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So, a lot of people speculating if Reagan could come back for S7 or not and I decided to expose my personal opinion about why I don’t see it as a good idea just because I’m bored.

I wanna start saying that I admit she got a lot better now then on S5 so I don’t hate her like I used to, but I still don’t like the character mostly because of what she brings (or doesn’t brings), and not exactly because of the character herself.

1. Would it make sense that she and Nick remained friends after the break up? Even if it ends nicely, it doesn’t feel like their friends even while dating.
2. Is she even friends with anyone else there besides Jess? On S6 so far it doesn’t feel like it…
3. Why would they need her there? “To create a nice contrast”? Okay, but what the hell would she be doing there?
4. Would she spend some time in the loft again since one room will be vague after Schmidt and Cece move out? If so, Nick would be again living with his girlfriend and his ex. Weird.
5. She really divides opinions. If the writers don’t need her anymore because she will already have served her purpose as a catalyst for the Ness story to drive forward, why bring back a half disliked/half liked character?
6. That’s one of my biggest problems with her: It’s the Coach effect all over again. Too many people for a 21 minute hangout comedy. With Coach I think Winston was the one who suffered the most with that, not it’s Cece. Right now she fits because she’s dating Nick and it brings all these complicated situations for Jess since she’s still in love with Nick, but in a future where she doesn’t date him anymore, where would she fit there? Jess’ new close friend? To me, at least, she doesn’t seems like the type of person who would come back just to see her friend, Jess.
7. This one is very personal, but I’m not a fan of the actress’ acting. I’m sorry world, and I’m sorry to her fans. I’m not attacking her or anything I’m just not a fan and I think I’m allowed to have my opinion about it. Some people don’t think Zooey is a good actress or whatever, but it’s just their opinion.
8. I don’t think she has chemistry with anyone besides Jess. She has a great contrast with the cast and blah blah blah, okay, I just don’t think it’s very New Girl style, even though she got better in some moments of her episodes this season. She feels more human now, at least.
9. I’ve been reading some comments in more than one social media that say Reagan reminds them of how annoying Jess is. Is it a good idea to bring a character that makes part of the audience hate your lead even more?