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April 26, 2017


by Marcellous Lovelace

In 1968, after years of complaints about poor pay and dangerous conditions, two Memphis sanitation workers were crushed to death in a garbage compactor. 10 days later 1,300 black sanitation workers met and agreed to strike and over the coming weeks faced escalating police retaliation. In an address to the strikers Rev. James Lawson said “For at the heart of racism is the idea that a man is not a man, that a person is not a person. You are human beings. You are men. You deserve dignity,” and the phrase “I AM a man” became the rallying cry. In 2014 Chicago artist Marcellous Lovelace used his “modern graffiti style” to transform the 1968 photography of Richard L. Copley into this powerful message to a new generation. Lovelace’s design was installed on this South Main Street wall by Memphis artist BLK75.  @marcellouslovelace  

Top 10 Star Trek Planets Chosen by Our Scientists

What would happen if the crew of the Starship Enterprise handed over the controls to our scientists and engineers? It turns out many are avid Star Trek fans with lengthy itineraries in mind.

1. Vulcan

What is perhaps the most famous Star Trek planet was placed by creator Gene Roddenberry in a real star system: 40 Eridani. This trinary system of three dwarf stars, about 16 light-years from Earth, could play host to exoplanets; none have been detected there so far. The most massive is 40 Eridani A, chosen as Vulcan’s sun.

2. Andoria

An icy “M-class” (Star Trek’s term for “Earth-like”) moon of a much larger planet—a gas giant—that is home to soft-spoken humanoids with blue skin, white hair and stylish antennae. In our solar system, gas giants play host to icy moons, such as Jupiter’s Europa or Saturn’s Enceladus, that possess subsurface oceans locked inside shells of ice. Our missions are searching for lifeforms that might exist in these cold, dark habitats.

3. Risa

Another Trek M-class planet known for its engineered tropical climate and its welcoming humanoid population.  The planet is said to orbit a binary, or double, star system—in Star Trek fan lore, Epsilon Ceti, a real star system some 79 light-years from Earth. The first discovery of a planet around a binary was Kepler-16b, which is cold, gaseous and Saturn-sized.

4. “Shore Leave” planet, Omicron Delta region

This is another amusement park of a planet, where outlandish characters are manufactured in underground factories straight from the crew members’ imaginations. In real life, astronauts aboard the International Space Station print out plastic tools and containers with their own 3-D printer.

5. Nibiru

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” finds Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy fleeing from chalk-skinned aliens through a red jungle. Red or even black vegetation could exist on real planets that orbit cooler, redder stars, an adaptation meant to gather as much light for photosynthesis as possible. An example may be Kepler-186f, a planet only 10 percent larger than Earth in diameter. At high noon, the surface of this planet would look something like dusk on Earth.

6. Wolf 359

A star best known in the Star Trek universe as the site of a fierce battle in which a multitude of “Star Trek: Next Generation” ships are defeated by the Borg. But Wolf 359 is a real star, one of the closest to Earth at a distance of 7.8 light-years. Wolf 359 is also a likely observational target for the Kepler space telescope in the upcoming Campaign 14 of its “K2” mission.

7. Eminiar VII/Vendikar

These two planets are neighbors, sharing a star system. So, of course, they’ve been at war for centuries. While we have no signs of interplanetary war, multiple rocky worlds have been discovered orbiting single stars. A cool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1 is orbited by three Earth-size planets; two have a chance of being the right temperature for liquid water, with possible Earth-like atmospheres.

8. Remus

The planets Romulus and Remus are home to the Romulan Empire (ancient Rome, anyone?), although Remus seemed to have gotten the raw end of the deal. Remus is tidally locked, one face always turned to its star. Tidally locked worlds might well be a real thing, with many possible candidates discovered with our Kepler space telescope. The habitable portion of the surface of such planets might be confined to a band between the day and night sides called the “terminator zone”—a.k.a. the twilight zone.

9. Janus VI

A rocky world lacking an atmosphere, perhaps similar to Mars. While humans must maintain an artificial underground environment to survive, the innards of the planet are a comfortable home to an alien species known as the “Horta.” Their rock-like biochemistry is based on silicon, rather than carbon, inspiring us to imagine the many forms life might take in the universe.

10. Earth

In the Star Trek universe, Earth is home to Starfleet Headquarters; the real Earth is, at least so far, the only life-bearing world we know. No true Earth analogs have been discovered among the real exoplanets detected so far. But a new generation of space telescopes, designed to capture direct images of exoplanets in Earth’s size range, might one day reveal an alternative “pale blue dot.”

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Things Kishi Could Potentially Learn From

So I feel that if Kishi looks back at his manga, The Last, and the novels with hindsight, he can make several adjustments to his story preferences in order to improve their quality, in preparation for Part 3 and Boruto the Movie. These are obviously just my suggestions, but I think that if Kishi incorporated them into his works, they could appeal to a few more people. For instance:

  • Put less emphasis on the main characters.

One of the biggest gripes I had with the main plot was that Kishi focused far too much on Naruto and Sasuke and powering only them up, to the point where only a handful of ninjas in history were on the same level. This is also the main reason why the Sasuke Retrieval Arc was my favourite arc in the whole story. Because not only was it the final time where the other rookie ninjas were portrayed as being on par with Naruto and Sasuke, but also because every single one of them got their moments of greatness (including the Sand siblings) due to the awesome fights that took place, beginning with Choji’s fight with Jirobo, all the way to Naruto and Sasuke’s fight at the Valley of the End. They all had their moments in the spotlight.

However, judging by the fact that all the spoilers concerning Part 3/Boruto the Movie have focused around Boruto and Sarada, maybe Kishi will do the same thing again; make the world revolve around those two and not give enough attention to those truly deserving of it. It’s still relatively early days though so we’ll see. But characters like Mirai for example. She was my joint favourite in the new generation. I loved her design and she seemed to be a Chuunin already judging by the flak jacket. She gave the impression that she could really kick some ass. And speaking of girls kicking ass…

  • Let the females actually properly defeat their opponents, by themselves. Fuck the damsel in distress trope.

Something I feel as though the Novels have done really well so far is the fact that the girls seem to kick a lot of ass in a much smaller time frame. Temari and Ino were very impressive in Shikamaru Hiden, especially when trying to save Shikamaru and Sai respectively. And as we know, Sakura certainly didn’t need any saving in Sakura Hiden. They all managed to kick ass without taking anything away from the guys they were helping/saving. Sakura was a victim of the damsel in distress trope in Part 1, which is why I’m so glad she found her feet in Part 2 and this was no longer the case. In fact, the trope seemed to almost vanish completely in Part 2, but then came Hinata in The Last… and goodness gracious. That’s all I’ll say about that. Kishi may not have written that script but he approved it. So hopefully now he’ll be more inclined to illustrate them kicking more ass in actual combat, and not just being useful from the sidelines by being medics, or sensory ninjas for example.

I heard some people speculating that maybe in the Boruto movie, Orochimaru opts to kidnap Sarada, so Boruto, Naruto and Sasuke go to save her. I can only hope that doesn’t happen. Sarada is an Uchiha, and that name is synonymous with badassery XD.

  • Make sure that this DOESN'T happen.  

That, or ANY romantic pairing between the new generation for that matter. If you wanna include romance, show it between the couples who were canonized in the manga. Show the SasuSaku, ShikaTema, NaruHina, SaiIno and ChojiKarui moments, and show them bonding with their children. Kishi has stated he’s not comfortable with writing romance so why continue writing out of your comfort zone? If he’s adamant about it then he should reserve the romance for the canon couples, (and please for the love of god give SasuSaku some much needed service/interaction!). I think it’d be much better if he kept the relations between the kids strictly platonic. I mean, I’d love to see Himawari looking up to Sarada. I’d love to see some bro moments between Boruto and Shikadai. I’d also love to see some more Team 7 interaction etc. 

I’m a huge fan of all the canon couples and would love to see more romance between them. Not the kids though, definitely not the kids.

  • Don’t make Sarada all about the Sharingan.

In my opinion, in the manga, the Sharingan had far more development than any actual character, and that speaks volumes. It was a simple copying doujutsu when it was first introduced, whereas by the end, it was a supremely dangerous and powerful weapon of mass destruction. Eventually, pretty much all of Sasuke’s techniques were linked to the Sharingan in some way (this includes the standard chidori). He even stopped using the signature Uchiha fire release (Katon), and traded it for his own blaze release (Enton) once he acquired the Mangekyo and was able to mold the black Amaterasu flames.

I’ve seen people wish that Sarada unlocks her own Mangekyo somehow, but honestly I just want her to unlock the regular 3 tomoe Sharingan and that’s it. I’d rather have her learn a variety of ninjutsu techniques, and not focus on doujutsus which will cost her her sight in the long run.   

  • Give the kids identities of their own.

The similarities between some some of the children to their parents, in both looks and personality, are ridiculous. Especially Boruto/Naruto, Himawari/Hinata, Shikadai/Shikamaru, and Inojin who is an awkward mix of Ino and Sai looks-wise. Hopefully Boruto won’t just leech techniques off of his dad. I don’t really wanna see him spam different versions of the rasengan or do constant shadow clone techniques. Give Hinata and Boruto some quality time together and remind him that he’s every bit of a Hyuuga as he is an Uzumaki. I don’t wanna see any jutsu favoritism.  

Same for Shikadai. The guy is basically Shikamaru with Temari’s eyes. Literally everything about him, from looks to personality, screams mini Shikamaru. I hope to see some of Temari’s firm personality in him, and maybe even give the Nara clan a much needed boost in the diversity of the ninjutsu they use. What I’d give to see Shikadai perhaps break free from the Nara shadow binding techniques, and maybe learning a few jutsu from the Hidden Sand Village, courtesy of his mom. 

Kishi got it right with a few of the children though. I see both Sakura (Shanaroo!) and Sasuke (dat smirk) in Sarada, and she doesn’t look or act like a carbon copy of either of her parents. The same can be said for Chocho who definitely inherited Karui’s “I don’t give a fuck” personality, and Mirai who’s just awesomesauce in so many ways.

If Kishi takes these examples into consideration, I and hopefully many others would have less to complain about. 

Think about it Kishi… :P


Memories of designing for Prince

Stacia Lang, Prince’s costume designer from 1990-1993, designed some of the most legendary stage outfits, including the notorious yellow buttless pants he wore at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards.

“There is no way to describe this ethereal, otherworldly genius. To me, every meeting was like being in another dimension. Not that it was easy. Not that it was always pleasant. But it was genius. I was fully aware of this at every moment. What Prince brought to the creative table of collaboration is something I have never seen the likes of, before or since. A singular expression of being. A one-of-a-kind voice in this world of cookie-cutter mediocrity.

My method was this: I would present him with a portfolio of sketches, which he would study in solitude, making notes on Post-its regarding changes or expressing his thoughts. Once I got the portfolio back, I would share it with the workroom staff and start making the garments. It was so exciting. Sometimes he would give me a theme before I started my sketches–Nehru jackets, “Barbarella meets the Godfather,” or most perplexing, a suit with the “butt out.” Yes, that was one that will go down in infamy. But no matter how outrageous or how seemingly simple (even silk pajamas), they were all completely and fully Prince, and no one else in the world could wear them”.

“He had a period where he loved to wear pajama fabric like a suit,” Lang says. “He had very little distinction between daywear, evening wear, and clothes for concerts”.

“Once you are within his inner circle, you can never, ever leave, psychologically. The experience transforms you. Lifts you up, tears you down, and rebuilds you”.

Okay… Can we… like… agree on the undisputable fact that… these two are such cute sugarpies we all cannot contain ourselves anymore and… just like go completely crazy over that… ?


A research on letters — The experimental typographic project vertical, horizontal, half-circle was inspired by the observation of differences between communication to humans and to computers. While the instructions given to computers should be precisely defined and give and expected and constant result, instructions to humans are personal, built on anticipation of knowledge and its correctness is barely questioned. Therefore we will always get an output on our instruction given to a person, but often not what we imagined. Strict instructions describing the letters of the alphabet were given to volunteers. Since every instruction can be interpret personally, completely new alphabets were created.

Publication and additional website, a project part of the graphic design course, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague.

April - June 2015 

Plus Size Indie Designers Riot On The Runway!

I have been a hermit crab as of recent because you know sometimes you like just don’t want to leave the house. However it’s fashion week in Los Angeles and what better reason to leave the house than Riot On The Runway, an all plus size indie designer runway show at Runway Boutique.

Zelie for She was clear crowd favorite. After the show I was lucky enough to try on the entire collection straight off the runway. I’m currently obsessed with this pink tutu.

Designer, Elann Zelie even got me to step out of my comfort zone with this teal flower skater skirt.

It was very refreshing to see an event dedicated solely to promoting and supporting plus size indie fashion designers and to see the plus size community in Los Angeles come out to support. Even Lornalitz of Nuvo TV’s Curvy Girls showed up to show her support along with other bloggers and supporters. Amazing night for the new generation of plus size designers.