more of my income. As I get more successful I will have more time to use the supplies I need and less disposable income to buy more supplies. I am going to cut here based on quality. Get rid of art supplies I don’t consider high quality and donate them.

Step 6: After making your flow charts on how to determine what to cut from your possessions, divide everything up very strictly based on those charts. Have an area for each category where even stuff you are having reservations about getting rid of goes–but don’t get rid of anything permanently yet.

Step 7: Cleanse and banish attachment to the piles of to get rid of items. I suggest using a spray of alcohol with cooking sage and/or salt infused in it. Spray this in the air above and around your items while instructing the items to be cleansed of possessive ties. 

Step 8: Now sleep on it. As you go to sleep do a divination with your favorite form and ask for any items that your true intuition knows you will need to appear in your dreams. In the morning if you had any special gut feelings from the divination or dreams to keep a few things go through the piles and remove those few items and put them back to keep. Likewise if you dreamt of items you should dispose of and haven’t add them to the dispose piles. 

Step 9:Take the cut stuff to their new homes (recycling, donation, trash, gifting, or listing for sale) and do a final banishment and cleansing perhaps this time if possible with smoke, I suggest using a dried herb like juniper and bundling and smoking around the items outdoors or in your car as you take them away.

Step 10: After your first cut of things wait a month til the next time the moon is full. Take inventory of how you have done. If everything you have left has a place to go then you can call it all a success and stop however, if your home is still too crowded its time to go through again with new strategies for cutting items. If truly one or two pieces of storage furniture would solve your problem its okay at this point to get them, but this is really only if you don’t have enough places to put things that are reasonable for you to keep.

Step 11: Truly cleanse your home. Do floor washes with cleansing herbs in the soap and sprinkle salt and herbs in areas that can’t get wet and sweep them up. Dust. Organize your books in order (this is one last chance to get rid of excess items as you are cleaning them.)

Step 12: Commit at this point to not buying anything new for a month. Enjoy what you have and go through and read books you already have, wear things you already own, and use things around the house you already have. Now of course if you run out of toothpaste go get some, but I mean don’t go and buy twenty new books this month. Take a break from adding to your clutter and find a center in your clean home the way it is now so you can make it a habit to keep it that way.

Step 13: Celebrate! Have a little party for yourself celebrating and blessing all your items (well of course except curse items) and your home. This is a great time to make new house blessing and protection charms and fill the home up with your joy and magic.


Housewarming Gift -

Small set of Snakestone bringing some mead to Haars new home as a gift. Was mostly done while I was checking out @mrhaars amazing house mod. I suggest give it a try:

Haar belongs to @mrhaar

I am truly blessed to have been surrounded by such good people. I am not a religious man by any means, but as I was loading some of my belongings into my truck tonight outside the building where I have lived and worked for 3 years, a resident comes up with a somber look and asks what I am doing. I tell him I was fired and given 30 days to move out, and he was genuinely taken aback. He asked if I had somewhere to go, if I was having any luck finding a job, and we talked for a good 10 minutes or so. He and I go back about two years when he and his wife first moved here from Colombia, I was the first person they met at their new home, they gifted me a jar of olives which sits on my counter to this day. Despite seeing me first thing in the morning or last thing at night, they never saw me without a grin on my face. Their English was very rough but we always made good conversation. When they returned from visiting their home country last year, they brought me little sweets to try. After he said goodbye, I finished loading the boxes and returned to my apartment for more. As I got back to my truck, he handed me this book and said that he (a pastor) and his wife would pray for me because I am a good man, always happy, always kind. He said that sometimes bad things happen, that he too had been in hard spots, but that God was good and would keep me going. He said everything would be okay. He also revealed that his wife is pregnant, which allowed he conversation to take an entirely different tone, one of joy. It really hit me hard, not because of the religious aspect, but because of the compassion that these two have in their hearts for their former security guard. I often said the only reason I stayed at my job as long as I did was because I grew fond of so many people who live here, I have made great friends who I truly treasure. Moving out will likely be the last time I see most everyone here, but I will not forget them and I will always appreciate the memories. Bless the people who have been a part in this journey, from residents past and present, may they stay safe and be loved. Especially bless the Gonzales family as they grow to three.

I’ve been puttering around the house all day, finding new homes for our Christmas gifts, folding clothes, washing dishes. 

I facetimed with my family and Natalie showed me her new Barbie car. She got a Ken doll that she said looks just like Ben. Her favorite present is a small plastic dog with babies in its stomach. You move its legs to make the puppies pop out. She is endlessly fascinated by this. Charlotte laughed and mumbled almost-words and hugged her stuffed kangaroo, giggling. She’s such a good-natured little spirit. 

Ben lit candles and played his new records while he worked in our office. I made us hot chocolates with peppermint stirrers, a cheese plate with crackers for lunch, slices of pumpkin pie piled with whipped cream.  

While putting dishes away, I knocked a stack of brand new bowls we received as wedding gifts out of the cabinet and every single one shattered. My heart sunk. I said, tearfully, “Ben I broke all of the bowls,” and he said “all of them?” and I said “yeah all of them” and then we both started to laugh and he hugged me and helped me pick up the pieces that were scattered all over the kitchen floor.

During Priscilla’s pregnancy, life remained unchanged at Graceland except that Elvis tried to get home as much as he could. Everyone waited anxiously for the birth of the child. Though people behaved as though the czar and czarina were expecting, Priscilla herself remained very much active during her pregnancy, hating to be confined. Dee remembers a winter night right before the birth when it snowed in Memphis. Priscilla and Elvis were out building a snowman with Billy, Ricky, and David, and a fire was roaring in the yard. When her boys came home, Dee asked them if they had had fun. “Oh,” they said. “Cilla fell.” Dee gasped in horror, afraid that she might have hurt herself or injured the baby. “Gee, Mom,” they said. “It was ok. We just all picked her up!”

Elvis stayed around Graceland the entire last month of the pregnancy, and on the morning of February 1, 1968, exactly nine months to the day from their marriage, Priscilla was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital by Elvis and Charlie Hodge, followed in another car by Jerry Schilling and Joe Esposito. Reporters began swarming outside the hospital once they got wind of Priscilla’s admission. Inside, Elvis’s friends and relatives began to gather. At 5:01 that afternoon Dr. T. A. Turman informed Elvis that he was the father of a six-pound, fifteen-ounce baby girl. Dee remembers walking down to the maternity ward with Vernon and Elvis for their very first look at Lisa Marie Presley. The three of them stood there for a moment, the two men dazed, as Dee began rapping on the glass and cooing, “Well, hello there, little girl…That is your daddy!”

“She just picked up her head a little and looked at us with those blue eyes,” says Dee, “and Elvis’s face lit up like a beacon. I’ve never seen him look like that in all the time I’ve known him.”

Then they went to see Priscilla. “Cilla was still groggy from the anesthetic,” Dee remembers. “She couldn’t believe she really had a baby girl—it wasn’t sinking in. One she began to grasp it, she just sighed and looked so peaceful.”

While Elvis sent the boys out for cigars, Dee and Vernon made their way downstairs to announce the birth to the waiting members of the press. The reporters began firing questions at Vernon, never a man at ease in such situations. “Tell us, Mr. Presley, how does it feel to be a grandfather?” “Well, uh…” he stumbled, “this is all so new to us, you know.”

Four days later Lisa Marie was in her new home. Calls, telegrams, gifts, and candy arrived from around the world. Elvis was soon off again to film Live a Little, Love a Little, one of his all-time worst films. Back at Graceland, Priscilla fell into routine of caring for her child. Lisa had her father’s slightly spread nose and pouting lips as well as the blond hair of his youth, but in temperament there would be the unmistakable influence of her mother. “She was a frisky baby,” says Dee. “She was just like her mother in many ways. Her mother really knew how to take care of her and not spoil her, like Elvis did. She was headstrong, too-strong willed just like Cilla. Now Graceland was filled with strong-willed women—Mother Presley, me, Cilla, and Lisa.”

Lisa grew to be a healthy child with a finicky appetite and an irrepressible fondness for cats. She adored rides in the gold cart with her daddy and visits to Vernon and Dee’s, where she loved to play with her three uncles, Billy, Ricky, and David, then growing into young men.

Excerpt from “Elvis: We Love You Tender”

Day 18 of my little shop (I think)

Most exciting thing first - I met a two month old puppy called Olive and she was adorable!

There was a vintage car rally setting of from the garden centre so the car park was full of beautiful little 1940s-50s cars.

I made SIXTEEN sales today and I am shook and mildly panicking about restocking/working on the commission I also have.

Ten items went to one lady who owns a chain of estate agents. Thankfully she left for a bit and came back so didn’t have to watch me wrap them all. I gift wrapped one as it was a present and she seemed to really appreciate that. And when she did come back I summoned up the courage to ask her if she’d be interested in me providing her with bespoke ‘congratulations on your new home’ gifts as she sells v expensive houses and they do that kind of thing. She is interested, took all my details and said ‘support comes from the most unlikely places’ as she was leaving so fingers crossed.

By Thursday I will have been there a month and so far I am shocked with how well it is going.


Glass Milk Carton

This Glass Milk Carton is simply an incredible idea. Combining a simple traditional shape of a common milk carton with the technical advantages, durability and elegance of tempered glass may not seem so incredible on paper, but the actual result is well worth the attention.


Fire Escape Shelf

Here’s one of those brilliantly simple space-saving ideas for urban dwellers who also happen to have a green thumb or are struggling to find enough room for their books. The product is called Fire Escape Shelf and it is designed by Chiasso.