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2017 August favorite new songs/ albums

  • Kesha ‘Rainbow’ album [Woman, Godzilla]
  • Miley Cyrus - Younger Now
  • Katy Perry - Swish Swish ft. Nicki Minaj
  • Taylor Swift ‘reputation’ album [Look What You Made Me Do]

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I just started working a coffeeshop on my campus and it's been great! The only thing is that the assistant manager seems to hate me for some reason? Idk why, I thought it was just him, but he's really cool with the other new ppl :/ then today he's training someone, so I went to the register & he came back & started telling the new grl "idk why she always does this" & didn't say anything to my face!! Idk what I did to make him dislike me, but I'm really fkng tired of him


G.R.L’s new music video for Lighthouse, a tribute for Simone Battle


Military unit R.U.N.E

Element: Water

The Reinforced Unit for Nautical Expedition, an advanced gynoid designed to withstand extreme aquatic environments, and carve a path for other units with her high power Auto-Sickle. Despite her crucial role, Rune doesn’t take her ob very seriously, and is prone to slacking off or just being kind of silly. However, when she does get the drive to do something, it’s best to stay out of her way until the job’s done.

(i am nearing the limits of both my ability and collection, so this is the last new grl you’ll be seeing, her head is a stand-in until i can puzzle up a better one, oops.)


GRL - Lighthouse

New single In memory of Simone Battle

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High school locker room evanstan au get it grl

“The new kid’s hot,” Chris said, shoving a handful of popcorn in his mouth. “That one who’s like, Romanian?”

The rest of the soccer team shrugged. Chris was the captain and was extremely well liked, and didn’t give a damn if anyone knew about his bisexuality, even to the point of broadcasting it loudly during lunch.

“I’m thinking of asking him to try out,” Chris continued.

“Yeah?” Jeremy asked, swiping some of Chris’s fries. “What, so you can stare at his ass all day?”

“No, fuckwad, so we can actually win games.” Chris smacked the back of Jeremy’s head. “Ass-staring can happen off the field.”

“How do you know he likes dudes?” Jeremy’s girlfriend Scarlett asked.

“I don’t,” Chris shrugged. “But I’ll find out.”

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