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The romantic forces are all there; you want to see her, you always notice her, you treat every word from her as if it weighs more than anyone else’s, but you don’t know that you’re doing it. You’d follow her to the end of the earth and not even notice your feet were moving. So this is love. (insp)

Happy Valentine’s Day, IchiHime Fandom! ♥


my werewolf– my second skin


I’ll catch you, darling, I’ll be waiting 
I am on your side

helloyourataco  asked:

Hi! Could you possibly draw gradient sans :3?

Gradient made by the awesome @askcomboclub aka. @roseworks!

Took me quite a while to draw ^^; (I don’t have much time as usual…)

(Or more like - I want to spend hours fully concentrated and most of the time I don’t feel in the mood for fully concentrated :V I’m more one for doodles)

Challenged myself to draw Gradient entirely digital to try out my “new” computer’s graphics! And it works sooo better than on the old one! #.#


our wonder of the stars is bone-sunk; we’ve been thinking and dreaming and watching and watching and watching since the beginning of time, and we looked for so long that we started making connections. we played a celestial game of connect-the-dots; trying to find order in something so vast and trying to show that the stars are in everything and everything is in the stars. [x]


In the end, we reached the mirage
And it became our reality
The scary desert
Became the ocean with our blood, sweat and tears
But why is there this fear
In between the happiness?
Because we know too well that this place is really a desert...  

forgot to post this to tumblr yesterday, but on a whim i sprinkled some of the pine trees from the forest around greenridge real quick and i really like how it looks. it’s a subtle difference but i think it changes the vibe of the town just a little bit, and the added visual variety is nice

Never let them know your weakness, they will use it against you.



fake movie meme → Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Ariel
Darren Criss as Prince Eric
Kathy Bates as Ursula


These are the ZX Spectrum works from this year’s Chaos Construction demoscene party that took place last weekend in St. Petersburg.

The images above are ordered from first to last place as voted at the party (7th place that is not in the chart is Drinker by Dimidrol).

Dmitri ‘Moroz1999′ Ponomarjov cleaned the place with the best entry in the main graphics category (new works prepared earlier for the competition) as well as in realtime graphics, which is a 2.5h competition that happens at the event (the prompt was ‘city of the future’).

There were much fewer entries in realtime than last year (I slept through it after working all night on the main entry lol), but all in all we got some great new works added to the Spectrum scene.