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NYT: Opinion | Republicans Can’t Pass Bills
The G.O.P. used to be willing to govern. Not now.
By David Brooks

I like David Brooks’s distinction between Republican philosophy as either “freedom as capacity” and “freedom as detachment”.

Despite what you think of the details of his essay (I would argue that the 1996 welfare reform law did more harm than good), the overall distinction he makes is important. “Freedom as capacity” means giving people the liberty of choice through a small boost. Give people with disabilities some assistance so they have the liberty to choose what work they would like to do. Give people in high school some assistance so they can choose what college they’d like. I may not agree wholeheartedly with it, but it’s a strong philosophy and one that does create results.

“Freedom as detachment”, on the other hand, is just cutting government programs and calling it a day. That doesn’t work. With all of the pressures placed on Americans today, David Brooks argues that such a philosophy will only leave these people to struggle. It’s a philosophy that hasn’t achieved any substantial policy achievements. This health care bill, which may still go through, is an enormous governing failure. It’s a garbage pile of a bill because it doesn’t solve any problems. It just takes away a government program that helps people and tells them “you’re on your own.” Nobody wants that.

So until the Republican Party shifts its mode of thought, it’s going to continue failing over and over again until the voters say enough.

joejoetheracer  asked:

Question for an Aus-friend! Do dogs in Australia have an inherent wariness of snakes (and spiders and all the other dangerous things you have!)? Or do you just have to be really careful where they go sniffing around? Adder bites in dogs are quite common in the UK, so probably if a UK dog went to Australia it'd be clueless!

I don’t think anymore than other dogs in other countries…breed and personalities depending of course. I swear, some dogs are drawn to dumb dangerous situations (terriers omfg)

Absolutely have to be careful in summer when the snakes come out. Nothing better than a path in a popular walking spot for a snake to want to sun itself! In summer I don’t go to our usual walking reserve at all - all it is is 1080 baiting for foxes and happy fat snakes lazing about. As the weather changes they’re moving closer and further about. 

I’m super diligent in summer on mowing my lawn because I’m not far from a nature reserve at all and I don’t want a snake coming into the yard.

There’s usually a couple of dogs bitten in my area each summer :( last year my friend lost her 16 year old Jack Russell to a snake that wandered onto their property… :’(

I’ve only done this with Thistle so far, but I have familiarised her with some domestic snakes so she’s not super excited and obsessed about them. She’s been rewarded heavily for moving away from them. It’s not the same as a wild snake but better than nothing.

Not available locally to me, but not something I’d pass up if the option became available, is the snake-deterrent training. The tl;dr is a dog investigates a native poisonous snake (smells different to the pythons I practice on, it’s a copperhead usually used in the training I believe), dog gets zapped hard with an e-collar, dog now finds the scent of the snake incredibly aversive and will hopefully avoid approaching them in the future (nothing is 100%). With that and a solid recall, I’d hope to get that time I need to take us away.

Honestly the best measure is to just avoid snake prone areas, leave snakes alone, work on your leave it and avoid avoid avoid but any fraction of a second could be beneficial.

Oh, every summer I check which vets have anti venom in stock locally to areas I’m going. For example, come summer I DONT go to the heritage place of logs because it’s a snake’s paradise but I do suddenly go to lots of cool rainforesty walks.

End Mandatory Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions!

Everyone who has to get new health insurance or change coverage, by definition, has some pre-existing condition!

This is not Health-Care Coverage, This is Profit-Management!


Then the belief is, ‘Nobody can help me, and I’m trapped, and nobody can help me,’ and therefore they use again, and with this particular epidemic around opiates, there’s no safe use. The next time somebody uses could kill them.

Tym Rourke believes wait lists and insurance denials for substance abuse treatment send the wrong kind of message to people who desperately need help.

Politics In Real Life: Dying From Overdose While Waiting For Treatment

It Was Certain - CS AU

“Swan, where’s your 1095 form?”

“What’s that?” She didn’t even bother looking away from the TV. She could hear him already rifling through the stack of paperwork he’d meticulously sorted. What was the point of having a best friend slash next door neighbor who was an accountant if you couldn’t con him into doing your taxes? Not that it ever took that much. She could swear he almost enjoyed it every year, making sense of her jumbled life.

“It’s the form you get from your health insurance company as proof of coverage. I haven’t seen it anywhere. Did they send it, love? Need it to complete this section.”

The bile in her stomach gurgled. Oh, that form, she thought. The one she most definitely did not have, as she also most definitely didn’t have health insurance.

“Um,” she stalled as she tried to figure out how to tell the ultra-responsible, supremely uptight, insanely conscientious man currently sorting her financial life that she kind of skipped this step of adulthood.

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“I couldn’t afford health insurance... Planned Parenthood was there for me.”

To celebrate Planned Parenthood’s 100th birthday, we’re posting 1 story every day from patients and supporters until we reach 100.

Story #20: Ashley Purdum, Planned Parenthood of New York City patient

Ashley Purdum is grateful for an IUD covered under Obamacare and for the family she is choosing to have: her husband and her dog Cliff

When I was in my early 20s and couldn’t afford health insurance, Planned Parenthood of New York City was there for me. In fact, it was the only provider I visited for several years, visiting both the Boro Hall and Margaret Sanger locations for my yearly check-ups depending on which was closer to whatever (crappy) apartment I was sharing (with too many roommates) at the time. 

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This show gets too real sometimes, but that’s also what I think sets it apart and makes it so good.

I’ve been real busy lately, ironically for reasons illustrated in New Game! itself, so I’m still catching up on it. Apparently it finished airing while I wasn’t looking.

I actually have a lot to say about a couple specific things in New Game but I think I’ll wait until I finish it.

tldr im dumb and need money

hoo boy. ok.

i’m in kind of Dire Straits right now because i have a tooth that REALLY needs to come out. it’s broken off at the gum line and can’t be removed without surgery, and it hurts a lot.

i have an appointment with the oral surgeon on thursday. i was planning on just having the surgery done that day, but it turns out i have to pay all costs upfront and then submit a claim to the insurance company. i asked for a breakdown of pricing, and while i couldn’t get an exact answer without the dentist looking at my mouth, i was told that the surgery itself starts at $190, and anaesthesia is $295 for the first half hour, and $95 for every fifteen minutes afterward. i have done my research, and there are no other offices in the area that have a surgeon actively on staff AND take my insurance. i’m not technically in the network for this office, even, but they do take my insurance.

at the absolute nothing-complicating-the-surgery-in-any-way least, i’m looking at an initial out of pocket expense of over $500.00, with no idea of how much my insurance will cover after i submit the claim, or how long it will take for it to go through.

further complicating this issue is that i turned 26 today (happy birthday sam ur mouth is disintegrating!!), and will need to get new health insurance at the end of the month. i don’t really want to wait that long to have this done, since it hurts A Lot and the infection in the bone is only going to get worse and less salvageable as the days pass.

ANYWAY WHAT I AM ASKING IS: pls put your money where my mouth is. if you’ve got a couple spare bucks–ONLY if you’ve got a couple spare bucks–that you can kick in, i would be eternally grateful. literally forever grateful.

my paypal email address is if you would like me to write something for you (anything from a short story to, like, a school essay), or can think of something else i am capable of providing, email me at the same address and i’d love to work something out!

anything will help. it’ll all go toward this dental bill, and anything extra will go toward industrial size tubs of rice pudding to eat after the surgery. jk it will go to other dental issues i need to address, such as erupted wisdom teeth, and getting a hollow implant to hide poison in for emergencies)

(i will reblog this a couple of times until Thursday probably, when i’ll have a better idea of the actual cost. if you want to blacklist it, i’m tagging it with “dental”)

anyway thank you even for reading. this is super hard for me to ask, as it is for everybody, but it’s just an impossible situation that i really need to take care of as soon as possible and don’t have the means or ability to do on my own.

Alright. We're gonna have a chat about health care.

I know what you’re thinking: why, why, why do we have to talk about health care? But hear me out.

Accidents happen. People get sick. With health insurance, you can get the care you need without the ginormous medical bills. Remember that everyone has to have health insurance now — it’s the law.

Those of you who are under 26 and on your parents insurance (score!) are already benefitting from Obamacare. For the rest of you, getting covered means that you too can get the preventive care you need— like birth control, STD testing, breast cancer screenings and more — for free, without a copay. We know that figuring all of this stuff out can be confusing, but never fear! We’re here to help.

Getting covered is super important, so we’re gonna keep talking about health care (even if it’s not polite). And remember, with our without health insurance, you can always come to Planned Parenthood for the care you need, when you need it.

-Chelsea @ Planned Parenthood

Newly Insured Americans Don’t Understand Basic Healthcare Terms

An estimated 14 percent of English-speaking adults in the United States have below-basic literacy, or an inability to perform simple reading tasks. But 35 percent have only basic or below-basic health literacy. That means more than 77 million people have difficulty with common health-related reading tasks.

Health literacy involves the ability to obtain, process, and understand the health information necessary to make appropriate decisions, and it’s clearly essential to selecting health insurance. More Americans are enrolling in federal and state-based marketplaces, but being insured is only the beginning when it comes to reducing health disparities related to literacy.

Low health literacy disproportionately affects vulnerable populations that include individuals now eligible for new health insurance options: those with lower socioeconomic status and education, or disabilities; non-white racial and ethnic groups; the elderly.

Many of these Americans are now contending with unfamiliar insurance terms and are at risk of making uninformed choices that they may regret. This matters because those with low health literacy already tend to experience poorer health and to generate increased costs, estimated by some to amount to more than $100 billion annually.

Read more. [Image: Joe Elswick/AP]

Ted Cruz is going on Obamacare.

The newly announced Republican presidential candidate told CNN’s Dana Bash on Tuesday that he will sign up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act – a law he has been on a crusade to kill.

“We’ll be getting new health insurance and we’ll presumably do it through my job with the Senate, and so we’ll be on the federal exchange with millions of others on the federal exchange,” Cruz said.

Cruz’s admission comes one day after CNN first reported that the senator would no longer have access to health benefits through his wife’s employer, Goldman Sachs. Heidi Cruz, a managing director at the firm’s Houston office, has gone on unpaid leave for the duration of the senator’s presidential campaign and will not have access to the company’s benefits during that time.

Cruz’s campaign appeared caught by surprise Monday by questions about the senator’s health care. Asked how Cruz’s family would be covered after his wife lost her Goldman Sachs benefits, Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler repeatedly answered that he didn’t know.

It’s a deeply ironic development for the Texas conservative firebrand, who vaulted to fame during his few years in the Senate in large part by denouncing President Barack Obama’s landmark health care law.

Cruz denied that there was anything ironic about the move, saying he was simply following the law.

“I believe we should follow the text of every law, even (a) law I disagree with,” Cruz told CNN.


CNN, “Ted Cruz Going On Obamacare.”

Motherfucking hypocritical piece of smarmy Texas Tea Party Republican dickshit.

Word of advice for any of my friends who might happen to get married in the future 

(especially for all my queer buddies who didn’t expect to have their marriages recognized until recently, and maybe didn’t pay as much attention to the ins and outs of the benefits that marriage can bring)

once you are married, you have 30 days - or, with some policies, 60 days - to add your new spouse to your health insurance. Otherwise, you have to wait for the next open enrollment period. This is probably also the case if you adopt a child and want to add them to the policy.
New York: Health insurance will now cover transition-related care

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that insurance providers in the state must cover transition-related care for transgender people, including gender confirmation surgery and hormone therapy. 

State law requires that insurance covers the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders, which includes gender dysphoria experienced by trans people. New York is the ninth state (plus D.C.) to ensure transition-related care is covered by insurance. 

The group said that most insurance policies currently exclude coverage for transgender treatment, and at best include it as a more expensive rider to a standard plan.

“This is an absolute sea change in the way that insurance for transgender people will cover their health care needs,” Michael Silverman, executive director of the fund, said. “This essentially opens up an entire world of treatment for transgender people that was closed to them previously.”

HUGE. This is going to change lives. 

NYC Launches a New Campaign Urging New Yorkers to Sign Up for Health Insurance Before the March 31st Deadline

Today, First Lady Chirlane McCray, Health Commissioner Mary T. Bassett and Incoming HRA Commissioner Steven Banks today launched a media campaign urging New Yorkers to sign up for health insurance available through the Affordable Care Act before the March 31st deadline.

The Affordable Care Act makes health insurance attainable for those who previously could not afford coverage or do not have coverage available through their employer. For example, a family of four making $32,000 a year in New York City may qualify for health insurance at no cost. A New York family of four making up to $94,200 may be eligible for financial help to purchase quality health insurance through the New York State Health Exchange.

“The time is now for New Yorkers without health insurance to sign up for the Affordable Care Act,” said First Lady McCray. “This is too good of an opportunity to pass up. If you don’t have insurance, contact 311 or visit the New York State of Health website today. Do it for yourself, do it for your family, do it for your city – because we’re all better off when our neighbors are healthy.”

Call 311 for more information, including locations where New Yorkers can receive in-person signup assistance in multiple languages.

Visit to sign up for affordable health insurance online.

Under Obamacare, higher premiums are just the beginning of your financial woes

So, at this point, the higher price tag of health insurance under Obamacare is indisputable.  The average cost of premiums have risen every year since the law was signed, and there’s no end in sight.  But the higher premiums are just the beginning of Obamacare’s headache.  What consumers are getting for their hard-earned cash is less coverage, higher co-pays, and smaller networks.

from New York Times:

The Affordable Care Act has ushered in an era of complex new health insurance products featuring legions of out-of-pocket coinsurance fees, high deductibles and narrow provider networks. Though commercial insurers had already begun to shift toward such policies, the health care law gave them added legitimacy and has vastly accelerated the trend, experts say.

The theory behind the policies is that patients should bear more financial risk so they will be more conscious and cautious about health care spending. But some experts say the new policies have also left many Americans scrambling to track expenses from a multitude of sources — such as separate deductibles for network and non-network care, or payments for drugs on an insurer’s ever-changing list of drugs that require high co-pays or are not covered at all.

For some, like Ms. Pineman, narrow networks can necessitate footing bills privately. For others, the constant changes in policy guidelines — annual shifts in what’s covered and what’s not, monthly shifts in which doctors are in and out of network — can produce surprise bills for services they assumed would be covered. For still others, the new fees are so confusing and unsupportable that they just avoid seeing doctors.

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The bottom line is that health care costs are growing and forcing everybody to buy insurance hasn’t solved that problem at all…it’s only made it worse.