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Hello everyone! I know I have been gone a long time but my life has been super busy. This is urgent, and heartbreaking but I need help. I am soon to be joining the military and I am afraid that I can not keep my lovely Nova.. No one else is able to care for her while I’m away. I just want to get her into a home with an owner that would love her as much as I have. Please message me if you have any questions. She is 10 months old. So she is still a playful puppy. We are located in Riverside, California. She is house trained. She’s a very loving, kind, always happy dog. She is full of energy, so she does need daily exercise ( she loves going to dog parks). She is good with all dogs in a public setting but when at home it is preferred that she be with other big dogs. She can be stubborn, so she does need a strong leader that is willing to work with her and show her that she can’t just do whatever she wants. She is up to date with all of her shots and she is spayed. If you have any further questions please contact me! Thank you so so much everyone


A little chart showing all the parts of the Old Home and New Home that have narration that changes depending on who is currently in control. first column is neutral, second is post pacifist (aka, true Frisk) and third is Chara. In spots that are blank, the narration is the same as it is in neutral. for the bed in Old Home the memories from Chara occur in both neutral and genocide routes, but I put it on the Chara side as it is their memories being shared, not just normal neutral narration.

*Now fixed for easy viewing and fixed an error.

Asgore is a king because he was born in the royal family, the Dreemurr Dynasty, of the species of monster recognized as being the most powerful species. He rules for as long as he lives, and he is technically immortal. He starts a war between races, ruling a dystopian city trapped underground, and is recognized for ordering the deaths of any members of the human species, including children.

Yet he is still better than any modern head of state or politician. That really says something about us as a species doesn’t it?

The underworld manages to do things that even we haven’t done, like run completely off sustainable clean energy, eat sustainable efficient food that is all based from plants and easily farmed Arthropoda. Despite being the most powerful species of monster, he has no monster racism in his kingdom. He offers to train weaker species of monster like Undyne to learn how to fight and be powerful instead of mocking her. The underground has no jails as far as we can see, Papyrus has to build a jail cell in Snowdin, and builds it with the bars too wide, because building jail cells isn’t something they really know how to do, he makes the cell more hospitable for each time you visit so you don’t want to escape. There are no police needed in Undertale, all the military is is the royal guard, and instead of having them all protecting him, Asgore has them spread out to help anyone in need, whenever there is a problem, they contact the local Royal guard according to the politics bear. The king actually supports science and has a science laboratory as one of the largest buildings in the underworld. No one has to stand guard to protect things because no one disrespects the historical artifacts. There is no mention of monsters killing other monsters. The monsters that write the newspaper have so little news they fill it with puzzles and comics!

It’s not just The Underworld being good, Asgore is a pretty great family man. he was nice to his wife. He loves to drink tea with people and offers them tea, a type of tea that reminds him of his deceased child. he buys snails from Napstablook once a month because he remembers how much his wife loved them. he had a monthly address on recent events with his wife. He participated in a nose nuzzling competition with his wife and won. He was a great dad and his kids made him a sweater and drawings and pie, which ended up being poisonous because what may or may not have been an accident, and he still didn’t get mad. He adopted a child of not only a different species, not only a non-monster, but a human, the very species that slaughtered them and trapped them down there, the only key to escape, and he not only protected the child, he took them in as his own. He was by their bedside, and made the decision to wage war not because of money or politics, but because his only children and the hope for his people had been destroyed by humans.

Asgore is a great King. He walks all throughout the kingdom to talk to people and make sure everything is okay. he was beloved by almost all the monsters you meet and known as a nice guy. He is nice to his old friends. He doesn’t use the Royal guards to defend himself. He helps teach kids at school and volunteers. He takes care of the throne room and cares for the flowers. He leaves his house open for the public, with a note letting you know where he is, so he can talk with anyone and offer them tea. When he sees you he does not call the guards or ask how you got in. He will be nice and refuse to fight on the genocide route because he can’t recognize any humanity in you and believes you are a lost monster child. He gives you two presents, one of which is a weapon, to make it a fairer fight. He lets you take as long as you need and recommends you go on a nice hike around, and will go easy during the fight as he does not wish to fight and kill you and is forcing himself to do it for his people to have hope. He treats the bodies of his victims with respect. He kneels and allows himself to be killed instead of using his full power to try to kill you. He offers to adopt and care for you if you spare him, and in some scenarios commits suicide so that you can leave the underground because your freedom is what his son would want. He says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone or want power or control. He wants to be a gardener, he only is the king because the people need him to be the king. as soon as the barrier is broken he stops being king and becomes a gardener. He is like Cincinnatus.

No modern politician acts like this. Even most mayors aren’t this nice. It’s a tough job, one that cost him his beloved Toriel and can cost him his life. He made a big mistake deciding to just kill any humans that happened to fall down to try to raise morale of the population, but he is incredibly kind and thoughtful, admits he is wrong, and apologizes. You hardly ever see that from politicians now!

Even the bad guy (mr. bad guy like mr. dad guy, get the joke in the sweater now?) who we are warned about in the start of the game and only face at the very end, who started this war with humans, ended up being nicer than our human politicians.


I moved into a new apartment last weekend, and it doesn’t quite feel like home yet. It’s just  this big, empty, blank place that I’m still growing accustomed to. I felt inspired to make a wall decoration that I could also imbue with magic for protection, comfort, positivity, and new beginnings. Knot magic felt like the way to go, and this macrame wall hanging was the result. 

As I knotted the first row, I chanted: “My home protects me.”

As I knotted the second row, I chanted: “I am comfortable here.”

As I knotted the third row, I chanted: “My home is filled with positivity.”

As I knotted the fourth row, I chanted: “This is my new beginning.”

For the final row, I chanted: “This home will be my safe haven.” 

It’s a fairly simple design, so it only took about 45 minutes and cost less than $5 in materials. I placed the finished product above my bed, and had the best night of sleep since I moved in! What do you think?




PSA - Riley needs your help
  • PSA - Riley needs your help

PSA - Riley Needs Your Help

Some of you may know the situation, and others may be new to it. My mother and I, two artists with varied experience and artistic talents, are still in need of some help to get a new home. The relative we’re with currently has not made the attempt to save up any easier, regardless how subtle or bizarre their actions are which leave us uncomfortable. Which leave us with possible fears over our well being as well as that of the well being of our cats. Even now after the few months we’ve been here, its been a struggle trying to focus on anything but this stressful shit going on, and our work ends up paying the price for it and we lose progress to move on.

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Undertale timeline theory: The year Chara came to the Underground, is the same year the royal family moved the capital from “Home” to “New Home.”

Here is my reasoning:

At Toriel’s house in the Ruins we find a calendar from beginning of the year 201X and we find a calendar from the end of the year 201X (with the day of Chara’s arrival circled on it) at Asgore’s home. 

When Toriel left her husband a year probably already passed (at least) before Chara and Asriel’s death and I doubt she would have taken something like an old calendar with her during her sudden disappearance. (She was also allegedly transporting Chara’s body to the Ruins to be buried so it’s most likely she couldn’t take much else with her)
My guess is that during the move from Home to New Home the royal family left most of the houses furnishings behind in case they ever needed to come back to the old capital for business or vacationing.

Also, building a new Capital City would take time, “Rome was not built in a day,” after all. But one of the first buildings to go up would have been the Royal Family’s living quarters, and considering how humbly they live compared to other examples of royalty, it would have taken roughly around a year to complete.

There are also the living arraignments of Home and New Home to consider. The kid’s room in Home has one bed and the table setting in the living room has two adult chairs and one kid’s sized chair. Whereas in New home we see two beds in the children’s room and a total of four chairs.
This would mean that Asriel had lived in Home for a while, which is much closer to the Ruins where Chara fell in, making their chance meeting more probable than if Asriel had been living at New Home during the year 201X.

Another plausible support for this is how the monster history book stated that the monsters went further into the mountain because “They feared the humans no longer.”

Could Chara’s coming to the underground and becoming a part of the royal family contributed to this change in sentiment?

A little chart showing all the parts of the Old Home and New Home that have narration that changes depending on who is currently in control. first column is neutral, second is post pacifist (aka, true Frisk) and third is Chara. In spots that are blank, the narration is the same as it is in neutral. for the bed in Old Home the memories from Chara occur in both neutral and genocide routes, but I put it on the Chara side as it is their memories being shared, not just normal neutral narration.  you will have to click on it to read the text properly, sorry, just how Tumblr treats large images. 

and yes, Toby took the time and remember to go and make it so the ink in Asgore’s journal that was still almost wet was dry when you visited it post pacifist. Toriel’s sock drawer also has the following text for post pacifist that I can’t seem to get to trigger post pacifist. 
“15727: * It’s TORIEL’s sock  collection.
15728: * (You came all the way back here to look at  Toriel’s socks.)/
15729: * (You have great priorities in life.)”
and the tree has 
“11458: * Every time this old tree grows any leaves, they fall  right off.
11459: * It’s a neat-looking tree.
11460: *It’s natural for a tree to  lose its leaves.”
There a few changes in Old Home when you kill Toriel, but I’ll make a seperate post for that.

Edit: DOH! The red text for the opening of the chain should be under Chara, not Frisk.
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