new gypsy

The Enlightened Perspective Spread– before you make a decision about someone or something, or feel you’ve got all the facts, and know what’s up… consult this spread to get some down-to-earth guidance and perspective. Or perhaps you just want to see what’s in the air about your day, understand your coworker, parent, or boss better, or even reflect on the decisions you’ve made, ego-free or ego-driven? Maybe you want to see how some drama will play out.

  1. Subject: Who? What is going on?
  2. Intention: What do they seek?
  3. Perception: How are they seen?
  4. Perception: How they see themself?
  5. Connection: What else is involved?
  6. Thought: What are they thinking?
  7. Action: What are they doing?
  8. Speech: What are they saying?
  9. Emotion: What are they feeling?
  10. Error: What is the mistake?
  11. Success: What is the truth?
  12. Desire: What do they want?
  13. Optimism: When it will come?
  14. Pessimism: What will prevent it?
  15. Dedication: What should be done?
  16. Lesson: What will they learn?
  17. Hope: What will derail progress?
  18. Finality: What will likely happen?

Other spreads.

I just want a dope group of friends who I can 100% vibe with

People who:

  • will come get me in the middle of the night just to go driving and listening to music
  • are creative, who like photography, film, art, writing, music etc. 
  • have dreams and goals
  • will travel with me and go on road trips 
  • will make tons of crazy memories with me
  • are connected to their spirituality
  • will do psychedelics with me
  • will go to concerts and raves with me
  • people who are crazy, weird, hippies, and free spirits. 

If this sounds like you we should be friends