new girl s1


OITNB - Favorite songs;

Regina Spektor - You’ve Got Time

Staple Singers - I’ll Take You There

Leagues - Walking Backwards

Andrew Bird - Pulaski At Night

Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down

Blue Oyster Cult - (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

The Shirelles - Mama Said

Phases - I’m In Love With My Life

Kaleo - Way Down We Go

LP - Muddy Waters

teen wolf inspires me because I’ve never been so determined to grow up and make a TV show that actually respects it’s own characters

The Dragon's Call
  • Gaius: You know, I'll - I'll be like your guide.
  • Merlin: Like Gandalf through Middle Earth?
  • Gaius: Probably not like...okay. First of all, let's just, let's take the Lord of the Rings references, let's put them in a deep, dark cave, okay, where no one's gonna find them, ever.
  • Merlin: Except Smeagol.
  • Merlin: He lives in a cave.
Netflix Suggestions? Or just binge worthy shows?

Here’s my watched or watching list. If I haven’t finished up the show, its because it got boring to me or I’m coming back to it. I really really like detective like shows or crime. 

Alphas (S1-2)*
American Horror Story (S1-3)
Arrow (S1)
Attack on Titan (S1)
Better Call Saul (S1)
Black Butler (S1-2)
Blacklist (S1-2)
Bob’s Burgers (S1-5)
Bones (S1-10)
Breaking Bad (S1-5)*
Breakout Kings (S1-2)*
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S1)
Burn Notice (S1-7)*
Case Closed (Collection 1)
Chuck (S1-3)
Death in Paradise (S1-4)*
Dexter (S1-3)
Doctor Who (S1-whenever the 11th doctor turned into 12th doctor)
Drop Dead Diva (S1-2)
Durarara!! (S1)
Flash (S1)
House (S1-5)
How to Get Away With Murder (S1)
iZombie (S1)
Leverage (S1-6)*
Lie to Me (S1-3)*
Life (S1-2)*
Luther (S1)
Mysteries of Laura (S1)
Nana (S1)
NCIS (S1-12)
New Girl (S1-3)
Nikita (S1-4)*
Numb3rs (S1-6)*
Nurse Jackie (S1- in the middle of it)
Orange is the New Black (S1)
Ouran High School Host Club (S1)*
Parks and Rec (S1- almost done with last season)
Pretty Little Liars (S1-2)
Prison Break (S1-4)*
Psych (S1-8)*
Raising Hope (S1-6)*
Royal Pains (S1-6)
Scrubs (S1-2)
Sherlock (S1)
Supernatural (S1- ep 13
Sword Art Online (S1-2)
Taxi Brooklyn (S1)*
The 100 (S1)
The Finder (S1)*
Torchwood (S1-4)*
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S1-2)
Vampire Diaries (S1)
Weeds (S1-5)
White Collar (S1-6)*
Young and Hungry (S1-2)

* = canceled or finished 

bold = currently watching

Kava in progress.

I haven’t had any for a while, I didn’t want to risk it causing issues with my beta blocker taper.

I made a small weaker batch tonight and had approx 2 shells. I feel nice. Last time it reacted with my meds stuff and made me feel crappy so its nice to know it will still give me love when I need it.

I also think that last time was a mix of its reverse tolerance and me making a somewhat strong instant batch, and downing it too fast with too little water or food in me.

Watching New Girl S1. Feel good. Goofy. Nick makes me feel like I am sane,and I want to be him, say whatever he has in his head but with my head. Sure, a bunch of adults all living in a loft together is weird but without that, we wouldn’t have NewGirl.