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The romantic forces are all there; you want to see her, you always notice her, you treat every word from her as if it weighs more than anyone else’s, but you don’t know that you’re doing it. You’d follow her to the end of the earth and not even notice your feet were moving. So this is love. (insp)

Happy Valentine’s Day, IchiHime Fandom! ♥


my werewolf– my second skin

the root of the root (and the bud of the bud) by Jaded/@operaticspacetrash

A  rebelcaptain Time Traveler’s Wife AU

Cassian meets her first on Fest when he is a child, a woman in green walking barefoot in the snow.  They don’t speak, but she exists as one of his earliest memories, a blot of color against a sea of white. Her hair is in a scarf but the wind blows it off, and brown hair uncurls for him to see. “Who are you?” he asks, but something glows bright against her chest and she disappears.


I’ll catch you, darling, I’ll be waiting 
I am on your side


Juuzou Suzuya (鈴屋 什造)
Associate Special Class
3 years later


fake movie meme → Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Ariel
Darren Criss as Prince Eric
Kathy Bates as Ursula


our wonder of the stars is bone-sunk; we’ve been thinking and dreaming and watching and watching and watching since the beginning of time, and we looked for so long that we started making connections. we played a celestial game of connect-the-dots; trying to find order in something so vast and trying to show that the stars are in everything and everything is in the stars. [x]


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