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June 7th, 2017
Point of Graves

Yesterday was the first day it’d been sunny and not raining for about a half of a week. I was, however, stuck inside working on a project I had to get done in the next few days. At the very least, I was in the good company of my cousin, home from college for the summer, and willingly harboring me in her home so I could have a little fun doing said project. Here I was, putting some stickers on my poster board, when a fleeting thought crossed my mind. Without a second thought, I turned to my cousin and plainly said, “I really want to go ghost hunting.” As soon as I’d said it, she said, “We could.” Confused, I asked her if she meant tonight. The group of people I usually go with is a bunch of young people like myself. With college classes out for summer, and the only thing holding us back the possibility of friends being at work, we threw a message in our group chat, and within minutes had a plan for a ghost hunt.

Our original thought was to travel to a place in Hollis, Gilson Cemetery. This was a place we’d known to be very active, and a place we’ve grown to love. It was only a short drive, and we were a bit low on gas. But, one of our friends suggested we go towards the seacoast area so he could join us. He’s living in Rye temporarily for a summer internship through school, and this gave us a reason to go see him. So, once we all met up and converged into one car, we hit the highway to meet our friend at his place in Rye. It was still sunny out, and we even stopped on route 1 to take some pictures, find some rocks, and watch the sunset. Once the sun was down and the moon came up, we followed route 1 all the way into Portsmouth.

We were headed to Point of Graves, a tiny cemetery I’d investigated before over the years. Though it’s technically inside Prescott Park, with close proximity to downtown Portsmouth as well as a road leading onto Peirce Island, it tends to be quiet. It’s surrounded on three sides by houses, and on the fourth side, the park. Sometimes, you have a car drive by, or someone walk or bike by, but other than that it’s in a part of the city where you can perform your EVP sessions in peace. The occasional cop will drive by, and it even happened to us last night, but we weren’t kicked out, so that’s a plus.

Point of Graves burial ground has a sort of weird origin story. It’s one of the oldest cemeteries in the state of New Hampshire, our seacoast being the first land really explored by settlers. Back in the 1671, Captain John Pickering II decided to prompt the city with an idea for a cemetery. He’d donate a half acre of his land on account that the Pickering family cows could graze the land within the walls of the cemetery. The plans went through, and townspeople in the area were buried there, including a few prominent Portsmouth families. The earliest readable grave marker still standing today belongs to a man named John Hoddy, who was buried there in 1684. But, there are also some graves that are no longer visible, be it age, or from clumsy grazing cows.

Once we arrived, I pulled out the digital voice recorder and started rolling, hoping to maybe catch some EVPs. My friends and I had visited this cemetery once or twice during the day on our seacoast excursions; I absolutely love the American Gothic style carvings on the headstones, and really enjoy showing them off to whoever I can possibly drag to this quaint little cemetery. Now, they head amongst the graves with flashlights on, looking at the stones in the almost-full moonlight. I decided to start our investigation in an area I’d gotten a few K2 meter hits in the past. Years ago, we’d been sitting on the wall closest to the Peirce Island road, the K2 meter on the grass amongst the stones, and we had seen a few blips, the lights going from green to orange a handful of times. Last night, I sat along the wall with my pendulum, trying to channel whoever might be here with us. My friends gathered around as I asked the entity that came through about his name, age, and year of birth. The man we’d talked to was named William, and we went home with enough information to start our search of public record to pin down exactly who we talked to.

After I let the entity rest, my friends were off looking for a readable headstone that matched the channeled description, but to no avail. Silently, I made my way to the corner closest to the Vaughn family plot with just one of my friends who was itching to try out her own pendulum. Here, she channeled another man named Richard, who also gave us a good amount of information about himself for our research. I relayed it to my other friends, and soon they were looking for both William and Richard. Though, we can only hope whoever we did talk to was being truthful. After a while, my friend who was channeling decided to leave this entity to rest, and so we did one last sweep of the cemetery before heading back home.

Point of Graves seems very peaceful, and although it is right on top of houses and a park, and there is some foot traffic, you seem to lose yourself inside the walls. We felt nothing but comfortable here, and ended up wasting more than two hours in the cemetery. There was just enough action that my friend who’d never ghost hunted before found it interesting and intriguing, and we all left feeling satisfied with the night. Now to review the recorders, and go check records for the men we’d talked to who lived hundreds of years ago, before New Hampshire was a state, before the United States were put into existence. We are lucky to live in an area with such a rich history, and lucky to have to experiences we do when we go out hunting for ghosts.

How To Remove Trump From Office

Trump is not fit to run a cash register, much less a nation.  He needs to be removed from the presidency immediately.  Yes, Pence comes with his own problems, but they don’t include a close friendship with Vladimir Putin OR a desire to use nuclear bombs.  (Not a willingness to use them.  Trump WANTS to blow the world sky high.)

There is a way to remove Trump from office:  force the Republican Party’s hand and make them remove him.  We do this by calling them–every single day, if necessary.  If they’re too cowardly to do it of their own volition, we remind them that WE ARE NOT.

Call your state’s GOP Headquarters and leave your name, phone number, and a message.  If you need a script, try:

“My name is ________.  I am calling to demand that the Republican Party remove Donald Trump from office.  He is clearly psychologically unbalanced and unfit to lead, and values neither the Office of the President nor the Constitution.  If you have any questions, my phone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX.  Thank you.”

Below you will find the phone numbers of all 50 Republican State Headquarters.

Alabama: 205.212.5900

Alaska: 907-276-4467

Arizona: 602-957-7770

Arkansas: (501) 372-7301

California: 916-448-9496

Colorado: 303.758.3333

Connecticut: (860) 422-8211

Delaware: (302) 668-1954

Florida: (850) 222-7920

Georgia: 404.257.5559

Hawaii: (808) 593-8180

Idaho: (208) 343-6405

Illinois: 312-201-9000

Indiana: 317-635-7561

Iowa: 515.282.8105

Kansas: (785) 234-3456

Kentucky: 502.875.5130

Louisiana: 225.389.4495

Maine: 207.622.6247

Maryland: (410) 263-2125

Massachusetts: 617.523.5005

Michigan: (517) 487-5413

Minnesota: (651) 222-0022

Mississippi: 601-948-5191

Missouri: (573) 636-3146

Montana: 406.442.6469

Nebraska: 402.475.2122

Nevada: (702) 586-2000

New Hampshire:  603-225-9341

New Jersey:  (609) 989-7300

New Mexico:  505 298 3662

New York:  (518) 462-2601

North Carolina:  (919) 828-6423

North Dakota:  (701) 255-0030

Ohio: (614) 228-2481

Oklahoma: (405) 528-3501

Oregon: 503-595-8881

Pennsylvania: (717) 234-4901

Rhode Island:  401.732.8282

South Carolina:  (803) 988-8440

South Dakota:  605-224-7347

Tennessee: 615.269.4260

Texas: 512.477.9821

Utah: 801.533.9777

Vermont: (802) 223-3411

Virginia: 804-780-0111

Washington: (425)460-0570

West Virginia:  304.768.0493

Wisconsin: (608) 257-4765

Wyoming: 307-234-9166