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Green: You are irrationally angry 365 days a year.
Blue: Well, that’s just your personal opinion because I don’t have anger issues. Do you guys think I have anger issues?
Vio: Well, I wouldn’t really call it an issue. An issue is something you can fix.


    This is a list of things i don’t really write for anymore, but are still available for you to read


Teen Wolf 


  • Dating Scott would include [Link]


  • ops.. Wrong number [Link]
  • Dating stiles would include [Link]


  • Dating Theo would include [Link]


Jon Snow:

  • Snow’s first series: (Kiss)
  • The Gift of Snow (Here)
  • Dating Jon snow would Include… (Here)

Robb Stark:

  • Story time- (Here)
  • Dating Robb Stark would include… (Here)

Theon Greyjoy:



  • Dating Dean would include (Here)


Teen Wolf:


  • How they Kiss you (Here)
  • Jealousy (Here)


  • How you met (Here)
  • How they first look at you (Here)

Soulmate AU:

“i don’t care what you’re telling me, that baby is not mine. we slept together once, and i know you have a reputation, sweetie. so you’re getting jack shit in terms of my money.” it was no secret that nathan had a lot of money. and by a lot, it was in the millions. this wouldn’t be the first time a girl he had a one night stand with tried to piggy back off his earnings, and he certainly wasn’t about to fall for this little trick.

skyott  asked:

My fave bit of your art will always be the comic with Dorian telling Sera, "You treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol, you treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol. Science." I laugh so hard I cry every time I see it. (Tbh I totally have it saved as a draft so I never loose it.)

Hehe, yes, I remember that one. It was fun to draw, even more so cuz I used to love New Girl show 😂 Link to the comic:
(awwww that’s so sweet thank you 💕)