new high school rp

It’s safe to say that New York City is one of the most used settings for roleplays nowadays, along with California and Florida. However, many people often make various mistakes whenever they do that. There are also many misconceptions that they add into their plot which makes things sound unrealistic – and that shouldn’t be what you’re aiming for. Therefore, I’m going to list and correct innocent mistakes that people make whenever they use NYC as a setting.

Or, a satirical guide on using New York City as a setting.

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Selma groaned as her mother discussed the details of her latest transfer and signed any needed documents to finalize it. This was her third new school and she was not looking forwards to it. So what if she had a bad temper? So what if she liked to start fights–especially with any girls too touchy about their men? It wasn’t too much of a big deal. She sighed. If only her older sister were here, that would definitely make things better and easier. But no, she was studying abroad. 

She snapped out her thoughts when the principal mentioned her having been assigned a student to aid her in adjusting to the school. She glanced at the doorway where the principal had motioned in attempt of seeing this new ‘guide’ of hers.