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New short interview on Grazia italia, Eddie interviewed in Venice by Piero Macchioni.

Eddie spoke about two babies, a magician and a pair of jeans

Fifteen years ago Eddie , was among the students of  Deborah Howard, Cambridge University arts teacher , in Venice.I wonder what would  say now Howard Professor of billboard with the portrait of his pupil redhead who currently holds one of  lagoon palaces.

E:R: “yes, I’m sorry you have to see my face” says Eddie laughing.. Eddie  came to Venice as Omega face and guest of honor at the Omega Sea Master Aqua Terra gala.

E:R: : Everything started with a call: “ Eddie we are going to shoot a new campaign in Ibiza on boat”. That experience, for me has been like concentrate an entire summer of holiday in one day. Instead, my wife said only. “ Bastard I want your job”.

Eddie ‘came to Venice with his wife Hannah.

E,R;. I would like to be a good guide for Hannah and tell her what I studied about Venice, but I don’t have a good memory: about that time i remeber   particularly the strong emotions. 

E.R::I knew Hannah at school, but our first date was in Florence. I had four  holidays days before to start to shoot Les  Miserables, so I'proposed to her  to come in Italy. She said “You’re joking, right?” me “No”. She didn.t see me like actor, but like the boy who she known from a long time.The first evening walking on the Santa Trinita bridge, an italian girl knowed me and said “ Look there’s Jack !! There’s jack!” my The Pillars of The earth  character, and Hannah “ Noo It’s wrong he’ s Eddie”

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe married on December 2014 and have become Iris’s parents on June 2016.

In these days they annunced the second  Hannah’s pregnancy .

E.R.: I’m ready to repeat the exeperience, without to sleep and living with a sort of jet-lag and melt at  the first smile! the last year was unique. because even if our Iris was very small, we went in Brazil for Olimpic Games, and I allowed myself a year off to understand and live my fatherhood, and control my life.

How is changed your life?

E.R: A lot, living your life with a doughter, it’s another thing. Every day it’s different and we’re going to change our life for Iris, we w’d like she sleep till seven in the morning, so if I want leaving home early, I have to do it like a Ninja:I have to leave my shoes outside the door, dressed in silence, and not to slam doors.

Let’s talk about Smartphone:

E.R.: We’re smartphone’s dipendent, even if we hate it, and decreases ouf attention. hannah repeat always she would be mother during our parents period, but they remeber us, at that time, we’ re mesmerized by television. My hope it’s when my doughter will be big enough to have a cell phone, my generation has learned from own  mistakes.

Eddie doesn’t joke, he’s no active on Instagram. Doesn’t he  want to be social dependent ? Maybe. The world cinema calls Eddie “ Man of other times” he’s a very gentleman, and carefully avoids the topics Hollywood’s scandals.

The Theory of Everything a part, he played always costumed characters: Newton Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, Lili Elbe- The danish Girl, Marius - Les Miserables…. He jokes about it 

E:R.: I w’d like to play a contemporary role,   where  wears a pair of jeans, going on set,  mussed hair and say, ok I’m ready.

I told him that an Academy Awards should have no problem to find a script who satisfies himself . Eddie leaves the cup of tea on the table,  lowers his voice and said: “ Win an Oscar it’s  never been my  inspiration, I think  it’s enough extraodinary to live playng. To do what you love it’s so  beautiful that should be illegal,. you live  too much emotion.

E.R.: Most of the roles I’ve played before they did not seem good for me, maybe  I just have to trust what others find in me.

What they see?

E.R.: when you play a character you made a research before on him, then you try to create using what you learn, and you leave on him something about you.