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Power Couple

Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: swearing and cuteness

Word Count: 1,200+

Request from @asmolarab :Tom and the Reader are dating. The reader is a famous musician.

Also inspired from the recent drama of his fans saying rude stuff on that models page after he liked her photo… Like c’mon he’s 21 let him live pls. 



[Reader’s POV] 

   Today you were home with Tessa waiting for Tom’s interview to start. Lounging in leggings and one of Tom’s pullovers. Walking over to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Asking Alexa to turn up the tv so you could hear it from the kitchen.

     Tessa following you around whenever Tom wasn’t home. Getting the kettle ready and placing it on the stove. Reaching into the cupboard for a mug then for your organizer full of teas. Picking out which tea you want today ,you pick it from the slot.

     Tearing it open you pull the bag out and set it into the mug. Throwing the trash away turning around once you hear the kettle whistle. Reaching over you lift it up and grab your mug. Pouring the hot water into the mug seeing the light steam rising from the mug. 

     A smile rises to your face as you smell the raspberry scent fill your nose. Grabbing a the sugar spoon and doing one little spoonful. Opening the fridge you grab the almond milk out of the fridge. Pouring a small amount then putting it away. Pulling out the drawer and taking out a spoon to stir everything together.

“Tom Holland will be on next after the break!” The host’s voice fills the air making you look over from hearing your boyfriend’s name. A smile on your face thinking of him. You’re so proud of where he is right now.

“C’mon Tess, let’s go back and wait for daddy to come back on” Leaning down rubbing her head and stroking the side of her face with your thumb. The two of you head back to the living room and sit down on the L shaped couch.

    Sipping your tea you open up Instagram on your phone. A spam of comments on your new photo making you roll your eyes. Tom’s fans were giving you shit since the moment he announced the two of you dating. It was worse whenever Tom would like your photos cause you received so much hate for it.

     Checking the charts on Itunes you see your album at the top. Pride replaces the annoyance from Tom’s fans. You did this, your album hit number one on the charts. All your hard work was paying off and it was so satisfying. Tessa barks making you look up from your phone. She sat below the tv looking up at the screen. Her tail is wagging as she see’s Tom popping up on the screen.

     Setting your phone aside you get comfortable on the couch. He looked so damn handsome in that outfit, how’d you get so lucky for him to fall for you? Watching him sit down on the interviewers couch taking a sip from the cup near him.  He was always drinking something during interviews.

“So Tom, congrats on the new movie man you did a brilliant job!” the interviewers thick English accent was easy to understand. Tom’s smile made your heart flutter, he is literal perfection and all yours.

“Thank you so much, It was a blast to film and the cast was amazing and it’s all thanks to Marvel and Sony” 

“Also we just got news of your girlfriend’s album she just released” the host points towards the screen. An image popping up of it being number one on the charts. Tom’s face filled with shock, a smile on his face.

“That’s amazing! Angel I’m so proud of you, wow you did it! Can’t wait to give you a massive hug when I get home” Tom’s excitement for you made you tear up. Recognition from him meant the world to you. He stands up dancing in a circle then blowing a kiss to the camera for you. 


“Darling, I’m home! Where are my two favorite girls?” Tom’s voice comes from the living room. Getting off the bed you head towards the doorway.

    Walking out of the bedroom to see him holding a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of roses. A grin on your face from the sight. Tessa was sitting next to him with her tail wagging. Heading over to Tom giving him a kiss on the lips. You didn’t deserve such a great boyfriend, you’re blessed.

“I love you” you smile wrapping your arms around his waist. The feeling of his arms wrap aroung you made you sigh in content. Smelling the roses that were being held near you.

“I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come darling, I love you more than you can imagine.. I know my fans can get angsty and I apologize for their behavior.. Just know I’m yours and you’re mine” His lips press against your forehead. Your eyes closing absorbing all the love that was radiating off of him. 

    Moments like these were the best. He always knew how to make you feel better through the stress. The both of you could barely do anything without getting attacked by the fans. Your actions either being bashed or turned into memes. It was hard being famous sometimes, it had it’s perks but it’s mentally exhausting.

“Can we get drunk and order some pizza?” opening your eyes to a grinning Tom, he loved those kind of nights. Drinking with Tom always lead to some interesting nights. Funny and sexual kind of nights with Netflix and major chilling.

“Hell yes we can, it’s a time to celebrate you made it to fucking number one on the charts!” He raises to bottle up in the air sticking his tongue out. His face making you giggle from how much of a goof he really is. 

   Walking over to the kitchen together he grabs two glasses from the collection he had. Opening the champagne with a pop Tessa barks loudly taking off towards the bedroom. The two of you laugh at how she reacted as he pours the bubbling liquid into the glasses. Handing you a glass he takes the last one. Tapping the side of it acting like he had a knife, a giggle escaped you.

“To many more celebrations and successful moments we get to share together!” Tom smiles clinking his glass with yours. Taking a sip you hum in satisfaction.

“Let me grab the phone to order the pizza” He says setting his glass down reaching for the land line. Taking a few more sips quickly finishing it, you wanted to get drunk. This bottle isn’t going to finish itself.

    Setting the glass down you wrap your arms around Tom’s waist. His hand rubbed circles on your back but stopped when you started kissing his neck. Kissing from the base of his neck to right below his ear. You could hear his breathing getting shaky. A grin made its way to your lips from how you could make him feel.

“Fuck the calories out of me Holland” you whisper pressing a kiss to his jawline. Pulling away you see his mouth slightly ajar. Looking at him you see his eyes get a shade darker making you gulp.

“So fuck you now, then after and again and again.. Got it” Tom’s voice husky as his hands slide down to your waist. Before you could say anything Tom lifts you over his shoulder taking off towards the bedroom.

“Ah! Tom put me down you lil shit!” you shout wiggling in his grasp, earning a slap to your ass.

“Looks like I’m going to hit number one on the charts tonight as well” Tom snickers shooing Tessa out of the room and closing the door.

Tom was definitely already at number one on charts for being an amazing boyfriend,best friend and lover.

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“I Can’t Sleep” Tom Holland Drabble

Tom had some available relaxation time after nonstop appearances promoting Spider-Man Homecoming and before jetting off to Montreal, beginning to shoot for another film. He invited you to stay with him for a couple weeks in London. Of course, you seized up this opportunity, as it was the time of mid-summer drag. You haven’t seen Tom in person for a while, always resorting to FaceTime and late night phone calls. It was nice to have him live, in front of you, for a change. 

The weeks flew by. There were beautiful days spent in London, walking along the Thames, seeing tourists pose in front of Big Ben and the Parliament, sitting and having a cappuccino, talking about anything and everything. There were also the quintessential rainy UK days, spent cuddling in bed, watching films, and eating take-away. There was nothing like it, the two of you reconnecting and forming an even deeper love for one another. 

It all went by too fast; the weeks turned into days which turned into hours. You spent the last couple hours together, completely turned from your phones, reveling in each other’s company. Yet, unfortunately, you ended up back on the plane, heading home to your tiny apartment in New York City. 

Suffering from jet lag and feeling increasingly alone, you spent the night trying to get back onto East Coast time. Forcing yourself to stay awake to make sure your sleep schedule would regain normalcy through caffeine and exercise. Though, when it came time to actually lying in bed, sleep wouldn’t come. You were used to having Tom next to you, his breathing matching yours, his body keeping you warm under the covers, and his arm wrapped around your waist while you both slept. You spent several hours tossing and turning, hoping sleep would overcome you to no avail. 

You wanted to talk to Tom again, you missed him, but you knew it would be a bad idea to instantly concede and call him. 

“Maybe tomorrow,” you thought. “I did just see him, I’ll sleep on it.”

Your thoughts were interrupted by a FaceTime call from none other than Tom himself. You picked up, a messy haired, wide eyed Tom in bed appeared on your screen.

“Hey, babe. Are you okay? It’s almost 3 am your time… and quite frankly I should be asleep as well, we’re both on the same clock.”

“I can’t sleep,” Tom replied. “I miss you so much. I didn’t want to call because I didn’t want to disturb you. I know you like your sleep, and it’s late for both of us.”

“No, no,” you reassured. “I miss you, too. It was much easier falling asleep next to you.”

It ended up being a short call, Tom begun to fall asleep first, listening to your comforting voice. 

“I’ll text you tomorrow,” you whispered. “I love you.”

“I love you,” mumbled Tom. You closed your eyes and sleep washed over you. 



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