new gnisis cornerclub

Stars in the Shadows

A long awaited drink, thought Ulkon, stepping through the snow covered road through the all too familiar Grey Quarter. He huddled in the deep ash hue of his cloak, hood pulled over far enough to obscure his eyes. While he found Skyrim quite fascinating compared to Blacklight, he still never found himself comforted by the snow. Though it was nice to look up and see stars, instead of ash.

His destination was found at the doorway to the New Gnisis Cornerclub, heading through the door with a hung head. He quickly pulled his hood back to let the ebon locks flow freely forth, sighing out at the feeling of the warm hearth within. He pulled forth a stool from under the bar and plopped down, raising his hand in order to request a bottle of sujamma.

At this point, he glanced around, the few other Dunmer within being worn souls who had come here out of fear and desperation.

It was tragic to him, really.

zeldamaniac23-deactivated201612  asked:

"Ah... Another day, another head to hang on my wall." said Wolf, drinking some Alto Wine in the New Gnisis Cornerclub. Of all the Stormcloaks, he was the only one allowed in. He soon noticed someone he recognized sit beside him. "Wolfgang, what're you doing here? Usually it's your brother who's out and about."

“The crow is no more,” she said In the same dark tone that shepherd used so often.

jxnkraat  asked:

I don't know if you use PC or console or if you mod but, I've found a terrifying looking creature in the attic of the New Gnisis cornerclub. I only saw a glimpse of it, but when I turn on predator vision, it looks like a wolf, and I hear a wolf, but I can see what I believe is teeth clipping through the floor... Now I'm scared of Windhelm and a lot of other places. Any idea on what it is?

Wtf. So creepy ;__; I want you to gather your courage and go back there and take a screenshot of it for us! I have no idea what it is and it sounds really odd. Have you downloaded some sort of scary creatures mods or horror mods? It sounds like somethig the vanilla game definitely shouldn’t have, even if as a glitch. :O

- Katrin