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I’ve been thinking, how well would the Lego Ninjago Movie do financially? Batman is a much more universally known and beloved franchise, yet the movie still only opened at 53 million weekend. Which is still nothing to sneeze at, although it is noticeably less than The Lego Movie.
Perhaps there are lots of parents who didn’t take their kids to see it because they thought it wasn’t much different than the direct-to-DVD Lego Batman Movies.
Now Ninjago, is a specific Lego original property with a long-term animated series. It is nowhere near as appreciated as Batman. I am sure there will still be lots of kids who want to see the movie, but what if they are confused or put off by the new designs? What is parents don’t see the need to take their kids to see the movie when there are already lots of DVDs of the show itself?
I think it’s only to be expected that Ninjago Movie won’t be a huge success. But even if it makes half as much as Lego Batman Movie , it won’t be a total failure, right? And even if it doesn’t do well, and even if critics hate it, I will feel grateful and blessed that it exists! And its existence leads to a new wave of Ninjago merchandise like new sets, clothes, Mcdonald’s Happy Meals, and possibly blankets, party supplies, and notebooks like with the Lego Batman Movie!

The signs as things my younger brother has done

Aries: made a sombrero of chewed gum and put it on his head, and got it stuck in his hair and had to get it cut out and made us all late for school
Taurus: when my mom bought him a whole watermelon for himself he cut it up and ate it but made himself a hat out of the remnants and wore it for a week
Gemini: commentates really loudly while playing video games, even when no one is around or listening
Cancer: came into the bathroom while I was washing my face and had his pants tied around his head and neck and said in the weirdest voice “PANTS” and left
Leo: spent 2 hours blowing up balloons and put two in his pants to look like huge buttcheeks and came outside to greet me from coming home from school and started dancing around in the front yard
Virgo: told me to take a card from this booth he was working at and I did and it had “help me” written on it and he looked me dead in the eyes and said “please”
Libra: told someone he didn’t want to be their friend because he just didn’t like them and thought they weren’t funny and unfriended them
Scorpio: cut out the weird face on the new Mcdonalds happy meals and put it on the back of the door in the bathroom so when you come out of the shower you see it and freak out
Sagittarius: told my older brother he isn’t good with the ladies because he doesn’t cherish or understand them enough
Capricorn: had a tree for a girlfriend in elementary school and cried because her parents “got turned into paper”
Aquarius: changes my phone background to oranges whenever I leave my phone unattended
Pisces: tried to be like Mary poppins and jumped off his bunk bed with an umbrella and landed in a bin of legos

My uncle’s roommate’s son’s dad’s roommate’s nephew’s mother’s son who works for Nintendo sent me a quick snapshot of the official Smash Bros. website while the web designer wasn’t looking!  We can see the return of Ness & Mr. Game & Watch, as well as the new McDonald’s Happy Meal mascot.  I’m assuming that since Mario toys are now in McDonald’s Happy Meals, that Nintendo decided to return the favor by including… Happy Meal character in Smash!  It’s like a you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours kind of deal!

I owed the Satan and Me livestream chat a picture of Satan working at McDonalds. I’m still not completely sure how that came about, but here it is? Haha, it was supposed to be the older version, but Adult Satan wouldn’t cooperate, so here’s Young Satan instead. Please forgive my sucky handwriting and lack of digital coloring experience;;

Also, if you’re wondering:

External image

((note that the Adult Satan on the side is the art of the original comic!))


The last time I took my brothers to mcdonalds we all got freaked out over the new happy meal boxes and how they all have creepy looking faces on them but then Keegan tore the eyes and mouth off of his box and put them up to his face like that and let me tell you I’m surprised they didn’t kick us out for disturbing everyone else bc we were laughing so hard bc Keegan kept talking in a demonic voice pretending to be the happy meal box cartoon it was terrifying and hilarious