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Emma Tempest is represented by Jed Root (New York) 

Stylist Camilla Pole 

Creative Director Stephan Moskovic 

Makeup Artist Sir John (Streeters New York) 

Hair Stylist Andre Gunn  

Manicurist Holly Falcone 

Retouching by Morph Producer Diane Lucille Suarez 

Model: Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov – The Society Management (New York)

My mom’s thoughts on what life would be like if we made other big decisions the way some of us select presidents:

“I don’t want my surgery to be done by a medical insider. I want someone who hasn’t been tainted by actually practicing medicine.”

“My mechanic is the best around, but I’m going to look for a new one because he doesn’t smile enough.”

“None of the classes my college is currently offering are exactly the way I would have designed them, so I’m just not going to register for any classes this year.”

“I was going to go out for the basketball team, but I’m not crazy about the coach’s wife.”

“This new hair stylist says she’s going to shave my whole head, but I’m sure she doesn’t really mean it, so what the heck.”


Magic: the Gathering - New York Fashion Week

James Pecis (@jamespecis), talented hairstylist at D+V (London, New York) was observed using an MTG Card, in this particular case, Trostani’s Summoner (Dragon’s Maze Uncommon), when working on Model’s hair for the J Mendel (Paris) show during New York Fashion Week.  Cards were of course removed before the models left the back stage prep ‘n’ dress area.

Liam Payne Vows To Plait Harry Styles Hair After Styling Girlfriend Sophia Smith

Liam Payne is pretty much one of our ultimate dream boyfriends, we mean, he’s beautiful, super talented, really funny, and has perhaps the biggest heart in the entire world… But now the star has also showcased a hidden talent: HE IS A PRO AT PLAITING HAIR.

Sign us up, babes, we’re 100% interested.

Liam requested the help of his gorgeous girlfriend, Sophia Smith, to share his newly discovered talent with the world, taking to his Instagram account to share a snapshot of his magic hands in action, threatening to steal One Direction stylist, Lou Teasdale’s, job in the caption that read: “Lou, there’s a new hair stylist in town”.

Ooft, something tells us that he means business.

The 22-year-old babe followed up with a pic of Soph’s completed look, writing: “Don’t think I did too bad, what do u think?”

Not bad at all, love - and if you ever fancy playing with our hair then please do feel free.

Liam’s newest passion obviously sent his millions of fans into a frenzy and the requests soon came rolling in, with one fan asking the heartthrob: “braid harry’s hair for the next show please and thanks.″

TO WHICH LIAM RESPONDED: “I could if he would sit still”.

WHAAAA? Take one for the team and sit down for two tiny minutes, Hazza - the world is ready for you to rock the plaited hair again <3.

Li also knocked back claims that he had only shared the pics to show off his fancy-pants hand tattoo, quipping to a fan who accused him of such: “Can u not see that world class braiding technique… 

“I think there’s only one thing that can be shown off in those pics ;) [sic]”.

Well, two things if you count Sophia’s super-glossy hair, to be honest.