The real S6 episode titles

So, Roomfriends - I took the liberty of re-naming all the New Girl episodes of season 6 from a Ness perspective (somewhat inspired by “Friends”).

S6e1: House Hunt OR
“The One Where Everyone But One Finds Out”

S6e2: Hubbedy Bubby OR
“The One Where Nick Has Phone Sex With The Wrong Girl”

S6e3: Single and Sufficient OR
“The One Where The Serie’s Most Pointless Relationship Starts”

S6e4: Homecoming OR
“The One Where There Is No Ness Interaction Whatsoever”

S6e5: Jaipur Aviv OR
“The One Where Jess Fills The Friendship Hole”

S6e6: Ready OR
“The One Where The Series Most Cringeworthy Kiss Takes Place”

S6e7: Last Thanksgiving OR
“The One Where There Is Still No Ooomph”

S6e8: James Wonder OR
“The One Where Nick Didn’t Do ANYTHING”

S6e9: Es Good OR
“The One Where Jess Pursues The Series Most Pointless Relationship”

S6e10: Christmas Eve Eve OR

“The One Where We Finally Get a Small Hint From Nick”

S6e11: Raisin’s back OR
“The One Where Jess Is Nick’s Fluffer (part 1)”

S6e12: The Cubicle OR
“The One Where Nick And Jess Have Their Most Honest Talk Since Season 2”

S6e13: Cece’s boys OR
“The One Where Jess Bonds With Nick’s Girlfriend”

S6e14: The Hike OR
“The One Where The Series Most Pointless Relationship Finally Ends”

S6e15: Glue OR
“The One Where Jess Is Nick’s Fluffer (part 2)”

S6e16: Operation Bobcat OR
“The One Where Nick Says The L-word To The Wrong Woman”

S6e17: Rumspringa OR
“The One Where Things Are Finally Starting to Look Up”

anonymous asked:

Seen any good fan fics on the last episode? There's a lot of opportunity for creativity with the whole trapped with the love of your life scenario but I wasn't seeing anything new

Nothing, nada. I have so much work this next few weeks, but maybe someone feels like writing it? Pretty please?