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The romantic forces are all there; you want to see her, you always notice her, you treat every word from her as if it weighs more than anyone else’s, but you don’t know that you’re doing it. You’d follow her to the end of the earth and not even notice your feet were moving. So this is love. (insp)

Happy Valentine’s Day, IchiHime Fandom! ♥


my werewolf– my second skin


The many faces of Nefertari Vivi from EP.776/777 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

new years was hours ago over here so this is more of a bias list celebrating 2017 rather than saying goodbye to the old year as originally planned.  i did the math even though i personally suck at it,  i’ve had this blog since september 2012.  can you believe that? honestly it’s crazy that i’ve come this far and for so many people to follow and appreciate me really astounds me.  2016 was a bumpy year for me and this blog, activity was scarce and to be honest this year was pretty much a mess so i’m happy to finally say goodbye and look forward to a more fabulous new year.  anyways thank you all for just being here. i’m sappy and terrible at these sort of things but even with the hunger games over, this blog and gale still means a lot to me and for those who don’t know i have trouble letting go so to know that people still want me around and are willing to write with me makes my time here even more worthwhile. so here is to five years of writing this freedom fighter and i look forward to many more. hope everybody has a wonderful new year!

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I’ll catch you, darling, I’ll be waiting 
I am on your side


our wonder of the stars is bone-sunk; we’ve been thinking and dreaming and watching and watching and watching since the beginning of time, and we looked for so long that we started making connections. we played a celestial game of connect-the-dots; trying to find order in something so vast and trying to show that the stars are in everything and everything is in the stars. [x]


Juuzou Suzuya (鈴屋 什造)
Associate Special Class
3 years later


January 23-29, 2017

The members of the JonerysNetwork want to help expand the fan output for our favorite Game of Thrones ship of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. To this end we’ve decided to host the first annual Jonerys Appreciation Week.

We hope to encourage all the amazing and talented fans out there to create new original art work, graphics, fan fiction, edits and other forms of expression to celebrate this awesome (and hopefully) future pairing.

To help inspire you during the week we have created a series of prompts to get those creative juices flowing. Additionally, we’ll be counting down from day 31 till Jonerys Appreciation Week begins. Each countdown post will include an example of what can be done with the prompts, these will be of course just a small portion of what can be achieve, the sky is the limit here.


  • Day 1: Ice and Fire or Alternative Universe
  • Day 2: Favorite Parallel(s) or Fluff
  • Day 3: Dragon Queen & White Wolf or Angst or Smut
  • Day 4: Books Appreciation or Role Reversal
  • Day 5: Favorite Quote(s) or War and Peace
  • Day 6: Azor Ahai Prophecy
  • Day 7: Free Choice


During the week the members of Jonerysweek will be answering your questions. Please go here to leave us your questions.


The Jonerysweek blog has been created for the purpose of rebloggimg all the new work created for Jonerys Appreciation Week, so please make sure to use the tags #jonerysweek and #jonerysedit


If you need more inspiration please check out these links: Jonerys Foreshadowing , Jonerys Parallels, Jonerys FanFic

I am back from NYC and armed with a new (smoothly working) graphic tablet!

And it was Joker time! I wanted to make him look more like “straight from a tv cartoon”. Here is Batsy’s private Angel (of Death)…psst, I can’t get Batman: Europa out of my head :D


Late night work since I ended up sleeping all day! I’ll think about getting my sleep schedule back on track later. For now, it’s getting these doggos ready for their ad in the Bay Area’s Pet Expo!

Got my cocoa staying warm on my Mr. Coffee heater and my musical playlist playing in the background while everyone else sleeps. Sometimes I appreciate times like these. :)

fifteen men in september by ballantine

Silver can’t look at the other man in this moment, doesn’t want to show the captain the fear in his eyes. Instead he keeps his head down and bites out something that is half a smile, half a grimace. He remembers the other thing Flint said in the maroon camp. “I don’t think I can’t talk my way out of this one.”


Over the past couple weeks I have ramped up, and completed the design of a new logo and brand for myself to be used across my website, social media and print collateral. I have separated my process into different images. 

1. composition, shape, & type

2. type, & size

3. color 

4 & 5. the finished product.

It took me a very long time to figure out how to go about this. I put a lot of pressure at first to make sure the relationship between Rich Daley & Poor Nitely was noticeable. Eventually I decided to separate the two and make Poor Nitely the face of the brand and the focus, because the relationship between the two names doesn’t hold any true value. Once I was able to realize this I was able to really solve the problem and infuse it with my energy.

Real happy with the way this turned out, and I can’t wait to see how it’s received by employers and peers this year.