New Girl rewatch party: Episode 6x21 - “San Diego”

(Gif credit @newgirlystuff)

1. The episode where we finally find out Schmidt’s first name. Or finally - I would have been just as happy without this knowledge; it was actually a bit of an anti-climax for me. It does takes the whole episode for Schmidt to realize that he’s not comfortable being called “Winston” though - especially not in bed.

2. Loving the Nick and Aly dynamic so much. Why are they so much funnier than Nick and Cece together?? Aly and Cece are pretty similar being the most “normal” characters in the loft.

3. Since when does Nick behave like sex is something he just wants to get over with?? Oh right, since he met Reagan.

4. AAaaaahahahahaha!! A college flashback with the guys!! Way too short!! Who can resist Fat Schmidt, Braided Winston and Hippie Nick?? Not me!

5. Nick getting off the train and leaving Reagan all alone is extremely OOC for him, not to mention pure mean. Why, writers??? WHYYYY???

6. I wonder if “the monster’s butthole” joke was actually in the script or if it was improv from Jake? I can picture him looking at that ugly painting on the wall for all 6 years of filming New Girl, thinking about it and now he finally said it out loud. 

7. I cried when Jess explained to her dad: “I can’t move on. There is no logical explanation, but it is what it is. I love him. I wish I didn’t but I do.” I wish so hard Jess had gained the courage and realization much earlier, that living with her ex whom she’s still in love with is an untenable situation and that she would either have moved out much sooner, thus putting more pressure on Nick to realize HIS true feelings, or just told Nick straight up how she felt - regardless of him being in a happy relationship. She wasn’t being true to herself at all this season :-(.

8. GOD, they must have been laughing so hard while filming the cock fight between Winston and Schmidt over who gets to be called Winston - watching them dance around each other while Aly and Cece are sitting calmly on the coach rolling their eyes is just THE best!!

9. AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW that phone call Nick makes to Bob Day about him and Jess doing just fine if a shark attacks them because “Jess has that giant heart that is part flashlight, part compass.” How Nick didn’t realize right then and there that he’s still so much in love with Jessica Damn Day bugs the hell out of me, GRRRAHHHH!!!

10. God bless Bob Day for telling Jess about his conversation with Nick: “I don’t think he even realizes it, but that guy is still in love with you.” <3 <3 <3