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Man Face Monday - Great Face, Great Hair Edition

Howdy there, Face Fans!

How are you doing today? Sorry for the delay today. Oscar night got the best of me, I think! Had some fun putting edits together based on the last episode. I am seriously digging Stephen’s hair right now. Not sure how it flatters his mug so well, but it does and I am most grateful. How is the Bratva wig even more disgusting than the island wig? ::head shake::

Without further ado. Have some face. Let’s begin the week with a smile. And hair I want to ruffle. So much. 


Even in black and white. Dude. 


Green Arrow. 

A bit arty, but I liked it. 

That’s it for today, Face Seekers! I hope that your week ahead is marvelous. I am really looking forward to the next episode. Hope you are too!

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today a very sweet and gentle and thoughtful kid in a pay-what-you-can queer barbershop cut my hair the way i asked, paused to ask me to put my glasses on and have a look at each stage, asked permission before touching me, and… when i inevitably as i always do got too far down a nerd path to turn back, the point at which i am always deeply embarrassed, they introduced donna haraway and apocalyptic temporality into the conversation and i was like……… i feel safe as a queer AND a nerd???? in a hair salon?????? what is this !!!

it was wonderful

also my hair looks great

Baby Girl ::Roman Reigns::

Requested By: @m-a-t-91

Pairing: Roman Reigns x Reader

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 403

Summary/Request: Hi 🙂 could you do a flirty Roman with the new hair stylist please? Roman/Reader

A/N: BOOM! PREGNANT! lol i’m funny.

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anonymous asked:

If you haven't already done this.... how would the rfa + minor trio if you want react to an MC that has dyed her hair a rainbow color? (I just recently went rose gold/pink and it's the best decision I've ever made)

This is a super cute request from both of you anonnys! I bet rose gold and pink hair looks amazing, that sounds like such a pretty color for your hair! I’ve always wanted to try and dye my hair a different color but I’ll just stick with my dirt brown hair for now! Anyways, I hope that you all enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung absolutely adores your new unique hair color!
  • He’s the type of guy to never judge people based on their looks so he thinks that if dying your hair a unique color makes you happy, them so he’s happy too
  • This boy knows a thing or two about dying his own hair so Yoosung’s definitely willing to give you some tips and tricks on how to make your color last longer
  • He loves helping you decide what color to dye your hair next, it makes him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside knowing that you value his opinion
  • Yoosung totally shows you off to all of his friends, saying that you’re the coolest girlfriend ever for many reasons but one being how awesome your hair color is
  • He’s never really considered dyeing his own hair a crazy color and will most likely leave that to you
  • Yoosung basically loves you no matter what but having a super awesome dyed hair color makes him love you that much more!


  • Zen already has his own unique silver hair color so when you walk into the room with a crazy new hair color, he’s in love!
  • He’ll gush over how beautiful your new hair color looks, constantly running his fingers through it as he admires your work
  • Zen takes you to one of his rehearsals one day and everyone asks if you’re wearing a wig to which Zen proudly responds that you dyed your hair yourself
  • Now every one of Zen’s cast mates wants you to dye their hair thanks to Zen
  • Even though he’s really into the idea of dyeing his own hair pink, Zen’s not sure if he’s willing to commit so he leaves the cool hair dying to you
  • He really enjoys helping you pick out which hair dye you should use next and gives you awesome advice based on your personality and natural looks
  • Zen loves the fact that you’re so willing to express yourself through your hair color and will always admire you because of it!


  • Jaehee is pretty surprised when she sees you with a new unique hair color
  • She’s a bit skeptical at first, asking if the brand of hair dye you used was safe, if you dyed your hair properly, if it’ll last forever, and so on
  • This girl will come off as a worrier, asking if it was really the wisest decision to dye your hair a crazy color
  • But deep down Jaehee really admires you for breaking the status quo and being true to yourself
  • She ends up helping you decide what to dye your hair color next because she says she’ll help you make the best choice
  • Plus she adores looking through all of the pretty colors and helping you decide which hair color is best makes Jaehee so happy
  • No way this woman will let you dye her hair any color different from her own, but she’s honestly super honored that you asked
  • Jaehee may seem like she disapproves of you dyeing your hair but in all actuality she becomes excited to see what hair color you’ll have next!


  • Jumin does a double take when he sees you walk into the room with a unique hair color
  • He’s immediately on the phone with the company that sells the type of shampoo you use since he thinks that this is their product’s doing
  • After telling Jumin that you purposely dyed your hair this color, he asks why
  • With some explaining, Jumin understands and says that he thinks that the color suits you and wants to help next time you dye your hair
  • He becomes paranoid that some hair dye will get onto Elizabeth the Third’s fur so you have to be careful
  • Jumin gives you some surprisingly good advice on what hair dye colors would look best on you
  • You teasingly suggest that he dyes his hair as well and he just nods
  • The next day you see Jumin with bright green hair, he asks you how it looks but you couldn’t stop laughing to answer
  • Luckily Jumin used a hair dye that only lasted until the next shower but you got lots of photos of his green locks
  • Jumin starts to enjoy hair dyeing and often asks if he can help you because that means spending more time with you!


  • Seven is amazed at how awesome your new hair color is and how good it looks on you
  • He’s always wanted to dye his hair a crazy color but you tell him he’s insane enough, plus red hair suits him well
  • Instead, Seven becomes your new hair stylist, even wearing some cosplay to help look the part
  • This boy is an amazing hair stylist and perfectly dyes your hair every time, claiming that he’s a natural
  • Seven’ll sometimes put random colored streaks in the back of your hair where you can’t see it, snickering the entire time
  • He likes the fact that you aren’t afraid to dye your hair crazy colors and he really looks up to you because of it
  • Seven almost cries when you walk in one day with your hair dyed the same bright red as his
  • He calls you, himself, and Saeran the tomato triplets, Saeran promptly asks you to dye your hair another color
  • Seven’ll sometimes randomly pet your hair because of how pretty your hair is since it’s one of the many reasons why he adores you!


  • V’s always playing with your hair in general so he notices right away that it’s dyed a new unique color
  • And honestly, V loves it
  • But really, what would he have to judge you anyway, this boy’s got pastel cotton candy blue hair
  • So V truly doesn’t mind what hair color you’ve dyed your hair because in his opinion, you look beautiful no matter what
  • He tries his best to help you, he really does, when it comes to assisting your re-dyeing your hair
  • V helps you look up some recipes to create a more safe and natural hair dye to help you keep your healthy hair plus it means he can help you make it
  • He also has a keen eye for picking out what color would look best on you, V will just have to stand really close to you to see you good enough to do so
  • The two of you are dubbed ‘the cool hair colored couple’ by Seven and Yoosung - To V, dyeing your hair a new color makes you defined yourself in your own way and even more picture perfect then you already are!


  • Saeran loves the fact that you changed your hair color to something new and crazy!
  • This boy is basically the king of hair dyeing so having his advice and assistance is extremely helpful
  • He’ll give you lots of tips and let you know the best hair dye brands, how to properly dye your roots, how to make it last as long as possible, and so on
  • When picking out what color to dye your hair, Saeran will study each color, holding it up to your hair to see which color looks best
  • He’s basically taken the role of your new hair stylist and hair dyer, Saeran takes his new role very seriously bless his heart
  • Saeran also in general loves playing with your hair so he now has a viable excuse to do so making him lowkey super happy
  • But there’s no way he’d ever dye his hair again, he doesn’t want to bring up bad memories from his past
  • So he’ll just stick to helping you with your hair dyeing, something that the two of you can agree on
  • Saeran is incredibly supportive of you dyeing your hair and you’ll definitely start to receive more compliments from him!


  • Vanderwood doesn’t even bat an eye when you walk past him with your newly dyed hair
  • So you walk past him again, and again… and again
  • Frustration starts to well up inside of you, you know this man can be thick but this is ridiculous for Vanderwood standards
  • So you decide to put in some hair dye in his shampoo, maybe he’ll notice then
  • Vanderwood comes out of the shower screaming why his hair is bright red and you tell him that it’s because he was ignoring you and your awesome newly dyed hair
  • He sighs and crosses his arms saying that you looked beautiful to him no matter what, even if you change your hair color he finds you gorgeous
  • Leave it to Vanderwood to be such a romantic man who always leaves you flustered
  • You tell him that the hair dye will be out in a week or so but he’s more upset that you picked bright red, the same as an idiot that he knows
  • From then on, Vanderwood always makes sure to point out how cool your new hair color is since he genuinely likes it!
BTS reaction: you are a make up artist/stylist of Big Hit that looks cold, but actually is nice and kind hearted so they fall for you:

There is your request @leellajk 

I’m sorry, it didn’t went well, but hope you won’t be dissatisfied


You were Namjoon’s personal stylist who get him ready for a photoshoot. Ever since he tried to talk to you the conversation was cold and tence. He thought that you will never get along as your characters are too different, but his mind on you has changed. He was drinking a coffee on a break and spilled it accidentally on his shirt so you had to fix this.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry. I didn’t want to spoil everything”

“Hey, Namjoon listen. Everything is okay. I have been working in this industry for long time so you are not the first and not the least.”

You gave him a warm and calming smile. The idea “wow, she can be soft as well” appeared in his mind. Since that day he is your friend who has head over heels for you.

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You were BTS’s new hair stylist who set Jin’s hair for a performance. You two were working in silence as Jin had heard that you are not so talkative. He just stared at you in the mirror thinking whether to begin conversation or not. But, you ended styling him and Jin had to go on stage. He decided to talk to you after the performance.

“Y/N….ehm. Can I ask you something?”

“Go for it.”

“You don’t like me, right?”

“Who told you that?”

“I mean, you are always so quiet when I’m around. So..”

“The matter is that it’s difficult for me to meet new people. I’m scared of what they would think about me”

“Aww, you are so awkward. I didn’t expect you to be so. Would you mind going out with me for a cup of tea and tell me some more about youself?”

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Here y/n would be not a stylist, but photographer. Hope, it’s nothing

Min Suga was about to realise a new hit of Agust D so he was doing a promo photoshoot. You were the best photographer of Seoul who worked with the best out of best such as CL, GD, Hyuna, EXO, WINNER and many others. There was no doubt that Suga’s photoshoot gonna be made by such a professional. When you started working, only thing you talked about was how Yoongi should pose or turn his face. He is the type who likes non-talkative ones, but not when it comes to the girl that he began to like.

“Are you always so silent?”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard that. Are you always not talking much or is it just because of me.”

“I should not speak with you about stuff that doesn’t concern to work.  You manager gave me clear instructions on how to act.”

“Hm, such a good girl. Never break rules, yeah? Okay, let’s meet somewhere out of that “professional” shit and enjoy ourselves”

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Hoseok’s hair stylist who he had been working with for 3 years had left the company so J-Hope wasn’t keen on the idea to start working with a new one, who doesn’t know anything about which hairstyles suites him and which don’t. He was sitting with dissatisfied facial impression when you came in. You thought it would be better not to talk to him in order not to make him feel more displeased. At the same time, Hope was regreting his behaviour as he thought that you are pretty cute and good-looking.

“Y/N, I’m sorry”

“For what?”

“I didn’t want to make you think that i’m a spoilt celebrity. I was just sad that my previous hairstylist had left. I know you felt bad since we didn’t talked much”

“Oh, thanks God. I felt like you hated me.”

“ No way. You are too cute to be hated”

He gave you a sincere smile and after that you knew you are going to make friends and Hoseok already had plans on you

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BTS were about to perform Blood, sweat & tears during their American Wings tour. You had to help Jimin to dress his costume and add some suitable accessories. That was your fisrt time working with BTS so you didn’t know what should you do. When you came to Jimin he asked you whether you was new to Big Hit.

“Hi, I’m Jimin. Nice to meet you. Are you new?”

“Hi, I’m Y/N. I just joined the company”

After that the dialogue didn’t take shape. Both of you were keeping silince. Jimin was only looking down on the floor and not in your eyes. You thought that he disliked you. After a concert Namjoon came to you.

“Y/N, you look upset. What happend?”

“Oh, I think Jimin isn’t happy that I’m here”

“He had asked me advice on how to get closer to you. Do you still think he isn’t happy that you are here.”

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When you began working for Big Hit, your boss told you to do make up for BTS. You were on cloud nine as they are your faves and became even happier when they told you to work with Taehyung. He was your main bias so you was extra excited. You were worried about saying something wrong so you decided not to talk a lot. 

“Y/N, how are you doing everything so perfect?”

“I have been learning for 5 years.”

“Wow, you should teach me how to be so diligent or something”

“Maybe one day I will”

“Do you feel uncomfotable around me?”

“I’m sorry,  I’m just worried about the first working day with you”

“So let’s meet somewhere and get to know each other better”

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It was your first working day. BTS were prepairing to sing their new comeback song on stage of M Countdown. You had to try hard and make Jungkook’s makeup look perfect. You were drawing his waterline when a question came out of nowhere.

“Y/N, you can refuse of working with me and choose another member. It would be ok with me”

“Why would I want to?”

“You are so cold to me, I must be annoying you”

“Jungkook, you are not annoying me. I’m just trying to make you look even more perfect”

“Y/N, you are the only perfect one in here”

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Kang Daniel Hogwarts Au!

So I thought, hey, how could I start this blog? A Hogwarts au! Please nice I’m only a small bean~

•Kang Daniel is your friendly neighborhood Hufflepuff,
•(Could also high key be Gryffindor but Hufflepuff Daniel!!!),
•He’s probably prefect because let’s be real could he be anything else?,
•Also one of the teams chasers,
•You’re Slytherin who’s also a chaser so yanno, You’re competitive,
•And when you pass each other in the halls you always shout playful jeers at each other that are SO BAD,
•"Hey Y/N,  they say laughter is the best medicine, everyone would be healthy if they watched you play.“,
•"Was I ment to be offended, Kang? The only thing offending me is your face.”,
•You can’t help but laugh at eachother/your selves because they seem to get worse each time,
•But Daniel is a goof with you and it’s probably just what you need,
•(Don’t we all need a lil bit of goofy Daniel?),
•Although sometimes he makes you want to scream,
•You were in potions and making a potion that would flash colours and fizz (because it’s pretty yanno) but yours would only turn dull blues and browns,
•So here comes Daniel with this pot of whatever,
•"Here Y/N this should brighten it up.“,
•Next thing you know it’s a neon orange and FIZZING,
•Although fizzing isn’t a strong enough word because that stuff is like a bowl of Coco pops on crack,
•Long story short you manage to loose your eyebrows and could only see in black and white for a few days,
•Daniel walks you to madam Pomfrey, Apologizing all the way but you can see him laughing when he thinks your not looking,
•So you hex his hair to turn pink but he actually turns out liking it,
•So you become his new hair stylist,
•The Slytherin stereotype is to be great at potions but nope, not you,
•So you reluctantly start working more with Daniel because, despite a few rare hiccups that are generally hilarious, he’s pretty good at potions,
•And you’re brilliant at transfiguration so it works both ways and you end up spending so much time together that others start to think it’s suspicious,
•And, honestly, so do you,
•Daniel always catches you at breakfast or lunch and asks for help in something or another,
•And then when you get round to it you can tell he’s lying and is actually perfect,
•You confront him each time and it always goes like,
•"Huh, I guess I’m just better than I think I am,”
•"So can we head off, I heard Jisung and Seongwoo are going to See who can eat the most Puking Pasties in a minute"
•"No, come on Y/N, we’re here now we might as well just stay, do you want to go for a walk around the lake?“
•And you can’t say no to him, because when he asks you it always makes your heart flutter in a small way that you crave,
•It’s the final quidditch match of the summer and boy are you ready to WIN,
•The score is 130-160 to Hufflepuff and you aren’t having any of it,
•One of your team mates manages to steal the quaffle (right as the snitch has been spotted) and launches it at you,
•Just as you throw the ball the bludger comes flying at you and damn is that thing fast,
•You fall off your broom and are dangerously hurtling towards the ground but you don’t care because the quaffle has just gone through the hoop,
•But then u realise,
•Damn what happens when you hit the ground?
•But before you know Daniels swooped down and rescued you like a damn knight in shining armour with a huge grin as you gather your surroundings and rest your hands on his shoulders for support,
•You giggle a little when you see the shine in his eyes as he leans in slowly,
•Woojin’s the commentator "And just as we where all about to never be able to watch Quidditch again, Kang Daniel flies in to save us all from being scarred and- LOOK AWAY KIDS! JISUNG YOU OWE ME 5 GALLEON- and prof. McGonagall would like you to know Hufflepuff have won”
•Your kinda salty Hufflepuff won but you’re going to have to live with it,
•That trip to Madame Pomfrey is a hell of a lot of pain but, hey, Daniel doesn’t leave your side,
•Dating Daniel would be like before but x10,
•More awful jeers but just as everyone thought they couldn’t get worse,
•"Hey Y/N, you need more quidditch practice, not only do you fall off your broom but you fall for me.“
•"So you can catch me but not the quaffle?”
•Everyone groans,
•But you guys are giggling,
•Dates to the astronomy tower late at night where you’d talk about your worries for the future or your deepest thoughts,
•Dates to the kitchen where your joke around and give Daniel a beard with whipped cream,
•The room of requirement used atleast twice a week to be able to chill and cuddle together in peace,
•Everyone knows about you guys so constant teasing,
•Your THE couple in Hogwarts even the first years know and everyone comes to you for advice aswell,
•"you’re asking me to help when I’ve got that dork?“
•You love him really,
•You both get eachother goofy hand made Christmas presents, like a poorly stitched pillow that says ‘My Boo’ in changing colors because you’re cheesy,
•You could be walking to the nearest park to your house in the holidays and suddenly Daniel will apparate , grab your hand and you’re off to a new location he’s found that are always so damn pretty,
•Daniel talks you over and you ultimately become part of the pink hair Squad,

Ta da! So it’s nothing spectacular but I love Daniel and Hogwarts headcanons! Hope you enjoyed~

(Also I gotta say I’m heavily inspired by imagineproduce101 because they’re great pls check them out)

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Emma Tempest is represented by Jed Root (New York) 

Stylist Camilla Pole 

Creative Director Stephan Moskovic 

Makeup Artist Sir John (Streeters New York) 

Hair Stylist Andre Gunn  

Manicurist Holly Falcone 

Retouching by Morph Producer Diane Lucille Suarez 

Model: Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov – The Society Management (New York)


So, as you guys who have been following me for a while know, I donate my hair every year to people who are less fortunate and going through some things in life. I’ve been doing it for nine or ten years now, and every time it’s hard because I had so much hair. My new stylist was very nice though, we were both new Yorkers so we got along well. But yeah, here’s the new do for the time being.

As always, I hope the lovely person who gets my hair loves it as much as I loved it.

A Good Hair Day

Genre: Romance and Friendship

Rating: T (for one tiny innuendo)

Prompt: Imagine person A braiding person B’s hair while person B works on a project (via @otpprompts​).

Pairing: Nalu

Words: 2,487 

Summary: Natsu finds Lucy struggling with her hair while she writes and decides to help her with it. Happy, tangled fun ensues.

Notes: Just some happy slice of their life fluff, for all those who need it in this time of angst and war.

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Natsu was bored.

Sure, Lucy’s bed was comfy and the room smelt awesome thanks to her freshly washed, still drying hair, but Natsu truly was bored.

Happy had shoo-ed him off earlier that evening to try and attempt to woo Carla uninterrupted; and as soon as Natsu reached Lucy’s room (through the window as usual) she had stormed out of the bathroom - all clean, nice-smelling and dressed - with an expression that meant she had an idea and that she had to write, ready to take down Vulcans with her bare hands should they come between her and her desk right then.

She didn’t even say hi.

‘Did she even notice me here?’ he had asked himself.

Now sick of staring at the ceiling,  Natsu sat up on Lucy’s bed, ready to whine and catch her attention, when his own was diverted. By her.

She was hunched over her desk writing so furiously, a small part of him wondered if she would up setting the paper on fire.

‘That’d be pretty cool,’ he decided, with a small grin.

But what had stopped him from unleashing his distract-Lucy ammo were her eyes. Even from this angle he could see the passion they held for the words she was churning out a mile a minute. Her face scrunched up, her eyebrows furrowed and lips pursed - she was clearly in the zone.

And he couldn’t mess with that.

But there was one thing marring that image of sheer determination and focus – irritation.

No, not at Natsu (for once), but at the strands of her hair that would fall over her shoulder, tickle her face and land onto the sheets on which she was currently painting her protagonist’s ruin. She would flick the offending locks back distractedly, and in a rush to get back to her penning, not do a very good job of it. Which meant in moments her hair would fall back onto the work she didn’t want to pause even for a second, much to her annoyance. This had happened several times in the few minutes Natsu had been observing and he nearly found it funny.

Actually he did find it funny.

Only he liked observing her passionately writing even more.

Making up his mind, he walked over to Lucy’s dresser.

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VS Model Alter Ego- By Ben Cope

I wanted to do a photo shoot with longer hair, make it wet and sexy with a vampy makeup look, so I gathered my amazing team which consisted of my boyfriend and photographer bencope, my best friend and makeup artist Anna Branson and new friend and hair stylist Adrian Arredondo and got to work. We did a few different looks, but heres one to give you a taste of what we did. I felt totally transformed. I’ve had short hair for so long I forgot how much easier modeling with long hair, it’s like automatically sexier without even trying. So ridiculous. It definitely made me consider growing it out.

Looking For Artists

We at Rated Raw wanna talk about upcoming art and artists, and the quality of your vision. It will always be our goal to bring you guys to the light at ZERO cost to you. Our purpose is to give you guys the limelight and to give you a place where your art and hard work can be appreciated and noticed by many people and platforms! Right now our blog isnt very big but we have a goal to be one of the top online providers of art and new media. If you see this and you want someone else pushing for your success please send us a message and let us get to know you so we can so the world how great you are!!

-Rated Raw