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This one’s been in the oven a while, tried to unite a bunch of my favorite zelda characters from the series together in a single art style. Some honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut are Beedle, the Darknut, an Octorok, The happy mask salesman, Ravio, and Zant.
(sorry the dimensions are about as un-tumblr-friendly as it gets)

this is why hiveswap excites me

When hussie actually fuckin gives it to us, all the big gamers will do lets plays and people will watch and want to go play and you cant fully understand the game and the references in it without reading homestuck first so those people will go and read homestuck. It will become popular again. there will be a whole new generation of fans. theyll go lurk on youtube and find all the broadway karkat songs and we’ll have hundreds of newbies screaming the lyrics to karkalicious at cons. theyll go make their own cosplays and maybe now we can have more than 50 homestuck cosplayers at con meetups. theyll all go through the bucket joke phase. theyll start saying gog and jegus. theyll all swoon and drool over karkat and have fights about whether gamzee and eridan were bad characters or not. theyll all go look for faygo and tab in their local stores. we’ll have a whole new generation of homestucks doing what we used to do and im so excited for the wave of nostalgia for the 2012 homestucks who went through the first wave of it

but what excites me the most is that there will be even more new homestuck artists, fansongs, cosplayers, inside jokes, and more. there will be MORE. ntm theres gonna be new stuff relating to hiveswap too, so twice the new content from fans!! idk this stuff just really excites me because i came in late, april 2015. i missed the time when homestuck was popular. now ill finally get to experience it and it makes me so happy

hiveswap will be the homestuck fandoms resurrection i can feel it. itll be alive and well again :D

I thought about, how the generation would handle their newborns and couldn’t stop thinking about ‘daddy’ Kakashi helping everyone out, because…..I mean he literally grew up everyone… so he know what to do >///< (and because I miss Kakashi in the new manga *cry*)

*Thank you technology*

Oh and Hinata is on a ‘girls night’ *cough* so she isn’t there to help :P

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ CG Animated Series Gets 2D Reboot at Nickelodeon!

The kid network will be rebooting its current CG “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” series as a 2D animated series with the title “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” The network made the announcement at its upfront presentation in New York on Thursday afternoon!

The Turtles is a property that has reinvention in its DNA, which keeps it fresh and relevant to every new generation while satisfying the demand from its adult fans,” said Cyma Zarghami, president, Nickelodeon Group. “’Turtles’ has been an incredibly important franchise for us since we reignited it five years ago, and we’re excited for the new series to take the characters in a different direction with more humor, a younger and lighter feel and all-new dimensions to explore.

The new 2D series is co-executive produced by Andy Suriano (character designer for the critically acclaimed Adult Swim series “Samurai Jack”) and Ant Ward (supervising producer, current “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) at Nickelodeon in Burbank, Calif.

The CG series will air one last season starting Sunday, March 19. Nickelodeon has ordered 26 episodes of the 2D reboot to air starting in fall 2018.

“Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” will follow Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo on all-new adventures as they seek to unlock the mystical secrets of New York City. From the tallest skyscraper to the dankest sewer drain, the Turtles will encounter absurd new mutants and battle bizarre creatures all while enjoying their favorite slice of pizza. Tapping into mystic, ninja powers they never knew existed, the four brothers must learn to work together and navigate the perils of the modern age and hidden realms in order to fulfill their destiny to become a team of heroes.

New kpop fans who don’t know about dbsk, big bang, super junior, 2pm, shinee, beast, mblaq, u-kiss, infinite, kara, t-ara, 2ne1, girls generation and after school (forgive me if I forgot more groups) are missing out on soooooooooo much. Even though most of these groups has lost members or some disbanded, they literally are legends who need to be respected and acknowledged for making kpop as big and international as it is today.

The new Pennywise terrified the young cast of Stephen King’s IT reboot.

It hits theaters on September 18th, 2017

Time will tell if the remake of Stephen King’s IT will scare a new generation of horror fans. But already, its menacing star, the “clown” Pennywise, has successfully spooked one group: the movie’s cast.

Director Andrés Muschietti brought a few clips of IT to SXSW 2017, as well as a few tidbits about what to expect. Early press images of Pennywise have already done the legwork of visually separating Bill Skarsgard’s version of the character from that of Tim Curry’s portrayal. But according to Muschietti, the two Pennywises also have different personalities.

Curry’s clown was a cartoonish nightmare in need of dental hygiene. In one of the film’s most iconic scenes, a little boy named Georgie loses his paper boat in the sewer. When he peers into the darkness below, he’s confronted by Curry’s chatty clown, who announces his presence with a saccharine “Hi, Georgie!” Muschietti teased his take on the scene with a short clip, and the difference is immediate. Skarsgard’s Pennywise has a far more sinister edge, marked by piercing yellow eyes and contorted movements. For those who are familiar with the source material, the anticipation of what’s to come makes the entire sequence agonizingly tense.

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(Cracks knuckles) Alright since we’re bringing back headcanon night, I think it’s time to dig up some of my old Al headcanons! Some of my oldest friends have probably heard these already, but it’s time to introduce a new generation of fans. A lot of these headcanons go back 7 years or so!

  • He is afraid of zombies. This is because when he was a toddler, his family went to see a zombie movie, and being so young he didn’t comprehend that it wasn’t real and was thus traumatized. I’m sure you can imagine how well bootleg Trisha went over with him…
  • In the first few months after the transmutation, while Ed was recovering and preparing for automail surgery, Al was having just as much trouble adjusting to his new unfeeling body. Pinako wound up removing all the doorknobs in the house for a little while, since he kept accidentally pulling them off.
  • He has extensive knowledge of astronomy and can even tell the time of night based on the position of the moon, since he spent a fair amount of time at night just looking at the sky.
  • After he got his body back, it took him years to get out of the habit of ducking whenever he went through a doorway.

[ updated fan-cast ]
I made some changes and adds to the cast I posted a few years ago, and added the Five Lights team. I still have to add some new x-men kids (dust, trance, etc) the W&TXM cast, the  Special Class, the Hellions and the Revolution kids (Triage, Goldball, Tempus, etc.)… yeah so I’m pretty much only halfway through all the teams I want to showcase…
man… a fanboy’s work is never done!

System of a Down is working on a new album. 15 songs are ready !!

In a new interview with John Dolmayan for the 1644 edition of Kerrang! Magazine, an excellent update on the new System of a Down album was confirmed. Check out the excerpt:

“We’ve been working on a new album for the last six months and there are about 15 songs that I think are worthy of being on an album. There is tremendous pressure on us, because we are 11 or 12 years old and we have not released anything. But we have not yet scheduled to launch”.

“Our ability to play is better than ever and we are trying new things. We’re not making a new ‘Toxicity’ just because it was by far our biggest album. The new work must mean something to a new generation of System of a Down fans, so everyone can see that we’re not resting on our laurels. I’m not going to put my name on an album I’m not 100% proud of.”

Ready for 2017? New emotions come SOAD fans !!

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon And YoonA Reportedly Preparing To Release Solo Music

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon And YoonA Reportedly Preparing To Release Solo Music

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According to news outlet Sports Donga, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and YoonA will be releasing singles in April and May.

Their report states that Girls’ Generation has been greeting fans with new music and acting every month. Seohyun, YoonA, and Yuri were active with promotions recently. Following them, Taeyeon released her first solo studio album.

The news outlet claims that Hyoyeon and YoonA…

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A Long Overdue Post

So with D.Gray-Man’s anime getting a reboot, and its fans rising from the depths of a long and painful hiatus (as well as our new generation of fans. Welcome!), I thought I’d make another post about these, with explanation.

Hoshino Katsura, the writer of the D.Gray-Man manga, co-wrote a series of light novels called “D.Gray-Man Reverse” with Kizaki Kaya. They range from little background stories about a character to silly shit the Order gets up to (of course). Back in the day, when DGM was running weekly (in Shonen SQ I think?) the internet had translations of these novels buried in the archives of various websites, so I compiled them all and put them together on a page on my blog. I’m linking the page here, for your convenience.

On that page you’ll also find Hoshino’s breakout one-shot, Zone. It’s sort of like a pilot episode for DGM. You’ll recognize some familiar faces in it, and it’s interesting to see how the concept developed. 

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these like I did. (Tbh the last one actually made me cry…)

side note: Not linked on this page is an illustration book Hoshino also released called NOCHE, although it’s likely not hard to find scans. (I have a physical copy, but no scanner, sorry!)

“Don’t worry- you got this dude! Show the world what we’re made of!”


Anyway, really quick doodle for 10/10 and a celebration about the reboot! Like a lot of people, I was (and maybe still am) a little worried about the reboot, but honestly, a breath of fresh air isn’t all that bad! Besides, this isn’t for us older fans- it’s to introduce the new generation to our favorite alien-changing super hero! Maybe it’s not what we remember, but new fans means new chances for this series! 

Thanks for everything Ben 10! And the best of luck with you and your reboot! Hopefully the new generation will experience the same wild ride you gave us eleven years ago!

Here is something IMPORTANT to remember, especially for those who are disappointed or upset by Alaska being crowned the winner of All Stars 2: THEY ALL WON! Really, they did. Maybe they didn’t each get $100,000 but they all still won.
💜 Katya won because she finally discovered the star within herself that we already knew she was.
💜 Detox won because she elevated the bar for fashion by killing, resurrecting and then killing again on every single runway. Perfection.
💜 Roxxxy won because she took responsibility for her previous actions and showed the world that she really is a sweetheart.
💜 Alyssa won because she was able to apply her new mindset about herself as a performer to the new challenges.
💜 Tatianna won because earned a whole new generation of fans and they absolutely fell in love with her.
💜 Phi Phi won because she spoke her truth and showed how her style has evolved.
💜 Ginger won because her confidence outshines any crown.
💜 Adore won because she stayed true to herself and followed her gut, even though it was controversial.
💜 Coco won because she Alyssa are on good terms again and, even though it led to her elimination, she tried something new (dancing in the Talent Show).

My four year old cousin wanted to watch Labyrinth the last time I came over, and he peppered me with questions about the Fieries and Helping Hands and honestly, it was f a a a a a a n tastic. A new generation of Labyrinth fans. Every generation, a Labyrinth fan.

(By the way, it is going to be awesome when I reopen my RedBubble in a few days, ‘cause ALL this stuff is goin’ up on there. ALL OF IT!)