new girl 3x05

New Girl Episode Review - 3x05 "The Box"

Disclaimer: If you actually liked this episode you might not want to read this.

Somewhere along the lines, the writers have decided to ignore the actual characters that they created.  Explain to me how Schmidt went from being the guy who told Jess that when you care about someone you do what’s best for them even if it sucks for you, to the guy who makes one mistake (granted it was a big one) and loses his entire sense of self.  

Allow me to spell this out, what made Schmidt likable wasn’t the fact that he was a douchebag; it was the idea that he’s really a good guy who’s trying to come off as a douchebag so people would think he was confident.  One more time for you folks in the cheap seats: being self-centered, materialistic, and vain is not attractive or lovable it’s repulsive. 

And I’m sorry but where is the person on the New Girl staff who actually watches the show and knows it inside and out like the fans do?  That person should remind the writers that it has been established that Nick was in law school.  He may have dropped out and he might not be in the best place in his life financially but he has a clear grasp on what is and isn’t legal. 

Isn’t Nick the same guy who just warned Jess 2 weeks ago that breaking into her principal’s backyard to stick her butt in his Jacuzzi was a felony?  But here we are 2 weeks later and he doesn’t see the problem with tax evasion and never responding to jury duty notices?  What are you doing to Nick Miller????  

There’s a massive difference between a relatively smart guy who’s realized law school wasn’t for him and maybe hasn’t quite figured out his way, and an outright ambition-less man-child with a deteriorating sense of reality and an abhorrence of responsibility.  There are things that even a lovable guy with a heart of gold can’t get away with.  

While I’m ranting, can I just put it out there that while it’s funny to see drunk Nick with friends at a party or maybe during a game of True American, it’s quite another to make it seem like drinking in solitude on a regular basis is cool.  I don’t like the idea that Nick has a serious drinking problem.  It was one thing when he would get wasted after a break-up or when his dad died but there’s something really off about a person who needs to spend the day drinking for no reason other than to get bombed.

He just came into money and Winston asked him to repay him the money he owes him, what about that justifies Nick going on a bender alone?  And that really bothered me too.  Why would Nick have such a problem paying Winston back?  Are we supposed to think that Nick is a little bit of a get-over like his dad?  Maybe he doesn’t do full on cons but this felt like Nick conned Winston into loaning him money under the guise of friendship but has no intention of ever paying him back or showing any gratitude. 

There’s so much about this episode that was off for me that I wish I could forget I even saw it.